He Has Two Belts…I am not kidding.

He Has Two Belts…I am not kidding.

Posted on January 21, 2021 at 8:35 am by Steve Harrison


There once was an explorer who was renowned for his knowledge in finding lost civilizations.  When given the opportunity to find the famed Jattlantis he pointed to a Porto-Potty at an abandoned construction site and said, “there is less rotten shit in there then Jattlantis.”

When pressed for an additional comment he shrugged, “you do know Jattlantis is what he calls his bathroom, right?”

I was taken aback by this because I always figured it was his trailers crawl space but after witnessing Jatt Starr at his very worse…or is it Best?  I am not even sure what the fuck is happening, but he does enjoy toilet humor or maybe its all this brain can muster.  He is a functioning retard at this point after all.

This is a man who had a child.

This is a man who was married.

Seriously there is hope for every neck beard mouth breathing troglodyte that leaves its jerk off cave looking to knock some bitch out with his video game controller.  You can marry too!

Jatt Starr’s picture is the wallpaper for every Incel’s PC, laptop, and IPAD.

What a legend.

What a hero.

The sex part after having a Miracle Child is a whole other question and as we all know Jatt Starr can be defined as a born-again virgin now.  Least those that are born again virgins don’t slap you over the head with their new faith.  Instead Jatt and… his old baseball coach?  Sorry, just as Anton said he didn’t know who I was how the bloody hell am I supposed to know who he is?  These two are verbally raping ears and if it is one thing StarrSek Industries are experts on…it’s rape.  Right, Johnny Boy.  Hah.

Am I supposed to take what he says seriously?

Is this another tired attempt at having someone else fight your battles because you lack the wit to match words with me?  Is this the second coming of Hughie Freeman?  Pikey Suicide is awesome.  Sarcasm, you fat turd.

Next you will talk about my looks…

(sigh and groans)

Yes, I am bald.

I don’t even see the point in defending what I look like.  That is like you defending going to the women’s bathroom when it is time to pee.  I can respect your decision to identify as a woman.

Wait…you don’t?

Swore I heard the word tampon continually spewing out of your mouth.  So, it isn’t your time of month?  All the whining and complaining and the fact you continually pull at the back of your pants made me think there might be something there.  Maybe you just check all the boxes of a Karen meeting with her Aunt Flow because everything you say and the clothes you bought from Kirrin Finch (look it up, I had to) are screaming lesbian.

OK, I get it.  I will need a tampon because you are going to make me bleed like a woman on her period.

Fuck man and I thought creativity was dead.

I can admit I don’t expect to come out of this match unscathed, but I don’t plan on going into your fanny pack and borrowing one of your tampons to stop the bleeding.

If my blood drips down my face it will not give me pause in trying to make your whole buddy convulse with the lack of cartridge left in it.  I plan on meticulously kneeing one limb and going to another.  This is about me making it impossible for you to walk and to beat you so hard you won’t lose one R you will lose both because you are far from a Star.

What’s that say about me?  It says I am leaving ICONIC in 2020 where unfortunately we were unable to leave Lindsay Troy but that’s beside the point.  I am glad your old baseball coach asked me why I am confident because lord knows how hard it is to wake up the next day after losing to you.

It was a difficult month trying to come to terms with losing that match but HOFC has given me the opportunity to fix that.  It is rare to have this chance so quickly.   Just because the LSD title isn’t on the line doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to do serious harm towards your broken body.




Our double champion everyone, let us all praise his intellectual growth.

It is hard for the dead to grow–I suppose.

This is your career suicide, buddy.