Posted on January 14, 2021 at 11:26 pm by Brian Hollywood

Ah…there it is!  Honestly could you be any more fucking predictable, Conor?

It’s not anger that I get from you.  I don’t even think you know how to fucking manufacture the very emotion that is anger.  I just think you’re some wannabe back talking piece of shit who is living in his mother’s fucking basement five days a week when you’re not wrestling.  Truth be told, you’re not going to get anywhere with that mentality buddy..not to mention playing video games all day.  Has the carpel tunnel set in yet?  Carpel tunnel is going to be the least of your worries when I get finished with you.

I like how you were so fucking worried it was going to take me awhile to show up.  I assure you I’ve adjusted my schedule.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that this year was going to be the year of Hollywood.  I’ve found my stride again and I got the foot to the proverbial fucking gas and ready to go in this tournament.

You also realize I haven’t lost a singles match since getting beaten by Mike Best late last year?  Your imputable little mind seems to be caught up on my tag resume and thinking I can’t wrestle out of a tag team match.  You couldn’t be further from the fucking truth kid.  I had no problem moving on after Darin and I lost the HOW Tag Team Championships.  But that’s the thing there, Conor…I’ve already proven that I can make a singles run.  My record speaks for itself and I’ve been ready to continue down this road for singles competition.  But now I get to have some fun in the meantime with this tournament.

No rules…anything goes and I intend on using this tournament to my advantage to show what I can do in the HOFC.  That cage is my friend and going to be your worst nightmare!  I’m a man of resolve and finding solutions…not playing games stupidly.  You’re wrestling skills might be on point, but a straight up fight is different and I have more than enough experience to show you just what the fuck I’m talking about.

You are way out of depth here if you think this is going to be fucking easy.  NONE of these matches are going to be easy.  I’ll just make sure to open your incognited  little brain of yours and what’s left of it to make my mark.  I’ll leave the rest of it fucking scrambled and in a heap pile of shit for the ring crews to clean it up.

You want to challenge my record?  Go for it..because by the time I’m finished with you, I’ll be knocking your worthless ass out cold faster than you can fucking button mash you illiterate swine!

Conor, I’m in no mood for my record or my reputation to be in question.  I’m picking up where I left off getting back to dominating again.  Once you win that HOW World Championship, you never stop thinking about keeping it, staying or trying to get back to the top.  I’ve done it once…I can and WILL do it again!  This tournament gives me the opportunity to explore avenues that I don’t normally get to use, nor flirt with in normal setting matches.  You can think that might make us on similar levels, but you couldn’t be further wrong from the truth…but that’s alright…I’ll just punish you for your beliefs to the contrary.

So enjoy playing your games, Conor.  Enjoy acting like the bad motherfucker you are because when we step into that octagon cage, you’re going to witness first hand what HOFC is all about.  I’ve been apart of some of the most dangerous HOFC matches in HOW history.  It’s not for the faint of heart, that much I promise you.  So go ahead and beat your chest like an unintelligent gorilla such as Donkey Kong because I’m going to smash you into submission with a rapidly moving smash hammer.  Don’t believe me?  Good!  I will have no remorse for you in the meantime.

You’ll get no mercy from me.  You’ll get no gaming guides on how to fight an opponent like me.  HOFC is what it’s all about and I don’t expect you to understand the concept being it.

It’s not like you’re able to grasp anything besides a controller in your hand anyways.  But it will be me in control in the end.

You asked for this!  Remember that because its GAME OVER!