Good Good Father

Good Good Father

Posted on December 1, 2023 at 11:30 pm by Darin Zion

“Oh, how the tides have turned here in HOW!  Oh, how the ‘mighty’ have fallen.  It’s almost like we’ve seen Descended Supremacy happening here.  It’s PROJECT NOGO…I digress, I’ll let my father tell all the Dad jokes.   But seriously, I can’t help but laugh seeing you in the same position I once stood in, Jace Parker Davidson.  I can’t believe you’ve taken for granted all of the goodness that GOD gave you over the years.

HE made you a Hall of Famer when you didn’t deserve it.

HE helped grow your career by giving his only ungrateful son to befriend you.

HE handed you multiple World Title reigns, ICON Title reigns, LSD Title reigns that you’ve boasted made your career.  You’ve claimed for years that YOU made all those championships mean something.  You built their credibility by simply stomping away the competition single-handedly.

But really, the image of my adoptive father gave you purpose and meaning here in HOW.  Let’s look at the past year, Jace.  You’ve tried to play the crass and coy anti-hero that HOW’s needed.  You’re trying so desperately to fill the roles that people like myself, Brian Hollywood, Scottywood, and Evan Ward did for many years.  What happened to each and everyone of those people who defied our great and powerful GOD, my new father.

They all bowed to HIS might, Jace.

We’ve all realized the error in our ways, standing against such a good, good father like Lee.  We’ve opened our hearts up to a grateful lifestyle.  We’ve all opened up our eyes and our senses to realize the truth that we’ve missed all these years.  We are merely cogs in his well-oiled machine bringing forth GOD’S purpose into the world.

But you can’t just be satisfied with this grand purpose.  You’re a narcissistic moron trying to steal the spotlight from OUR father.  You’re standing in the corner like some petulant three-year old throwing a fuckin’ temper-tantrum because his altruistic father wouldn’t get him a Nintendo Switch for Christmas.

If Jace Parker Davidson doesn’t have the fuckin’ spotlight 24/7/365—he fuckin’ cries, threatens GOD, and walks away.  You know what happens every time Jace Parker Davidson cries like a little bitch and packs his fuckin’ bags for the orphanage?

He comes right back like an ungrateful fuckin’ hypocrite…just like the rest of the Island of Lee’s Misfit Toys does.  When he went to 4CW, he ended up kissing Lee’s fuckin’ boot years later apologizing for his ungratefulness.

You want to be a sad, soft as fuck cowboy…FUCKIN’ LEAVE.  Don’t make a grand show out of this shit.  Obviously, you’re an irrelevant shit stain on GOD’s boot if you haven’t seen him.  If you want to throw temper tantrums go knock on OCW’s doors.  Beg PRIME for a job.  I’m sure Lindsay Troy could use another sad former Best Alliance member to get lost on her fuckin’ roster.

I’m done showing you and the rest of your ungrateful fuck boi squad any fuckin’ love in this promotion.  I put you and the other’s fuckin’ needs first for a long fuckin’ time, at the behest of my own fuckin’ needs.

Now GOD recognizes the true loyal ones.  He’s building for a future where he eliminates all of the ungrateful hacks who don’t give him respect.  I don’t blame him.  Lee and I are kindred spirits after I adopted him as the Dad I never had.  He sacrifices all to a bunch of worthless fuckin’ crybabies who need constant validation.  He carries the burdens of the many to please very few and I respect him for that.

It’s part of holding the legacy of these jackets. That’s why it’s my duty to make damn sure you don’t get past me or Scott Stevens.  I will serve my GOD with the utmost PRIDE and make sure you don’t finish out those last 3 matches on your contract.  It’s my duty as The Grateful Son to make sure you never get a chance to box with GOD himself.

I will earn my jacket and my title as Lee’s newest child to bring about His will forth.”


“CUUUUUUUUUUT” yells a tall, handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes.  He cuts off Master Zion’s microphone as the film crew begins to clean up.  The annoyed Darin Zion shakes his head as everyone in the studio begins cleaning up around him.  Zion exits his throne, letting out a loud sigh.  His shoulders deflate as he stomps towards the commanding director.

“Bartholomew!  Seriously!  I could have spoken another ten minutes about my hatred of Jace Parker Davidson,” Zion complains towards his newest companion.  Zion crosses his arms against his chest, whining on about the plight of his rivalry with Jace Parker Davidson.  “Seriously, I’ve fuckin’ hated that guy since the moment I…”

“Stepped through the doors of High Octane Wrestling.”  Bartholomew spoke in a monotone voice while wagging his fingers at Mister Zion.  “Trust me, we’ve heard it all before.  Everyone knows their fuckin’ history and if they don’t…”

“Plug the fuckin’ website…” Darin drones on before sitting on the ground and crossing his legs.  A scowl forms on Zion’s face.

Bartholomew nods rather pleasantly.  He looks down at a lengthy itinerary on the clipboard in front of him, ignoring Zion’s emotional dilemma.  “Excellent!  Now that we’ve gotten that little blurb out of the way, you’ll be doing a rather intense cardio regiment with the best personal trainer money can buy.  After that we’ll feed you a smoothie.  We’ve got to get you in tip top shape for this match with Master Davidson.   We’ve got a rather long day ahead for you.

Zion mulls over his phone for a minute, reviewing the plan.  While he longed for the days of playing video games and simple pleasures like pizza, deep down, he knew he was standing up against a Hall of Famer in JPD with Stevens flanked at his side.  Under normal circumstances, this would spell disaster for the duo.  Zion knew he couldn’t afford to go back to his old habits.  With great haste, he leaps off the ground, discussing the game plan with Bartholomew.

Bartholomew cracks a rather devious smile at Zion.  “Trust me, Lee’s got something much better than 6-Time Academy and that worthless hack Jace’s school to get you back in shape.”


Beads of sweat drip off Zion’s head as he wipes his forehead with a course towel.    His smokin’ hot blonde trainer winks at him after pushing him so hard.

“Good work today, Darin.  You’re almost under 6 minutes.  Tomorrow, we’ll push you until you’re barfing over the trash can…”she taunts as he walks over towards the smoothie bar.  Zion tunes her out while his calf muscles throb and burn with pain.  He pants for a minute, waiting for Bartholomew to retrieve his Kale, Banana and Whey shake.

“BROOOOO!  Shut up!  You landed a sess with Slyvia?!  NO FUCKIN’ WAY!  It takes months to land on HER schedule.”  A familiar voice begins to chime in behind him.

“Shawn Lester?!  I haven’t seen you in years, man!”  Zion responds, bringing his old friend in for a hug.  A ton of memories flood Zion’s head seeing Shawn standing in front of him.  It almost warms his cold heart.  Both take a minute to discuss each other’s physiques.

After both men exchange pleasantries, Mr. Lester pats Darin on the back.  He flashes him a nice smile as Zion places on his bedazzled Final Alliance jacket on.  “Seriously couldn’t be prouder of what you’ve accomplished.  You finally landed on Lee Best’s good side.  Didn’t think you’d ever be in his good graces after what you’ve texted me.”

“Me neither,” Zion shrugs his shoulders while chattering, “but it happened.  Honestly, surprised he showed up to my hospital room after The Wright Brothers leveled me out.  Honestly, Lee was the first person I saw when I woke up.”

The rugged old Lester scratches his thick grey beard while he intently listens to Zion’s story.   Zion continues “after three days it was like I saw a new man…”

Shawn Lester shakes his head for a moment, perplexed by his friends’ comments.  “WAIT?!  Your last concussion took you 3 days to recover from?!”

The warm smile fades from Zion’s face as a cold, callous glare is aimed right in Shawn’s direction.  An awkward chuckle leaves Zion’s lips.  “Yeaaaah, apparently, they found a couple more issues wrong with me.  The Wrights left me in horrible shape afterwards.  But Lee was more than gracious to cover the costs.  He’s truly an amazing person, Lester.”

Zion gives Lester a, blank, emotionless stare as a half-hearted smile beams at him.  “I wouldn’t expect a lesser love coming from such a great father figure to me.”

Lester gulps down his shake while his eyes shift away from his old friend.  “Riiiiiight!  It’s just such a stiff contrast from what you were telling me months ago when you returned to HOW.  I wouldn’t have expected GOD to go out of his way for you.”

Before Zion can respond back to his friend, Bartholomew appears and hands Zion his Protein Shake.  With one cold action, he motions Zion to the next stage of training.  As Zion exits with his friend, he flashes a sadistic grin back towards Lester.





Darin writes as he’s daydreaming off into some far-off land, listening to Bartholomew discuss all of Jace Parker Davidson’s holds.  Zion’s pen continues to round the corner as he finishes a picture of him and Lee in matching outfits.  There’s hell fire and brimstone reigning down everywhere as the father-son duo burn everything to the ground, creating a new HOW in THEIR image together.  Zion’s humming a rather excited tune, tapping his pen to his early birthday gift to his dad.

He’s planning the PERFECT Father-Son BBQ Day for him and Lee.  He’s got smoked brisket on the menu, homemade smokehouse mac and cheese, some whiskey for later.  He’s bought two Chicago Cubs authentic mitts for Lee and him to play catch in the summertime.  He’s ordered an exclusive, one-of-a-kind commissioned Pop Funko collection in all the images of Lee Best.  Truly some hard work to make sure he is more grateful than all of the rest of Lee’s children.

Bartholomew catches wind of Zion losing his focus on the task at hand.  “HEY FUCKSTICK!  PAY ATTENTION!!  There’s time to heap praise to your father later.  Right now, you’ve gotta study the tape.  The last time Jace had you in the ring, he stomped the fuck out of your neck on Chaos 027.  Remember the last time?”

Darin replays that night in the back of his head.  He let Jonathan-Christopher Hall and Vickie Hall distract him with love and their care-free attitudes.  But now, he doesn’t feel that in his heart.  He only feels the rage and jealousy of when Jace left him crumpled over with a sledgehammer, an underhanded tactic from the supposed “hero” to HOW.

“Oh, did I strike a nerve, Master Zion?”  Bartholomew provokes Zion by tossing another barb at Zion.  “Did you enjoy the taste of rusty sledgehammer the next morning?”

Zion shakes head, regretting to focus on Jace’s quick wit and cunningness.  Zion mutters under his breath.  “I shoulda fuckin’ low-blowed that bastard.  I shouldn’t have been honorable in that fuckin’ ring.”

The Project Manager continues to play the clip back, every single time of when Zion took one second to hesitate in repetition.  Every last time Zion choked from his battles to Mike Best and Jace Parker Davidson over the years.  Every single time Zion tried coming up with some hair brained scheme or short cut that went wrong or backfired.  It all began to crawl under Zion’s skin.

Darin drops his head against the desk, unable to rewatch the failures again.  He’s quivering, his eyes burning with rage.  He mumbles underneath his breath.  “Don’t fuckin’ take shortcuts.”

“AGAIN!”  Batholomew barks as he slaps a ruler down in front of Zion’s desk.  “Say it with meaning!”  Zion yells out like a mindless drone.


Bartholomew claps at Zion, approvingly.  “Now, show me!”

Zion wastes no time climbing into the ring with a few of the EPU guards Lee sent to train Zion.  All of the EPU throw some of the stiffest punches at Zion, causing him to crumple over in pain.  Zion’s unwavering spirit pushes him to take the punishment.  The EPU don’t play nice—they flank Zion with brass knuckles and chain, trying to throw everything at HOW’s biggest pest.   But Zion keeps coming up, studying their movement in the moment.  He doesn’t rush to pounce or react.  He takes a moment to soak in every opportunity, every blow they deliver.

The EPU start grabbing other weapons from chairs to sledgehammers in the classroom.  As every last one of them swings, Zion catches an opportunity and nails a buzzsaw kick, causing the chair to fly out of their hands.  Darin wastes no time crabbing the chair and clobbering the guards against their helmets.  Zion wraps his arms around one of them guard’s carrying the lead pipe.  He reverses their momentum, steals the pipe, and begins to choke one out.  The others quickly flank him, but he uses the one guard as a human shield.  Zion’s wasting no chance he’s being given.  He isn’t holding back, fighting dirty.  He’s throwing low blows, eye rakes, any tool in his arsenal to survive.

Meanwhile, Bartolomew extracts an old flip phone from his jacket.  An approving smile forms on his face while he clicks a couple of buttons.  As Zion continues the onslaught, Bartholomew speaks to another person on the phone.

“Sir!  He’s finally making some progress.  We’ve made him malleable.  He’s ready for the next steps.”


“You want to know what I honestly hate about you Jace?!  That Lee wasted all his precious time on someone like you.  You’ve always lack a spine…or anything creative or relevant.  You and Mike were always the first ones to jump on our fuckin’ heads when we put out a bullshit product.  Now look at you, Jace.

You’ve got to throw shitty side Discord insults out in the public eye to stay relevant.  Honestly, I pity that you’ve become a broken caricature of what you’ve loathed.  You’re out here acting like a shitty Roller Derby Tycoon in a professional wrestling ring.  You want everyone to talk about how fuckin’ amazing you are and great of a person you are in and outside of this ring.  You’re trying to be a virtuous man while being some dark, shitty playboy who takes advantage of women.  Hell, you’re makin’ fun of me for praising someone who has treated me like a father over the last decade, begging me to grow up.  You’re trying to pervert it.  Meanwhile, the only relevant story you have going is your shitty father is pegging Nettie.

Don’t project your daddy issues on me this time, Jace.  Don’t give me your holier than thou bullshit.  Because I’m not going to sit back and take that disrespect anymore coming from some asshole about to pack his fuckin’ bags and disgrace everything my ‘DAD’ has given to him.

There’s no more love coming from this Zion.  When I see your ass in that ring, I’m turning you into a fuckin’ example for the world to see.  I’m gonna do things many people would regret doing to a main-event caliber legend like yourself.  I will not settle less than crippling you worse than Evan Ward.  Unlike him, you won’t get to every enjoy walking or talking again.

I’m showing you and everyone else what a GOOD FATHER does to his spoiled fuckin’ brats.  I promise you I will adjust your attitudes and I will make damn sure you see the damn light.  And I promise you–you won’t pull off the upset like I fuckin’ did.”