Getting Comfortable

Getting Comfortable

Posted on January 18, 2021 at 4:54 am by Jason Cashe

Why so bitter Solex?


Is it because like you, I am the kind of guy who just wants to throw down? Is my being here offensive to you because maybe.. Just maybe, I am a better version of what you think you are?


What I think it comes down to is hype. You said it yourself! You heard whispers about me. Promised by someone that I was this and that and woooo weeee you feel like your position is threatened! Is that it?


You tried to tell me how this company is an ocean of Legends and Sharks but you don’t seem to be either of those things. Matter of fact, I can’t seem to find any record of you being a Champion at all in this company’s History.. Sure, you fought for the LSD title, maybe other titles even but winning one and fighting for one are two vastly different stories. While some people can go their whole careers without the need to pile on a big title history, you seem to have NONE at all in the Ocean of Legends and Sharks..


You sing this song about who you are, what you are and tear down the opponent across from you because that is the job description. But what you preach has not rewarded you with anything close to real success! No wonder you hated the ladder metaphor!


This makes everything that much more exciting! Now I can see that I am not the only one hungry. I am not the only one craving to advance and attempt to achieve something more with this tournament. HOFC is a tradition that showcases the lethal execution of this organization and you are part of its history but have squat to show for it other than your bitter ass attitude you hope is enough. You hope it is enough to matter, to advance and to


*fingers crossed*


Finally win something that tells you that you belong!


Do you though? A member of The Best Alliance but is your membership a need or a filler because the way I see it? Mike Best is doing his own thing and you are just simply trying to be the BEST sidekick you can be! You’re so hard up for success that you are in a group named after the Owner and his Son. As Best as you try, you cannot, have not and will not succeed. That must irk the shit out of you doesn’t it?


This is where you play it off like it doesn’t bother you.


So now the picture is fully painted. I see you as clear as I need to see you while you are still trying to piece together catchy one liners to recycle like telling me to suck a bag of dicks.. Clever, not really though!


Steven, Stevie, Steve, you can’t even call yourself top 5 on this roster and after Refueled L, when you take an L from this DiOGee, you will realize something in yourself. You barely make the top 4 in The Best Alliance and there are only four members if my research is correct.. You talk up sharks but your bitch ass is a small minnow swimming next to them with your chest poked out like you share the claim! Just because you stand NEXT to Sektor, doesn’t make you one of the Best.


They cannot help you in this. They cannot fight for you and after getting knocked the fuck out at the hands of I? They might should seek to replace the dead weight of an aging Nurse Shark. Most folks who talk a big game have rows of teeth behind their bite but you? No teeth. What have YOU done in High Octane other than ride coattails? We are on the same playing field with achievements in this promotion and you want seniority to carry you further when that shit only makes you look bad. So losing to me? Someone might need to put you on suicide watch..


I’m doing you a HUGE solid right now! I don’t want to wait and hear what you have to say because I’ve come to realize that you are essentially a snapchat filter, a cover up for someone ugly or insecure. You can’t hide ugly and you sure as fuck cannot hide your shortcomings.




With you though? That’s not much. Sure as shit hasn’t been Champion but I’ll tell you what..


Have the last word. You’ll need it.