Posted on June 22, 2023 at 9:24 pm by Conor Fuse

I might as well take some time to comprehend the many of whom I’m stepping into the ring with this weekend. Because it’ll be the last time this version of Conor Fuse is ever present. You don’t make a commitment to wrestle Mike Best and walk out afterwards as if nothing ever happened to you. I chose this path. I want this path. It’s the only logical step for me. Once I saw Mike beating down El Hombre Blanco, I knew there was no turning back. I wasn’t scared or worried. I’m embracing this. Get TF out there and stomp Mike between the eyes. I commit. I never retreat. Gamer code. And I’m smart enough to know after Chaos 34, Conor Fuse will change. At this point in time, I don’t know how but it will. Who knows if I’ll like video games anymore. Yeah, I’m serious. I changed after 2021’s Rumble at the Rock. I sulked for months on end… didn’t say a word. This weekend I’m going to enter the squared circle with a lot of individuals who have played a major role in my career over the past three years. It’s important I go through my history with them, understand where we are at this very moment and, most importantly, how we’re ending our time together. I’m teaming with Darin Zion, yes, but is Zion an actual ally? Or is he truly part of the LOVE CONVOY? Jace Parker Davidson, a name I couldn’t get outta my mouth for months on end. Do I really forgive and move on? Dan Ryan. Bobbinette Carey, etc. Even the current World Champion, the guy who owes me my fair fight. I never got it in October, I received the half baked version. Here we go. Get this outta the way. When Chaos has come and gone, I’m walking into the darkness. Void. Abyss. Whatever you wanna call it.

And this Conor Fuse ain’t coming back.

— — — — —


I’m a bad friend.

That’s what I’m thinking while I sit in my own locker room, PWA2 pending, unpacking and organizing my thoughts for a match against Cancer Jiles.

Well, I was organizing my thoughts.

Until Vickie Hall showed up… alongside her twisted simp, Jonathan-Christopher and his supposed “best friend” Darin Zion.

Yeah, I watch PRIME. Begrudgingly. I had to because of Jiles. If I was going to warp whistle in there and challenge him to a match I would need to know the layout. So I’ve seen Darin join his second wrestling company. I don’t blame him, I get it. He hasn’t found a lot of success in HOW, Lee is always down his throat and… why not listen to the “wrestling mom”.

She is quite the little influencer. Granted, I don’t listen to her, lol.

I digress. I’ve seen this Vickie Hall. A tiny woman with a large, bellowing voice. Hot take: she’s not that pretty, she’s got damn incredibly annoying and her standards and expectations are not based in reality.

It’s fucking insane.

But yet she’s got her team. A weak minded, feeble n00b to follow her around. She uses him, she doesn’t love him. Can’t he see it? Honestly! She constructs the reality for both of them, though, so he only sees what she wants him to see.

Oh, you thought I was talking about her husband, Jonathan-Christopher? Naa bro, not a chance.

I was speaking about my “friend”, Darin Zion.

Zion’s being used. He’s a pawn. A pylon for that matter. She pulled Zion and Jonathan-C together and then suddenly told them they’re best friends. They listened!

Talk about narrative building. This self-centered headcase could give Lee a run for his money.

Har har.

Yet here we are. I’m working with reality. I’m sitting in my locker room, trying to unpack my wrestling gear and there, in the middle of my floor are Vickie, JC and Darin. Vickie, who’s trying to play nice and get on my good side. She’s got something up her sleeve and I don’t wanna know what.

I pretend to listen. Nod my head. Give the odd reply. Jonathan-Christopher, take fucking notes, bud. This is how you tune someone out but make them believe you care.

And Zion.




A part of me wants to stand up and smack you upside the head. You’re better than this. You’re better than all of us. Nobody has more heart than Darin Zion. You stick things through, time after time. You never quit. You’re always ready to go. Sure, you can get beat. You can “kiLL Ur hEaT” but then you know what Darin Zion does?

MY fucking Darin Zion?

He defeats three wrestlers at once, one a former World Champion and my current PWA opponent.

That ain’t anything to brush off.

Now, however, Jesus Christ one look at you, dude…

I wanna puke.

Can I reset your game? ‘Cause this Vickie Hall/LOVE CONVOY/2Become1 shit is cringe man.

Hardcore fetish cringe.

So she keeps on yapping, I add the odd reply. Then they slowly make their way out the door… and I can’t help myself.

“For the record, we were friends first,” I say this as I look at Darin, then wink and smile at Vickie. She can argue Zion and JC are besties, naaa, I know a fake trash panda relationship when I see one.

That’s how Bobbie and I started. (I’ll get to her next.)

“Yeah well, Jonathan-Christopher and I are going to win those tag belts at PWA 3,” Zion replies.

What have you guys won so far? ← is what I really wanna say.

“Right. So, uh, Good luck with the tag titles. Hope you guys win,” is my actual reply.

Vickie spouts off again, telling me Darin and JC are best friends. What a narrative builder. Solid work. She’s rather ELITE. Please GTFOutta my locker room.

They leave. I pull out my purple shooting sleeve. Try forgetting the entire interaction.

Man, I should be able to brush this off easily, but I can’t.

It digs at me.

Pulls at my heartstrings.

What a heinous prick she is. Did Vickie do this to me deliberately? Did she know this would wind me up? I mean there’s really no other reason to be in my locker room. They aren’t booked on this show, I’ll likely never see them again.

I’ll see Zion, though. Much sooner than later.

Did I push Darin away? Was I too busy for him?

Forget chasing world titles, screw the rise to the Last Level Legend. Darin was the first person to say hi to me when I joined High Octane Wrestling… when I didn’t know a thing. When I look back at my wrestling skills then, I thank GOD I was booked against people like Erin Gordon and Jason Storm (no offense to them) because if I wasn’t, well, let’s just say I wrestled Dan Ryan, Lindsay Troy or the aforementioned Cancer Jiles as my first opponents…

I don’t know if I’d be lacing up my boots for PWA 2.

“Nonsense, Conor, nonsense,” I say to myself, while giving my head a shake. “Focus on what you came here for.”

I still feel bad about Zion.

Maybe I am a bad friend.

Horrible teammate.

Selfish overall dude.

Maybe I am…

— — — — —


Bobbie, Nettie, Scottynet Careywood, whoever the hell you are these days.

Where did I go wrong?

I have a confession to make: I haven’t been watching HOW lately. I think I made my motivation, or lack thereof, pretty clear in recent weeks…

Conor Fuse is lacking.

I grew disinterested, struggled to find someone to latch onto, someone I NEEDED in my life. Perhaps I should’ve stayed the course with Bobbie.

As we all know, it started off as a surface level friendship. She didn’t want to have much to do with me, and, looking back, I can’t blame her. I rambled on about video games and shit, it was near impossible to find a common ground to connect. However, give someone long enough and they show their true colours. Have an anonymous murderer come after you… it speeds up the true colours process lol. No more materialistic friendship, Conor and Bobbie were a good group.

I wanted to defend her, merely out of it being the right thing to do. It IS the right thing to do. I’d like to think if Clay had someone attempt to kill him, I’d want to help out, no matter our history. Then again he kinda did get murdered last week and I was nowhere to be found. I’m a hypocrite.

Back to Bobbie. Straight and narrow focus, Fuse. If I didn’t drift away from her and find Steve Harrison or fight my way through the title tournament and Christopher America… I would’ve still been right beside Bobbie, helping her and the Mom Squad out.

Even though I got a little crazy there for a while… (hey, when you stomp on a guy’s chest and he’s declared clinically dead for five minutes, it’s significant) and would’ve-if-I-could’ve slaughtered the Mom Squad in a villainous rage, in the end I didn’t ‘cause Conor Fuse is a good guy.

It doesn’t matter what your intrusive thoughts are if you don’t end up acting on them, right?


No seriously, I need the answer. Pretty sure I talked about destroying the moms once for shits and giggles; they’re so bloody annoying.

I digress. I digress. I digress. Let me have my long-winded rambles before I kick it in the one-track for Mike. I can’t be ANYTHING but my absolute best for the greatest to ever play this game. As for this moment, I need to work on closure so I can move the fuck on.

Yeah. Yeah, closure. I like that. This is a closure exercise. I talked about Darin and I realized I failed him. I’m a little selfish and I should’ve been there more for the guy. Because he didn’t have my support, he defected to PRIME and complete ass fuckery, with hearts all over his tights. I’m not taking full responsibility… but my lack of support played a role.

Bobbie, same thing. If I’d have been there for her and didn’t step away, there might not be three people inside her head. She wouldn’t wield a hockey stick and Lee would be thrilled there’s no hockey discussion on his programming. Regardless, here we are. Bobbie and I are on separate teams and grown apart. I barely talk to her. Dare I say… I’ve gone out of my way to avoid her.

Who’s the superficial one now?

I guess it’s me.

I wasn’t there for Zion. I legitimately left him high and dry. I walked away from Carey, too and now she’s replaced me with a bunch of voices in her head. I hope they counsel her and understand. I’m sure they talk to her.

I’ve never stepped across the ring from Bobbie. She can call herself whatever she wants but when I’m directly in front of her face, we’re going to find out who’s really in there. I would never expect her to back down, friendships can be placed to the side for a match. I’ll still know the difference, however, between a Bobbie punch and a Nettie one. A shot from a friend, who means well but wants to win versus a shot from an enemy, who wants to watch me suffer. The person who entered my locker room and told me Jatt Starr was doing something behind my back wanted me to suffer. Either way, perhaps I deserve Nettie.

It’s a theme.

I’m a bad friend.

— — — — —


What hasn’t been said already? We’ve been at an on-again off-again war for over a year. When I actually chill out and look at the material in front of me, Jace isn’t such a bad guy. He proved his worth at WarGames, he wanted to bring us together. Not collectively as a team of four, he’s never going to see eye-to-eye with Stevens. And that’s no skin off my back. But he reached out. He dug down.

He made the first amends.

It’s something I thought I’d eventually get to. I’m too stubborn to see otherwise. It was Jace who texted me, it was Jace on my ass all day. I’m not going to say we’ll reach the levels we did back in 2021 but I wish the guy success in the future and I hold no further ill will. It’s time to close the book on the AoA, The Board, and everything in-between. By no means was my rant on Jace going to be as long as the others. When you’ve wrestled him a handful of times over the past year, most of the ground has been covered.

And yet… we never did have our honorable match. Our ICONIC battle from 2021 ended up switching to the Best Tournament. Our matches which followed were an angry Conor Fuse against an arrogant JPD. In the end, I still want my Conor vs. Jace match, the crowd behind us both. A noble fight.

Guess this is the only other opportunity it can happen in, the tornado tag match. I’ve made it clear as day when the week is over… this Conor Fuse ain’t coming back.

Might not even remember a thing that happened between Jace and I moving forward. Wouldn’t that be nice.

— — — — —


I could take the obvious approach and say Evan really should be dead, otherwise, I’ll make sure it happens for real. That’s such an unoriginal take, though. I’d expect anyone to say that.

I’ll kill you all over again! ← boring

But I really would, Evan.

I didn’t know you suddenly upgraded to Professor Xavier. Just shave your head and you’re next in line for the inevitable X-Men reboot. I don’t know what’s going on with you and Trent and while I love the vintage VHS playbacks you’ve got going on, it’s a slap in the dick to everyone who actually put aside their differences and paid respect to you.

Yes, I was there. Yes, I put a controller in your casket. Heaven forbid I can man-up and brush aside my differences when your life is taken from you. I was trying to be nice. Good guy Conor Fuse. A dude nobody will see ever again after this week is done.

You piss me off, Evan. You get under my skin, maybe worse than Jace.

FFS, I’m talking directly to you. I wasn’t talking directly to anyone else aforementioned.

This weekend I’m not out to kill you. Honestly, I’d like to ignore you. I don’t know what actual state you’ll be in. Maybe I’m wrestling a pre-recorded video version of yourself. It’s fucking HOW, I wouldn’t put it past anyone. In fact, I’d welcome it. Now that Rumble at the Rock isn’t a thing this year, the sky’s the limit on what Lee is willing to book. Maybe the sky is where we go. Maybe the sky is where you’ll be. Tears of the Kingdom.

Or maybe I should say the obvious and be legitimately cool with going down the typical direction… I’ll send you to the sky, Evan. I’ll be the final nail in the coffin and ensure you are 100% dead this time.

No continues.

Shave that head tho.

— — — — —


Believe it or not there was a time Dan Ryan tolerated me.

I was told- no, I was scolded and warned NOT to enter Dan’s locker room as we worked our way towards my OG WarGames experience. Lindsay scolded me. It was something along the lines of…

“We are aligning with Dan Ryan [and others] to take down The Best Alliance but under no circumstances whatsoever are we to bother him.”

That’s not verbatim. Fuck I tune LT out so much TBH. I don’t know half the shit she’s trying to say but that’s the summary.

What did I end up doing?

Of course I reached out to Dan, I’m here to build a co-op.

Well, was.

I walked into his locker room and I told him straight up, I need help. I didn’t have confidence then, I had no comprehension that I, of all people, would be able to hang until the end of WarGames.

100% Truth: I definitely thought Jatt Starr or John Sektor would pin me at the start of WarGames, and I would have failed the Grapplers 214.

Dan looked at me and I could immediately see the pain in his eyes. Pain from his life. The hell he has gone through, beyond regular ups and downs. Shit I’d never be able to understand. He made a paraplegic out of Scott Stevens a month after I signed a HOW contract.

Anyway, he told me to sit down and close the door.

So I did.

And he proceeded to give me… advice. Advice I’ll never share with anyone. A discussion that stays between him and I forever.

We won the Tag Team Championships at WarGames.

But his knee gave out, his body was failing him. He said these words before our first title defense and we lost the belts.

Maybe that’s why he took me in and gave me some time. He knew his days were numbered.

Here we are.

Honestly, I have a lot more to say to Dan. A lot more. It’s not bad, or rude, or problematic. I’m not looking to start an HOFC war with the Murder Daddy.

But I want my time with him, one-on-one.

My first loss in HOW was against Dan. I’d love to measure myself once again.

Plus I’d like to revisit 2021.

It’s too bad this won’t be possible. What’s to say any of this matters after I wrestle Mike.

In the end, Dan has my ultimate respect. He’s made mistakes, he’s taken ownership and responsibility of those mistakes… and while he resides on the Lee Best side…

So does Jatt.

I really don’t care about alliances anymore.

I hope that notion stays with the new Conor Fuse.

— — — — —

Stronk Godson

Stronk, who deserves no capital letters or bold faced font. And yes, I clearly passed on speaking about Rhys Townsend. Wales is a nice country and Rhys is another massive, legendary name Lee has dragged back into the game. With all due respect, I have no history or issue with Townsend.

Back to the champ.

I am going to be selective in how I approach him. I’ve beaten the “dead” thing to death. We all know he mailed in our match and when the time is right…

Conor Fuse vs. Stronk Godson II will be money.

Too bad this version of Fuse won’t be around to see it.

I have no fucking idea what headspace Imma be in after the summer of Mike. I assume it is going to be an extremely different one. So to Godson, I hope he enjoys his championship reign. There are many similarities between him and I, outside of a physical element. The rise to stardom, the catchy gimmicky lifestyle (weights vs. video games), the calculated wrestling. You say whatever you want about either of us, when the bell goes we know what we’re doing and all jokes are placed aside.

My first world title reign came crashing down FAST. Everyone is coming for Godson on a very different level. I’m sure he isn’t going to mail in shit now.

But what happens after he eventually loses?

That’s the real tough test. When the top achievement has been taken from you, can you get up and go like it wasn’t?

I hope I’m there to see what happens.

Stronk choked me out. He did well. He made me a three-time finalist WarGame loser. I hope he takes that belt and reaches infinity.

And he never runs into me again… OG or Next Level Fuse.

— — — — —

I think I’m done here, I went over everyone. No fun story right now, no further flashbacks or explanations as to why I injected myself back into the SON of GOD’s life. No insight into the misery I went through after losing to Stronk, or how happy I was after defeating Cancer Jiles. No. Let’s get this tornado tag match over with. It’s not that it ISN’T important. It is. I just wrote pages and pages of thoughts on all my opponents. OG Conor Fuse brings it. He always brings it. Duh.

I dunno what the new Conor Fuse is gonna do, though.

Guess we’ll see soon enough, right?

Yeah, I guess we will.