Gino’s Twisted Reality

Gino’s Twisted Reality

Posted on May 5, 2021 at 12:52 am by Scottywood

Gino is gay?

::Shrug Emoji::

Ok, good for him.  You think I’m keeping tabs on what he’s sticking his dick in?  All I’m sure about is they’re cum dumpsters, male or female.  And does he think I care?  I’m not the former VP.  I’m not gonna turn this fight into some kind of conversion therapy bullshit stunt.

Oh… he thought the Mike Best puppet comments was an homophobic attack?

Of course he did, he’s from Jersey.  They aren’t trusted to even pump their own gas down there.  They promote their shore as something that is positive.  Chris Christie, end joke.  So comprehending a call back to a month ago, when Mike Best was feeding him line after line for his little promo against me… like a puppet.  No fucking chance.

Maybe I need Frankie to explain the joke to you?  Nah, he’s even too smart and he’s got at least one, if not more learning disabilities.  What is you’re fucking excuse?  You snort a little too much spray tan?  Fuck, at your spray tan to oxygen intake ratio, you might be qualified to be President in 2024.  

Hopefully GTL stands for Gino’s Total Lobotomy.  Then at least there is some science behind your stupid, instead of just all that hair gel seeping into your skull.  Which speaking of… and I know I’m the last person in HOW to diss hairstyles, but it looks like a porcupine died on your head and shat all over your face… sorry, that’s the spray tan again. 

But maybe you’re just dyslexic and keep thinking it’s 2012, the year of your one big victory.  I wouldn’t blame ya.  But it’s 2021, so chill the fuck out about your one “big win”.  Try to understand that everyone isn’t making gay jokes at you twenty-four seven… at least not those that have evolved.  I know those are rare in New Jersey, so I’ll give you a pass.  But in states with real humans, people aren’t defined by their sexuality.  Remember that Gino.


Sorry, damn auto correct…


I will stand by my slut shaming jokes… although they may have confused that pretty little head of yours, so just try swapping pussy out for ass.  And I can’t believe I feel I need to say this… but Plan B doesn’t work for men.  Cause you know Schwarzenegger’s Junior was a movie… right?  As in fiction… sorry, fake.  That men can’t really get… pregnant.  Fuck I hope he knew that.  The main point, was that you look and act like a dumb ass gutter slut, and that at least hopefully translates through to that Jersey-dumb mind, no matter your sexuality.

Cause you can train all you want at Six Time… where it may have taken you nearly a decade just to learn a Kimura Lock and a spinning clothesline.  But not even Mike Best’s school can fix your fucking stupid.

But apparently they’ll let you teach it.

::Facepalm Emoji::

Gino Giordano… teacher… that is the last sign of the fucking apocalypse right there folks.  It’s all over… we’re fucking doomed.

Well… at least Gino is doomed.  Doomed to have wasted nine years in working towards getting his revenge.  My ass kicking, taking up residence in your mind like a cheap Vegas show.  Replaying over and over, every day, torturing you.  You “won” the fight, you got the title… but you lost everything.  Stripped of it days later as it was retired and you were hardly ever seen again.

Except for the special occasions when Mike Best dusts off your box, untangles your strings and takes you out for a quick walk.  That’s another puppet joke I’m sure you won’t understand.

But big “win” for you… bro.  You really showed me…

Cause have you seen what I have done here since fighting you Gino?  Like finally winning my first true World Title.  Additional reigns with the ICON and LSD straps.  Plus I earned a spot in the HOW Hall of Fame.

Spin it however you want, I won back in 2012.  You can look at the record books all you want.  But reality tells us the truth Gino, as much as you wish to change it.  But don’t you worry, I’ll even things up in the books come Saturday… 2021 in case you already managed to forget.  We wouldn’t want you straining yourself by trying to count so high as the number two.