Posted on January 14, 2021 at 8:08 pm by Scottywood

Did I hurt your feelings on Refueled last week Jiles?

Were you a sad fucking panda because The Hardcore Artist didn’t drop your name enough on the show in preparation for our match?  That instead I looked to focus on someone else, someone who has an actual shot at making it to the finals for this Cup?

Welcome to HOFC you fucking flake!  I mean fuck!  I thought you understood this by now.  You’re one of the few in here that actually has HOFC experience and yet you fail in that chicken brain of yours to understand in any fucking sense what this is about.  Or did I beat the fucking memory of the whole division out of your soft shelled skull when I beat you before?  I am not here to build you up… as if anyone ever could… just so I can look better when the inevitable of me beating you happens.  No, I’m here to expose every weakness… every flaw… every fucking shortcoming that Cancer Jiles suffers from and bury your fucking ass six feet under that HOFC cage.

It’s also called a fucking reality Jiles… and even when we teamed up, you never fucking lived in it.  Pretending to be COOL… what a fucking joke.  Maybe if you could actually grind out a job in reality for more than a few months at a time you’d understand why someone has a bottle of beer glued to their fucking hands twenty-four seven.  Trying to escape the pain… the daily mental torture… and not just some sadness that Scotty didn’t talk about me enough.

You think this beer can is a fucking prop?  A hipster accessory to try and be the COOL kid in HOW who drinks when he’s not supposed to and seems like a “bad boy”.  For fuck sakes Jiles!  You’re grasping at straws cause you know just how much you suck.  That you can’t even hold a candle to a man that has yes, not had a meaningful win in a long ass time here in HOW.  But that as you admitted IS at home here at HOFC.  IS a former HOFC Champion.  IS a HOW Hall of Famer.  IS part owner and a fucking rock when it comes to holding HOW together.

What can you really say about yourself Jiles?

That people used to chuckle at your Capricorny segments?

What fucking worth are you to HOW?

Is it too late after Christmas to return your contract and buy something useful?  Amazon got any sales?

Will anyone even miss you if I murder your ass in that cage Jiles?  Which under HOFC rules I believe is legal.  Unlike whatever you tried to describe in that failed attempt at a hazing slash sodomy joke.  Yes, I lost to Conor Fuse at ICONIC… and while I have no idea when he becomes “initiated” into HOW, I do know he will fucking blow past you in the HOW rankings and quickly achieve shit you have only dreamed of here in HOW.  Like holding a title for longer than it takes for Darin Matthews to get banned from the HOW locker room.

Yes, I am looking straight through you Jiles.  I’ve made my game six guarantee, gonna get the hat trick, beat the Deviled Egg of HOW and go on to win the DeNucci Cup.  Just like Messier did in Ninety-Four for my Rangers.  You’re right about only one thing Jiles.  My personality… or maybe a better word would be my reputation… you dumb fuck… depends on winning this match.  Depends on winning this Cup.  Just like Mess’s did.  He was a former champion, five times with the Oilers and he guaranteed a win for his new team the Rangers against a lesser nobody team in the Devils that he could win.

He did.  I will.

Reality repeats again.

But go ahead, make up all the fake fucking quotes you want.  Continue to refuse reality since yours… suck.  Especially after you get destroyed by a man whose HOW wrestling career has been near nonexistent because I’ve been one of the few holding this place together with Lee fucking Best!  I’ve done just about it ALL here in HOW Jiles, including winning the HOFC Title and beating your ass to keep it.  Yes, it was many moons ago, but it doesn’t mean I won’t do it again.  Believe I’m weak now Jiles… then remember just who the fuck I am.

The H-O-Fucking-C Artist!