Have a good night….

Have a good night….

Posted on February 26, 2020 at 5:57 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: All Sate Arena
February 23, 2020, 12:30 AM


“Have a good night.”


A man is heard saying to a fellow co-worker as he sweeps up aluminum beer bottles into his dust pan. As the image slowly zooms out we see that we are inside of the All State Arena, home of High Octane Wrestling. The show is over and has been for at least an hour as maintenance and the custodial staff are cleaning up the arena for their next event. The HOW production crew and ring crew are taking down the ring and slowly packing up the cameras and other electrical equipment.


It’ll be another hour or two before everything is packed and ready to go for next Refueled so everyone of importance for High Octane Wrestling is gone, correct?




Up at the top of the lower level seats sits HOW Chief Information Officer, Scott Stevens. The Texan has apparently shifted into his corporate role rather smoothly as he has a custom tailored black suit on with a matching navy blue tie and handkerchief. He also has black shoes on that are polished so cleanly they blind you if the light reflects off of them. The ensemble is completed with a Stevenspedia lapel pin attached the jacket. The Texan looks rather busy as he taps on the tablet every few seconds.


“Done. Done.”


Stevens says to himself as he continues to hit the tablet.


“Finished the wins and losses of everyone from tonight’s show.”


Stevens says before hitting the Notes tab on his tablet. Stevens goes into the section marked, “Things To Do” and begins to type out important information for his weekly duties like; update the wrestler’s ranking from the LBI after getting the go-ahead from Lee. Contact Jack Dawson in the morning to set up an interview with Rick Dickulous. Get back with Scotty on potential missing HOW shows whereabouts and setting up purchased wrestling libraries and getting them ready to launch on HOTv.


“Hopefully we start seeing LPW and NGW programming on HOTv before the end of the year.”


Stevens says to himself as he finishes that mental reminder because LPW was the company to bring The Texan back after he took a break from the business to heal from injuries and burnout. Also, LPW is important to HOW because it brought in mainstay wrestlers like Scott Stevens and Steve Solex, and a few others like Psycho Sam and Shayne Adams. More importantly, it brought web designer and graphics extraordinaire, Eric. HOW has reaped the benefits of the talents left behind by LPW when they went under.


“What else is there to do?”


Stevens asks himself as he stares at the tablet. As the former World champion contemplates his duties he feels a vibrate from his pocket.




Stevens says as he reaches into his pocket to pull out his iPhone 11 Pro and see who is texting him at this hour. Stevens types in his passcode to unlock the phone and sees that it isn’t a text message but an alert from the HOW website about breaking news.


“Breaking news? At this hour?”


Stevens says aloud as he opens up the site on the tablet and clicks on the breaking news that was just posted. Stevens reads the article and only has one thing to say…..


“What the fuck?!?!?!?”


Stevens says confused as the news article states.


“Hollywood Bruvs make their HOW debut as they take on Black Mamba (who was to face Crash Rodriguez) and a returning Scott Stevens. The story here is that Mikey negotiated that if they were to sign with HOW that he would get Stevens in a match. Lee, being the genius that he is, gets that contract stipulation out of the way quickly.”







A month after I was forcefully benched and basically having my High Octane Wrestling in-ring career retired by Lee Best’s hand I’m returning at Refueled XVIII teaming with James Ranger aka Black Mamba to take on Jesse Kendrix and Mikey Unlikely, the Hollywood Bruvs.


The guy that said I had lost my connection with the fans and my performance inside the ring was showing that and that is why I was forcefully removed and put on indefinite vacation used me as a bargaining chip to get Mikey and Kendrix to sign on the dotted line.


I’m fine with that. I don’t fault Lee at all for agreeing to the Bruvs’ demand to have a match with me because if that’s one of the things to get them to sign I would’ve done the same thing because in my opinion they are the best tag team in HOW.


The thing I have an issue with is why am I hearing about my return to a HOW ring from HOWrestling.com? Why am I not receiving a phone call, text message, email, fax, or whatever else there is to communicate with from Lee best informing me that as part of the deal with the Bruvs I have to wrestle in a match against them? I mean it just takes one minute of your day to inform me of what is transpiring because since you benched me I have been emerged myself into the statistics and history of HOW and other things so you can have content for the site and on all social media platforms like This Day in History, Random facts about wrestlers, title reigns, and other things. I am keeping the wrestler stats updated on a regular basis and when I finish the wins and losses of the last era of HOW I will dive myself head first into the Golden Era archives and do that as well as try and have a complete title history of current and former championships that have been misplaced throughout the different eras.


You not informing me has put everything I have been doing as of late on hold because now I have to start training for my in-ring return and you know damn well a month away from the ring is like a year in wrestling time. All the interviews you want me to line up have to be pushed back at least a week or so. You wanting me to get to the Golden Era stuff is put on hold so I don’t look like a fool in the ring Saturday night.


Was this your plan Lee?


Have me embarrass myself with giving me a short notice that I’ll be returning to the ring against the Bruvs. Knowing that I’ll still be rusty and potentially an easy victory for your newest acquisitions?  Make me out to be a fool?




Maybe not.


I have been called many things, but a fool I am not.


Maybe the pay that I get a year is foolish, but a fool I am not.


Here is a Stevenspedia fact for you and Lee Best will deny it and say he was the reason that the Bruvs signed with HOW, but that is a lie. You see, Lee doesn’t care that I have dipped my toes in other wrestling pools as long as it didn’t interfere with my HOW schedule. I have been actively trying to recruit Mikey Unlikey and Kendrix to come compete in HOW since I began competing in UTAH in 2015.


That’s right.


For five years travelling the roads with the Bruvs, I have been whispering in their ears to bring their talents to High Octane Wrestling and in 2020 because of me my hard work has finally paid off as they step inside a HOW ring for the first time at Refueled XVIII. On Saturday, I share the ring with two men I consider friends and we are going to tear the house down.


If it wasn’t for me the GOD of HOW wouldn’t have signed them to a contract because he wouldn’t have been aware of their existence. The GOD of HOW lives in a very small bubble and has to get your credentials checked a hundred times before he’ll take a chance on you. It took five years for me telling him he needs to sign Mikey and Kendrix to a contract and he was like…..




I responded with they are one of, if not the best tag team on the planet right now.


He responded with, bullshit. If they aren’t Mario Maurako or in HOW they ain’t worth a fuck.


They must be worth a fuck Lee if you are signing them to your company.


Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix are probably the best tag team in HOW and they aren’t even the champions yet. That is a bold statement since HOW has had dominant tag teams in the past like the Maurako Family, or variations of the Best Alliance, the Argonauts of Awesome or Ascended Supremacy. However, the difference between them and the Bruvs is that Mikey and Kendrix have shown their dominance in every company they go to.




Tag Champions.




Tag Champions.


Those are just the important ones.


More importantly, the signings of the Bruvs not only strengthens the tag division, but you have two tag specialists that can succeed in singles competition as well. You don’t have a situation of a Scottywood and Damien Ryan. Or Bobbinette Carey and Kirsta Lewis. One Star and one coattail rider. Both members of the Bruvs have been singles champions, but more importantly they were good enough to be able to ascend to the Main Event and capture a World championship. Mikey Unlikely was the UTA World champion and the DEFIANCE Southern Heritage champion as well as a constant challenger for the FIST of DEFIANCE championship. Kendrix was the longest reigning and last, UTA Prodigy Champion as well as the longest reigning and last, DEFIANCE Wrestling Onslaught Champion. More importantly, Kendrix was the FIST of DEFIANCE champion as well as a constant challenger to the UTA World title.


Two people who strengthen all divisions of High Octane Wrestling.


Because of all their success and dominance of the Industry and eMpire members when they came in and attacked everyone at Refueled XVI, I am the underdog in our matchup against them because no one sees Black Mamba and myself defeating them.


And that would be their mistake.


You see, the Bruvs took to social media and said I would be getting my face kicked in and left it at that. That was to hype up our match and why wouldn’t you want to hype up your debut match in HOW especially when it sees the return of a former HOW World Champion?


Then their stablemates, Andy Murray and Perfection had to open their mouths and comment on a match that doesn’t concern them. Perfection shouldn’t open his mouth about anyone or anything because he’s one loss away from having an Eric Dane meltdown and quitting. With all that grey Andy Murray has gotten it seems amnesia has set in as well because the last time we stepped into a ring it was such a cake walk that he was left concussed after I spiked his head into the canvas with a piledriver. They can claim it’s a cake walk, but it’s far from the truth and the Bruvs know this and that is why they didn’t respond to their group’s idiocy.


When Mikey was the owner of UTA and he declared war on DEFIANCE, I was his nuclear bomb. That’s right, the Lonesome Loser himself, was the scariest wrestler in the fight against DEFIANCE. Everyone that was put in front of me I destroyed. Ask Andy how little brother was doing after I got done with him.


He quit the company.


The Bruvs know exactly what I am capable of and that is why every time Mikey’s soldiers would fall in their attempt to become the FIST he finally decided to drop the nuke and once he did I won the FIST of DEFIANCE championship, easily. Hell, Kendrix and I became tag champions as well while Mikey was owner.


Cake walk I think not.


Here is some Stevenspedia facts for you. When UTA was defeated in the war and Mikey declared he would challenge for the FIST, he couldn’t win it. Even to this day he is still trying to accomplish the feat. Kendrix became the FIST by dethroning me, but he didn’t beat me. He took advantage of the triple threat rule in our match and pinned the third man in the match after I had laid him out.


The fact remains that even though I have only won one match in the Refueled Era of HOW, I am still a dangerous animal to contend with and so is James Ranger. On paper, Mamba and I should be dominated by the Bruvs because we aren’t a tag team and they are a well-oiled machine. James Ranger has had moderate success in HOW, but his biggest threat is his toughness. I mean the man took a ballpoint pen to the eye and has permanently lost his eyesight in his left eye thanks to Scottywood, but the man keeps coming back to HOW to compete when he can. When it comes to myself, my resume speaks for itself. I have done virtually everything there is to do in HOW except win the LBI. Some people say my accomplishments are Hall of Fame caliber worthy, but I say that’s bullshit because there is way better people than me who aren’t in and if I were to go in before them it’s a crime. I’ve had a very long and successful career in HOW and the land of High Octane is the place where big fishes come in, but they leave as a sushi platter because they couldn’t handle the competition. Everything I have accomplished I had to earn. No freebees in HOW. I’m the kind of guy that could have zero wins and ranked last in standings, but still win the world championship if placed against the champion. That’s why when you step into the ring to be your better be cautious because if not your HOW career could be over before it even begins.


You may be the Hollywood Bruvs, but I’m Scott fucking Stevens and I am here to welcome you to HOW with open fists as I smash in your faces.