Hey Hey You’re a Monkee

Hey Hey You’re a Monkee

Posted on February 10, 2021 at 9:05 pm by Steve Harrison


I can just imagine Dan Ryan pacing in front of his dying crops wondering why him sacrificing goats’ blood hasn’t resulted in a successful harvest.

You are so far from reality that I will forgive you for misunderstanding everything I said about you. If all you got from it was not showering, then maybe your intelligence is lacking not The Miracle Man’s.  Recycling your own insult against Dorn and using it against me is as lazy as it gets.  I almost feel insulted for your utter lack of creativity but maybe running through the motions is all you have left at this point.



You got me, Dan Stoovins.

Maybe it isn’t that you don’t care but that you just have so much wax in your ear that you cannot understand simple concepts.  I don’t care about your marriage and I am thrilled you think talking to yourself in divorce proceedings means you ended it.  I am sure she is hiding from you as we speak.  But…again, you don’t care, right?


Look trash man, I am not asking for any of the money you made for recycling Scott Stevens and Doozer.  I am saying that I left them an empty shell so Murder Daddy can get himself over more because he and Mike Best wanted to sit on their thumbs and not sell their World Title match.  That is the truth and unfortunately there is nothing remarkable about it.  I am sure that you… being the true villain does not care, but I am certain your pay was cut for that shit show.

So… again…I don’t want the money, so put it in your savings before you buy a rabbit’s foot or send the profits to the QAnon Shaman defense fund.

Not surprised you are making Soda analogies since you have gotten so amazing at recycling these days.

What I understand is that I am stupid…is that all?  Is that all you have in that concussed head of yours, Dan?  That is such a wild punch I would not be surprised if you ended up punching yourself in the face.  Figuratively you are doing a great job of hurting yourself anyway.

I want to make something clear since the genius that is Dan Ryan cannot understand it.  I never said I was a Villain, I said I would BE the Villain to Teddy Palmers hero act.  If you want to poke holes in my villain membership go on ahead, I have moved on much like everyone in your life that has gotten to know the real you.  You are an annoying emotional vampire and after you are done sucking what’s left of your family you move on and I am certain by then they are more then sick of your arrogant ramblings of a mad man shtick.

I don’t expect you to fear me, Dan.  I am aware you cannot even comprehend what that is.  I do find it amusing though that you think of me as some goof that just found his fighting gloves.  I did not go undefeated for six months by playing the fool and telling knock-knock jokes.  If this is the best you can do to understand who I am and what I have done, then maybe you bought the wrong filled in Mad Libs off eBay… you raging Hemorrhoid.  Get a Band-Aid on and while you are at it duct tape that mouth of yours shut because all I hear is the same stinky insults coming out of it.  For a place that despises people talking about what they have done in other places you sure seem to live off that old reputation as an ass kicker with a slick tongue.  I do not see someone ready for an actual fight.  I see someone that knows what he is saying is nonsense.  Again…I am dumb…got ya…let me go read a book because a book would feel less dry then your witty comments.

I am sure to gain a few IQ points especially after losing some listening to whatever you just thought was good enough to broadcast to the world.

It wasn’t.

It was actually— fucking pathetic and sad.

If I am Steve Ringo, you are Davy Ryan because you have become nothing but a joke to me.  I did admire you but now I know I was right when I called you an empty husk.

Drink some fucking water and expand yourself, Dan.

Fall back and return with something worth my time, friend.