Posted on August 5, 2021 at 7:28 pm by Steve Harrison


Another week, another title loss.

As I held my balls and watched as The Best Alliance attacked Cancer Jiles it became apparent that I was in no place to do anything.

When I got up and saw Jiles fall in front of me I instinctively picked him up and pushed him towards Sektor.   I watched as he was given another title shot to the face and I turned and rolled out of the ring.  We all walked up the ramp together, but the only laughs were from Jace and Sektor as Clay just walked angrily as if he had not had enough violence for the night.  I was always going to be walking slowly after having to wrestle on my injured knee, but I also really did not want to socialize with the two people who beat me and the cowboy who owed me money.

I turned and watched Cancer roll in the ring and try to get up as he was attended by the fake medics that can’t even give me real medical advice.  Good luck I thought as blood poured from my former partner’s nose.

“What the hell has happened to me?”

That is what circled in my mind.

Why would I care at all about Cancer Jiles getting beaten down?  He has constantly tried to take credit for our success together, but my own personal troubles have made me become some mediator for a group that seriously does not give a fuck about each other.

We got backstage and I watched without a care in the world as Clay and Sektor walked away leaving me alone with Jace…what I would have given for Solex to not be surrounded and taken out by his EPU Guards.  Jace doesn’t pay attention to anyone unless it has tits so I was able to disappear from his presence and walked as slowly as I could.

My knee injury wasn’t the excuse this time.


Bunch of idiotic sharks bouncing to the beat of a blind man’s drum, how awesome.

I am not any better, though am I?

This has nothing to do with that husk of man who was once World Champion because we all knew what we signed up for.  He signed up to be the leader, the champion but instead he dropped the ball repeatedly.

I didn’t feel sorry for him.

I felt bad because anything can be avoidable if you put trust in your supposed friend but then again what the hell do I know about friends?

He signed his own eviction notice without even reading the fine print and his pain is his alone because he did this to himself.

Here I was though still a member of The Best Alliance but that was beginning to look like something that could be gone tomorrow if I lost a third match in a row.

I turned the corner towards the back door to get the hell out of the arena and was met with Jack Marley at the door.  I looked him up and down and looked at his hands.  He was holding a bag which I grabbed from him.  It almost slipped out of my hand as I was still sweaty and left without a shower or even changing.

I looked inside the bag and nodded, “this should work.”

Jack sighed, “I don’t know, mon.”



I didn’t know what time it was.

I looked down at my wrist…uh…I didn’t know where my watch was either.

I didn’t know where I was.

Again, I don’t have my watch as I stared back down at my wrist.

Maybe I didn’t know anything because my head hurt, I was dizzy, and the place I was lying down in was a mess.

After refueled Jack drove us to our hotel and I ripped the bag open I received from him and pulled out a 750ML Whistlepig 10 Year Rye Whiskey and didn’t waste any damn glasses.  I drank straight from the bottle and next thing I knew I didn’t feel my knee.

Next thing I knew I was in a new room.

New town?

Probably…on the road to Detroit!  Is anyone happy about going to Detroit?  How may drug addicts do we have on the roaster again?

A lot!

At that very moment where the rug looked like it was moving in circles and was going to suck me to hell, I had no idea what horrible town I was in.  I turned my head to see Jack Marley with his eyes closed while leaning back in the chair against the wall.  I looked back in front of me to see a broken lamp on the floor and empty bags of chips and candy scattered all around it.  What I could only assume was a hotel fridge was still open and looked frighteningly empty.

I groaned.

All that fucking money.

I slapped my head…bad idea, I have a lot of those these days it seemed.


The noise made Jack stir and his eyes opened slowly.  They looked like two round blood drops because I could deduce, he had smoked the whatever town we are in supply of weed.

“Where the hell are we?” I asked him sluggishly my eyes blinking slowly as if they wanted to shut again and not open until things stopped spinning.

Jack rubbed his eyes, “off the highway…I think Lawrence, Indiana.”

I sat up in the bed I was lying in and rubbed my face, “and the day?”

Jack looked down at this Apple Watch which irked me because he still had his watch “August Fifth, we will be in Detroit this evening.”

“Wait it has taken us five days to just get here?”

He nodded with a smile on his face, “well we stopped to see some shows…”

I put my hand up and interrupted him, “uh…shows?”

“Music, mon!”

I groaned again and pointed at the broken lamp, “and that?”

He paused and shrugged, “I am not sure if you were dancing with it or trying to have sex with it, but it slipped from your hands and broke.”

I stood up from the bed and had to lean against the wall so I wouldn’t fall over, “how much did I drink?”

“Well…I lost track a few days ago.  You went from Whistlepig to Jack Daniels and everything in between and that doesn’t count the sweets you ate.”

I pointed at all the food trash on the ground, “ok phew so that isn’t just from last night?”

He laughed at me, “Oh no, mon that was all from last night, we killed the fridge you really wanted the Toblerone.”

My face got red in anger, but I could not yell as my head pounded, “goddamit that is the most expensive thing in there.”

“You said I need that fucking crispy coconut needs to be in my stomach.”

I nodded to myself, “I mean it is the best…wait then what sweets are you talking about?”

Jack gulped, “so…I know you wanted some painkillers, but I didn’t want you to go down that route so when you were drunk, I gave you some snacks.”

I attempted to pick up some of the trash and then looked up at him, “snacks…like all this nonsense?”

Jack stood up and walked over to his bag and opened it up, grabbed something from it and tossed it to, “nah…mon, one of these.”

I caught and looked down at it and my eyes got large, “you gave me edibles?”

“Does your knee hurt?”

I looked down at it and it didn’t hurt at that moment, but it looked like two softballs fucking each other, “well it isn’t healed you moron!”

Jack shrugged with a gleam in his stoned eye, “I was trying to save you from a life of painkiller addiction, and you had a blast but looks like you finally sobered enough.”

I sat down on the floor and put my face in my hands, “ugh, what else is there to say.”

“You win this next match, and you can get the knee fixed, mon.”

“If I lose?”

Jack chuckled, “I have a large supply of these edibles.”

I looked at the ceiling with a sigh, “wonderful.”






We have gone full circle, Cancer.

It would also seem like you have as a performer.  The last time we faced off you were a depressed empty shell walking around feeling bad about yourself and the destruction of the eGG Bandits.  I beat you in mere minutes.

Now, I look at you and see the same tired coward that has not only given up on himself but his supposed partner.  How am I supposed to react when you blame others for your failure and take all the credit for any successes?  Two things were inevitable when it came to us and the one, I didn’t want is what has occurred.  The preferred option was something you only could half commit to and that is why your literally by yourself now putting ice on that broken nose of yours.

I am also by myself in the sense I cannot trust this Alliance, but you have nothing.  You treated Doozer and Bobby Dean worse than anyone else has so when I hear ridiculous talk about you guys coming back together, I just laugh.  Are those two so pathetic they would just bow to being your happy lackeys again?

The answer is yes…yes, they are but I just don’t see how those two sensitive fuck boys could ever forgive you for the embarrassment you put them through.

Now you look across at me again and this time I will not walk you through a tag title victory.  I could hold you in the most esteem possible…I don’t but, I could and still have no problem doing what it takes to win this match.

I need that damn insurance, buddy.

I need to go out on my own terms not on the passing fancy of a deranged boss so I will not allow Clay, Sektor, and Jace to lay a hand on me.  To feel at peace, I need to take that body of yours and leave it worse than it was on Saturday night when you were crushed by multiple titles you will never touch again.

You had the highest of highs possible in this profession, but you squandered that so quickly you couldn’t even get mad at someone who never knew you were World Champion.  Through it all you attempted to high ground everyone in the fed, and it was cute.

It was cute because nobody was threatened by you, but everyone gave you props…

…for beating Mike Best at his worse.

I don’t care about that though because a win is a win, and you did what needed to be done.  Since then—


–You have beaten Conor Fuse and been carried by ME to Tag Team glory.

What a great role model you are for aspiring champions.

I cannot help you any longer and to do so would be a detriment to my health and my future in HOW.  This is where I stop feeling bad and just tell you that you have been acting like your time is up a lot longer than we have.  I am not here to pick you up because my career it more important and I need to start acting like that.  Months ago, I would have no problem, but new information and new memories make it difficult to be the same person.

The one thing that hasn’t changed though is that I am better than you.

There is a lot of tape just in the past year for that statement to be shown true.  You can pucker your lips and claim you taught me how to be a tag champion, but the truth is the only thing you have taught me is how far you must fall before you are thrown aside by the boss.

This Saturday I will use everything that has happened to me and let it go inside that ring when you and I face each other.  I cannot stop and if I have to injure you in the process of winning so be it.  Just know it is not personal, I just need to survive longer.

Have fun falling further, pal because this time I am not there to catch you.

Goodbye, for good this time.