Happy Juneteenth!!

Happy Juneteenth!!

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 9:07 pm by Bobbinette Carey


The 4th of July was never about Black people. Juneteenth is just for us. As Black people, we are told we don’t deserve our own holidays rooted in our own history. Everything is whitewashed.


Juneteenth is for us…Juneteenth symbolizes the hope that my children and grandchildren will be free. It’s Black Joy and Black tenacity to survive.”


– Tanesha Grant | Grassroots Activist


Happy Juneteenth The United States of America! Happy freedom day HOW. Pretty pretty sure I’m the only active black person in HOW. I should have used that to somehow manipulate the situation into getting the captain’s seat at War games…I didn’t though…


Instead of getting 50 acres and a mule I’m still fighting, I made a living out of it after all. I’ve been called it all and kept a smile on my face while tolerating it from you people. Yes you dust demons, bleach monsters, wax paper people, etc… and before someone starts bitching this isn’t me being racist! Fun fact racism implies that a belief that racism is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.


The black race in history has never been treated like the superior race. The white race has. Therefore I can’t be racist because I’m black! Racism is a white thing. I can be prejudiced but I can’t be racist! 


Now some will be so happy to be celebrating the 4th of July. Of course colonizer Ken will be all about drinking his beer with his guns on the 4th and that’s his right. Because freedom was not free on that day for everyone but we don’t want to talk about that do we? We don’t want to give respect to what Juneteenth is supposed to be. No, you’re just going to overlook it and keep it moving. It’s just another day to you guys…


It’s easy to not care about a day when you’ve always had freedom. It’s easy to not give two shits when your hair hasn’t been policed or threatened with termination just for wearing it naturally.


The microaggressions that I have endured, the jokes about multiple dozens of kids. The “weave” comments. It was all just in fun you didn’t mean it you have black friends. Don’t worry I don’t need a “safe space” I’m take up my space and make people take knowledge of me. I broke the glass ceiling before it was even a thing.


This Juneteenth I will stand proudly as the only black woman in HOW. The only black Queen to ever be in Wargames.. 


Happy Juneteenth to me.


June 19th

Mauritania, Africa

It’s the evening and the sun has set on the beautiful coast of Mauritania, Africa. The view switches as e

We see the Queen with her security guards as they board the royal jet. She slowly unwraps her teal head dress revealing her hair naturally curly around her face like a halo. She breathes a sigh of relief as she scratches her head allowing the cold air to blow through it. This time she actually has more than just the guards there is a darker woman also thick figured similar to the queen. The woman is wearing African clothing but not as lavished not made out of silks but basic wools. She has a pen and a notepad as she sits her seat lower than the queen. The woman doesn’t raise her eyes to the queen. Bobbinette doesn’t seem to pay her mind


Bobbinette: I think about all I’ve given for wrestling. The failed marriages and the children I’ve neglected. I said this would be different.


She looks at the large diamond ring on her finger the first time that she’s worn the massive 8.5 carat pink diamond ring.


Bobbinette: It has been different too… I have a man that understands that I have a love that comes before him. A career that has never loved me as much as I have loved it. And I always say I’m done…I have walked away more times than an abused dog who keeps coming back to its owner. I’m in an abusive relationship is what wrestling and I have. And it will probably be the death of me. 


She sighs as the woman takes some notes but keeps her head down. Bobbinette’s gazes at her reflection in her ring.


Bobbinette: But I keep coming back, always returning. Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away, it doesn’t matter how much I say I’m done… I can’t quit it. I can take a break, sure! I can have some space, of course. But I always come back.


She bites the side of her lip as she squints at the shine of the ring.


Bobbinette: Though recently it’s seeming to be more like a threat than a happy welcome. They all know it’s just a matter of time before this bitch graces the screen again.


She looks up from her ring and over at the girl and snaps her fingers at the lady who quickly gets up and goes to the fridge getting out a bottle of sparkling water she pours it into a crystal flute then sets it in front of the queen. The woman bows then sits back down. Bobbinette smiles and grabs the glass and takes a sip before continuing on with her thoughts.


Bobbinette: Fans love the nostalgia vibe that I bring and I’m fine with that. But the thought… the one that’s been in the back of my head lately has been what broke me originally? Something broke me that was too much… that caused that fire to die…


She looks off in the distance as if her words trigger a memory.


Bobbinette: It wasn’t Mario, it wasn’t his dumb antics. 


She chuckles lightly.


Bobbinette: It wasn’t Mike Best even though he can be a lot. What broke me the first time…  of all things Max Kael…


The name spoke like a whispered secret.


Bobbinette: We feuded with each other. His diabolical mind went to levels that sickened and turned my stomach. It was the first time I think I realized that there were people willing to push boundaries that I would not allow myself to go.


She takes another sip of the water downing the glass, half wishing it was more than just water as the memories flooded.


Bobbinette: Sure people die and all that. But… this was different. This was… deranged. The lengths he would go just to get inside someone’s head. My brain automatically takes me back to that Mama Bear and the the Cubs.


Her eyes start to mist up.


Bobbinette: Max killed them. A sick individual, a broken man who was out to break other people. He wanted to show people that no one they loved was safe.. he could get to anyone and you would be helpless. It was your own fault for daring to engage with someone like him. He wanted to break not just their bodies, their minds, their spirits, their peace.


Her face is solemn as this less than fun trip down memory lane has disturbed her.


Bobbinette: I knew I had to leave because I couldn’t be around someone that damaged, that Disturbed, that broken….


She slowly seems to be coming back around to her surroundings.


Bobbinette: He broke something in me. And we’ve been Max Kael free for years. Sure there have been Petty squabbles like JPD trying to be the next Mario but I outlasted him didn’t I?


Her statement is rhetorical as the woman doesn’t look up from her pad.


Bobbinette: There’s been so many different people, settings.. rules… Why am I doing this? To prove I’m still fucking here. Every bitter bastard who has had some issue with me is gone! Aceldama, gone! Shane Reynolds! Haven’t seen him in like forever so–


The woman raises her pen to interject.


Woman: your Majesty… there has been um… That last name. 


Bobbinette narrows her eyes at the woman.


Bobbinette: I told my husband I didn’t want a Lady’s maid. I didn’t need one. Now you’re disrupting my thoughts. The final Wargames and I have been mentally preparing myself for this and you’re going to talk about who? 


The Lady’s maid mumbles as she looks nervously like she’s in trouble.


Lady’s maid: Shane Reynolds.. he… has been spotted. 


Bobbinette throws her glass causing it to shatter against the wall of the plane. The maid jumps in fear and quickly starts to pick up the pieces carefully.


Bobbinette: Great… because that was so much fun last year right? It wasn’t… but it’s okay. I’ll give Shane his 13th reason at Wargames and problem solved.


The maid looks horrified at the statement of the thought of causing someone’s end.


Bobbinette: America is all screwed up… there’s whispers of other names. Anyone can come back at this rate who’s dead that needs to stay dead? I’m not taking any chances. I should find certain people’s gravesites and set them on fire and cleanse the ashes with salt and gasoline just to make sure they stay dead… this is every person for themselves the captain will have bragging rights but the survivors are the ones who will have the bragging rights at the end of the night. I’m committed now at this point if I die I die. But I’ll be taking as many of them with me as I can before this bitch burns.


She says getting up and walking to the back of the jet. The security guards stand as she exits to the back of the jet. They all bow as she walks past them and slams the door. 




“You may kill me with your hatefulness. But still, like air, I’ll rise” – Maya Angelou 


I am now one of the most hated people in my home land. I understand what Mike best must feel like on a regular. It’s not good. But it also makes me realize fuck every last one of those either guys. The landscape in HOW wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for Mike Best dragging every one of you along. He forces people to be better and you all bitch about it. He has forced his father and dragged his father through idea after idea and what’s the respect he gets? Complaining, and bitching; you ingrates. Even if I’m on team Ward I am tired of everyone “oh God Mike Best, Mike Best!” please shut the fuck up.


I used to do it too. I’m not being a hypocrite, I own my shit. It wasn’t until I got put in shoes similar to his. Now I realize he’s done what he’s had to and done it with a smile to be met with contempt and disrespect. I respect the hell out of him. I might not have always liked him. I might have said some terrible things about him; but that’s growth right? Realizing that you might have been toxic at one point in learning from the shit that you did. 


The problem with most of you fuckers is you’re not willing to grow or learn or expand beyond The whining of Mike best kept me from my dreams. Get a new dream asshole. He has been around longer than most of us Hall of famers and he kept going sure he’s not always present all the time but h o w wouldn’t be what it was without that man so yeah he has every right to be captain. It’s about time people shut the fuck up and accept there’s a reason why. The man isn’t a Nepo baby he proved himself before he even knew that Lee was his father. He’s succeeded despite sharing DNA with Lee Best. Let’s give the guy credit it’s because the man is a machine. The man has worked harder than any one of you fuckers. And honestly I’m tired of people bitching about it. 


I am a queen of a kingdom. I’m not the king, I’m a queen regent. I’ve been met with discontent, annoyance and disdain from more than half my kingdom because they say I don’t belong. They’re bitching and whining doesn’t change the fact of me actually having this power they’re complaining doesn’t make me do my job any less. I do what I have to do for the betterment of our land. People can judge how I got the job, people can have their opinions on what I’m doing; but it doesn’t fucking matter! I’m still doing my job. So seeing year after year people complain about Mike I’m over it. Honestly even if I’m not on his team I’m respecting the shit out of him and done bitching about him. It’s 2024 get a new tagline and quit blaming your problems on a man who is simply better than you.


Thank you Mike Best for making these black lustered pieces of trash shine like diamonds. Thank you for carrying their asses through almost every match you’ve had to deal with these pathetic losers. I might not have always been at my a-game but I’ve always given my best in every match. Some of these people aren’t deserving of the airtime they get much less the air they breathe.


When I look back at My legacy I can smile for all the times I participated in this match. When I look back at My legacy I don’t see the losses I had, I see the rivalries I had! I see the opponents I faced; the heartbreaks, the blood I’ve lost, the bones I’ve broken…But when I look back at my legacy I know mine has been cemented. 


When you look back at your legacy, what’s your greatest victory? Beating Zion, Stevens, Scottywood, a Kostoff? Who hasn’t beat them at this point? Will you cringe when you look back at what you’ve done? 


Sure I look at some of my style choices and they weren’t the best aesthetics but you know what styles change all the time. All I know is it has been a wild ride from start to finish and if this is the last war games the last absolute time that we get to do this I’m taking as many bodies with me as I can I might end up broken I might end up concussed who knows what the end will happen but I know that this is the last one do you either bring your a game or stay the fuck home.


This being the final one it kind of feels like the Doomsday clock is running out. The end is near and we’ve got a front row seat. It’s a weird feeling. But I can’t wait to see how this ends. Either way it’s been a hell of a ride.