Full Circle

Full Circle

Posted on June 6, 2023 at 4:43 pm by Scott McKlayn

“If you want a son to grow up into a man you can be proud of, be a man he can be proud of.”

August 15, 2009

A dim light illuminates a quaint living room, the view positioned behind a small sofa where we see the tops of several young children’s heads. The light is coming from the screen of a small television that is beaming from in front of the couch, the children’s attention seems glued to the broadcast. The television screen is obscured from vision but we can tell it’s not a typical children’s cartoon that is being shown, instead the voice of a monotone news reporter can be heard throughout the small room.

“In the latest update coming from the tragedy that has been the last few months of Victor McKlayn better known as his professional wrestling name Vicious Vic, the official report has come back and all the evidence confirms that he committed suicide while in custody. This was after being found guilty of the murder of his former manager Lee Ashworth and Ashworth’s young wife Marion,”

Another voice is heard from the television as the story continues “This all seems to have spiraled from an incident that ended Victor’s in-ring career. It’s really a sad tale that hopefully many people can learn from. Victor was poised to be the next big name and revolutionize the wrestling industry just two years ago. Set to be a household name it all came crashing down in a massive drug scandal….,”


The TV is quickly cut off and the over head light flipped on as a woman appears in the adjacent hall way she sighs and speaks

“Kids it’s time for bed, and you shouldn’t be listening to this rubbish,”

The woman is a fairly attractive young lady with dark curly hair wearing what appears to be a waitress outfit of some sort. “Come on, I need to get you tucked in so I can get to work as soon as grandma gets here. I can’t afford to be late to another shift,”

“Yes mama,” The youngest two, a boy and girl speak in unison as they rush off the sofa and head towards her. Giving her a peck on the cheek before rushing into the hallway, she shouts back at them

“Brush your teeth..,”

The oldest boy slowly gets up off the sofa and heads towards his mother, she stops him as he gets closer.

“What’s wrong with you Scotty?,”

“I wanted to see that..,” He replied
“Why on earth would you want to hear them lies about your Daddy like that? ‘Sides you know I don’t want your brother and sister to see that horse shit the press are spewing about him. They don’t know him as well as you and they don’t need this horror show to pervert their view of their daddy,”

“Why do they lie like that, I know daddy he wouldn’t do all that! I wish I could see that news man. I would punch him in the face for what they say about daddy..,”

The tears begin to swell in his eyes as his bottom lip quivers and he continues to try to talk, eventually however the emotion takes over and it all just turns to tears. His mother embraces him and pats him on the back for a few seconds.

“Baby it doesn’t matter what all these people say, you know your father better than anyone ok? You remember him how he really is and that’s all he would of wanted,”

The young boy still sobbing replies as his mother tries to calm him “I will but mama I am going to be a wrestler just like him, I am going to clear his name and do what I know he wanted to do. I promise, I will do it for him I promise..,”

“I know you will baby, one day..,”

June 4, 2023 (That Day.. kind of..)

“It is official my boy!,” the loud, brash voice of Raziel Reynolds brings us to the present. From the small, humble living room 14 years ago to the back of a lavish limousine, Raziel and his sister Alexandria are sitting across from the full grown Scott. Both over the moon with joy as they are in full celebration mode at the moment. Raziel continues “We not only are trending on every social media platform possible after our press conference announcing our giant contract with HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING!,”

“HOW did they live before us,” Lexie quips as her brother continues

“But now that we have been released on the next Card social media is going wild, I just feel sorry for the poor souls who have to face this social media sensation that we have created,”

The siblings continue to celebrate but all you get is a small chuckle from Scott who seems more distracted than anything. Raziel tries to snap him out of it

“Scotty my boy, what on earth has gotten into you. This is your dream right? What you have worked your ass off for your whole life, seems like you should be a little bit happier,”

“I am,” Scott kind of shakes his head as he kind of tunes back into the moment “I am ecstatic really, just know that this is just the start of it. You and your family Raz have opened the doors for me, a door that has been barricaded shut for too long. I can never repay you, but also our first matches could be major statements and I want to make sure we are ready,”

“Bro you don’t owe me anything,” Raziel replied “You have had my back during the middle of all this bad press, helped me get into shape and trained me. We are in this together, besides I looked at the Card they got me booked against some fat chick,”

“Raz,” Alexandria protest but he continues

“Really, I mean fat chicks need love too but leave that shit to the Poors, I’m only caught in public with model chicks. Besides she’s old too, I am legit getting paid to beat up an old fat chick, I might honestly get canceled after this match..,

“Raz, trust me on this when I tell you that you can not take Bobbinette lightly, she is a multiple time world champion and only female hall of famer. She is legit, it is honestly almost like they are tossing you to the wolves in your first match. Might be all the press they figure an online influence like you will get, either way it’s a chance that you need not squander,”

“I got you bro,”

Scott just nods as you can see Raziel is oozing with confidence, Alexandria however takes another approach as she seems to be taking this a bit more seriously she speaks up.

“What about you Scott, Xander Azula right? What about him,”

Scott shrugs a bit “He’s not a hall of famer at least, still he’s a professional. Signed to a big name company. I expect him to bring it. I just hope he doesn’t underestimate me because if he does I will rip his arm off and beat him with it. Like I said this is a chance, and one I do not plan to squander either. You all know how important his is, I told myself if I ever got my foot in the door I would kick that bitch open and take back my families legacy,”

“There’s the killer I know!,” Raziel exclaims and gives Scott a high five. As the two celebrate the limo comes to a stop.

“This is our stop,” Raziel remarks “Meet up with you in the morning for a few more training sessions before we take the jet to Chicago for the first show,”

Scott just nods and as Raziel starts to exits Alexandria speaks up “Give me a minute Raz I got to get a few more things from Scott for his contract,”

Her brother nods as he exits and leaves the two alone, she smiles as she leans over and gives him a kiss, the two continue for a few more seconds hot and heavy before she pulls away and Scott speaks.

“Your getting bold, your brother could of turned around and caught us,”

“It’s not him I am really worried about, it’s what my father would do if he found out I was sleeping with the help,”

“I’ve given you every chance to call it off,”

“What’s the fun in that, I will need to stay in the house tonight though my parents have some family plans before we hit the road proper. Dream of me,” She says and gives him another kiss before starting to slide out she pauses again “Your going to be great Scott, once the driver gets you home get some rest and try to stress a little less. I mean broody is sexy but too much of it is just a buzz kill,”

He chuckles as she exits and a few seconds later the limo is in motion once again. Scott leans back and attempts to take a moment to himself but before he can his phone begins to ring and he sighs answering it without looking.


“I know what you did,” The voice is raspy and breaks up a bit on the other end.

“What the.. Who the hell is this..,” Scott says as he glances at his phone but the number seems scrambled with a bunch of odd symbols instead of a name appearing.

“I know what you did to get where you are, your no better than your father,”

“Fuck you,” Scott sits up as he can feel his muscles tighten as the anger flows over him “Who the fuck is this, it’s not funny..,”

“Murder isn’t funny,” The ominous voice replies

“You don’t know shit..,”

“I do, and the whole world will soon enough, Everyone will know the apples didn’t fall far from the murderous psycho tree,”

“Who the fuck is this, I will show you murderous,”

“LIke father like soon, farewell for now..,”

With that the call goes dead and Scott is left with only his thoughts, thoughts of “that” night come to the top of his mind.

December 22, 2022 (That night)

There is a cold chill in the wind as it blows through the brown and yellow trees growing near the lake nestled in the hills of northern Georgia. The night sky, lit by hundreds of tiny stars, barely provides enough light to see any more than the outline of the trees and old wooden dock next to the lake. That problem is solved shortly however as the headlights of a car come into sight, slowly pulling up on the dock, backing up as close as they can to the edge before two figures get out and pop the trunk. After a few seconds we can see them pull out a large ‘package’, it requires both of them to drag it out and together they toss it into the lake. A loud thud is heard as it slowly sinks to the bottom. The two figures are both wearing large jackets and hats, but as we get closer we can start to make out the faces of Scott McKlayn and Alexandria Reynolds. They look on watching as the ‘package’ slowly sinks.

“You think anyone will ever find it,” the voice of Alexandria trembles just a bit as she speaks barely above a whisper, Scott shakes his head.

“No, and if they do it will be way too late. Your brother is safe, no one is left that knows what really happened in that club now but me and him,”

“He can’t know what happened,” She replied

“Of course,”

“Seriously Scott, this is between me and you we take it to our grave,”

“Anything for you Lexie,”

The two give a small kiss before he pulls away and speaks again “We do need to get out of here though, no need to risk getting spotted,”

She nods in agreement and the two move to get back into the car and slowly begin to drive off. As they drive away however the headlight very slightly shines into the otherwise dark woods next to the lake, and as they do we can make out what appears to be the outline of another person. A small detail that neither Scott nor Alexandria seem to notice…