Posted on December 9, 2023 at 9:17 pm by Xander Azula

Charles de Lacy…come out and plaaaaaay.

We know exactly what you’ve been up to, and we grow tired of it. Oh, so very tired.

You came in as a hot commodity in High Octane Wrestling, and quickly, quickly fizzled out…and now, you’re left to rot in what has been dubbed the ‘undercard.’ The absolute bottom of the barrel, where a select few of us are clamoring to scratch and claw our way back out.

Which makes you a perfect target for what we have in mind. We have seen you worn yourself out over the past couple months, and now is the perfect time to strike. So, we will strike hard…strike fast…and strike first.

You will never see us coming.

And you will be taken so far off your game, that the final blow won’t even be noticed till you start falling apart as you step away…as you try to go home.

Only there won’t be a home for you to go to. Not when we’re through with you…no, all that awaits you is misery. Sweet, ICONIC misery.

A lesson for Malakai DeLirio and Jackson Cooley to learn, a teachable moment if you will.

The need to consume rises, Charlie, we must feed…and the Delta Center will be the platter upon which the feast will satisfy us. Flesh and bone, all becomes sustenance for us to grow.

See you soon, Chuck.