Full Circles

Full Circles

Posted on October 6, 2023 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

This scene looks all too familiar if you ask me.  I was starting to feel the icy breathe of doom and gloom as well as failure, starting to creep back in and make itself at home.  I, of course, was talking about those bumps you feel on the back of your neck when you’re more than aware that something isn’t right in the land of Neverland.  This was sending the wrong kind of chills down my spine, but I had it narrowed down to an art.


“I seriously can’t believe I’m fucking doing this right now!”


Hollywood didn’t appear to be talking to anyone directly as it becomes clear where he was at and what he was doing.  Hollywood’s been taking shots at a hanging punching bag and he was working up quite the sweat.  It appears that Hollywood was in and around The HangOut, a local tavern/bar/dancing strip all in one and taking up residence looking to remain off the grid and radar to those who were trying to find and locate him.  Yet no matter what was going on up at the surface, Hollywood still had to remain a low profile in order for him not to discovered.  Hollywood let’s out a sigh before the door of the secret passage that leads underground to the bunker-esque opens and in walks Lukas Montana and Buck Wringley.  Hollywood doesn’t really wane any of his attention towards either of them as he continues to go to work on the punching bag.  After a few moments, Hollywood pauses as you could tell he had been logging in some training hours for his time out the HOW ring.  Hollywood sighs as he finally talks out loud to where he could be heard.


Brian Hollywood: “Fuck me I don’t remember training being this tough!  I remember where it didn’t matter what time was relevant or how good of shape I used to be in, I always have known wrestling training was never easy.  Then again, nothing seems to be easy in this world anymore, is it?”


Buck Wringley: “Unfortunately I can’t really answer that question, Bri.  But I feel like I owe ya an apology over the last several months.  I here known ther fer awhile that ye weren’t yerself.  But I know what’s incoming and how ya still wanna handle Roberto..but you’ve got to fight that darker DNA that’s tryin to override your body so you promise not to let up ya hear me?!”


Hollywood nods in agreement as he, nor Buck were wanting things to escalate from the points they were already here now.  Hollywood takes another swig of his water before returning back to the punching bag.  He was sweating a lot and rightfully so because he hadn’t trained for quite a good while which was way too long considering everything that goes down in High Octane Wrestling.  But his opponent for this week wasn’t gonna be any pushover, either.


Rhys Townsend.


Hollywood surely had a lot on his mind once again as he now had a solid lead and very likely the precise location of whee Roberto was hiding out…but for right now, he was going to take the time to get back into a training routine as it was desperately needed as such.



You and I sure as hell are no strangers to each other are we, Rhys?


You’ve carved out quite the career for yourself here in HOW.  But then again..


So have I.


I know you’re sick and tired of hearing Brian Hollywood this or Brian Hollywood that…or how I’ve changed since the last time we locked up in the center of that ring.  The truth, however?  Believe me, I have changed…even if it was ever so slightly.


We both have our own agendas here in HOW right now, however, there is one thing that drives us on the same path…and it’s the Final Alliance.


You know as well as anyone around here what they are capable of.  But we are both fighting the same enemy…and you need a resistance to fight an enemy such as the Final Alliance…but that’s for another day.


As for this weekend, business is about just the two of us.  I plan on showing up and coming down that ring to give you the toughest test of your career since you’ve returned back to HOW.


I appreciate the chip on your shoulder about staying dominant and continuing where you left off, but it’s never that simple.  Trust me…I took that same route when High Octane Wrestling reopened those few years ago. It just goes to show you that anything can happen on any given night and you know that more than anyone seeing as how you are in the Hall of Fame and a veteran around these parts.


I’m looking forward to our match this weekend.


See you soon, Rhys.