Posted on August 2, 2023 at 5:26 pm by Conor Fuse

I know what you’ve been trying to do this entire time, it’s the same thing you do to everyone else. I’m simply more aware. You’re incredible at ripping apart whatever anyone has to say and speak with such conviction I’m supposed to take it as gospel. Then suddenly, when given a chance to rebut, your opponent starts panicking.

Defending themselves.

Fixing the narrative.


Gonna pass on that. I adamantly believe in every fucking word I spoke. The best athletes in the world believe in themselves with every ounce of conviction. If I don’t…

The fans doubt me.

The locker room doubts me.

Then Mike Best feasts.

Might sound like RAHH RAHH fairy tale bullshit but it’s true. The mental game is so important. This isn’t a victory you can claim. You failed. At whatever the fuck you wanted to do here for our 7 little sessions, you didn’t get it done.

I have the “best fighter” in the world, running his mouth.

And I say big fucking deal.

That’s the type of attitude you should be afraid of. The man who walks into the octagon as your opponent and actually believes in himself, despite your best efforts to bring him down. A man who doesn’t waiver or whimper. In fact, he will prosper in the face of your anger.

I’m smarter than Cancer Jiles. Tougher than Christopher America. More sadistic than Max Kael.

A hell of a lot more driven than you.

You say HOFC brings out the best in you because it cuts out the bullshit. Meanwhile what I’ve read are 4,500 words from a sad, pathetic man who makes every W seem so much more intense than the reality he found himself in. Are we in Kindergarten?

Suddenly defeating Dan Ryan due to distraction morphs into I AM MOST BEAST PERSON EVER!!!!111 Beating Brian Hollywood in round 3 equates to a 2 move squash. Staying inside the house Lee Best built means everyone else is scared to come to you.


You’re terrified to go to them.

Christ, I’d be 97-0 in HOFC too if you lined my pockets with your recent opponents.

I beat Kevin Capone in a title defense once. What the fuck does that give me, Mike? Seven months off and the ability to draft a WarGames team sounds delectable.


Why have you avoided WarGames for the past three years? Worried what kind of team you’ll be drafted to? Might not win? Oh right, it’s because you’re going to win. Staying back gives us simpletons a fair chance.

That makes zero sense coming from a guy like you who needs to prove he’s the best 24/7.

Then just prove it. Enter the god damn double-cage.

I digress. You pick and choose. You’re an accomplished actor who needs to selectively dip his toes into safe waters.

Ya chose the wrong pond this week.

Actually, you didn’t really have a choice since I brought the fight to you.

I wouldn’t expect you to believe a word I said. But I will defeat you. There’s nothing cute to say. I don’t need to hide behind a quick wit or gimmick. I don’t need to chuckle when I find an adorable way to implement abandonware. These are just clever tricks you pull, to mask the reality of today.

You are nowhere near as vicious as you think you are.

You’ll have no ability to comprehend what will happen to you on Sunday, either. That’s why I’m giving you a few Melbourne resources re: mental health when your world goes boom.


You’re a lonely, broken man and you realize the only way to get people’s attention is by promoting yourself as “the best”. When that goes away, and it is going to, I wonder what will happen.

They say you find out what someone’s really about when they don’t get what they want.

You live and breathe this industry. It’s all you have, and, ultimately, it’s why you’ve come back 97 times. When I lose, I can take it. I pick myself up and find a way to grow. And I do. Significantly. To the point you’re going to fight like never before.

I’m really worried about YOU, though. When you lose… guess we’re gonna find out who you really are.

I have a feeling I already know.

Those crisis lines are gonna come in awfully handy.