He doesn’t care guys he said so

He doesn’t care guys he said so

Posted on May 1, 2023 at 6:08 pm by Mike Best

….okay, man. 

Okay. You win. Everyone else in the world is a soft asshole who can’t handle you. You’re dangerous. You’re definitely not a sexist, overcompensating incel that has been growing a chip on your shoulder in the shape of a fedora for 30+ years. That’s definitely not it. It’s all of us. We’re the problem, because we can’t handle the truth. 

No, Jace. 

We’re tired. 

I’m tired of having to pre-warn every woman who joins HOW that you’re for sure going to creep on them constantly. I’m tired of people lumping me in with you, just because I was part of a weird thruple with you and your literal “girlfriend who lives in Canada” back when Obama was President. I’m fucking tired, Jace. You’re not dangerous. You’re embarrassing. And since we’re dropping shoot names now, I guess Lee better fire up Mr. Wahl, because I have some shit to say, too. 

First of all, again, you’re right. 

I’m 97% out of the wrestling business these days. I come back and do HOFC because it’s what’s fun for me. I’ve done everything and beaten everybody, and I have a full life outside of HOW that I’m busy living. Lee and I are constantly trying to figure out shit for me to do, and to keep me engaged, because I’m honestly kind of bored of all this. So you got me there. You’re here. You’re full time. You’re full time in about a thousand places. It’s almost admirable that you have so little going on for you in your fucking life that you have the time and energy to dedicate to so many projects. To be constantly available, day and night, SO THIRSTY to do this thing that you pretend isn’t that big a deal to you. 

You’re so unbelievably full of shit. 

Wrestling is all you have, and I’m still better at it part time than you are full time. How humiliating is that? That you do SO MUCH, and work SO HARD, but will never, ever be looked at in the same regard as I am? Make fun of my HOF meltdown if you want… I make fun of it too. But what you can’t make fun of is the fact that a council of my peers looked at my accomplishments and said “yeah, it’s time to vote him in”. You? You literally had to die, Jace. 

And you still didn’t have the votes. 

I was ironically your biggest supporter. That’s why I wanted you back. I figured one more run in HOW would keep you fresh in the memories of the voters. It was awkward to reach back out to you, because clearly life hadn’t been as kind to you as it had been to me. Clearly things were rough. It was weird trying to catch back up, for a lot of reasons. But the weirdest was that while we were apart, I had grown up and you were right where I left you. Here I was, thinking Project Ego 2.0, but you were still running that same old software. The truth isn’t that I’ve been underestimating you, man. 

I’ve been overestimating you. For years. 

I always had this idea that you had this “cool asshole” persona but that deep down, we were one of the real ones. That you had something special. But there’s nothing special about you. You’re Fisher Price. And not the generic insult kind, I mean you’re  Angelfire. You’re ProBoards. You’re everything I roll my eyes at. You’re the same rockstar model actor pretty boy who also happens to wrestle and post selfies all day that I’ve been making fun of for years. You aren’t good enough to main event in HOW anymore, so you just go everywhere else. Quantity Over Quality: The JPD Story. I don’t even have any animosity toward you. Do you know what I feel, Jace? Really, sincerely, no bullshit? 


I fucking pity you. 

You are the saddest try hard I’ve ever met, hiding behind this bullshit idea that it’s you versus the world because YOU chose it. It’s you versus the world because no one likes you, Jace. Because you’re unlikable. No one likes you. 

No one likes you Jace. 

Read that again. 

You are unliked. 

And go ahead and say you don’t care. Say it till you believe it. Say it until anyone believes it. You wanna do five more? Will that help everyone realize how much you don’t care?

Little Tik Tok ass bitch.

You’re gonna get murdered.