Greedy Tendencies

Greedy Tendencies

Posted on September 16, 2021 at 11:56 pm by Brian Hollywood

“Is this just about over?  I have somewhere I have to be.”


The scene opens up right outside of Alcatraz where one Brian Hollywood has been released.  Apparently he didn’t get the memo and stayed in an extra week.  Who really knows why…guessed he loved the scenery.  Actually, and this isn’t one of those quite the contrary moments here, he really did love it.  The problem was, his patience didn’t stand the test of time and it was almost like the tale of two Hollywood’s…more on that later.


A chopper can be seen arriving on the island and it was clearly a private chopper seeing as how a local one, be it a medical chopper or a government chopper would have something plastered on it making it official.  It wasn’t.  In fact, it was plastered with a Hollywood calling sign as his personal flyer was ready to pick him up.  Hollywood salutes the guard and heads to the chopper.  The chopper leaves with Hollywood in tow as Alcatraz becomes a thing in the rear view mirror…at least for now.  Hollywood looks over the choppy waters as he contemplates his temporary stay locked in Alcatraz.


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t know whether it was a punishment or a stay of execution for me.  For so long I have just flown under the radar in HOW…in fact, I was gone for a little bit…but it only took a trip to Alcatraz to remind me what I cherished for so long.  Why I lost that, I can’t really explain in great detail, but I will say I know what it was that put me back in the hunt for what I have craved and relished in my entire life and what I lost in HOW for a good while….power.  Power is a funny thing and when someone has power, they find ways to weave it and harness it in an effort to grab more.”


Hollywood was reliving older days and back then, it never was a problem for him to seize upon the moment and turn it into a profit for himself to gain.  Today, though, it was different.  Hollywood didn’t really understand how much the landscape of HOW had changed since the time he was gone and then it opened back up again.  He preyed upon his habits, but didn’t evolve with the times.  It often haunted him seeing as how he was a two time HOW World Champion and was once considered one of the biggest threats in HOW and he didn’t hide that notion to anyone.  Nowadays, he was chasing an old dream wondering just how to get it all back.  This generation was different, and while there are a lot of familiar faces back in HOW again, it didn’t stop him from seeing the results today.  Hell, you got a guy like Conor Fuse who took down Sutler Reynolds Kael in a match of the year candidate to capture the HOW World Championship.  That was impressive for Hollywood and he didn’t take it lightly of all of the fresh talent HOW touts.  Still…the thought was there for a brief second before Hollywood’s mind stormed to defense with how to take it back all for himself.


Brian Hollywood: “Ever still…there is something there to take back for myself.  My name and my legacy has been thrown around like a cheap fucking whore on Broadway.  It’s sickening and if my trip to Alcatraz was any indication, it was self reflection more than anything else.  What happened to that ruthless, take no prisoners, no care of anyone else’s misgivings on the receiving end of my time on the top of the mountain?!  You don’t hear people talking about Brian Hollywood anymore because there’s no one who’s left around in HOW anymore to tell the tale, really.  So in my time spent in Alcatraz was well spent if you ask me.  Fuck, paid the facility to let me stay there a bit longer than the other six and it didn’t go to waste.  In fact, it bought me some time to really reflect and lean on the successes and riches of my past.  So why fix what wasn’t broken?  No…all I really had to do this entire time was stick to the script that worked for me but mold it to fit today’s standards and I believe I have found a way to do just that.  But to do that I have to be willing to seethe my teeth into a darker place…a place I haven’t really explored in a long time in order to make that happen.  Take what worked and plant a model of today and you have a recipe for disaster!”


A smile crosses the face of Hollywood as he made his way back to Los Angeles.  Indeed, he was feeling like his old self but you couldn’t ignore the dark foreshadowing in Hollywood’s words and the way he was saying it.  He always spoke in riddles and often didn’t give away his own plot line, but this was merely the spice setting up for the main course.  It’s what made Hollywood so special, but it was also his Achilles heel at the same time.  It was preying upon everyone else’s achilles heels before they had a chance to strike at his.  Everyone knows that greed is a powerful ally when it comes to Hollywood’s fortunes, but it also destroyed him, too.  So the question really was which one was getting exposed here?


Brian Hollywood: “I won’t be a puppet to the system anymore!  The only way to gain power back is to win it for yourself.  It’s high time I return to that setting and luckily, I know exactly where to start.”


Gambling can become dangerous for a man who has everything, but when you lose it all and gamble what you have, can be even more dangerous…for a man who has only known greed his whole life, how could you lose it all without trying to gain it all back? 



Greedy Tendencies


Ah, Doozer…been awhile hasn’t it mate?


Then again, when really was the last time you did anything note worthy?  I ask that question simply because we all know you’re really in the same boat that I’m in.  I will admit, it’s hard for myself to really admit that.  I’m an arrogant man to say the least, but at least I have no problem touting my successes when they matter.  You and I are really no strangers to each other, though, are we?  However, I pose this question to you.  How long do you have to keep going before you realize that you’re always going to be in someone’s shadow?  I mean, it’s a legitimate question.  You’re success with the Egg Bandits was commendable, but look at where you’re at now.  The last shadow you were under was under the Best Alliances guise.  Let’s not call it anything other than what it is.  A guise.  It’s funny, really, but it’s also quite pathetic.


You look at me…you take one hard look at me and I know I’m just another guy stuck in limbo.  Commendable.  If it was anything but.  The difference between you and I, Dooze, is that I’m the man you’ve always wanted to be.  Now before you laugh in my face for my comments, hear me out.  This is a battle between greed vs envy is it not?  It’s quite interesting that you happen to identify with one of the seven sins as Envy.  There’s an easy explanation.  It’s because you’ve always been jealous and wanting of everyone else’s successes other than your own.  You’ve wanted to be the COOL in Cancer Jiles.  That failed relationship turned out to be in Jiles’ favor and he did what you couldn’t do. He turned his failures from the Egg Bandits and became a HOW World Champion.  Where was the formula for you, Dooze?  Where was the want?  You can say you’ve always wanted to be a World Champion but you never did that, did you?  You’ve always dreamed of being someone better than yourself, and that’s why you’ve always failed.


I’m not going to be pleasant here, Doozer.  I can’t afford to be.  I’m giving you the cold hard facts of a man you could have been but chose to play it safe under someone else’s shadow.  You’ve paid the price for it.  You can say I’m in the same boat, but you and I are not in the same boat.  I’ve at least held the HOW World Championship twice and I didn’t need to be in someone’s shadow to do it.  Instead, I used others around me for my own personal gain and look what it got me?  That’s the difference between you and me.  Let’s not mince words here.  We all know how this one is going to play out and I could care less what skeletons you have in your closet.  In fact, all I’m going to do is use those same skeletons and prey upon you with them to see myself to come out on top in our battle.  I know this is simply the opening act so to speak.  I recognize that we have a ways to go until the finish line when Rumble at the Rock comes roaring around but I’m merely being a sport and not sugar coating the bullshit and being anything other than real with you.  I mean, how badly do you want this, Dooze?  Don’t worry, I won’t wait for your response because I already know.


You will do what you always do, Doozer, and that’s simply wish for success upon what everyone else has over you and that is it.  You have to want it.  You have to fight for it and you have to do whatever it takes to grab that success for yourself.  You have to create your own brand of success and I don’t think you want it that badly, Doozer.  You want to know my secret?  You want to know why I can still be talked about and go about fighting and still get wins even after time passes from the last time I’ve been around?  It’s because I go for what I want and I immediately dissect my opponent mentally.  I recognize it has led me to some losses, but at least I learn from those losses.  You stick to the same old bullshit.  Perhaps the difference between you and I is that I’ve been HOW World Champion, twice, and I know what it takes to get to the top of the mountain.  I understand how much power, how much investment I have in getting the job done and I’m always willing to do it at any cost.  It’s that gain, it’s that greed that lights my world up because I can never get enough of it.  It’s almost like crack and you can’t get enough of it.  


My time at Alcatraz as re-taught me that in order to get back to the top, I need to have an investment in getting there.  You can call it a path in the simplest of terms, but for me, there’s much more there for me than that.  I have to be in’s what gives me the power, it feeds me and I can’t just stand for some of it.  I have to have it all and to be able to do that, I have to be willing to prey on the weaknesses of others to feed my ultimate endgame and power to be the best.  It’s really the simplest formula, but always the hardest to achieve if you’re playing the one dimensional game of thinking.  That is where the value of it all is, Doozer, and that’s why I always go back to the well because it’s a never ending story..a never ending plethora of value that I can swoop up and it really is enriching.


You want to know the secret of how I can do the things that I can do and to stick around and keep myself relevant?  It’s quite simple and it takes work on both sides, but I never throw an investment away without looking at its value and this match has A LOT of value to it.  It’s no mistake that I’m apart of this match and I have one last run in me to get myself back to the mountain top again.  It’s what keeps me focused.  It’s what gives me guidance and looking at all the players, you have to know how to play the board and it’s a game I’ve played before.  I have to evaluate all pieces in this game and access the easiest way to win the game.  It’s a game I’m all to familiar with playing.  I guess you could say that’s what makes me on the greedy side of all the seven sins in this game we play.


This Saturday will mark the return of Brian Hollywood in all of my former glory as I mark all the pieces in play to my rise back to the top.  You want to know why greed is one of the worst of the deadly sins?  It’s because greed doesn’t play fairly.  Greed will get you exactly where you want to be with how much you’re willing to risk.  It was what got me to the top the last time I held the HOW World Championship and I only strengthened my place at the top with the investments I made and I didn’t need an Alliance to do it.  If anything, I WAS the Alliance and I weld my power mightily and it’s about time we return that story back to the center.  They say history is doomed to repeat itself and that phrase alone has stood the test of time.  That is why this Saturday, I build the momentum to Rumble at the Rock and show why I belong at the top and make a statement to all those that weren’t around the first time to see me run this company at the top just who the fuck I really am!


This Saturday, Doozer, you will be met with everything that made me dangerous in the first place.  I will not only stomp all over you, but I will show you what greed really does and what happens when you operate outside of the shadows…and believe me, Doozer, I will show you why you will ALWAYS belong in the shadows in the deepest and darkest places in HOW to only wish what might have been had you made a move sooner in HOW. 


I will make sure to show you no mercy as I fight to earn myself a chance to get back to the top of the mountain and all you will be left wondering is what if as I keep you questioning why you’re always stuck in someone’s shadow and will show you the true meaning of why you are the very personification of Envy!  You should have left no stone unturned the first time and I will make you pay for it in the harshest of ways come time for Refueled because this Saturday it will only take one Executive Promise to leave you lying in a pool of your continued failures and that is simply only one word…