HOFC: When two champs go to war

HOFC: When two champs go to war

Posted on May 29, 2024 at 11:50 pm by Evan Ward

Hey, Mike, how’s it going? It’s me, your old buddy, Evan Ward, making a last minute, 11:59 entry into the Gauntlet.

I bet you thought everyone was going to flake out, that because no one had called out before the ridiculous 24-hour deadline you were free and clear of any competition so you can just coast and waste your word with whatever. Very you, Mike, that’s so very you.

But no, don’t worry, I’m under no illusion that I’m going to waltz in and just take that World Championship belt from you on Friday night. I’ll be stepping in after what is sure to be a totally gruelling LSD Championship defence against Hollywood. I’m sure to be slightly worn out from that, I might even have an aching arm or something.

But whatever, whatever, my match is besides the point. The point is I know HOFC is your house. Everyone knows that. You seem bitter, like this is being done to drive a wedge between that belt and your waist, but I see it differently. Your dad just gave you a gift. Just like for Sektor at ICONIC, Lee has given you a way of padding your title defences one last time before your inevitable loss at Ward Games.

Who, in all honesty, could ever beat you in a HOFC match, especially when the World Championship is on the line? It would take an act of God, or you totally shitting the bed because you’re so hopped up on your own kool aid you forget to actually make an effort. Under normal circumstances you’d be a shoe in, an undisputed, guaranteed win… 

And yet you’re once again bitching like it’s a great travesty that you have to, shock horror, defend your fucking championship. But, of course, you’ll drag yourself down to the ring, if you have to, like a grumpy teen being told to take the garbage out before bed, and take care of business like you always do, because Mike Best always takes care of business even when he thinks the business is dumb and don’t want to do it!

Typical Mike Best.

Like I said, I’m not fooling myself that I’ll be in a position to easily relieve you of that belt, Mike, and to be honest I don’t think I even want to right now. Not on Chaos. No, your dejection at losing the belt will have such a more delicate taste at Ward Games. To once again, for the final time, lose the biggest belt in the best company in the biggest match to me.

Because that’s what it’s all about right now. That match. I’ll be coming out this Friday, going face to face with you in this HOFC match to give you a bloody nose. To remind you that, up in Scotland, you’ll be locked in that cage with me.

Whoever our team mates are, it doesn’t really matter, they’ll be fucking each other up all around us but all the eyes will be on you and me.

All the talk will be about us.

All the excitement will be about this most ultimate of rematches where not just the belt is on the line but finality is on the line. It will be the last chance you ever get to beat me in that cage.

I want that belt, to go side-by-side with the one I already have… so you can enter Ward Games with that albatross hanging around your neck, I’ll take it from you in my neck of the woods.

This Friday, in your neck of the woods, I’ll make do with setting the scene.

Mike Best Vs Evan Ward.

Captain Vs Captain.

You Vs Me.

World Champion Vs LSD Champion.

Deja fucking vu.

Matches like this are too big to happen on Chaos. Too important. But here we are. Enjoy what time you have left with that belt, Mike, the days are ticking away until we go to war and I emerge victorious.

It’s coming, Mike. Act as indignant as you like, dismiss it with all your petty deflections and obnoxious retorts. It’s fine, you do you. But it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.

Friday is just a message.

June 23rd will be the real war.

Let’s savour the moment, Mike. Let’s make the anticipation stretch out. We’ll give them a taste, get them all salivating over what will happen in the real match.

What will happen at Ward Games.

See you on Friday, Mike.