Goodbye Says it All Part II

Goodbye Says it All Part II

Posted on June 21, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

One single wrong move…one single choice, be it presently or a choice you made not too long ago, can severely alter your trajectory.  That was what was facing me.  But what if the choices I’ve made lead me down a different path?  What if the choices I made actually lead me to a not so brighter path with greener pastures?


I’ve presented this question to myself for the last month now.  Everything has led me to this point.  But sometimes, the choices you make..if you’re not careful, can make you a martyr or a pariah.  At least that’s what I had been feeling in the depths of my soul in my battle to cleanse HOW and make it better for everyone in that locker room…even at my own expense.


Sometimes, though, things do work out in your favor.  The work DOES pay off.  I came back strong at the start of this year.  A different man a BETTER man.  A man with plenty of reflection and really deep soul searching.  I was ready to accept the penance for my past sins in High Octane Wrestling.  At first, no one answered the call when I beat the rally drums in HOW.  I didn’t blame them, either.


They couldn’t and didn’t trust me.  Why would they after everything I’ve done?  All my power hungry, ego crazed, dark filled heart that run roughshod over the entire HOW locker room.  What I did was look out for myself and myself only.  I didn’t give a flying fuck about anyone or anything.  The only thing that mattered to me was maintaining my strength and my influence in this any means necessary.  What did I get for it?








Passed by like a shadow no longer without a fucking name.


At first I was ANGRY.  I was infused with so much hatred that when I came back to HOW, I had a goal of shutting every single motherfucker up around here.  I came within INCHES of reclaiming the HOW World Championship when HOW came back.  Who knows what would have happened if I would have won that match and regained the title that I never rightfully lost.


But I didn’t.  What followed after that was best described as one of the worst and fast downfalls and free falls in history.  I’m not the only one who has suffered this. However, I feel like I was the ONLY one who really got shafted and shitted on.  Treated like I didn’t do anything of value around here when every other motherfucker left this place.  I put HOW on my fucking back and carried this company BY MYSELF!  But I was doing it for the most selfish of reasons.  But no one wants to acknowledge that it happened.  I can dismiss the selfish nature of my actions and my behavior…but what I can’t dismiss is trying to be erased like it didn’t fucking happen.


After that, well, it’s history that’s so well documented I don’t even need to talk about it.  But that anger pushed me down even further.  Loss after loss, embarrassment after embarrassment.  I just didn’t have the answers.  I knew I needed to change…I just didn’t know how.  Until I finally stopped caring.  I stopped caring about myself.  About myself as a wrestler and I stopped caring about HOW.


How did I stoop so low that I stopped caring about High Octane Wrestling?  I swore to never stop fighting for this place because I truly love this company.  I always have and I always will.  I guess I just never made the ultimate sacrifice.  What is the ultimate sacrifice, though?  Again, I find myself in deep contemplation on the very meaning of the words.  I was going to have to realize just how important it meant to me.  Deep down in my very soul, I already know the answer to that very question.  But did I have what it took to take it to that level if it meant saving this company?  What would such a move look like?  For the longest of times, I’ve merely talked about it week after week and month after month.  Hell, even year after year that same very question but without little thought on the matter.  I never pulled the god damn trigger.  But I do, now….and if the moment presents itself…I won’t hesitate this time in executing it.


I promise I won’t.


If that happens, what could the other side look like?  Would it mean being back at the top of the mountain as the HOW World Champion?  Would it at least be me defending my HOW LSD Championship?  What about the ICON Championship?  Would I win it back for the second time in my career?  Or would it be none of these potential options?  What happens if it’s not any of these?  Could making the ultimate sacrifice mean something else entirely?


Taking out a bully, taking out a threat and poison in this company such as anyone in the Final Alliance permanently if it meant keeping not only a victory out of their tyrant hands but stopping them from potentially taking out someone else who actually deserves a chance to shine for once and bring upon a brighter tomorrow for High Octane Wrestling…but at the expense of myself…


The very thought was enticing but yet disturbing at the same time.  It further drove to really accept what that could mean.  Further thinking about that ultimate sacrifice was beginning to take center stage for yours truly but only I would know if that moment was coming.  But I can’t shake the feeling…here at the final War Games of it all that something will happen that will require me to answer the beckoning call for the HOW roster.


Was I about to find out just how far I was ready to take this thing as the self proclaimed HOW’s Conscious and The Consequence?


This all, I feel, is about to come full circle.  The words finality and ultimate sacrifice definitely kept me up at night.  But what was possibly coming, the impending storm coming to the castle may call for me to make that choice.


Funny how it all works out, huh?  CHOICES.  It all harps back to that one single choice, or choices made that brought me here to this point in time.  One single wrong move, and it’s all over.  Crazy how this all comes back home.  Hell, I was about to find out my fate on War Games as the choices that brought me front and center to the current predicament I found myself in still needed resolved.  So I wonder what had happened?  I was about to find that answer out shortly and what would come of my fate of being at War Games could mean something even more fateful that was awaiting on my horizon in Edinburgh.



The Green Mill


Chicago, Illinois


Hollywood was certainly about to learn his fate on whether or not it was all ending tonight.  Hollywood’s fate was now firmly in the palm of Gerald Reeves hands and Brian was already fearful that the decision had been made as he stares at the lights on the other side of that door, afraid what was about to be on the other side of it.  Hollywood slowly swallowed as he looks Gerald in the eyes, representing that same question he had just asked him.  The nervousness and fear both present in the trembling of his voice.


Brian Hollywood: “What have you done, Gerald?…”


Gerald Reeves: “Making the only call that I could Brian.  A call that you have clearly needed for a long time…and I hope that I not only made the right call, but that it gives you the final piece of the puzzle and the clarity to press forward…and finally, this is for your own good.”


Just then, we see Gerald sigh as he bows his head briefly, before lifting it back up again.  He presses his finger to his ear as he clearly had an earpiece in.  Hollywood looked at Gerald and his greatest fears were starting to be realized as he slowly let’s out a breathe.  Brian knew it was coming.  He had it coming.  All the moves he made, all the risks he took were about to earn him exactly what he probably knew he deserved.  Finally, Hollywood stares at Gerald as Gerald says one word that makes Hollywood tremble even further.


Gerald Reeves: “Execute.”


Brian Hollywood: “No…”


The sound of the door to the bar can be heard opening.  Feet shuffling can be heard and Hollywood can’t bear to turn his attention to it.  Hollywood closes his eyes as he momentarily visualizes his chance to cleanse HOW and make a difference at War Games come crashing to the ground like a lightning bolt from the sky.  His attempt in tracking down his sisters killer and finding his mother again..all of that, all of the visions were slowly being struck with a bolt of lightning.  Hollywood finally opens his eyes as he finally slowly turns around and faces the music.  He was devastated, but he wasn’t ready to face the music.  Not yet.  But there was nothing he could do.  Four nicely dressed men walk into the bar as Hollywood slowly fell to his knees.  Was this really how this was all going to end for him?  After all the fighting he’s done in his life, after all the wars and the moves and the choices, this was how it was all going to end?  On his knees in defeat?  Hollywood’s head drapes down as his eyes stare at the ground.  It must have felt like an eternity.  However, more shuffling could be heard and Hollywood heard even more people enter the bar.  Curiously enough, though, he felt like he should be being pushed to the ground and handcuffed but that wasn’t what was taking place.  This curiosity caused Hollywood to slowly look up as the men stare at him with serious looks on their face, following the orders of Gerald.  Until finally, the men all of a sudden split apart moving on both sides of the bar as they reveal what was behind them.


Hollywood’s eyes light up with shock and he looked like he was about to break in a million pieces.  Everything he had been through the last several months, everything he has done in HOW with putting the responsibility on his shoulders and even what happened with losing Audrey it all crushed him down like an anchor at the bottom of the water.  What he had seen before him kept him on the ground.  He couldn’t move.  He slowly turned and looked at Gerald as Gerald gives him a definitive look and nod and cracks a slight smile before he once again repeats what he said to Hollywood one more time.


Gerald Reeves: “Like I said…for your own good!”


Suddenly, Hollywood couldn’t keep it together anymore as a tear falls from his face.  We now see just what was behind the nicely dressed men, or rather WHO were behind him, as Buck Wringley, Niles Omega, Lukas Montana and Julia Winfield stand with smiles on their faces as they look at Hollywood with happiness.  Gerald is then seen smiling and nodding his head with joy.  Hollywood was still frozen.  He literally couldn’t get up.  Until, finally, all of Hollywood’s friends were now surrounding him as they each reached down to slowly help him back to his feet.  They all embrace him tightly as Hollywood is released within like his soul was suddenly set free.  The pain had lifted and the fear was gone.  All the people that Hollywood had a hand in playing in the betterment of their lives now surrounded him like a cocoon.  But there was still one person clearly missing.  Finally, Gerald stands up and makes his way over to Brian.  He pulls out a note and slips it to Hollywood.


Gerald Reeves: “This is for you.”


Hollywood looks at it as a smile slowly forms on his face.


Brian Hollywood: “Thank you, my friend.  Thank you to all of you!  I wouldn’t be in the place I am in my life without you guys.”


Buck Wringley: “We’re always with ya, Bri!  Ta the very end!”


Lukas Montana: “I’m proud to call you a friend today, Brian, and you will always have my support!”


Julia Winfield: “You fought so hard to make the most impactful of all the right choices in making my life full of meaning and happiness, especially at Hollywood Enterprises.  I love you, Brian, and I stand with you to the very end no matter what!”


Niles Omega: “How about that?  Who would have thought you and I would be standing here like this after everything? Ha, I know we still have some healing to do…but that will come in time.  There isn’t any place I’d rather be than to be here for you, brother!”


Brian Hollywood: “Thank you….ALL of you!  You all mean so much to me and I’m just glad I was able to make a difference in each of your lives.  I don’t ever want you guys to give up on each other.  You all take care of each other and never waiver because this group right here?  We’ve been through it all and we’ve come out the other side that much stronger!”


Gerald Reeves: “Alright brother, it’s time that you get out of here.  We still have other business to finish but that can wait.  I just want you to know that my superiors definitely won’t be happy about this but I may not bother reporting it.  But your jet is waiting for you.  Get out of here and get to Edinburgh and go take care of your business at War Games!  We’ll all be here when you get back!  Now get out of here, will ya?!”


Hollywood let’s out a laugh at Gerald as the two of them shake hands before hugging it out.  Hollywood’s smile slowly fades, though, as he ponders Gerald’s statement about seeing him when he gets back.  There was something ominous that came over Hollywood but he didn’t show it with anyone there.  Instead he puts his smile back on and nods before patting Gerald on the shoulder.  He begins to make his way towards the front door but stops.  He turns around and looks at everyone one more time feeling all the support in the world.  All of his friends smiles back at him and wave to him as he finally waves back to them before turning back around and exiting the bar.




Hollywood arrives at his private airstrip as he starts to approach the jet.  Hollywood let’s out a sigh before climbing on board and as he turns towards his right, another surprise was waiting for him as Hollywood looks shocked but smiles shaking his head as his brother was sitting waiting for his arrival.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Hello, brother!  You’re not going to get rid of me that easy!


Brian Hollywood: “HA!  No, I suppose not!  I don’t know why I still am surprised by your tactics.  I should have known you were going to be here.  Thanks for the message!”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “You bet your ass I’d be here!  We’ve got business in Edinburgh and it’s about time we start making our way there now!”


Brian Hollywood: “I couldn’t agree more.  As crazy as it is to say, still, I wouldn’t rather have anyone else here with me in this moment than you, brother.  Let’s get out of here and see this thing to the end!”


Jasper nods with a smile as Hollywood takes a seat next to his brother.  The jet takes off and is finally in the sky.  Again, though, Hollywood once again ponders the very words he utters to Jasper.  Seeing this to the end.  It again brought an ominous feeling to him.  In the air, Hollywood looks out over the city as Chicago is now behind him and Edinburgh now lies right in front of him.  He continues thinking about the words a bit longer as the peace and tranquility were the last Hollywood was going to get before getting to Edinburgh.  He knew he had a tall task ahead of him but he was also thinking about something else and it disturbed him because he knew that he may have to finally pull that trigger in order to possibly make the ultimate sacrifice in his future in HOW and in his life.  He was glad his brother was with him, though, no matter how this turned out for him.  What was the day after War Games going to look like?  Either way, he was finally beginning to be at peace with the decision he was about to make…one way or another.  Ultimate sacrifice…finality or not.  He was finally….ready.  What was he exactly ready for, though?  That was the question as Hollywood let’s out one relieving sigh as he looks out the window ready to do what he had to do as the scene slowly fades to black.



Ah, Edinburgh.  How glorious it is to finally be here!  Everything I’ve done has brought me to this point right here!  I’m here with my brother and all the support I could ever need heading into the final War Games ever.


Final War Games ever.  Wow.  It feels weird to say.  It really does.  War Games is special to us all in different but the same way.  We all envision ourselves standing tall at the very end of it.  After all the chaos that ensues in this match.  To come out of it even as a champion still feels great, but we all want to be the winner and the HOW World Champion over it all.  If you would have asked me this time last year if I would be here in the position I’m in, I would have laughed at you..even though you all have done nothing but laugh at me.


Now I get the chance to finally stand PROUD on my two feet confident again and ready to take on the world no matter what steps in front of me.  I’m also PROUD to be your THREE TIME LSD Heavyweight Champion!  I’m HONORED, I really am!  I know there might be a couple of people in this company that could have seen me rising back to the top again and I’m in prime motion to do just that.  I’m already at the middle of the mountain.  I can see the top of that mountain.


I can feel the familiarity of it.  I can also feel the pain as well the last time I stood at the very top of the mountain in High Octane Wrestling.  But I’ve faced that pain and when I do get back to the top, I will be standing atop the company a completely different person.


As HOW’s Conscious, it would all make sense if I also stood once again as your NEW and also THREE TIME HOW World Heavyweight Champion!  To hold that world title again would mean, literally the world to me.  But it would also help achieve a dream that I set out for myself almost a year ago today.  I told myself that I needed to make a drastic change and to really show that I still belonged around here.  Now, I am about to step into the most diabolical match in HOW history ready to finally go TO WAR!


I’ve talked about going to war literally all year. Going to war with Lee Best and The Final Alliance and really setting out to making HOW a much better place to be than the corruption and filth that lies within in it now.  I also made a promise to the HOW locker room that I was going to do everything in my power to fight for them.  To be their voice, to be their support and to be someone to give them the chance they deserved to properly SHINE and PROSPER without fear of being bullied or taken out by the corrupt that Lee has in his employ.


I promised you that I was going to make that change.


That’s exactly what I’m going to do and I’m going to stick to my word…no matter what happens to me.


There’s still A LOT of uncertainty that surrounds this match.  We all know that Mike Best and Evan Ward are the Captains…but none of us know just exactly who’s team we will all end up on and I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t terrify me.


What would it look like if HOW’s Conscious and The Consequence ended up on Mike Best’s team?  Actually being on the same team as Mike.  What about being teamed with other Alliance members?  It was truly a terrifying thought.  But would I be able to withstand that?


It could tear me apart.  But then again…it could also provide opportunity as well.  Perhaps it could bring Mike uneasiness seeing me end up on his team.  Would I try to implode it from the inside?  I guess there would be a lot of irony to that if I were to not only be on his team, but to also potentially let everything come full circle and I strike that devastating blow from within…even if it comes at my expense….even if it kills me…




I can’t believe I said that.  Was that really what this has come to?  Was there only certain things that I could do to make something happen if it meant there being a finality to it?  I’ve been asking myself that question for quite some time now.


But I could say the same thing being on Team Ward.  Again, who knows what that team could look like.  Their could be Final Alliance members on that team, as well.  We just don’t know how that’s going to play out.  But do we really believe it’s going to be as random as we’re all being led to believe it will be?  For some reason, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that Lee will get what he wants in ensuring the Final Alliance ends up on the same team and I’ll be ready if that happens.  I’ve already prepared myself for that possibility because how could anyone NOT see it coming?


Surely I’m not the only non ignorant one, here.


But I digress.  There are still several other factors out there.  Who’s all going to show up for this last War Games?  We have seen that Scottywood, Silent Witness and Shane Reynolds are going to be apart of it.  But I’ve also had this other trembling feeling within me.  Something that I haven’t been able to shake.  I feel a big darkness coming to Edinburgh this weekend and I don’t think ANYONE is going to be fucking ready for it.  Because I just can’t shake the feeling that there will be one particular man that will show up.  You all might laugh, or you may not but that man?




You’ve heard it from me first, folks.  The storm clouds are gathering in more brutal force and as HOW’s Conscious, I have had this feeling like we haven’t seen the last of him.  The question is, though, will you be ready when he storms down to that ring?  Will you all fear for your lives if that happens?




I’ll tell you fucking why…it’s because I’ve accepted what may be and what could come this final War Games.  I’ve prepared myself the best ways that I could for this match.  Thinking about all the strategies and all the possibilities and scenarios that could play out.  I am, after all, still the Strategic Opportunist!


But I’m also not ready to give up this LSD Championship!  I’m ready to go inside War Games to do everything I can to retain this championship!  But I know there is a possibility that if I end up one of the final TWO people in the match, I may lose this title and gain at least the ICON Championship and winning that title after it has laid vacant for so fucking long would be an absolute honor to be able to do.


I’ve always fought hard inside War Games, but I’ve never fully gone all the way in doing what I have to do in order to come out a better man.  But I also have the chance to finish a four year long legacy…a chance of regaining the HOW World Championship not only for a third time, but to actually do it with a ring full of HOW Veterans and Hall of Famers.


After all…all those Hall of Famers have doubted how good I really am and know that I can be.  They’ve all said it at one time or another…whether they have wanted to admit it or not that they have said it, that any time you get into the ring with Brian Hollywood…you have to be careful because you never know which Hollywood is going to show up.


Well…I’m about to show ALL of you fuckers just which Brian Hollywood that will be showing up.


It’s one that has finally completed and repaired his soul and confidence in High Octane Wrestling.  It’s one that’s ready to LEAD this company again, only this time, finally get the acknowledgement and praise that has always been robbed from me by all the Hall of Famers here.  I know I’m a future Hall of Famer, and I will be appreciative if I get in one day by them.  But boy what a story it would be if Brian fucking Hollywood won War Games?!  Who could fathom it?


Then again, who could fathom Brian Hollywood making the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve the GOOD that this company has within its walls?  No one has ever thought Hollywood would make a crazy enough play, but I’ve wrestled with that thought a lot these last couple of months and the truth is….I’m ready…


I’m ready to do whatever I have to do in order to stand tall in the middle of that ring as your War Games victor.


I’m also ready to do whatever I have to do in order to make sure that World title doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.


Either way, I promise you that Brian Hollywood WILL have an IMPACT at this years War Games…one way or another…


No matter what fate beholds me on Sunday night…no matter if there’s a tomorrow for yours truly after War Games I promise you that I will at least forever go down in the history books in the most unexpected of ways.


Whatever it takes.  It will be the ultimate Executive Decree..


What will it cost?


What does the ultimate sacrifice truly hold?


I intend on finding out on Sunday.  Finality or not.  At least I’ll be happy knowing I did something of ultimate good for the company.  Who would have thought of it?


Heh…who would have thought of it?…now thats ironic