High School all over again..

High School all over again..

Posted on October 24, 2022 at 10:15 pm by Bobbinette Carey

It’s amazing how one moment you can feel like a highschooler all over again.. then take you back to a moment that changed everything.



Parma Senior High School 

An average suburban high school of the 90s with 2.75 black students in the whole school of over 500 kids. (3 Carey sisters, 1 full black student, and a kid who was a quarter black.) 

Young Bobbinette Carey stood out like a sore thumb in this community. She wore platform shoes, leopard pants and tank top with a white t shirt under it. She had black large framed glasses and her clothes weren’t brand name. But she walked with all the confidence in the world. She had butterfly clips in her hair but her curls were fuzzy and clearly the clips weren’t actually helping. Her book bag had wrestling flyers in the side pockets of an indy wrestling show. She was on the flier under a mask, being 16 and training she legally shouldn’t be on shows but she looked 18 and that’s what mattered. 

She had her headphones on listening to spice girls spice cd. She held on tightly to her books as one or the most attractive guys in school approached her. He had the JTT hair with the button up shirt and leather jacket. He looked like someone out of 1996 teen beat. He stepped directly in her pathway. She stopped dead in her tracks.

Boy: Bob…

Bobbinette’s eyes lit up that he even knew her name. Her heart was racing, one of the hottest guys in school knew who she was. She could hear her heart beating in her chest, it felt so loud. She smiled nervously.

Bobbinette: Hi. It’s actually Bobbie…

He ignores her statement.

Boy: So Bob, you want to go out with me sometime?

She smiled brightly, slowly nodding her head, feeling as if she was on cloud 9. She paused and wrinkled her eyebrows as her smile started fading slightly.

Bobbinette: Don’t you have a girlfriend?

Boy: Bob, Bob, Bob… we just broke up.

He says with a smirk. Bobbinette notices his friends behind him near their lockers giggling. Her heart sank as her smile faded.

Bobbinette: No thank you Dane.

She said as she shook her head walking past him. He grabbed the flier out of the pocket of her book bag. He looked at it then turned it around tauntingly.

Boy: Wrestling?  You’re a carpet muncher! Is that why you turned me down?

He yelled down the hallway at her. She froze in her steps. Bobbinette felt the anger build up. She turned at him and with a scowl stood up for herself.

Bobbinette: No, it’s that I’m afraid to choke on small objects!

She yelled back at him. The students watching looked on in shock as his friends were heckling him for this statement.

Boy: You all heard that, she wants to choke on my dick!

He said with an arrogant laugh as he high fives his buddies.

Bobbinette: I said it’s small and that’s why you talk so big!

She said as her eyes started watering. She noticed other people watching and stood her ground. He may have asked her out as a joke but she wasn’t about to let the school see her cry. He stormed up to her, getting in her face as she showed no fear, her hands gripping her books so tightly the color of her fingers changed to a brown reddish color.

Boy: What did you say bitch?

She could smell the funions on his breath. She made a face of disgust and gagged loudly knowing that eyes were on her.

Bobbinette: Your breath smells and you show signs of over compensating for having a small peep.

She shoulder checked him and walked briskly away. The hallway was quiet for a few seconds then went back to its normal end of day business.

Boy: You’re still an ugly dyke.

He tried to yell but no one seemed to pay attention to his words. She heard them though, and she flipped him the bird, not looking back. She felt a wash of emotions that she wasn’t about to let anyone see. She ran home, making a 30 minute walk in 10 minutes. Not bad for an asthmatic but her cardio was up from the training she’s been doing. By this point The adrenaline wore off as she slammed the front door behind her sinking against the door. Her mother walked out from the kitchen with a big Tupperware bowl stirring it. 

Bobbinette’s Mom: Why are we slamming the door?

She looks over seeing her daughter crying.

Bobbinette: I’m done with school…

She says throwing her book bag.

Bobbinette’s Mom: Yeah, it’s Friday…

Bobbinette shook her head as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Bobbinette: No ma, I mean I’m not going back. I hate it here. I’m called the n word almost every day. I hate Parma.

She said through tears as her mother continued to mix the mixture in the bowl. Bobbinette grabs her book bag walking through the house towards her room. Her mother follows her, seeming annoyed at the teenage angst.

Bobbinette’s Mom: You can’t quit school. You have to graduate and then when you’re 18 you can do whatever.

Bobbinette opened her book bag and dumped her books in the trash can near the side of her bed. She clapped her hands, dusting them off. She grabbed her duffle bag in the corner of the room and opened it.

Bobbinette: Mom, I’m wrestling. I’m good at it. I want to leave Parma and never come back. They are racist. You don’t get it, wrestling is who I am. I hate school! This is what I want to do with my life.

She pleaded with her mother. She grabbed a caboodle with make up putting that next to the duffle bag. She swatted away tears as she tried to explain to her mom. Her mother wasn’t listening to the suffering. Her mother’s tone seems stern as she sets her foot down.

Bobbinette’s Mom: I’m not having my 16-year-old daughter drop out of school to pursue some fantasy dream of being a wrestler. Do you know how many hundreds of women want to be wrestlers?

Her mom walks out of the room and back into the kitchen.

Bobbinette: I’m good at it mom. My trainer said I have potential to go somewhere.

She yells from her room.

Bobbinette’s Mom: How many people think that they can make it big and they never do? The last thing you need to do is be in the ring or in a locker room with men when you are 16 years old!

Bobbinette doesn’t listen as she packs her bags.

Bobbinette’s Mom: That’s how you end up a pregnant teenager with your dreams – and no education to fall back on. I refuse to accept that. 

Her mother knew her daughter was a wrestling fan and doing stuff on the weekend but wasn’t aware that she was wrestling. This perturbed her hearing that her daughter wasn’t just a spectator.

Bobbinette: Well Mom, I’m going to be a wrestler! I’m sorry if you refuse to accept it but it’s what happened, and what’s happening.

Bobbinette says holding her blue and red luchador mask. Her mother got angry seeing this and her cheeks turned red with anger. Bobbinette had the same temper of the half Polish half Irish woman.

Bobbinette’s Mom: Not if you live under this roof.

Bobbinette stared at her mother. It was the moment that we all have with our parents at some point. It was a battle of wills that comes with every teenager. It is a right of passage for most of us but this had gone too far. This was beyond words at this point. Bobbinette had her duffle bag over her shoulder with her caboodle.

Bobbinette: Well then I guess I’m moving out.

Bobbinette says throwing more clothes into her bag.

Bobbinette’s Mom: You’re a disappointment…

As if today wasn’t horrible enough for Bobbinette this crushed her. The words that hurt every child: “disappointment”. It was too late the words had been said.

Bobbinette: If following my dreams is what I do wrong then I’m so sorry I’m awful!

She walked out slamming the door behind her as she cried leaving her home.


I got my GED at 16. I got signed to a bigger named wrestling promotion and was able to emancipate myself the same year. There was only one goal in life and that was wrestling. Wrestling came before everything, because that was my dream. 

High school was a bitter memory. Not bitter sweet, just bitter. I wish I could say it was nice to feel like I was in high school again. It’s amazing how a 42-year-old can still be made to feel like a naive 16 year old.

I said JPD was not smart enough to be the Mastermind behind it and I was right… partially, because he had a partner…

I didn’t think STRONK would be in on the manipulation… but I was looking at the muscles, the adorable innocence and that exuberance. He’s a pawn in this sick game of chess. He attacked me because of the manipulation of Choi and Jace… 

The funny thing is that these “men” have all decided to play games with a female, not just any female, me.

They have mentally tormented me. They have emotionally caused distress and they thought this was a good idea? When in the history of ever has that worked? In what reality would that be a good idea that wouldn’t end horribly for them?

Clearly they forgot who The Queen B… bitch was. They have all either forgotten or not seen who the hell I can be.

So thank you, thank you Jace, thank you insignificant leach, whose name is not even worth mentioning. Thank you for causing me so much shit; that I want to cause harm… maybe even more. For once making me want to do something other than just wrestle. Thank you for bringing out a side of me; that I didn’t remember existed.

See it’s funny… because Scooter is always the one who is always taking things the extra mile and talking about killing people. I’ve given him shit for that in the past.  But now I think I finally understand.  Cause this time, this time I think I could be okay with that, I could get behind it… cause it’s Alcatraz… and this isn’t my first trip there. 

Yes, let’s mock that it’s in a kitchen and the chow hall. Which low hanging fruit are you going to take? That a woman belongs in the kitchen or that I’m fat and I would be in the food hall? I’ll wait for whichever unoriginal route you take. I’ve never expected much intelligence from you Jace… and I’m not starting now.

Truth be told this is exactly where I wanted this match to be. Because I had a match over a decade ago in that very area. I slammed the head of a person I loved into the oven and ended their career. 

If I could do that to someone who actually meant something to me, what the fuck do you think I’m going to do to you?

You are a man who has been the cause of my countless sleepless nights. You’re the person responsible for the anxiety attacks I’ve had. The paranoia I’ve experienced; all because you and your buddy were mad at me distracting STRONK. You’re reasoning behind my misery is because you’re a selfish prick.  

You tagged yourself in, stealing the win from me and getting a pin against me on the last Chaos. Fucking cheap as usual because doing things the right way isn’t in your vocabulary.

But this isn’t a regular match. This isn’t just for your title. Fuck the title! I want revenge. I want payback! Payback for everything you’ve caused me. I want to make you hurt in the way you hurt me. But that is a lot to squeeze into one match… for all the shit you did? You can’t comprehend all the things I want to do to you. What I need to do to you. This isn’t on me though… this is on you. Remember that when I do what I need to. This is your fault.


San Francisco

The Inn Above Tide

Penthouse Suite


The door opens to the suite as Bobbinette Carey walks in. She’s in a Kate Hudson fabletics work out top and yoga pants. Her hair is matted down with sweat dripping from her face. She has a duffle bag over her shoulder. She drips it, kicking off her wrestling Shoes and dropping her room key on the bed and heading towards the stand alone tub with a view of Alcatraz. She turns on the water and walks back to her suitcase. She grabs a bag from “Lush” and pulls out a bathbomb which she drops into the running water and walks away. Looking out the window, her eyes focus on the building.  Concentrating on it until the sound of a text message snaps her from the near trance.  Looking down at her phone, she nods before shooting a quick text back and grabbing a bottle of water from the mini fridge.

As the large tub is filling she goes out on the deck of the hotel room and leans against the banister. Hitting the call button on the group that says “mom squad”… it almost instantly says “Leah is busy”. It rings as Bobbinette looks nervously to see if Michelle answers the phone. She doesn’t… there’s a row of “mom squad missed calls from Bobbinette.” Taking a deep breath, she nods her head. She was in her feelings at this point. Looking through the rest of her contact, the choices were slim. She couldn’t bug Scooter or Conor… they are both getting ready for the same thing. She sees her sister’s name and quickly scrolls past. She didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with a war of words with Elysia today. She hears the button beep on her room as the door opens. Bobbinette walks back through the penthouse to see her daughter standing there, also in work out clothing.

Majandra: Ma… what the hell?

Bobbinette wrinkles her eyebrows in confusion. 

Bobbinette: What?

Majandra: You just left.

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette: No, I said I was going to go clean up.

Bobbinette says defensively.

Majandra: I thought you were in the showers at the gym.

Bobbinette scoffs.

Bobbinette: Eww… I don’t shower in public places.

She says in a matter of fact tone as her daughter rolls her eyes. This is who Bobbinette is, extra.

Majandra: Okay, but you didn’t take the limo back either.

Bobbinette: No, I jogged back as a cool down.

Bobbinette says with a shrug.

Majandra: Is this because America said something about you working out?

Majandra looks over her mother’s face. She’s been with her mother through all of this, and something didn’t seem right to the young girl.

Bobbinette: No, I wanted to just clear my mind.

Bobbinette walks over to the bed where her luggage is and grabs her bath stuff and sets it up along the side of the tub as she refuses to make eye contact with Majandra.

Majandra: Ma?

Bobbinette smiles weakly; she enjoyed hearing her oldest call her that. She knew the girl was worried. Sighing loudly, she knew that if she didn’t speak it would only make her worry more.

Bobbinette: Jace is mad I didn’t react to his attacks the way he wanted. What type of psychopath is mad at a person’s response to a trauma? 

Majandra looks confused.

Majandra: What?

Bobbinette: Apparently your mom’s a good actress, because I haven’t let on to how distraught I’ve been..

Majandra: Bullshit! You’ve lost 20lbs. You weren’t sleeping. You were obsessing over who did it. Because they didn’t see it on screen, means nothing. I was there, I saw you trying to hide it… and you didn’t do a good job. 

Majandra says now letting her own emotions show.

Majandra: He’s so selfish he doesn’t see people’s feelings.

Bobbinette: Which isn’t a surprise. But I look at him and I wonder if I’m looking at a mirror.

Bobbinette sighs heavily as she bites the side of her lip.

Majandra: Please be joking…. 

Majandra rubs the sides of her head already feeling a headache from her mom’s statement.

Bobbinette: I mean he surrounds himself with people of the opposite sex and has them on his side.

Majandra raises her hand stopping her mother.

Majandra: Nope! He manipulates women. His loyalty is on what someone can do for him. His loyalty has limits and stipulations. You’re not like that. You would take a beating for a person that was barely even a real friend of yours. Farthington came after you to get Conor out and you still took the beating and you two weren’t even friends like you are now.

Bobbinette stands there listening and slowly nods her head. 

Bobbinette: I mean…. That’s valid… but king-

Majandra’s eye twitches at her mother.

Majandra: You invented Epicness. He’s “everything” narcissist god complex much?

She sneers at the statement.

Majandra: You’re Bobbinette Carey. Queen. Of. Epicness. You’re a legend in HOW. Why else would they bring you back?! Why else would fans still show up to see their idol? You’re my wrestling hero.

Bobbinette looks shocked to hear these words out of Majandra’s mouth, to hear her daughter actually admit that. A sense of motherly pride swells with in Bobbinette as her eyes water.

Bobbinette: I am?

Majandra: That isn’t the point! The point is you say you’re not hardcore yet you’re a legend here in HOW. You like the high from these types of matches. That is why you’re spending almost 2 grand a night looking at that prison.

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow.

Bobbinette: Last year Mario threw the shark cage I was in, into the ocean. Now Mario has actually tried to kill me and almost succeeded. On more than one occasion.

Majandra: Is Jace better than Mario?

Bobbinette laughs sarcastically at the question.

Bobbinette: Mario went down some despicable routes… but Jace took some cheap way. hiring people instead of doing it himself? It’s almost like he had opportunities and was too lazy.. that’s even more offensive.

Bobbinette turns the water off of the tub that finally had filled up.

Bobbinette: Mario at least put me in a coma. He’s happy over what he did because he thought it “taught me a lesson”. 

She rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette: That some men are just trash human beings? That he values money over people? You’re right, I’m nothing like him. He’s king shit of turd island. Whereas I invented the brand of Epicness. I came back to educate people and that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle with my desire for self-preservation. My brain went into a mode where to protect myself it had to come up with a plan of how to figure out who it was. I had to shut my feelings off to not be as much of a wreck.

Majandra: He messed you up mom…

Bobbinette: The kick to the vagina wasn’t enough. He mocked women’s rights, then surrounds himself with people whose rights he mocked.

Her face seems to get angrier as her eyes glare ahead, her cheeks having red across them.

Bobbinette: You know, I did want him on my War Games team. He isn’t lying about that, I called him and was attempting to get him on my team multiple times. I didn’t even have a team but I knew that I wanted him on it. But the final people in the match were America and Tyler…so…

Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders.

Bobbinette: I’ve had a match in the kitchen before. I am not proud of what I did then.

Majandra wrinkles her eyebrows.

Majandra: Uncle A?

Bobbinette slowly nods then looks back at her daughter.

Bobbinette: You were three when I first teamed with him. You remember that?

Majandra: I do. Plus I watched that match when it aired… it was brutal.

Majandra recalls.

Bobbinette: I took no pleasure in what I did then… but this is a different situation. There will be no comparison to what I did back then to him, because this… this is going to be so much worse than what anyone, especially Jace could ever imagine. I want Jace to leave there on a stretcher… maybe even in a bag. I plan on using everything that the kitchen and chow hall has to offer. I want him to feel externally how I have felt emotionally. And if he is a bloody mess unable to walk… unable to breathe… I then might be satisfied.

Majandra: You don’t want to take it too far.

Majandra cautions. Bobbinette squints looking over the view of the bay.

Bobbinette: There is no such thing. At this point, he needs to pay back the pain he caused me. If that means in blood and flesh so be it. Be ready tomorrow at 5:30.

Majandra looks over at her mom, whose face looks more deranged than normal. Bobbinette closes the bathroom door to take her bath leaving Majandra. Who didn’t need an explanation, as she knew her mom’s mind was set and exited the hotel room.