Posted on November 3, 2023 at 2:50 pm by Zach Kostoff

After the arrival again at God’s House, being referred to as the family member of that has always been the biggest threat to Lee…well it does bring a smile to one’s face. Even though the old fucker is dead and gone, the kid is still here. He fights that is for sure. He doesn’t back down, maybe he has even more balls than brains than his dad did.


But you can be sure about this….he will show up and he will fight. He always will fight. That is in the blood isn’t it? The Kostoff legacy is one of fights and blood. Maybe the kid will take that turn and stop trying to be the good guy. Maybe if he takes on the persona of just not giving a shit if someone gets seriously hurt and wanting to throw blows, well then who knows what this little shit can do?


Zac: Not sure if this is the way for me to go?


His words echo as the scene shows him sitting at a desk. Looking at a monitor he shakes his head.


Zac: I mean, I wanted to be a more wrestler than a fighter. But shit, seems like it is almost ingrained in me to be a fighter.


Zac: I know that most…no all…the roster feels that I am here because of my name. Maybe I am? Maybe there is still that fear inside of Lee to keep a Kostoff on the roster? Maybe he thinks that this is some form of punishment for my dad? Who knows and who gives a fuck?


Zac: I’m not going to go into these long drawn out talks about what is going on and all this bullshit of taking you on a voyage for the eyes and ears to behold. What has always worked in my family is just straight to the point and go out there and fucking fight.


He gets up from the desk. Pushing the chair in he makes his way to a small fridge in the room. Grabbing a can of Ghost from it, he cracks the tab and takes a long drink from it.


Zac: So this week it is me and Hollywood. Should be fun, should be a way to get into the way of just fucking fighting.


He takes another long drink. Finishing off the can he sets it down.


Zac: I know that folks loved to talk shit about how my dad would be right to the point and then walk into a match and just pound the shit out of anything that got in front of him…so here is my take on this.


Zac: Hollywood you have had a great career here and right now you are my starting point to get up and moving. We are gonna fight and it is gonna be fucking fun.


He grins slightly.


Zac: Win…lose…I don’t give a fuck. Right now, all I want is a fucking fight.


Zac: Hope you are ready, see ya in the ring mother fucker.


He nods his head slowly as he turns and makes his way out the room. The camera makes its way to the monitor and it shows a paused footage of his dad Kostoff covered in blood standing over a fallen person in the ring. Can’t make out who, but you can see the eyes of Kostoff glaring back. The sound of a door slamming echos through the camera as the scene fades to black