Ghosts of Christmas Present (I’m Not Santa Claus So Quit Sending Me Your Christmas Wishes for ICONIC)

Ghosts of Christmas Present (I’m Not Santa Claus So Quit Sending Me Your Christmas Wishes for ICONIC)

Posted on December 25, 2023 at 5:23 am by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Best Studios

Date: December 24, 2023

Twas the night before Christmas inside Best Studios and creatures were stirring, but they weren’t mice, they were all employees of one, Lee Best. Each one had a job to do and everyone was making their final proofs.


The director informed everyone as they continued to finalize everything when a familiar face we haven’t seen in a while sits comfortably behind the old wooden desk. The director looks around and various stations give him a nod or a thumbs up when he bellows a final warning before it’s time to begin.


The director sits in his chair and the man behind the desk looks over his notes and places them near as he waits for his special guest to appear. The countdown for the show to begin strikes leading the host to tap on his mics.


The sign that reads, “On Air” turns red as the cameras flick on as well before the director points towards the host to begin.

“Hi everyone, and welcome to this special Christmas Eve Edition of Between the Ropes. As usual, I am your host with the most, Jack Dawson.”

Jack welcomes everyone to the show with a salute and a smile.

“Tonight, while husbands and boyfriends are starting their Christmas shopping…which reminds me…..”

Jack pulls his phone out of his pocket and clicks a couple of buttons before putting it down on the desk.


He says with a cheeky smile.

“Now, tonight’s guest needs no introduction, but he specifically asked for this interview and I’m surprised he had time to squeeze it in between promoting the ICONIC Main Event all over the country to wrestling in other HOTv affiliated promotions. My guest is arguably the hardest working man in this industry and the reigning HOW World Champion, here is Scott Stevens.”

As Jack finishes the introduction, Scott appears from backstage and makes his way over to the desk with the world championship glistening in the lights with each step as the gold and the gems had been recently polished. Jack gives the champion a standing ovation and motions for Scott to sit as he gets close to the couch.

“Welcome. Welcome.”

Jack says to Scott as he takes a seat and places 97 Red on the host’s desk.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?”

Stevens asks as he sees Jack admiring the championship.

“She’s a beauty.”

Jack replies and the champion nods.

“Since I won her, I figured she could use a good wax and polish since I would be promoting this title and the match I’m in at the end of the month. You know, the type of things champions are supposed to do.”

Stevens states in a condescending tone and Jack nods in agreement.

“Saying you were busy these past two weeks would be an understatement.”

Stevens nods.

“You got that right. Since I won this title……”

Stevens points to 97 Red that sits proudly on the wooden desk.

“I have been everywhere proving why that title is the top prize in the industry. I have been proving why HOW wrestlers are the best there is. I have shown what the definition of being a champion and the face of your promotion is all about.”

Stevens emphasizes as he moves the title towards the camera so it can get a good look at it.

“What have you been doing these last two weeks for those people that may have been playing PlayStation and visiting trailer parks in the middle of nowhere?”

Jack asks and Stevens gives him a look.

“That’s oddly specific, but ok.”

The Texan says before clearing his throat.

“First and foremost, I have been taking care of some family business. My son has been bugging me about becoming a wrestler, and my daughter just returned from college in Japan aspiring to be a wrestler as well has me a little stressed. So, I reached out to a friend of mine, and I procured my son and daughter contracts with Missouri Valley Wrestling and they will be training with Joe Bergman and Dawn McGill at the Bergman Barn effective immediately.”

Scott informs Jack who looks stunned.

“Why MVW? Why not Ten-X or XPRO?”

Jack asks with great curiosity, but the champ shakes his head furiously.

“No. No. No.”

“How come?”

Jack asks once more and Stevens shoots him a look.

“Because I don’t trust any Best to train my children after all the broken promises and the hell I have been put through the years. I wanted someone I could trust with no bias because of who their father is or what he has done. I don’t want the same thing to happen to me to happen to them. Besides, Ten-X has fallen to the wayside since Michael released control over it and who knows if XPRO is coming back since Tyler Best drove it into the fucking ground. I know Lee said it was coming back strong in 2024, but seeing is believing. And if you believe that, then Scott Stevens Jr. is a future eleven-time Cajun City Wrestling World champion.”

Jack squints his eyes and puckers his lips from that statement.

“That name is still a sore subject with the bossman.”

Stevens shrugs.

“The truth hurts and you forget I don’t give a fuck.”

Jack nods his head.


“I’ve been competing in a tournament for MVW called the Carmondy Cup and I defeated the reigning MVW Men’s champion, Bill Dickinson, in less than two minutes to move to the finals.”

Jack’s eyes widen by Scott statement.

“Wow! That’s impressive. Hasn’t he been the champion for close to or over five hundred days?”

Jack asks and Stevens nods.

“That’s correct. A champion that has been dominating and decimating everyone and I fucking destroyed him like he was a nobody.

Stevens turns towards the camera and his demeanor and tone turn serious.

“What I did in that one match is what Mike Best has failed to do in four years with HOW. Unlike him, I’m not just collecting titles to pad my resume and have forgettable reigns.”

Stevens shakes his head.

“Oh no. I’m carrying this championship with pride not a burden like he has been the last four years. I want to elevate this title by reminding everyone that it is, THE CHAMPIONSHIP in all of professional wrestling and if you want to be the man or woman, it’s the title to hold.”

Stevens brags with extreme exuberance.

“However, like the song states, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked.” I flew back to Chicago on the red eye to compete the very next night in the finals of the Carmondy Cup, and I had it won to.”

Stevens says with extreme disgust as he slams his fist on the desk causing the title to slide off of it’s stand. He takes a moment to properly place it back on the stand.

“What happened to prevent you from winning.”

Jack asks and the Texan furrows his brow and slides his tongue over his teeth.

“A pussy by the name of Charlie Blackwell threw me into the official to cause me to get disqualified.”

Stevens sighs.

“I should be sitting here with that championship and the Carmondy Cup next to it with a shot at the Men’s championship in my near future because my end goal is to hold 97 Red and the MVW Men’s title at the same time. Hell, while we are on the topic, Night from sVo can get it to because unlike some people I don’t make empty threats, right Michael?”

Stevens asks as he leans against the desk.

“Back-to-back matches and I continued being what a champion is supposed to be: I went on all forms of social media to hype my match at ICONIC, I did radio interviews, tv spots, Shit, I’m doing this with you when most people are at home with their families. When you are the champion there are expectations and this is just part of the job whether you want to do it or not. Michael can piss and moan about the competition or lack thereof as he sees it, but I face who ever is in front of me and I do it with a scowl on my face and when I’m done, I move on to the next. Not for pride, not for glory, not for anything except the love of this business.”

The Texan emphasizes as he taps on the golden centerpiece of the championship.

“And champions have to look the part and with your new haircut and clothes you’re doing just that.”

Jack adds pointing towards Scott who chuckles.

“That’s true most of the time, but I shaved my head because I was tired of it getting yanked on throughout my matches. As far as my clothes, I felt like dressing up.”

Stevens says with a shrug.

“I mean the only thing I really splurged on is my new glass eye.”

Stevens informs Jack as he takes off his eyepatch.

“It glows in the dark.”

“No way. You’re lying!”

Jack doesn’t believe Scott who nods.

“It does and if you dim the lights you can see.”

Jack motions for the lights to dim and when they do, the right eye of the champion because to glow a shade of 97 Red.

“That’s pretty cool.”

Jack tells Stevens as the lights come on and he begins to put on his eye patch.

“Thanks, I thought it would be cool for promotional stuff and it gives off that Terminator vibe as well.”

Jack nods in agreement.

“So that’s your Christmas present to yourself, I’m assuming?”

“It is and speaking of Christmas, I feel like I’m the fat man himself after reading the Christmas letters from my opponents telling me what they want me to do for Christmas. One states my victory was a fluke while the other acknowledges the defeat, but I’ve awoken the dragon deep down inside.”

Stevens says with great annoyance.

“Michael. Lee. Best.”

Stevens enunciates slowly before hawking a loogie and speaking it out towards the camera.

“That is what I think of you and your fucking promise.”

Stevens says before snatching the world title off of the desk and holding it up for the camera to zoom in on.

“You see that name on it? It says, “Scott Stevens” on it. That means it belongs to me.”

Stevens informs everyone before placing it across his waist.

“You can say you acknowledge the win and tell everyone I beat you with no excuses, but you blame your hubris for the loss of not taking me seriously because you’ve spent years breaking me. Blah. Blah. Blah fucking blah! Shut the fuck up already!”

Stevens growls as he leans forward.

“You still haven’t learned, have you?”

Stevens states as he closes his eyes and lets out a heavy breath.

“You used to claim I was stuck in the past, but it’s come full circle because you’re saying the same fucking things you told me in the last era of HOW when I beat you for this.”

Stevens points to the title in his lap.

“I’m going to end you and break you was and is your creed that I’ve heard a billion times even though you’ve never succeeded in doing so, and since we all know you are full of shit when it comes to keeping promises and when I retain my championship at ICONIC. How about you follow what your hero Jatt Starr will be doing and that’s not resign a new contract with HOW because I wouldn’t want to bore you with facing each other again and again for the millionth time. I’m sure DEFIANCE or sVo has some competition to your liking. I hear Eric Dane has a son competing in DEFIANCE, maybe you can head over there and help him stir the straws.”

Scott shrugs.

“It’ll be something new and exciting for you so you won’t be bitching about.”

Stevens says with a fake smile and the double thumbs up.

“My bad, I shouldn’t have said that, it was my hubris getting the best of me.”

Stevens looks down at the title in his lap.

“And this is the only hubris I need Michael.”

Scott slowly brings the title up for everyone to see before placing it back in his lap.

“Jatt, I get what you are doing, but it isn’t going to work. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about you or the plans you had imagined for ICONIC because it wasn’t going to happen anyway. You actually thinking you were going to beat Mike and ride off into the sunset as the champion is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Have you ever beaten Mike in your entire existence? I could look it up, but I don’t give a shit so I’ll just assume you haven’t.”

Stevens shrugs.

“Jatt, you can degrade the win, you can shit on me, but I don’t care about your opinion of me or how I won the title because at the end of the day you’re jealous of me.”

Stevens cracks a smile.

“That’s right Jatt, I have something you want and I’ve done something you haven’t as well and that’s beat Mike for the world title, and spoiler; your fairy-tale ending doesn’t come true because it will be me standing tall at ICONIC as the victor.”

Stevens pauses a moment before throwing his hands up.

“I know. I know. Losing to me is the worst thing that could happen to you, but you’ve lost to me before.”

Stevens nods.

“You losing to me is what gave me this in the first place.”

Stevens pats the center-plate of the title.

“Without you taking the pinfall, I would’ve never been world champion and started my surge towards the Hall of Fame. I thank you and salute you.”

Scott salutes the camera.

“Since we are reminiscing, is there any truth to the rumor to the reason why Lee keeps Jatt around?”

Scott asks and Jack looks intrigued.

“Have you heard it, Jack?”

The host shakes his head no.

“What is the rumor, Scott? I want to hear this.”

Jack states with extreme interest as Stevens looks around before leaning in close.

“We all know the story that Lee tells all the time that Jatt was far from the Hall of Famer he eventually became as he was the original Lonesome Loser losing to everyone every night.”

Scott informs and Jack nods.

“Well, I heard from a reliable source that Lee was going to fire him at the end of the year because it wasn’t working out and the only thing that saved him from termination was that he made Lee laugh at a Best Studios Halloween party. Now this is where it gets a little fuzzy, they said he made Lee laugh by pulling what looked to be a sock from his pants and put it on his hand and did a very bad impression of Darkwing. Or they said he did an impression of Christopher Walken as a gangster and called it Christopher Crip Walken.”

Stevens shrugs.

“I don’t know what’s true, but I can say truthfully that I am the HOW world champion and after ICONIC I’ll earn your duo PWA world titles.”

Stevens says with a wink.

“Now if you will excuse me, I have a flight to catch. Alcohol to drink. A wife to fuck and children to open gifts with.”

Stevens gets up from the coach and slings the title over his shoulder.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Stevens shouts as he leaves and heads backstage.