Ghosts of the Past II

Ghosts of the Past II

Posted on March 10, 2023 at 11:55 pm by Xander Azula

(Or, Comes Around.)

East Bay Times – February 27, 2023
Strange Happenings at Legacy Plaza
Written by Jax Bradley

HAYWARD – Just a few weeks after the sudden reappearance of Legacy Enterprises CEO Jesse Gunn, reports have been coming in of strange, spooky sightings and occurrences at what remains of Legacy Plaza. Official word from the new Board of Directors is that these are merely misinterpretations of renovations taking place to bring the building back up to code, but locals are suggesting that something far more sinister is happening. All further requests for comment have been denied at this time. More on this as it develops.

Legacy Tower
Hayward, California

Inside an office up on the twelfth floor, the Fighter finds himself in a situation he never thought he’d have to face…staring down a man not seen in nearly a decade. A man that once held an influence far beyond Xander’s understanding, and a power that equally scared him.

A ghost of his past.

Yet, here was Jesse Gunn himself, standing at the window with a smirk on his face before turning his attention to the view outside. He could see a great deal of the city from atop the Tower, a place that Gunn found himself most comfortable…a thought that garners a chuckle from the CEO as he speaks up.

“Let’s get down to brass tacks, Xander. I know why you’re here, I just want to hear you say it.”

“Somehow I don’t think you care about me using the Eternal Circle name,” replies Xander, his tone revealing his uncertainty as he continues to stare down the barrel-esque eyes of a smirking Gunn. “So why the charade with your lawyer, Jesse? What really got you out of hiding after all this time?”

This draws another chuckle from Gunn, who takes a seat across from the Fighter before motioning to the door, opening wide as a young woman steps into the office holding a manila envelope. Xander looks very confused by what’s going on as the woman hands the envelope over to Gunn, who opens it with a smile to pull out a small pile of papers.

He hands this over to the Fighter, who looks it over with another raised eyebrow as he tries to make sense of the jargon contained within before turning his attention back to Gunn.

“And what in the fresh hell is this?”

“A contract, Xander,” replies Gunn, pulling a pen out of his suit jacket. He places it upon the table, sliding it toward Azula before continuing. “I’ve been keeping an eye on you since you branched out with the Eternal Circle, a group that was disbanded when Legacy Enterprises was shut down. It took nearly two years for word to reach me, but when it did?”

The smile on Gunn’s face widens to a grin.

“I knew I needed to act, to let you know how I feel about that. Setting aside the legal scare, I had this little deal drawn up for one purpose…to transfer ownership of the Eternal Circle to you, officially, once and for all. I’m starting Legacy Enterprises back up, and I can’t have the dirty laundry of the Circle getting in the way of that. As someone starting a new venture himself, I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from…so if you want the Eternal Circle, and everything that comes with it, it’s yours for the taking.”

Xander looks to the papers in front of him, then to the pen beside them…and nods his head.

“Good! We’re on the same page then,” Gunn exclaims, as Xander takes the pen and signs off on the deal. For the first time since he’s arrived at the Tower, the Fighter finally lets out a weak smile, realizing the impact, the importance of what’s just transpired.

The gentlemen shake hands after reaching this agreement, and moments later Xander meets with his crew at the ground floor of the Tower, a sigh of relief before speaking up once more.

“That’s one point of business dealt with…time to head to Manchester and take care of the other.”

Oh, Darin…you’ve really gone and done it now, haven’t you?

I don’t know if you were trying to rile me up with your insults and remarks, but I can tell you know that none of it really mattered to me at first. Sure, joke about the stuff you’ve seen with your own eyes, call it all a “gimmick” if it helps you sleep better at night…but then you went and started calling me a kid. A damn child, Zion.

Darin, I am less than a year younger than you. If I’m a child, you’re a damn teenager.

Which sounds about right, for all your whining and crying and bitching and HONKing. Zion, I think it’s about time you look in the mirror and realize that you are a grown-ass man having to shout from the rooftops about a love you can barely comprehend.

Does Meredith know about this? Does she know you’re running around with a penchant for shouting from the rooftops about a love you can’t seem to get for yourself?

Grow the hell up, Zion, and go get yourself some self-love…not that kind of self-love. Yikes.

Semantics aside, I wanna talk about what’s going to happen at March to Glory, because I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my hands on you all week. Why? Because I’m tired, Darin.

Tired of listening to you yammering on and on and on, letting your ego get the best of you every single time. You’re like a hot air balloon, and all that energy you expend talking just brings you down more and more…right where I want you.

Because it’s not me that’s been holding you back, Zion…it’s your tendency to dive in headfirst that’s cost you so many times the past few months. When we teamed up, it was you who insisted on taking the lead, playing your little “experienced ring vet” card to supercede my advice…and look where that got us.

The moment we exited the Maurako Cup played over and over again in my mind until I couldn’t take it any more…which is why I knocked you flat on your ass this time last year. That moment was one I’ve locked up in my mind, playing back when I need a good laugh.

And believe me, I’m gonna have another one at Old Trafford.

Glory, glory hail Azula.

See, the first step on this path was you making me look like a fool in July 2021. That was a bitter pill to swallow. The second step came at ICONIC that year, when I watched you take what was rightfully mine. And then there was the whole tag team tournament mess. Good lord, was that tough to deal with. The straw that broke the camel’s back, though?

That was embarrassing me a few weeks ago, when I was vying for a shot at the LSD Championship…which makes this match so poetic. You have taken from me time and time again, whether it was my pride or my chance at glory…and now, I return the favor.

Now, I embarrass you for the whole world to see.

I will knock you flat on your ass one more time, and take my rightful place as the number one contender to the LSD Championship. You have taken one too many chances to try and reclaim the glory you lost all those years ago…this vine will no longer bear the fruit you want it to. You’ve had your moment in the sun, Darin Zion…and when I’m done with you, it’ll be time to ride off into the sunset. You can cry about it if you want, whine and bitch some more to see who will listen…but all you’ll be able to manage is one last HONK.

When this is all over, I will finally be able to move on. I can finally rest a little easier, knowing I’ve conquered one more ghost of my past as I look to the future.

All the bullshit you’ve put me through for two years comes to a crashing, screeching halt at March to Glory when I finally give you that big fat L you deserve.

What goes around, comes around.