Hello boys

Hello boys

Posted on October 14, 2021 at 10:33 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

The last time I was here in Los Angeles, California was when I set now retired HOW superstar Ray McAvay on fire. I literally tried to burn the man alive before War Games and eliminate him from ever competing. After that I suffered punishment from Lee Best in the form of former Best Alliance partners Cancer Jiles and Steve Solex ditching me in a three on one handicapped match. Of course, this led to me eating a Ban Hammer clothesline from Darin Zion and getting pinned.

Naturally now Lee Best might be dead. The Best Alliance has been disbanded. Ray McAvay is back running the circus that is MVW but the stigma still remained. At this point I wasn’t even sure if I’d be welcomed back in the Staples Center after that little stunt but I was booked in a tag team match this week. I would be teaming with HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr against the likes of my RATR opponent Clay Byrd and the current LSD Champion John Sektor.

Jatt was…interesting to say the least but I felt like we accomplished absolutely nothing as far as planning a strategy for this match. Granted, I spend the entire time asking for alcohol but can you blame me for thinking I needed to have at least a good buzz going to get Jatt’s charm?

Jatt wanted my trust but truth be told I didn’t trust any of the former members of The Best Alliance. Sure, I was a part of the group but I was more of a lone wolf. Certainly, I got called selfish but I was the missing piece that Lee needed to truly make The Alliance a dominant force. The fact that I stand here as the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW should speak for itself. Yet with all that being the case I still hated being here in LA. The fact that Jatt had asked about Tara’s availability just reminded me of the fact that this was her hometown and there was always be a chance that I could run into her.

That wouldn’t be a pleasant occurrence.

Then there was always the fact that I still had Clay Byrd attacking me last week with that steel chair on my mind. My neck was still sore but by now everyone knew that was my weak spot and would be sure to try and exploit it. I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and a noose wrapped around my neck. But now wasn’t the time to drown in the sea of emotions. I needed to go into this match with a clear head because my partner was an absolute loose cannon and liable to do just about anything to get his hands on John Sektor before their 97-minute Ironman match at RATR.

Clay’s intentions would be clear. He would want to soften me up for our Infirmary match at the Rock. With a main event spot at ICONIC on the line the Behemoth would do anything to help punch his ticket for another shot at #97red. John Sektor on the other hand would show an uncaring attitude when it came to yours truly but when push came to shove. John would rather have me in the ring with him than to give Jatt a chance to injury him before the PPV.

The simple thought of this match pissed me off. LA pissed me off. Tara pissed me off but I needed to channel all of this aggression and focus it on my targets this Saturday night. If I wasn’t careful, I could end up in the middle of the ring caught in the Sektor stretch. Or worse yet I could have my head clotheslined off of my body and land somewhere up in section 214. I needed to finish this year strong. I needed to main event ICONIC. I needed to win Wrestler of the Year and have gold around my waist once again. Feeling sorry for myself going to get the job done.

It was time to get to work.


Thankfully the hotel had a gym of their own which meant that I didn’t have to go far to get in a workout. I spent two hours down there lifting weights and listening to Spotify. With each rep I could see Clay Byrd’s ugly mug. I could feel my back ache from the chair shot last week. I could feel the steel pressed up against my wind pipe as I gasped for air. That was enough to push me and fuel my energy I put into the workout. I headed back to the room to towel off and catch a shower. The hot water soothed my aching muscles but the time under the water just gave my mind a chance to wander to this week’s match.

I tried to picture it playing out in my head but no matter which way I thought about the end results was nothing more than absolute chaos. If Jatt and I won? Another sneak attack from Clay with a steel chair or his lariat awaited me. If Clay and Sektor won? They would undoubtedly take things past the bell and give everyone a preview of what awaited at Alcatraz. Either way I saw complete chaos. Jatt and Sektor having it out in the middle of the ring and on the outside Clay and I would be trying to cave each other skulls in.

With a sigh I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom to find Madison sitting on the bed admiring her finger nails. I flopped down on the side of the bed placing my hands on my knees.

“Pretty, aren’t they?” Madison asked as she waved her right hand in front of my face.

“I thought I told you to lay low while we’re here in LA?” I replied in a tone angrier than I meant it.

“Please you expect to me to spend all week couped up in this room just because this is your ex-wife’s hometown?” Madison scoffed. “I am not scared of her.”

“Not just because of Tara. I got a target on my back heading into this week. Sektor and Clay both want to kick my ass on Saturday night. Not to mention what Mike or Farthington might to do to try and keep me out of the main event of ICONIC.” I lectured. “Anyone could have snatched you up and tried to use that against me heading into Alcatraz.”

“I can handle myself a little bit more than you give me credit for Mr. Davidson.” Madison teased. “But speaking of Alcatraz, I’m coming with you right?”

“Hell no!” I shouted. “There is no backstage area and the fans will be locked away in cells. The last thing I need heading into an Infirmary match against Clay Byrd is worrying about you getting caught in the cross fire.”

“But this match won’t have any rules to it other than you have to drag him out to win.” Madison pleaded. “I think I can do some real damage in there. It’ll be the two of us against just him!”

“Absolutely not.” I enforced. “If I can’t beat Clay Byrd one on one? Then I don’t deserve to main event ICONIC.”

“So, I get to watch your back this week but then you’re going to ditch me to be locked away in Alcatraz?” Madison pouted.

“You’re lucky that I’m letting you come down to the ring with this week. I have a feeling this match is going to be absolute chaos.” I said as I grabbed a hold of a bottle of lotion.

“Are you trying to say that you think that Jatt’s goons are more dependable than I am?” Madison narrowed her eyes as I began to rub lotion on my face.

“I’m not saying that at all.” I tried defending myself but Madison interrupted.

“Then what are you saying exactly?” Madison placed her hands on her hips.

“Fuck! I’m letting you come down to the ring with me on Saturday. So, I’m not saying anything against you or how Jatt’s people are more dependable than you. I’m not even sure that I can trust Jatt.” I said in a frustrated manner.

There is a long awkward pause between the two of us as I continue putting on lotion. Eventually Madison sighs breaking the tension as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Well, I think you need to trust Jatt.” Madison spoke softly.

“Excuse me?” I raised an eyebrow.

“This match on Saturday isn’t about wins and losses. It’s about survival. No matter the outcome you’ll still walk away the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW. I’m pretty sure Jatt, Sektor, or Clay would throw away this win if it meant permanently injuring their opponent for RATR.” Madison suggested.

“So, you’re saying that I need to trust Jatt so that the both of us survive this match and make it to Alcatraz in one piece?” I tried to wrap my head around the notion.

“With Jatt you don’t know if he just wants someone to watch his back this week or if he wants to build some kind of weird stable with you. The fact is the guy just wants a fair shot at John Sektor and the LSD Championship belt after what he did to him at War Games. You want the same thing against Clay Byrd, right?” Madison wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Naturally.” I nodded.

“Then you need to trust him to watch your back just like he’s trusting you to watch his back. No one knows just how well Clay and John are going to work together. But there isn’t any bad blood between you and Jatt Starr.” Madison pointed out.

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice.” I conceded.

“A woman always knows best.” Madison leans up and gives me a kiss on the lips before handing me my cell phone.

I stared down at the screen of the phone in the palm of my right hand as I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to go through with this and all of the shenanigans that would be associated with putting myself in line with Jatt Starr. I took a deep breath and then pressed the contacts button followed by the call button. I raised the phone up to my ear and waited until the call was answered.

“Yeah, Jatt? Look I know you think we need to trust each other going into the match this week. Frankly, I’m pissed off and looking for a measure of revenge just like you so count me in. You’ve got my trust going into this match, let’s fuck them up.”


Hello boys.

It seems like a fellow goes radio silent for a couple of days and he seems to be all but forgotten about. Or at least that seems to be the case with our current HOW LSD Champion Mr. John Sektor. Though, that’s to be expected when it comes to Sektor because for as long as I can remember the guy seems to have a high level of disgust when it comes to old JPD. Maybe it’s because we’re both from Miami or maybe it’s because a long, long time ago I eliminated him from a battle royal and went on to be handed the HOW ICON Championship belt. Whatever the case maybe I’m being written off by Sektor but I know better. He might not have said much about me but when push comes to shove. He’d rather face off against me in the ring on Saturday than to give Jatt a chance to put a few dents in his armor before Rumble at the Rock.

I’m cool with that.

However, what I find funny is that when I became HOTv Champion I was busting my ass defending the title week in and week out. Sektor on the other hand won the LSD Championship against a shell of his former self Teddy Palmer then had all the time in the world to take a cushy little vacation. It didn’t matter that Sektor was getting fed the scraps of the HOW roster for most of his run but he needed a break from all the ‘hard’ work. Yet as HOTv Champion I gave my blood, sweat and tears to make it something more than a hot potato to be passed back and forth between the lower half of the roster. I brought prestige to the belt and made it one of the most sought after belts in the entire company. But Mr. Sektor wonders why no one at all bothered to step up and challenge for the LSD Championship belt heading into Alcatraz.

Have you figured it out yet John?

It’s because you’ve done nothing but devalue the LSD Championship belt. You’ve missed the HOW ICON Championship belt so damn much that you’ve tried to turn the LSD Championship into the ICON Championship 2.0. It’s not because you want that absolutely horrible Lee and Sektor Division. It’s because you know under normal rules you wouldn’t be able to keep out with the reigns of people like Scottywood, Silent Witness, and myself. You can snort Coke until the cows come home but I guess the slight of a little blood Johnny’s tummy not feel so good. For someone that claims to be the beacon of The Best Alliance, to be Lee’s right hand man. You sure need to check your zipper pal, your Ground Zero is showing. The whole pure wrestling mentality is harder to kick than it looks regardless of the fact that Rhys Townsend and Evan Ward are just relics of the past.

Not to take away from your ability.

Oh no John, I know that just makes you want to Sektor Stretch me even more. I know you’re going to be looking to stretch me more than a virgin on prom night. I look forward to that challenge because if you don’t lock it in John? I’m going place my boot on the back of your head and I’m going to drive it through the canvas like a railroad spike. Then three seconds later I’m going to leave what is left of you to Jatt to do with as he damn well pleases before your Ironman match.

That brings me to you Clayton Byrd.

See last week I get that you simply got tired of waiting. I mean here our match was announced weeks ago and yet I was pre-occupied with trying to get into the main event at RATR. That would have left you high and dry unless you decided to come in-between the Darin Zion and Xander Azula love affair. Don’t worry big man, you might have been in my rear-view mirror but know you’ve got my full and utmost attention. See Clay in the grand scheme of things it would be smart for you to stay away from me Saturday night. I know it’s so tempting to just get in there and clothesline the living fuck out of my neck before our Infirmary match but its high risk, high reward. That’s because if you steps through those ropes while I’m in the ring on Saturday night then your risk your well being going into this PPV. I don’t care that you don’t like me, I don’t care that you never liked me. I didn’t come back to HOW to be your best buddy. I came back to do what I love doing and if that means I have to kick your ass? If that means you’re going to try to stand in-between me and what was taken away from me for five long years?

Then you are one big, dumb motherfucker.

I’ve yet to raise my fist to you but don’t mistake that for weakness, Clayton. I’m not going to try to finesse this. I’m going to run up to John Sektor and beg for him to teach me a few submission moves. We all know staying conscious isn’t exactly your strong suit. I know you’re bigger than me and that your stronger than me. But for me? There is no other way to go about this than to walk straight up to you and run right through you. As a former football player you should be able to respect that while licking your chops and counting down the days until RATR. Consider this tag team match as a way to scout your opponent heading into one of the biggest matches of your career. Rest up that arm for RATR because if you don’t? I’m going to hit you with something that even a whole bottle of Tylenol Extra Strength can’t handle.

So what is it worth to you, big man?

You going to play it safe and go for the big homerun in Alcatraz? Or are you going to risk it all for the small chance of banging me up before RATR? If it’s the latter I’m going to have to bring you down to that bad knee of yours before a packed house here in LA. I got no problem showing the world that even a Monster from Plainview can Bend the Knee in front of a true King.

See you Saturday night, boys.