Fuck love and fuck you Zion

Fuck love and fuck you Zion

Posted on April 21, 2023 at 11:42 pm by Bobbinette Carey


I’ve said for years that there are two sides of a person. And simple-minded people believe that I meant good and evil which isn’t true at all. The two sides that we show the world and the sides that we truly are. That doesn’t always mean good and evil. It means the introvert who everyone thinks is an extrovert. It means the person who is always the center of attention that would much prefer to be quiet in a corner. The larger-than-life personalities who aren’t really.


The problem is some people wear their masks for so long that they forget who they really are. They’ve convinced themselves to believe their own lie.


She believed the lie so much she owned a white picket fence in a colonial suburban area. Even the kids perfectly crafted life to fit the cookie-cutter image. 


Foolishly people believe I’m a new part of her mind. I’m who she’s always been, deep inside. The rage, the passion, the fire. That’s always been me but we forgot and pushed me away. Because of the fans, the fame, the ‘image’.


I’m out and not going back. The Queen Bitch of HOW, long may she reign.



Let me tell you a little story DZ. Loserwood kept trying to have me recruit you. Vouched up and down about how you were one of the “good ones.”


I never did it, I could not let her do it. Why? You just seem so needy. Your ‘pick me’ desperation; smells like an unwashed set of wrestling gear with Febreze sprayed over it, hoping that we won’t smell the stink. But no matter how much you attempt to cover it up, you could still smell your desperation, Zion. It’s pathetic and foul. Because someone convinced you that you belonged. Someone told you a long time ago that you were one of us.


There used to be rules about who they’d let into wrestling. Not everyone got in. But it seems nowadays they’ve gone soft on those rules and anybody who wants to can get in. That’s where you fit in, Zion, the rules got lax, people got careless and sloppy, and all of a sudden you’re a wrestler, congratulations! And what’s more insulting is you’re in HOW. But you don’t have the gold Hall of Fame ring, do you? No, and I don’t suppose you ever will because you’re just not on my level. 



New Orleans

Bourbon street 


The midday sun shines on a busy Bourbon street. Emerging from “Ocean’s hide our bar”, is The Queen B, Bobbinette Carey. She has on a bright pink sundress with a slit up the right thigh. Her make-up matches the dress with matching pumps. She got a few sets of beads around her neck. She has on sunglasses as she walks briskly, smiling. She takes out her phone and snaps a few photos of herself with a hurricane glass, she poses and smiles before putting her phone in her cleavage and walking down the street with the glass in her hand. Her head is held high as people look at her, walking around as she gets back toward her hotel, she sees a store called “sassy magic.” As she walks in, a little French bulldog waddles up to her. She bends down petting the dog. 


Nettie: I definitely appreciate animals more than people.


She scratches behind the animal’s ear as a woman walks up to her. Nettie doesn’t acknowledge the woman.


Woman: Nola senses something in you. 


Nettie stands up annoyed as she looks at the woman. The woman looks her in the eye, squinting as if she sees something.


Woman: I see a woman inside you screaming to get out.


Nettie chuckles and nods.


Nettie: I am sure you do. But she’s locked away for a reason.


The woman looks over Nettie as she walks over to the glitters and picks up one that is called Villain.


Nettie: This could work…


Woman: You’re fractured. Your soul… is split in two.


The woman shows deep concern for her, attempting to take Nettie’s hand. Nettie pulls her hand back quickly in disgust.


Nettie: That’s nice. I’m not paying for a reading. 


The woman pauses as she looks over at the attitude she’s receiving 


Woman: I’m Miss Shannon. This is my store. I wouldn’t give any unwanted readings. There’s just another strong presence within you.


Nettie shrugs, uninterested in the woman’s words.


Nettie: Ooo! Voodoo dolls. I am definitely going to get these.


Nettie says walking away from Miss Shannon abruptly and grabbing several of them.


Nettie: How many idiots are in The Final Alliance? I need like their hair or DNA to make this work, right?


The woman looks around nervously.


Miss Shannon: We specialize in many different occult things. Voodoo can be dangerous there is always a pri–


Nettie: Or blood? Blood works too right?


Miss Shannon: I could show you a few books.


Miss Shannon grabs a few books near the dolls, handing them to Nettie. Nettie holds the books as Miss Shannon’s hand touches her


Miss Shannon: You’ve… been hurt.


Nettie: Who hasn’t? 


Miss Shannon: Both parts of the soul cry out. But there is someone special in your life. They can help heal this. 


Miss Shannon smiles with relief. Nettie rolls her eyes.


Nettie: Yeah, there are a lot of special people in my life, lady. Could you be any more specific? Cause you’re being pretty vague… But, I have some plans for some of this!


Nettie says with her arms filled with voodoo dolls, sage, and Villain glitter. The woman sighs as she realizes she’s not being listened to and walks over to the counter. Miss Shannon starts up the cash register and begins to ring up the products. Nettie drops the rest of the stuff on the counter and then sees a mirror. She looks at the mirror and her reflection and blows a kiss, fluffing her hair, waiting impatiently for the woman to do her job. There’s an awkward silence from the woman as Nettie hands her the credit card with a smirk on her face.  She rings and swipes immediately but doesn’t receive the phone call. Nettie walks over to the exit with her cute book.


Miss Shannon: Blessed be.


Nettie: Yeah, yeah. Laissez le bon temps rouler.


Nettie says with a powerful fist in the air before she walks out of the store. She gets a call as she’s walking back towards her hotel. She looks at the phone and its emoji of a heart and an eggplant. 

Nettie: Hey you…


Her voice is softer as she smiles.


Nettie: I got a camera crew coming. So, you keep your sexy self busy. We will get some room service and cuddle up after I’m done. Miss you, my sexy silver fox.


She made a kissy noise and then dropped her phone into her purse. She walks to her hotel. The camera crew is standing there as Nettie walks in. She sighs.


Nettie: You guys really aren’t big on following the simplest instructions, are you? You’re half an hour early. Fine, let’s just get this… over with. 

Nettie sets her bag on the table and adjusts her hair and grabs her lipstick, applying a dark red lip tint while looking in the mirror. She speaks quietly to the mirror.


Nettie: What and behave.


She warns the reflection. Snapping her fingers are the cameraman, she leans against the table as they motion that they have started rolling.


Nettie: Zion… you’re the real love, true love, whatever moniker, it has worked for you… weirdly enough.


She does a light less-than-enthusiastic golf clap


Nettie: You’re so entertaining. What could I do that would possibly be more entertaining?


Nettie puts her hands together, her arms going at her side to lift her cleavage giving an innocent look before smirking.


Nettie: Oh that’s right, I have tits! That automatically makes me a lot more interesting than you. A good push-up bra, a little bit of cleavage, and the fans pay attention to that. Why? Because sex sells! No one cares about love!


She scoffs, waving her hand in front of her like swatting at a gnat.


Nettie: You want love? Go to the Hallmark channel or Lifetime. Wrestling is for brutality and animal instincts, aggression. 


Her voice is more of a growl with each word she annunciates.

Nettie: Do you even know the fan base, Zion? They want lust, they want passion, and they want drive. They don’t want love


She gags at the last word with a sneer on her face.


Nettie: You win the match with love? Yeah, said no one in wrestling ever. Next, you’ll talk about friendship being magic and offer to braid my hair. 


The sheer look of disgust is visible on her face.


Nettie: Love doesn’t exist. The funny thing is someone like Jace Putrid Dorkenson can say that and no one bats an eye. I say it and I am “bitter.” In all reality, love is a fake notion just like the damsel troupe.


She rolls her eyes in annoyance and sticks out her tongue; as if the words left a bad taste in her mouth.


Nettie: Me for instance? I’ve never been in distress nor have I ever considered myself a damsel.


She pauses as this seems to resonate something within her.


Nettie: Maybe I have just been the evil stepmother in a fairy tale this entire time. 


She chuckles to herself. Slowly raising an index finger to bring a point.


Nettie: If you want to believe such ridiculous children’s stories, then we should go for broke, right? Love conquers all and all that happy horseshit. But when you look at most of the stories Zion, why is the stepmother evil?


Her arms at her side with her hands up and open attempting to question the flaws in this.


Nettie: Because she knows what she wants? Because she did what was best for herself? So, that makes a woman evil? We have spent centuries vilifying women for just going after what they deserve. The “evil” stepmother is really the true hero of the story. Because she sees love as a joke and doesn’t waste her time on it. I wouldn’t be wasting my time on this history lesson if someone wasn’t touting love and happiness and fake ideology.


She takes a deep sigh as one hand goes to the side of her temple as if a headache is coming on.


Nettie: You, little Darren… you are the problem. You’re forcing me to educate, to waste my precious time explaining why love and you are a waste of time.


She grunts as her eye twitches a little.


Nettie: The irony is not lost on me, being in the body of a woman that is three times divorced. How do you explain to a hopeless romantic that romance doesn’t exist? How do you explain that love is a fleeting notion and it’s chemicals in your brain that make you do stupid things? Well, looking at Zion, it’s proof that it’s poor life choices.


She chuckles 


Nettie: The trope of an evil woman is more so to keep females in a place of subservience. You don’t get to be the Evil Queen by being obedient. Masquerading as an innocent adorable kind-hearted woman who wanted to do the right thing.


She shudders.


Nettie: I want to do what’s right for myself. I could care less about the rest of you. Now I’ve made alliances and had friends because in this business you need “friends.” After all that friendship is what brought me back, isn’t it? 


She purses her lips together attempting to look innocent about how the return actually happened; as if exposing the real truth.


Nettie: Twist my arm enough and I’m back in wrestling! Before you know it I’ve got a spot in War Games, but this isn’t about War Games, is it? I mean I suppose in the grand scheme it’s all about War Games, but this is about you, who was once up pathetic “pick me.” You’re still pathetic, but you’re on a roll.


A look of surprise spreads across her face.


Nettie: But we all know shit rolls downhill, Zion. And sooner or later your luck has to run out. So, you go ahead and ‘Believe In Love’ or whatever is keeping your energy and your spirits high. Because it’ll be that more delicious when I crush you and your spirits. When I am forced to strip you bare and make you look at yourself and realize that love is a fallacy. Now, of course, I mean metaphorically strip you. I don’t actually intend on touching, you aside from destroying you in the ring. But see I’m here to make everyone see the truth of who they really are. Just like you are a loser who got lucky and that’s it. And I am the Queen Bitch of H O W and you will bow.


She walks out of the camera frame, then back into the frame to grab her bags. She notices the camera is still rolling and shrieks.


Nettie: Ugh, it’s incompetence for me! Does Lee know you’re all this dumb? Did you guys go to a trade school and not an actual college? Because Jesus, you should know this is where you end the recording! I have a date in my hotel room to get to and you are wasting film and footage and –

The camera cuts off before she continues her berating of the crew. She turns and walks to the hotel elevator shoving past the camera crew and knocking over their supplies and lights. The patrons of the hotel look on anxiously as the elevator doors close taking her to her room.