Goodbye Says it All Part I

Goodbye Says it All Part I

Posted on June 20, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

The Green Mill


Chicago, Illinois


There was Gerald Reeves, in the damn flesh staring back at a completely stunned and shocked Brian Hollywood.  For the first time, Hollywood was feeling more than just shock and awe…he was feeling…fear.  An emotion he hadn’t felt for so long.  A fear that everything could potentially come to an end on this night.  Hollywood had thought about making a run for it.  He really did.  Knowing Gerald, though, Hollywood wouldn’t get very far.  Not this time.  Him and his brother, Jasper had been clever, but Gerald had him pinned down…quite literally most likely.  So Hollywood did the only sensible and perhaps the only thing he possibly could do.  He started to walk towards Gerald.  It was the only play Hollywood had in this situation.  Hollywood hated that feeling.  He always loved being one step ahead of everyone but if there was one man who knew Hollywood better than anyone else, it was Gerald Reeves and Hollywood knew it.  Hollywood hid the fear and made it closer and closer to Gerald as his heart began racing.  He couldn’t keep that damn ticker down no matter how hard he tried.  Hollywood took one last moment to bury the fear that he had been feeling as he arrives to Gerald’s table.  Hollywood was now mere inches away from Gerald and there was no telling what was going to happen next.  The two of them just engage in a complete stare down, a showdown that had been building for literally MONTHS.  There were no words shared between the two supposed now former best friends.  Gerald had Hollywood exactly where he wanted him and Hollywood was quite aware of it.  You could bet Gerald was going to savor, really relish the feeling about tracking down the formidable and elusive Executive.  Finally, Gerald motions towards the booth as he opens the cold opening dialogue between the two.


Gerald Reeves: “Please, sit Brian.”


Hollywood lets off a slight smirk show on his face as he decided he was going to allow Gerald the moment, his moment, to feel like he had won.  Hollywood takes a seat as Gerald lets out a definitive, yet satisfying sigh.


Gerald Reeves: “Well….where to begin.”


Gerald lets out a smirk of his own.  Hollywood had no way of knowing if it was Gerald feeling for Hollywood or if Gerald was just feeling satisfied in finally tracking down Hollywood all this time.  He sat there and studied Hollywood for a moment.  He noticed Hollywood had looked more beaten up as of late.  He knew that Brian had been putting in overtime in High Octane Wrestling.  The mileage showed, no matter if Brian had mentioned it or not.  He noticed Hollywood was looking tired and unsure of himself.  However, Gerald had come across the clear as day noticeable scar above Hollywood’s right eye.  Finally, Gerald breaks his silence again.


Gerald Reeves: “God damn you look like fucking hell, son!  But I know for a fucking fact you didn’t get that scar wrestling.  So that leads me to the only other possible conclusion…how’s things been settling with your newfound brother?”


Finally Hollywood breaks his silence.  He wasn’t here to play Gerald’s games.  Hollywood wanted him to cut to the chase.


Brian Hollywood:  “Let’s just cut through all the bullshit Gerald.  You know damn well how I got this scar.  You know damn well of the shit my brother and I have been through the last few months.  I know it’s been well documented with you and Buck.  So how about you just tell me why you’re here.  No doubt I already know the answer to that question.  You haven’t exactly made it a secret to me or anyone else around me or, for that matter, what your true intentions are.  I know you’ve wanted to take me in for quite some time.  So how about we just cut through all the supposed pleasantries…or rather, your pleasantries and let’s just get on with this.  I’m to the point where I’m just done fucking running.  You want to take me in?  You want to shut down my pursuit of the truth regarding my sister’s death?  You want to shut down my pursuit in finding my mother?  You want to shut down all my hopes and dreams of my wrestling career in High Octane Wrestling?  Just get on with it.  I’ve been feeling done for awhile now.  I’ve felt something…..weird…within me.  A feeling I haven’t been able to shake that I’m looking at a finite end on the horizon.  Close in fact.  And I’ve slowly been trying to make peace with it all.  So if you’re looking to put a….how should I word this….a non permanent downfall of me in place, then I suggest you fucking get on with it.”


Gerald looks at Brian actually looking quite puzzled and stunned.  He didn’t expect that answer out of Hollywood.  In fact, he was expecting excuses or rather reasons why he was keeping himself on the run and not facing the music.  Giving himself reasons to feeling like he was on some quest of no return actually alarmed and worried him.  He may have been pursuing Hollywood hard and not showing any remorse on the matter, but Gerald still considered Hollywood one of his best friends no matter what his job entailed him to do or not.  Instead, Gerald shockingly took a different approach and began speaking to Hollywood…albeit, for the first time like a friend.  A friend who was actually quite concerned with him.


Gerald Reeves: “We’ll get to all that in time, Brian…but first, I’m not going to lie…I’m a bit surprised with your answer.  It worries me, believe it or not brother.”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh now you want to act like you fucking give a damn?!”


Gerald Reeves: “Will you just shut the fuck up already like no one cares about you?!  Believe it or not, I’ve never stopped caring about you, Brian!  But I have to do my job…no matter how hard it is for me.  Have you even stopped and taken one moment in considering how I’ve felt about all this?!  You’ve put me in quite the difficult position and my superiors not only know that, but have kept a very close eye on how I go about it all.  I’m still one of your oldest and dearest friends.  I’ve been there since literally the very beginning of EVERYTHING!  Hollywood Enterprises, your war with the Chair..hell, even your war against Lukas Montana all those years ago before the two of you became friends.  Remember that?  Even at the start of your wrestling career.  I’ve been through it all with you…possibly longer than anyone else has.  Even Niles Omega.  And he goes way the fuck back with you.  But I was there at the very fucking beginning….and I will be there at the very fucking end as well…no matter how all of this plays out.  But you’re acting weird and I can’t help but to feel like it has something to do with your crusade in High Octane Wrestling.”


Hollywood takes a brief moment as he thinks on Gerald’s interesting words.  Had Gerald seen through his armor?  Were the cracks really that noticeable?  Perhaps no one else would notice but Gerald knew Hollywood better than anyone else did and that was well fucking documented.  Hollywood inquires more as he’s curious just what Gerald might be stumbling upon.


Brian Hollywood: “What do you mean?  Do you think I’ve got some ultimate game ending plan in HOW?”


Gerald Reeves: “Well I didn’t even need to poke that hard now did I?  Your words said it all right there and I’m going to tell you right now that I don’t like your choice of words.”


Hollywood instantly becomes defensive.


Brian Hollywood: “What?  You think that I’m coming to the end of the road in HOW?”


Gerald Reeves: “I don’t know.  You fucking tell me genius.  You said it.  But you’ve obviously not had any conversations with anyone else about it, especially in HOW itself.  Do they know?  Do they know what you have planned?  Do they know what you’re considering doing?”


Brian Hollywood: “What makes you think you know what I’m doing?”


Gerald Reeves: “Oh don’t give me that bullshit Brian!  I see right fucking through that shit!  I know you’ve taken on a new mantle in HOW.  I’m quite aware of you being HOW’s Conscious and The Consequence.  But have you actually considered the consequence on what you’ve taken on there?  Do you realize that you’re basically putting the entire company on your fucking back?  Even for the best, and I do consider you one of the best, everyone has a breaking point.  Are you aware of yours?”


Hollywood couldn’t believe the accusations that Gerald was throwing his way.  Gerald knew nothing of the crusade that Hollywood was taking on.  Hollywood had worked absolutely fucking HARD to better himself in HOW.  He also made it a point to give back to the roster and that was something that Hollywood felt was absolutely a must….no matter what state Hollywood would end up in.  He owed the roster that much for all the pain Hollywood had inflicted on the roster for all those years.


Brian Hollywood: “Do you want an honest answer to that Gerald?…”


Gerald Reeves: “It’s about time you give someone an honest answer to that question.  I know you’ve felt…alone lately.  I can’t even begin to understand how that’s made you feel.  But yes….you better fucking believe I want an honest answer to that question.  You need to talk to SOMEONE about it and who better than your oldest best friend?  Forget all the legal bullshit.  Forget OUR bullshit.  I’m coming to you…talking to you as a concerned friend right now.  I’ve been watching your behavior the last few weeks alone and you’re talking like you’re planning something big.  I can’t help but to wonder if that something big is something completely dumb like pulling some crazy shit that might get you severely injured or worse…so you better fucking answer my question now, Brian, because what you say next could quite determine what I do next here and it may be for your own fucking good.”


Hollywood didn’t particularly like that answer from Gerald.  It only made him feel like the worst was here and not to come like he had been preparing for in very different ways.  Hollywood remained absolutely silent for a few moments.  He knew, no matter what, that he had to tread carefully with how he was going to answer Gerald’s question.  He also knew that quite possibly how he answered it would dictate what Gerald might do.  Hollywood did consider that.  He, too, knew Gerald better than anyone.  Gerald wasn’t the only one who knew him better than anyone else.  He also knew Gerald better than anyone else.  He also knew just exactly how to navigate the proper response to him.  I mean, after all, he had been doing it for years.  What could possibly be different this time?  Hollywood was about to take the ultimate chance of fate of a lifetime in what he replied with next…and perhaps it would dictate what would follow and how it would might play out for him.  Depending on how he answered the question would dictate his fate, sooner than he rather wanted it.  Hollywood gathers himself before he looks up and looks Gerald directly in the eyes and answers the question point blank.  He was putting ALL of his cards on the table with his answer and it would shape the future for him for his freedom and even more importantly, his ultimate quest in High Octane Wrestling.


Brian Hollywood: “I know what I’m doing, Gerald.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve been given clarity over everything.  I see everything exactly how it is.  I see all the things that I’ve done in my past in HOW.  I hurt people.  I had to atone for that….and I have.  I’ve paid for my sins and I paid a high price for them all.  I’ve taken ownership over everything I’ve done.  I don’t expect you to understand fully what I’m talking about.  But I’m doing a good thing here.  I’m giving back to all those wrestlers in that locker room.  They all deserve better!  They all deserve to be given a chance…not to be taken for granted by a darker power.  That darker power being Lee Best and The Final Alliance.  So I’ve done everything I can, to the best of my ability, to give BACK to not only HOW but everyone in that locker room who deserves a chance to shine.  Everyone who deserves the chance to show their talents and to excel in becoming a better wrestler.  I’m trying to create a better environment to all those people.  And you want to know the biggest part of it all?  I don’t expect a god damn thing in return!  I just want to give them their due and to provide an environment where they can fucking succeed without the shadow of a tyrant or his shadow, shady of an Alliance handed everything without fucking earning it!  That’s what I’m doing Gerald!  But I don’t expect you to understand that.  I have every intention on not only getting back the LSD Championship back from a complete fucking bully, but I plan on marching into Edinburgh and into War Games with the intention on dismantling the status quo…no matter what it takes!”


And there it was…whether Hollywood knew it or not, he gave Gerald an answer that confirmed his friends fears.


Gerald Reeves: “And that’s why I’m worried about you, Brian.  Your whole crusade on purifying HOW no matter what it takes it what makes your predicament a dangerous one.  However…if you really feel like this is something that you must do, I feel like there’s only one thing I can do in order to make sure you don’t self destruct yourself.  I’m sorry for doing this…but I feel like you need this…”


Hollywood all of a sudden got a pit feeling in his stomach almost as if it sank so quick.  It becomes quite apparent to Hollywood what Gerald’s intentions were as all of a sudden Hollywood’s heart sank in total fear.  Sirens, can all of a sudden be heard getting closer and closer as Gerald looks at Hollywood with concern.  Hollywood’s worst fears were coming to pass.  As the sirens drew closer, he had felt Gerald made a judgement call that could very well compromise everything that Hollywood had planned heading into War Games.  Just then, the sirens were so close, they were heard stopping just outside the bar.


Brian Hollywood: “What have you done, Gerald?….”


Gerald Reeves: “What I have to do, Brian…for your own good….and you need this…no matter how you feel about your plans for War Games.  Quite frankly it’s something that you have to realize…I made a judgement call, Brian, and it’s for your own good.  It will only better your worth and you’ll thank me later for it…”


Hollywood’s attention all of a sudden brings his focus to the front entrance of the building as he can see the lights flashing outside of the bar.  It was what Hollywood had greatly feared above all else.  He couldn’t believe it was all about to end like this.  It couldn’t end like this.  No with what Hollywood had planned.  Hollywood lets out a fearful tremble as he looks back at Gerald as he couldn’t comprehend what his best friend had done as the scene slowly fades to black.





How bout that?




It’s an amazing feeling, really.  I feel like I finally accomplished something of great accomplishment for the first time in god knows how long here in High Octane Wrestling.


I went into Friday Night Chaos with a plan and that was to become the new LSD Champion by any means necessary.  That’s exactly what I fucking did, too.  Evan Ward may not be apart of the Final Alliance, but he’s a fucking bully and I exposed him in the middle of that fucking ring clear as day.  I went in with a plan and I fought my absolute damnest in order to come out the winner.


Everyone in HOW has doubted me.  Doubted me that I still had what it takes to be the very best in this company.


I not only defeated Evan Ward, but I defeated a War Games Captain and I did it with absolute precision.


Of course, Evan Ward will dismiss this fact.  No doubt he must be feeling fucking robbed and fucking angered about the fact that I took the LSD Championship away from him.  But to be honest, this is only the beginning of my ultimate plan for HOW moving forward.  I told everyone that I was going to not only stand up to Lee Best and The Final Alliance, but anyone who bullied those backstage.  I stood by my beliefs and I got the job done.  So now that I’ve been able to do that, I set my sights on Edinburgh and War Games.


I’ve made it no secret that I plan on making a full frontal assault at War Games no matter what it takes.  I’ve been one of the only HOW wrestlers to stand up by his beliefs in making his intentions known for what is being advertised as the final War Games EVER!


Which makes me wonder….just who all will show up for the final historical event that is perceived as the greatest HOW spectacle of all time.  It’s no secret that War Games is the absolute premiere PPV in all of HOW.  There’s no disputing that.  The PPV is perceived as the best of all time…even surpassing the biggest and most important HOW PPV of all time, ICONIC.  War Games has also been perceived as the hardest match of all time to even win.  So many War Games of years past has presented winners and it has elevated careers.  It also has established its own history in the annals of all of High Octane Wrestling.  Winners have boasted their own careers and made mentions of how it elevated their HOW futures.  Most notably, Christopher America and Mike Best.  Those two are the two that come to mind when talking about War Games history.


So what is there to say about this years War Games?  Mike Best has already made it abundantly clear that he must do WHATEVER it takes to win this years War Games to tie Christopher America’s all time record at three wins a piece.  Christopher America himself has the chance to win an all time FOURTH War Games and if he does that he will undoubtedly become the ALL TIME War Games winner in history.  Quite the accomplishment, isn’t it?


But who would I be in establishing my own dominant streak?  I’ve never won a War Games match…and for the first time in my career, I can put myself in prime position to become only one of an established FEW to say that they could win War Games.  Just imagine what that could do for my HOW career..


It’s not lost on me that I have all the momentum in the world heading into War Games.  I’m fresh off just winning my third LSD Championship in my career.  There are only a certain number of HOW stars ahead of me who have won this illustrious Championship and I don’t intend on going into War Games with just my newly won HOW LSD Championship.


I have every intention on successfully DEFENDING this championship with absolute pride and honor.  Even if there is a chance that I don’t walk out the winner of War Games and the HOW World Champion, I have every intention on lasting long enough where I defend this prestigious championship with absolute honor and integrity.  But holding onto the LSD Championship, the most extreme HOW championship belt in the history of the company, I recognize that I’m going to have to make some extreme moves that is going to ensure that I walk out STILL your LSD Champion and I’m willing to do that no matter what the fuck it takes.


I know the history of this championship and I know what it takes to not only win this championship, but what it takes in order to defend it as well.  I’m only one of a handful of HOW wrestlers to win and hold this championship three fucking times and I also recognize what it will take in order to retain it as well..and believe me…given the state of HOW, I don’t have any intention of giving up this championship anytime soon.


I’ve fought long and hard to get myself back to a position of prominence in High Octane Wrestling.  I’ve paid for my sins and I’ve paid for my dues.  It hasn’t mattered what anyone has said about me.  No one in this fucking company expected me to not only head into War Games as the LSD Champion and all of the momentum in the world….but to actually MATTER once again in HOW.


In an era where there are Hall of Famers all around, I’ve stood my ground and have actually held my own and I think I’ve actually done a fucking hell of job of putting myself in a position to get noticed by everyone in HOW.  I’ve busted my ass HARD to get to this point….and you better believe I’m going to do what it takes to not only retain my LSD Championship at all costs, but now I’m in striking distance to not only winning War Games, but becoming a THREE time HOW World Champion!  And you can bet that I’m going to do whatever I can to walk out the victor but to ascend atop the mountain once again.


Everyone has doubted me from the start.  Everyone has stated that Brian Hollywood has never had what it takes to win the HOW World Champion when there is a flood of Hall of Famers back around to get the job done.


I’m here to prove them wrong….by any means necessary…


I recognize the dangers of what this match presents…but I’m also ready to pay the ultimate price….even if that means that someone else walks out the victor that ISN’T the Final Alliance and I don’t think anyone is prepared for what I am willing to sacrifice in order to see a better dawn in this company.


Even if this is the final War Games…whether this is the last you may see of Brian Fucking Hollywood…if the opportunity presents itself…I will do whatever I must if that means a better HOW future…


No matter how finite it may be…I’m prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice…