Heritage and Blood; Family Affairs

Heritage and Blood; Family Affairs

Posted on March 27, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood



You never forget where you came from.  You never forget where your roots took shape.


Everyone in High Octane Wrestling has a past, a starting point at where they came from.  HOW has always been the be all end all of wrestling.  There is no denying that.  If you have ever wanted to be elite, if you have ever wanted to be the greatest wrestler on the face of the planet, all roads eventually lead you to HOW.  HOW has a very enriched history but it’s also a very prideful history.  We are all prideful and we all want to call this place home.  Sure, it’s had its ups and downs and the reputations that its earned over the years…simply put…HOW isn’t for everyone.


But for me it HAS been home!  However, it didn’t always used to be…


Noah I can’t help but to smile when you bring up PWX..


PWX…man when I hear those three letters, a flood of memories comes back.  A lot of good, happy memories…but they aren’t all happy memories.  A lot of people know that when it comes to my reputation, I built a lot of it there.  However, there are a lot of people who will also tell you all that I killed PWX as well.  Looking back at it all…especially for as long as I’ve been in HOW, I can honestly say that I don’t really know if I killed it or not.


I was cocky, brash, indestructible and money ruled me in the end days of that company.  There may have been a time, especially when I came into HOW, that I may have gone on record as to say I killed PWX.  I was responsible for a lot of the history there.  Nearly since PWX in its inception, I had been apart of it all.  So were you, Noah.  Hell, you’re the one who really got my career taken off.  Sex and Money dominated all PWX and it’s in the history books, too.  Hell, you and I became PWX Hall of Famers.  We did a lot for that company but we always loved the wrestling and the companionship more than anything else.  In our youth, we didn’t give a fuck about anything but ourselves.  Why should we have?  We wanted to rule the industry!  Literally, Sex and Money was all about that.  The women, the money and all the fame that came with it.  No one could touch us!


And then came the dark days.


The dark days always comes folks, it comes for us all whether we want to admit it or not.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a relapse, an injury or for most of us these days, Father Time himself.  It always shows its ugly head.  Well, the dark days hit me in every conceivable way.  I don’t talk about PWX these days, but in this sense, in this regard…I will.  Everyone knows I never bring up PWX anymore.  I have nothing more to do with that company.  But looking back, in the position I am and the changed man I’ve become, I feel like I have to talk about it because there’s something I should get off my chest.


Noah…you look back on the past like it’s a friend, a companion on the journey…and maybe you’re right.  I swore to never bring up my past again.  I swore that I would move on from it because that was what was best for me and my career here in HOW.  But as I stand here as a changed man looking on my past sins, I can’t help but to bring up some old wounds.


In the end days of PWX, perhaps maybe a year or two before it ended for good, I was approached by a man we all know too well.  A man that, eventually, we would find ourselves on the wrong side of…that being Lee Motherfucking Best!  Maybe that’s where it all truly started for me.  Lee definitely saw potential in me.  Hell, he must have because he didn’t fancy partnering up with just anyone.  When John Pariah, God rest his soul, was running PWX, Lee wanted nothing to do with PWX.  Then I took it over and the rest is, well, history.  Perhaps I already had one foot out the door and maybe I had a plan to bring the whole federation down in shambles.  Some in the wresting industry will never forgive me for that.  Some haven’t even bothered to reach out to me ever since that fateful day when I ended it all.  But Lee saw something in me and for the first time in a long time, I actually felt like I truly belonged again. 


But I was a very different man back in those days.  Hell, you remember, Noah.  Everyone turned their back on me but you….you never did.  To this day I always wondered why.  I had betrayed everything we stood for and I betrayed everyone around me.  Even when I eventually found myself in the Best Alliance and dominated HOW, no matter how corrupt or dark I was, you never gave up on me.


Then came the actual dark years for me.  The darkest of my life and even though I stabbed and betrayed those all around me for the chance to hold absolute power and to stand on top of the mountain, that wasn’t that did it for me.  No…the actual dark years were actually these last two years for me.  It didn’t matter what I had done up until that point of my career a couple years ago…nothing paled in comparison to what I went through the last couple years.  I was lost, Noah, truly lost.  I was tied up with finding my sister Serenity’s killer AND learning that I had a long lost brother out there.  Hell, little did I know that teaming up with my all time arch nemesis The Chair in hunting down the killer would I find out that The Chair IS my brother!  That was a lot to take in.  But during that time, wrestling took a backseat in my life.  I didn’t care what was going on in HOW nor did I have the energy to put all the time and dedication into actually making things better for myself in High Octane Wrestling.  You want to know what the real kicker was?  That wasn’t even the worst part…


Maybe I stopped caring about HOW because HOW stopped caring about ME!  I know, it’s utterly foolish and stupid, right?  Well, that’s how I felt!  Brian Fucking Hollywood grew a conscious all of a sudden and really took to heart everything that was going on around him.  But through all the time…all that reflection changed me, Noah.  I realized all the pain and suffering I once caused on this roster.  Grant it, a lot of those guys aren’t around anymore, but that history still exists.  There was a time I didn’t care what anyone thought of me.  To an extent, I still don’t care.  I only use it as fuel and motivation anymore, but I took a step back and really saw the big picture.  It changed the whole game, Noah, it changed me!  I know today it doesn’t really mean much…but there was a time table that you needed to be filled on.


I only mention this because it’s important for me too, Noah.  I want you to know that I’m still the same old Hollywood you know…but in some ways, I’m also a very different Hollywood. 


Going back to PWX, I wanted nothing to do with that fed anymore.  But now I sit here and as I’m blogging this out to you, I really wonder if I actually did or didn’t kill PWX after all.  I mean, no one really cares at this stage because it’s a distant memory so why bring it up in the first place?


I bring it up because I feel like there was other factors that brought that place to its knees.  But I also know that ever since then, I’ve called HOW my home because I’ve been here for a long time, Noah, and even though you stepped away from HOW for a good while, you’ve been here awhile, as well.  HOW will always be my home..no matter what or how anyone even the Machine feels about me.  I will retire a HOW wrestler when I hang up the boots.  There isn’t any place other than here that I wanna be.  4CW, hell even CWC may have been a nice place to hang out for awhile but it was never High Octane Wrestling.  I’ve grown up here, Noah, and I intend to end it all here as well because to me…HOW is the be all end all.  It always was.  PWX will always hold a special place in my heart, but it couldn’t fill up all the potential I never knew I could unlock like I did in HOW.  This place has a reputation for bringing out the best and the worst in you…I’ve already seen it with you even just a little with your match against Scottywood.  I’ve seen that ruthlessness from you before in PWX, Noah, but it was like watching you elevate that ten fold here in HOW.  That’s why I say HOW is not like any other place.  You want to break out of the mold and you want to be successful here.  You want to better yourself here…HOW has always had a top notch of a roster unlike any other place.  It’s that drive…you just can’t explain it…you can’t really put it into words..so the best thing you can do is express it inside of that ring.


That’s why all roads lead back to HOW, Noah.  No matter what our history has been, brothers in arms, we both will finish our careers here.  You see?  PWX may have been a home to you as well, but even you plan on hanging it all up when all is said and done here in HOW.  That speaks volumes the type of hold this place has over you.


But it’s the hold of this place that just drives you to be better.  To be stronger!  I only say that because ever since I have looked on my past, I want to do better by this place.  HOW is a very special place, but there is poison corrupting its walls.  That’s why it also changed me.  I no longer liked the man I once was.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve gotten older or even wiser, but I want to do the right thing this time and I no longer desire to take those shortcuts anymore.  I know my career will always shine and speak for itself.  I was good, once, but I want to be good again…but I want to do good while being good.


You and I, Noah, we’re more than just best friends..we’re family…we’re brothers but what started in PWX was a heritage…but that heritage carried over to HOW and since then, all the way up to today, it’s become blood.  Heritage and Blood.  That’s what our legacy has become, Noah, and NO ONE can fucking take that away from us!  Fucking NO ONE!  You hear me?!


So where am I going with all this, you ask?


We’ve been through it all, brother, and there is still road left to be paved here for us BOTH!  So come time for March to Glory, no matter which one of us wins and which one of us loses, in the end, we both benefit out of it!


There isn’t anything that matters when that bell rings other than us going at each other as hard as we can!  I know you, Noah, and I know you will stop at nothing to get the victory however you can.  However, I’ve learned a few things along the way in my own right and I’ll have some surprises for you for sure!  I mean, what would a match with Brian Hollywood be without some kind of surprise?!


I know everyone seems to be in their feels lately…but perhaps it’s all the reflection of what we all can still do in that ring.  A lot of us are older and the more we reflect, the more we realize that this won’t last forever.  So we want to do the best we can with the time we have left because none of us know just how much time we all have left.


Trust me, I’ve thought about that a lot, Noah.  But as I think about that, it only makes me want to look to the future because there is so much more that we both can do for High Octane Wrestling and this chapter between us is but a pit stop along the road.  It doesn’t paint the overall picture.  But if you would have told me that you and I would be wrestling against each other in HOW, for a shot at the HOTv Championship above all else, I would have chuckled at the thought.  But here we are and I’m absolutely stoked with a chance to go at each other, possibly for the final time.


Every now and again HOW can deliver gifts and rewards.  It’s what this industry is all about.  But this is truly special because Brian Hollywood vs Noah Hanson in this day in age is a blessing and HOW rarely gives out blessings like this.  Just two best friends, brothers in arms, a chance to square up with one another.


Make no mistake though, Noah, I want that HOTv Championship back and I know that if I get a second chance at John Sektor, I’ll have him right where I want him!  I know I almost had him beat the first time and when you give Brian Hollywood a second go at correcting a wrong the first go round, it gives me that much more fuel and motivation because I know I still have a lot left to give this place as I continue on my path of redemption.


But I won’t rest on the thought that I could be the only one who comes out of this on top.  I know you still have it, Noah, and maybe I’m the one and rightfully the only one who can bring out what I know you have deep down, Noah.  If that happens, then so be it…because in the end, I would have awakened that spirit that I know is still very much alive within you, Noah! 


So let’s go out there and show the world and the rest of High Octane Wrestling that we still belong among the elite!  Let’s leave it all out there, brother, because no matter what it will always be the same in the end…


Heritage and Blood…The road so far…marching to Glory!





“Maybe there was a silver lining to it all.  Here I was about to go to war with a man I’ve called my best friend and brother in the very beginning at March to Glory.  I really am happy to fight Noah Hanson and sure, Teddy Palmer for the right to fight for the HOTv Championship.  Perhaps everything was falling in line for me.  I also had my actual blood brother, Jasper, and I’m still figuring all that out with him, too.  But yet I sit here with a heavy heart and mind at just what Jasper was getting at when he said we had the same mother.  How could that be?  He had to have been playing games, right?  This new family for the two of us is still very much new.  His games and trickery have lasted that much longer…for literal years.  So why can’t I help but to entertain the thought that he might actually be right?!”


Hollywood was drifting off in thought as he had to get out of The Hollywood Bunker for awhile.  He didn’t care if he was a wanted man, wanted mostly by someone he called his best friend, Gerald Reeves.  Hollywood hadn’t heard anything from Gerald in a few months.  That made him wonder and worry at the same time.  Gerald was never shy about contacting Hollywood in letting him know how he felt or how close he was to catching up to him.  Gerald was also cocky, however he had a right to boast about it.  His record spoke for himself.  Hollywood sighs as he looks up towards the bartender and asks for a double shot of whiskey.  Hollywood takes it and downs it quickly.  He points at his glass for another at the bartender.  As the bartender pours it, Hollywood picks up the glass and right before he takes the shot, an old friend he never expected to be talking one on one again sits down next to him.  That man?  A man who has been apart of Hollywood’s life throughout it all, Niles Omega.  Hollywood looks over surprised to see him.


Brian Hollywood: “Niles?  What the fuck are you doing here?”


Niles Omega: “Oh come on, Hollywood, you and I both know where you like to go when you’re deep in thought.  Plus, your brother called me and told me you had left the Bunker.  Jesus…still weird to call him your brother.”


Hollywood shakes his head and can’t help but to let out a laugh at the sound of it.


Brian Hollywood: Jasper called you?  Of all people?  Ha, why?”


Hollywood was still torn up about Niles betrayal and what he had to do in the destruction of Hollywood Enterprises when he was with Darin Zion.  Hollywood knew that there was more on the line than his company.  His very survival and his legacy was at risk and he had to shutdown his pride in making up with Niles.  Even still, there was still a rift between the two friends that didn’t used to be there. Seemed like there was a lot of that going around these days.


Niles Omega: “Perhaps because Jasper knows that you and I share more history than anyone else does when you were growing up.  Plus, he thought I would be the one to reach out to you and talk about the obvious elephant in the room.”


Brian Hollywood: “The elephant in the room?  And what’s that, Niles?  You haven’t exactly been around lately.  Not since recently, though, when I literally had to have all hands on deck.”


Niles Omega: “I’m talking about what Jasper shared with me…about the two of you sharing the same mother.”


Hollywood rolls his eyes and immediately downs the next shot of whiskey as he pounds it down and turns towards Niles.  It was obviously still a subject that was very touchy for Hollywood, especially knowing that all this time he believed his mother to be dead.  Hollywood raises his voice towards Niles.


Brian Hollywood: “My mother?  OUR supposed mother?!  And what the fuck do you know about it, Niles?!  You can’t tell me you’re actually on his side, here!”


Niles Omega: “I know how much pain comes back when you talk about your mother, Brian.  If anyone knows that more than anyone, it’s me.  But you can’t honestly sit there and tell me you haven’t actually entertained the thought that Jasper might be telling you the truth.”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh yea, because he’s been good about all that over the last several years.”


The bartender comes back around as Hollywood directs him for another pour.


Brian Hollywood: “Leave the bottle!”


Hollywood slams down a couple hundred dollars for the bartender as the bartender looks at him and doesn’t argue with him.  Hollywood was a regular in that bar and the bartender knew him well.  After all, Hollywood had poured a lot of business in at the bar.


Niles Omega: “Oh for fuck sakes, Hollywood!  Do you really want to drink yourself in a coma?!  Don’t you have a match coming up in the next few days?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, I do…and I’ll be training more tomorrow and the day after that.  But tonight?  I need to let loose, Niles!”


Niles Omega: “Well, if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is never to argue with you on certain things.  But this thing your brother talks about with you two having the same mother, I can’t help but to actually believe him.”


Hollywood takes another shot as he shakes his head not understanding Niles logic at all.


Brian Hollywood: “Are you fucking stupid or something, Niles?  You just automatically believe the guy?  Give me one good reason why I should even entertain the thought.”


Niles Omega: “I’ll give you two, jackass!  One he called me knowing that I know the most about the memories of your mother and two, he told me he was tired of the secrets between the two of you.  He even said he would venture out of the bunker and prove it to you!”


Brian Hollywood: “He actually said he was leaving the bunker because of that?”


Niles Omega: “Yes, Brian, he did!  In fact, he told me that he would leave tonight if it meant proving it to you no matter if it costed him the risk of getting caught.”


Hollywood all of a sudden looks down at his glass but doesn’t pick it up.  It was weird, in that moment, Hollywood all of sudden felt like his brother may have been telling the truth.  Jasper would never risk exposure or risk getting caught.  Not for nothing.  It had to matter to him.  It was in that moment that Hollywood pulls out his phone and stares at it a few moments before replying to Niles.


Brian Hollywood: “Wow.  Well if that really is the case…I should probably take stock in that.  But I have to take precautions, Niles.  Jasper is new on the emotions thing, he isn’t thinking rationally.  I don’t need him getting caught.  Perhaps there is one way I can find out for sure but it comes with a risk.”


Niles Omega: “You and your risks!  I don’t think I like where this is going!  You aren’t drunk are you?”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m fine, Niles.  I may have a way of finding out more information if it means Jasper doesn’t risk leaving the bunker in his train of thought.  That’s why I’m going to make a phone call that I probably shouldn’t make.”


Niles Omega: “Oh fuck…I know that look and I know what you’re thinking…that is a BAD fucking idea!  Do NOT do that!”


Brian Hollywood: “What choice do I have?  If there’s one thing that is for certain…family affairs can get messy..that much hasn’t changed..”


Hollywood looks down at his phone and brings up a certain contact in his phone.  He clicks on it as Niles sees just exactly who Hollywood is calling and instantly pleads with him not to do it..but Hollywood was desperate and in times of desperation, he always makes the riskiest of moves.  The phone call starts to ring as the camera zooms in on the person Hollywood is calling.  That man?