Hell of a Fight

Hell of a Fight

Posted on May 21, 2020 at 7:04 am by Chris Kostoff

[Well it was a hell of a fight. My man pushed the champion hard. I know he is the champ but damn if Kostoff didn’t give him hell. But, as it is said, time to move on. Yea he is sore as fuck, but give that old bastard credit, he is ready to step into the ring again. Then again he never backed down from a fight. So let’s see how this shakes out.]

(The scene opens up inside his house with him sitting in a chair. His arm visibly sore as he wiggles his fingers. He rubs the orthopedic brace he has on his arm as he looks into the camera and smiles.)

Kostoff: Well Farthington you sure did a number on me huh? Good on ya brother, you got pushed and you fucking pushed back.

Kostoff: Hats off to ya brother.

(He pops his shoulder as he leans back.)

Kostoff: Enough about what happened and the past today.

Kostoff: So this week I get to step into the ring with Bergman. Tuff bastard from what I have seen.

(Pushing up on his good arm, he leaves the seat and makes his way to the sliding glass door. He leans his head against the glass and sighs.)

Kostoff: The issues here Bergman is that as good of a run that you have gotten here, it is really time to see it come to a end.

Kostoff: I know I know, how is a one armed man going to get into a ring and get into another fight to stop someone? He has one arm right? He is half or maybe a quarter as good as the man standing across the ring from him?

(He rubs his head against the cool glass for a moment. Realizing he has left the folks hanging on for a moment he turns and looks into the camera.)

Kostoff: See Bergman, I am the guy here that has fought fucking everyone. I have dropped more blood for HOW than anyone has. Yes more than Mike or Lee or Max.

Kostoff: I took the champ to the edge, what do you think I can do to you? How far right now do you think I am willing to go to get what I want?

Kostoff: That is the still overall question isn’t it? What does the old fucker Kostoff want? Does he want to keep on staying in the proverbial top 10? Does he want to get another shot at the title by winning this tournament?

(He laughs and walks to across the tiled floor and into his kitchen.)

Kostoff: My plan is still in place Bergman. I will let everyone in on it as soon as I find the time is right for it.

Kostoff: I’ve never been one to show my hand when others will let you know what they are planning from the time they wake up in the morning. I am a patient man, that has gotten me to where I am at in life now.

(Stopping by a pantry, he reaches in and grabs a loaf of bread and tosses into onto the granite counter top. He makes his way to the refrigerator and digs out some condiments and sets them on the counter.)

Kostoff: See, this whole thing is like this sandwich I am going to make. The bread is the foundation. I come in, fuck shit up to get the blood rolling again, let people remember who the fuck I am and what the fuck I will do. The mayo and mustard is the matches leading to my goal…

(He sticks his head back into the fridge and grabs some sliced turkey and roast beef. Laying them on the counter he stops and sighs.)

Kostoff: And then this meat, this meat is what I am going to fuck up in the end.

Kostoff: So you are part of this sandwich I am building here in HOW. And I am going to fuck this sandwich up later on, so you are almost, kind of, maybe important to what I am going after. This tournament is as well…but not what I am fully looking at.

(He grins and grabs a bottle of water. Rubbing the bionic arm brace he winces a little at the pain still.)

Kostoff: Fear not boy, time will be here soon enough for me to show you what is still left in this tank.

Kostoff: You might be a tuff bastard Bergman, but I am still the old fucker that can go and go and go. We’ll make it a match for you to remember man.

(Cracking the lid off the bottle he takes and drink of the cool water. He tilts his head down and grins.)

Kostoff: See ya soon mother fucker.

(He makes his way back to the counter and begins to put his sandwich together as the scene fades to black.)