Greedy Domino’s

Greedy Domino’s

Posted on October 7, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Greedy Domino’s


Last week was a match for the ages.  Yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, and NEEEEW HOTv Champion, Brian Hollywood, finally captured one of two titles that has always eluded me in my illustrious career in HOW.  Last week I laid waste former champion, QT Reese.  I mean, what the fuck did you honestly expect was going to happen?!  I told all you motherfuckers that I was tired of making promise after promise and then those promises turning out to be nothing more than dead air and empty threats.  An Executive Promise used to fucking mean something, almost like a playboy bunny in the Hefner Hotel.  So, after awhile….as time started passing by, those Executive Promises stopped being so exclusive, so deadly…so meaningless and I knew there was something I had to fucking change and change quick I had to do.


I will admit, though, it took longer than I wanted it to.  However, the point remains the same…I told you all that it was only a matter of time before I found out a way to not only be dangerous again, but to pave a new path out for myself to chart on the way back to the top.  Each passing week I become more powerful and each week my influence grows.  Winning the HOTv Championship was merely the tip of the iceberg.  Now I recognize that this title needs to be defended almost on a weekly basis, so I will continue to do just that.  There isn’t a better way on paper than to defend my HOTv Championship and prove why I am still one of the best to step foot in a HOW ring.  I may not be a HOW Hall of Famer yet, but I’ve certainly made the argument, and logged the years in this business, to at least be in the conversation.  I didn’t always have the best path, but no one can argue that at least my path came from ME and without the help of anyone else.  You see, that’s where I think a lot of people run into the problems, the proverbial wall so to speak.  They rely too much on their friends, loved ones, tag team partners, or even ones whose businesses align. 


I guess you could call me in the fucking middle of it all.  I’ve used people to get to where I’m at and didn’t need to jump in those waters…at least not anymore…because the only thing it has taught me is that you shouldn’t set your eyes on something to accomplish when you could very well be a friend who may end up costing your partner or friend everything.  See, that’s where I learned my lessons, and this week Jeffrey James Roberts, I will show you why I hold this HOTv Championship and why I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.


I also know that if I’m able to retain my HOTv Championship as we are only a mere few weeks away from Rumble at the Rock, there is a good chance I end up not only defending my HOTv Championship, but fighting in the seven deadly sins match as well.  I see all possible angles and I approach them with what the easiest course of action may be.  Look at you, though, already earning yourself a title match.


Commendable.  I mean, really, commendable.


If I had any connection with you, or even working with you, I’d be praising your talents and your easy tendencies in getting around and getting a title match so early in your career.  I mean, for fucking hell, all you’ve done is destroyed since you landed in HOW.  Again, impressive.  However, there is something that we can’t forget about and it’s certainly something that needs to be addressed, because I’ve already seen you at your most dangerous.


You love to take your anger out on others with little regard to their health, or where their on the card fighting for a championship.  In fact, in some ways, you and I are cut from a similar cloth.  You use your rage, your hatred to fuel your soul and I can’t say that I blame you.  But there is one problem with identifying with Wrath.  The problem is Wrath can get too carried away and lose sight on what truly matters.  I get you’re all about motives and all about destroying one inside that ring.  Sitting here and watching you over the course since you’ve debuted as been a real treat, honestly.  Guys like Jace Parker Davidson getting dogged on something he used as a gas lighting of epic proportions.  Practically killing Eli Dresden.  Yet, her, you and myself are all in that prison yard match where the winner will receive a HOW World Championship for the ICONIC PPV period.  So take your wrath for example.


You’re fucking unstable and are a loose god damn cannon.  No one knows how you will respond in a match, but I’ve studied enough film on you before our match up to know that you always seem to have all the screws up in your head screwed in tight….at least most of the time.  I also know and recognize when that will come back and bite you in the ass.  QT had the same problem last week…well, um, mostly the same problem.  He just needed for me to show him what happens when you expose yourself for a mistake…and that mistake could cost you everything. 


You busted out onto the scene in a big way here in HOW, Jeffrey.  But there is such thing as humbleness and I’m going to expose what makes you so dangerous but so weak at the same time.  It’s what I fucking do.  I analyze and I capitalize and that’s merely only one of the reasons why I stay relevant and stay in the conversation in HOW.  I know what it takes to stick around and I know how hard you have to work to be noticed sometimes.


Well, my problem, JJR, is that I’ve been around a long time in HOW…and some of that run came at the ending of the last closing of HOW.  I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve and won all the singles championships in one fucking night.  Then the whole god damn thing came crashing down on me fourteen days later.  Do you want to know how that feels, Jeffrey?!  It’s like a dagger so sharp, that it will literally cut you open…however, if you’re impaled by that same blade, you’re liable to getting it twisted two ways to next Sunday and that’s not a good position to be in.


I recognize that you’re a danger inside that ring but if there’s one man who steps up to the challenge, especially when it comes to entering the danger zone, that’s where my Executive Decree comes in.  You may have been dominate since you’ve debuted in HOW, but you have a lot to fucking learn before you can just get a jet pack strapped to your back and launched into stardom overnight.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t fucking work like that and I’m going to expose that fatal flaw you have and I will expose it good.


Would I like to go into Rumble at the Rock with a championship around my waist already?  Well of course I do!  I really don’t care if I’m booked in two matches at the Rumble, because all I want to do is not only go out there and put on the best match I can, but if I have a chance to put someone in their place, I’m literally all for that.  So when it comes to wrath, you have to understand that anger and hate will only get yourself so fucking far.  That’s why we are playing a game of Greedy Domino’s right now because I would love nothing more than to prove to you not only how tough it can get in that ring, but also to prove that you’re just another fucking human being like the rest of us!  You’re anger will be your downfall and you can count that to being accurate.


This week on Refueled I continue my climb to the top of the HOW mountain.  I finally won my first HOTv Championship, and I didn’t need any motherfucker to help me achieve that en-devour whatsoever.  I did it all on my own and used my wits to get me yet another singles championship and that should fucking terrify you.


So we’re not going to be fighting to see who the first one to pull the shenanigans will be because I can already tell you, after watching all the film I can in your matches, that you’re going to have your work cut out for you.  I didn’t come into this match with the idea of losing my championship just a mere week after winning it.  Plus it looks like someone needs to teach you a fucking lesson and that’s exactly I will plan on doing this weekend at Refueled.


But let’s be honest…you’re already probably counting me out of this match because that’s what fucking assholes like you do all the fucking time and one of these days, hell it could be this Saturday at Refueled, I’m going to make a fucking statement in our match and not only will I STILL be your HOW HOTv Champion, but I will continue to ride the wave of momentum in our match to fuel the ultimate stop and face the other six deadly sins with no remorse.  In fact, greed can be seen as the worst deadly sins of all…with the exception of maybe pride, but pride didn’t get me to where I’m in. 


You see, which ever way this match goes, I’ve already got you cornered and marked for destruction come time for Rumble at the Rock and you better hope that you don’t interfere with my business because it has everything to do with who works tonight.  You’re all fucking welcome in the heads up.  So just what do you exactly have planned for me, JJR?  Cause I’ve seen everything you’ve done with Eli and Jace and I gotta say, I’m not even fucking impressed…like, at all.


I also recognize that if we were cut from the same cloth and our paths crossed where we would have to team, I wouldn’t leave out the possibility but the problem is it always goes back to the same result.  Unstable.  Angry.  Definitely NOT clear minded whatsoever.  Whoever trained you to get this far would tell you otherwise if he had learned anything about how HOW operates and what happens within these walls.  So I implore you…come at me with everything you’ve got because I’ve got plenty more to throw at you. 


Oh but wait, there’s more!


You never know when you might be backstage or out in the parking lot or even out in the ring, I have paid helpers in my employees and you can’t argue that I’ve been able to get intel whenever the fuck I want.  You got to watch out for those employees because you never know which one it is or who it is that feeds me certain thing.  Last week, the backstage crew tried to get a glimpse into what to expect in my affairs for High Octane Wrestling.  You have to know I keep a really good fucking eye on things happening all around the arena and the best part is you have no idea who and that’s why I will keep it that way.


No, beating you JJR is like beating a kettle black.  In the end, you’re going to be more pissed off, especially since I hold this championship and you do not!  Unfortunately, any plan you may have had in defeating me this week is going to have to be thrown out the window.  Not only do I want to go into this match with an advantage in my back pocket…well you really can’t see it because I was mainly doing things with trying to keep everything secret from you.


No, this week will be a HOTv Championship match for the ages and I guarantee you that it won’t be ending with an Executive Promise.  You see, I’ve found my stride in HOW and I don’t intend on letting any of that go.  That’s why I’m ok with announcing that I will have a special present for you come time for our match. 


This may not be Rumble at the Rock yet, but there’s a lot that rides on this match for the both of us.  The only real question is who will come out on top?  I have high confidence that no matter what the example is set or made, that I can pull out the victory.  I mean, after all, since when does greed play fair?  Everything I’ve done so far has led me up to this and it’s time to flick the domino’s already in place and I can guarantee you by the time all those domino’s fall, we will not only find out who the HOTv Champion will be, but just how the landscape will be set when the seven of us deadly sins duke it out for a chance at the HOW World Championship.  But before then, I will do what I must to retain MY HOTv Championship and all it will take will be one…


Executive Decree.