Help Me Demi-God of HOW You’re My Only Hope

Help Me Demi-God of HOW You’re My Only Hope

Posted on March 5, 2023 at 6:48 am by Scott Stevens

Location: Houston, Texas: George Bush International Airport

Date: March 4, 2023

As the scene opens up we see the business as with any airport. People rushing to terminal to terminal as they are catching a connecting flight to their final destination or they are hanging out at the various restaurants and gift shops that flood the various hallways of the skyport. Off in the distance, we see the Demi-God of HOW sitting by himself as he awaits to board a plane himself.  Stevens appears to be jamming to something as he is nodding his head up and down before shouting…….


The Texan acts like he is shooting a jumper and the people look at the giant of a man and begin to chuckle as Stevens turns a little red. Now that Scott’s attention has been broken, he looks at the monitor and shakes his head as his departure time has been delayed by thirty minutes so he goes back to listen to his music and this time he has loaded up “TNT” by AC/DC as he waits for his plane to arrive.

Forty minutes later…………….

Scott hands the flight attendant his boarding pass before walking down the corridor to enter the plane. Once inside, the flight attendant directs the Texan to his seat in first class as she takes his bags and stores in the overhead compartment. The flight attendant closes the curtain separating first class from the rest of the poors because when you trust in GOD, he trusts in you and to make sure his Demi-God is not bothered by any of the commoners he bought out the entire section of first class to ensure Stevens is well rested on his flight overseas.

“Ladies and gentlemen……..”

The flight attendants begin their pre-flight safety checks and inform everyone that it will be about a ten-hour flight from Houston to Manchester as the engines of the plane begin to turn on. The anticipation for lift off continues to build and build as Stevens is suddenly pressed to his seat as the plane takes off and begins it’s ascent into the heavens. As the plane climbs higher and higher Scott’s ears begin to pop from the altitude and after about two more minutes the plane begins to level and the Texan opens his tray table and puts his laptop on top of it. Scott opens up his computer and Disney Plus pops up and the Texan chuckles.


Scott says to himself as he plugs in his headphones before his eyebrow raises when he sees a certain movie…….



Episode IV


Scott gets comfortable in his seat and as the opening begins to scroll up the Texan is sound asleep as he begins to snore loudly and what would you expect from the man that has been promoting the shit out March to Glory with his championship match and all the other matches attached to the pay-per-view as well. As Stevens sleeps the image zooms in closer to computer scene as it slowly fades to………..



Episode XCVII


It is a period of civil war. Rebel wrestlers, striking from a rogue promotion, have won their first victory against the EVIL Wrestling EMPIRE.

During the battle, Rebel wrestlers managed to secure a match at March to Glory for the Empire’s most coveted possession, the HOTV TITLE, a beautiful golden championship on a green leather strap and the holder of said championship is the champion of streaming networks: HOTv and PWA.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Leeonidas Best races home to his wrestling company, custodian of booking the match that can save his company and restore goodness to the entire wrestling industry…..

After the opening crawl begins to fade into the stars, we see a massive ship firing unmercilessly at a smaller vessel and it tries it’s best to defend itself as it tries to escape. As we cut to inside the smaller ship, we see two robots: a golden giant that is both muscular and cool because it has a pair of black sunglasses on. The other is shorter and is white with black and 97 Red colored markings.

JJ-R3D0: Did you hear that?

The muscular robot asks as the ship shakes from the laser.

J2TT-S2RR: The Hero of Starraguay.

EPU guards rush down the corridor with blasters in hand.

JJ-R3D0: We’re doomed.

J2TT-S2RR: The Five Starr General of the Best Alliance.

JJ-R3D0: There is no escape this time for GOD.

J2TT-S2RR: The Duke of MancheStarr. (In a sad tone.)

The sound of the doors being cut open is heard as the EPU guards get ready for a fight as sparks fly in front of them as they anticipate what is about to come next is not friendly. The door blows off and trainees from the Space Barn comes flying in guns blazing at the EPU. The EPU try to stand their ground but they are quickly overwhelmed by the numbers of the imperial force and some start to retreat. JJ-R3DO and J2TT-S2RR appear from behind a corner and they see imperial forces and the EPU shooting it out. Instead of staying and fighting they both scamper across to safety.

We cut back where the imperial forces have established a beachhead and HE arrives in all his glory wearing black jeans, black boots, a black t-shirt with EVIL EMPIRE written on the front in white. Topped off with a black cape and a black helmet with no face guard. The dark one looks down at the fallen EPU guards before making his way down the corridor flanked by Barntroopers.

JJ-R3DO: J2TT-S2RR where are you?

The golden behemoth shouts as he sees a bald man in in a 97 Red jacket with a pair of Jordans on put something into the shorter robot’s pocket.

J2TT-S2RR: The Master of Jatturday Night Fever.

The bald man disappears as J2TT turns back towards his compatriot.

JJ-R3D0: At last, where have you been?

J2TT-S2RR: The Jattinum Standard.

JJ-R3D0: They are headed in this direction! What are we going to do? We are going to be sent to PRIME Wrestling for sure. At worse possibly OCW……

J2TT-S2RR: The Jattanese Samurai.

As JJ-R3DO continues to ramble, J2TT turns and leaves.

JJ-R3D0: Where are you going?

J2TT-S2RR: The Grand Overlord of Jatturn.

The Barntroopers are seen leading various members of the EPU down a corridor until we see the EVIL EMPIRE’s dark apprentice forcing a EPU guard to drink a PBR.

Barntrooper: The booking plans for March to Glory was not in the main computer.

EE’s Dark Apprentice: Where are those plans you intercepted? What have you done with those plans?

The dark apprentice asks as he forces PBR’s down the EPU guard’s throat.

EPU Guard: We didn’t intercept any booking plans. This is the commissioner’s ship for CCW.

The guard answers in between getting alcohol poured down his throat.

EE’s Dark Apprentice: If this is the commissioner’s ship then where is Ryan McKenna?

The dark apprentice asks sternly before shoving the bottle into the man’s mouth and crushing it with his hands and tossing him against the wall.

EE’s Dark Apprentice: Commander! Tear this ship apart until you find those plans and I want the passengers alive!

The dark apprentice barks his orders as everyone scatters. The scene cuts elsewhere in the ship and we see Leeonidas Best peeking around a corner.

Barntrooper: There’s one. Set to stun.

The trooper orders, but before they can do anything, Leeonidas shoots them in the eyes. With reinforcements inbound, Leeonidas tries to make a run for it when one of the troopers shoots him in the back with a stun ray.

Barntrooper: He’ll be alright. Inform Lord Halitosis that we have a prisoner.

The trooper tells his troops as he looks upon the fallen Leeonidas. Meanwhile JJ-R3DO and J2TT are heading towards the escape pods.

JJ-R3D0: What are you doing in there? You can’t go in there, it’s restricted. We will be deactivated for sure.

J2TT-S2RR: The Polka Prince of Jattvia.

JJ-R3D0: Secret mission?

J2TT-S2RR: The Duke of Jattcramento.

JJ-R3D0: Booking plans? March to Glory? What are you talking about?

J2TT-S2RR: The Thane of Starrkarth.

JJ-R3D0: I’m not getting in there.

R3DO tells J2TT before an explosion spooks him like a taser to the back and he makes his way inside and the pod launches. Next we see Leeonidas Best shackled and being led down a corridor with Barntroopers next to him before they stop in front of Lord Halitosis.

Leeonidas Best: Lord Dickhead, PWA will not settle for this. When they hear you’ve attacked a diplomatic…..

Halitosis cuts GOD off.

Lord Halitosis: Don’t act surprised All Mighty, you weren’t on no inter-promotional show this time. Several booking transmissions were taken aboard this vessel by rebel wrestlers. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you.

Halitosis demands as Leeonidas shakes his head.

Leeonidas Best: Fuck off, I don’t know what you are talking about numb nuts. I’m fucking GOD and a member of PWA on a diplomatic mission to DEFIANCE Wrestling…..


Halitosis commands as Leeonidas is taken away by the Barntroopers.

Sunny McCloudy: Like holding him can be dangerous or something. What if this gets out or some junk and creates sympathy for the rebellion and PWA?

Lord Halitosis: I have traced the rebel wrestlers to him and now he is my only link to finding HOW.

Sunny McCloudy: He’ll like die before he like tells you anything.

Lord Halitosis: Leave that to me.

Meanwhile, on a gigantic hot and humid planet called Tejas, J2TT and JJ-R3DO have escaped the pod and have made their way towards a small hut in the middle of dessert and two individuals seem to be attending to some machines.

JJ-R3D0: Hello!

J2TT-S2RR: The Rembrandt of Wrestling.

The two individuals stop what they are doing and turn towards the droids. They lower they hoods to reveal themselves to be Bo and George Stevens.

Bo Stevens: Can we help you?

Bo asks as he approaches the two droids.

J2TT-S2RR: The Earl of GlouStarr.

JJ-R3D0: My friend says we have a message for the Demi-God of HOW. Is he here?

Bo looks at George who motions for the droids to follow him. They all make their way into the hut and work area where a hooded individual is busy doing something.

JJ-R3D0: Excuse me, do you know where the Demi-God of HOW is?

The droid asks as the hooded individual stops and lowers his hood revealing himself to be Scott Stevens.

Scott Stevens: That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

JJ-R3D0: Do you know where he might be?

Stevens smirks.

Scott Stevens: Yeah, he’s me.

The two droids look at one another.

JJ-R3D0: Well, we have a message for you.

J2TT plays the message and we see the image of Leeonidas Best.

Leeonidas Best: Hey dickhead, time to return to action and liberate the HOTv championship from the EVIL EMPIRE. I know you’re my fucking only hope since my Final Alliance can’t do their fucking jobs!

The message slowly fades and Scott makes his way over to a shelf and grabs a box. He slowly opens the box and inside is and eye patch. Scott takes the eye patch out of the box and slowly puts it over his right eye and around his head.

Scott Stevens: Time to exercise the demons.

Stevens says to himself as he heads towards the door.


You want to know what is one of the best things about being associated with Lee Best?

I bet the members of the Final Alliance will say things like; the money, the women, the drugs, the fame, or other ridiculous thing of that nature but the best thing about being associated with Lee Best is the freedom.

That’s right.

I have the freedom to be me.

HE needs me to do my job like promote the pay-per-view and my match on various news, radio, and social media outlets to the point of exhaustion. Lee knows I need rest and relaxation, but I want my privacy to fly over to the United Kingdom so he buys out the entire first class portion of my flight. While the members of the Final Alliance will brag about how they travel on the HOW private jet I like my way much better. For one, I don’t have to listen to Jatt Starr try and come up with various new nicknames for ten hours. I don’t have to beat the shit out of Steve Solex for what he did to my child. I don’t have to listen to the same stories of Dan Ryan. Plus, I don’t have to stare at stronk sulking in his seat.

I have peace and quiet for ten hours.

However, it seems like I have rubbed members of the roster the wrong way especially two of my opponents named Jatt Starr and Dan Ryan. Dan, if you are going to continue to repeat the same shit over and over in your promos you should’ve regurgitated the blueprint of the fictional killer named Jeffrey James Roberts. At least he has been successful in HOW.

Dan, you’ve repeated the same thing for the past several weeks just like everyone has said…….

No one knows me outside of Texas.

I’m barely in the top three to come from our state signed to HOW.

I may not be the most talented of the Stevens Dynasty.

Daniel, do you think before you speak?

For one, everyone knows me. Ask Perry Wallace and 4CW. Ask Boardwalk Wrestling and CJ O’Donnell…..oh wait, I made him quit the industry like the bitch that he is. Ask OCW. Ask MVW. Shit, ask your old stomping grounds in DEFIANCE if they know me. Hell, I’m blacklisted from competing at PRIME.

However, no one knows me.

Out of all the Texans signed to High Octane Wrestling, I’m the only one who has won the world title and is in the Hall of Fame. Come to think of it, if I was to resign with DEFIANCE you would be the less talented of the Texans because what my family and I did for two years was dominate from the top to the bottom. I have a Hall of Fame career built in two years that took you half your career to produce.

When it comes to the Stevens Dynasty, we all dominate.

Daniel, you may have dropped me on my head, but the facts remain when I say I’m going to do something I fucking do it unlike you. Your job was to defeat Joe Bergman and you and that moron Jatt Starr couldn’t do that because I said I was going to protect Joe Bergman during the tag match and that’s exactly what I did. You were defeated by Joe Bergman and myself because you cannot be trusted with this important task that is why I was included into the match to make sure the HOTv championship is freed from the EVIL EMPIRE.

While Jatt is more concerned about what penis references he can call me and you continue to copy and paste the same trash talk I’ll be concerned with defeating Joe Bergman and becoming the new HOTv champion.