Fuck Lee Best 2: The Return of Fuck Christopher America

Fuck Lee Best 2: The Return of Fuck Christopher America

Posted on May 24, 2023 at 6:42 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Denver, Colorado: Marriott Hotel

Date: May 12, 2023

The scene opens up to Scott Stevens barreling down a hallway.

“Fucking Jace, wasting my fucking time!”

Stevens says to himself as he stops momentarily and places his hand on the wall and leans a little so he doesn’t fall over.

“Could’ve been in Mexico, but no!”

Stevens mumbles to himself as the room continues to spin faster and faster. Scott leans his back against the wall before feverishly reaching into his pocket and pulls out his prescription bottle. He frantically tries to pop the top and when he does the pills shoot out like a rocket and spill all over the floor.


Scott shouts as he drops to his knees and starts scooping up the tablets off of the carpet.

“Fucking Jace this is all your fault.”

Scott says in anger as he scoops up a large hand full and shoves it into his mouth. He continues to collect the other tablets and goes to put them back into his prescription bottle but stops.

“Fuck it.”

Stevens mutters before throwing another handful of pills into his mouth and tossing the bottle in a nearby trash can as he gets to his feet and makes his way to his room.

“Fucking Jace makes me fly out to this hell hole, fucking Jace wastes my valuable time, fucking Jace makes me spill my pills!”

Scott continues to ramble about how Jace is making his life miserable before stopping in front of his room. Stevens reaches into his pocket to retrieve his room key and places it into the door to unlock it. Scott pushes the door open and as he takes a step forward he begins to stumble before collapsing on the floor in the doorway vomiting profusely before passing out and beginning to convulse.

Location: Denver, Colorado: Hospital

Date: May 13, 2023




Hazy eyes start to awaken as Scott Stevens comes to and begins to rub them until he can see clearly. Scott notices he is hooked up to an IV before looking around the room and noticing he is at a hospital. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door and a woman comes in with a tray of food followed by another woman.

“Good morning, how are we today?”

The second woman asks as the other woman provides Scott with some breakfast which consists of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, strawberries and grapes with a side of orange juice to wash it all down.

“Doing fine I guess.”

Stevens replies still confused as to how he got into the hospital.

“How did I get here?”

Scott asks and the woman turns to him.

“Well, you were brought in because apparently you had overdosed on some prescription medicine.”

The nurse informs Scott and he can’t help but look away.

“Well, I thank ya’ll for saving my life, but I’ll be leaving once I finish my breakfast and watching some television so have my release papers ready to go because I got places to be.”

Scott tells the nurse who doesn’t look thrilled with his comments.

“Sir, you cannot just leave because you may be a potential suicide risk. We have to hold you for observation.”

The nurse informs Scott who shakes his head.

“Lady, if I wanted to commit suicide I would’ve chosen a quicker way than pills.”

Stevens replies as he picks up his fork and knife.

“As I said before, I’m going to eat my breakfast and watch the Denver Dimes get their asses whooped so have my release papers ready to go when the game is over or I’m taking this IV out myself and walking out of this hospital.”

Scott tells the nurse who simply rolls her eyes.

“Very well.”

The nurse says as she collects her things and walks out of the room as the Texan begins to eat his breakfast.

Location: Denver, Colorado: Bar

Date: May 13, 2023

The sound of drunk laughter can be heard in a hole in the wall bar in downtown Denver. As we go inside we see Scott Stevens surrounded by other patrons as he pounds back something brown in a glass.

“And then…..and then the bitch said, we have to hold you because you could be a suicide risk!”

Stevens shouts in a drunken stupor as the other patrons laugh obnoxiously. Stevens calls the bartender and signals for another drink. The bartender grabs the bottle of Jack and brings it towards Scott and begins to refill his glass.

“Don’t you think you had enough?”

The bartender mutters and Scott gives him a look and as the bartender begins to move the bottle away Scott grabs his arm.

“What did you say?”

Stevens asks as the bartender tries to move his arm back but Scott tightens his grip.

“I asked you a question boy. What did you say?”

Stevens tells the bartender in a more aggressive manner.

“I said, “don’t you think you had enough?””

The bartender replies and Scott lets go of his arm.

“No I don’t think I have had enough, but thanks for asking.”

Stevens replies as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Scott opens it up and takes out a hundred dollar bill. Stevens crumbles it up and throws it at the bartender.

“There’s a hundred dollars to keep filling my glass and keeping your bitch ass mouth shut!”

Stevens shouts as the other patrons surrounding the Texan laugh.

“Here’s another five hundred to keep my friends drinking for the rest of the night.”

Stevens tosses the money into the bartender’s face and the patrons give a thunderous round of applause as Stevens downs his drink and calls for another.

Location: Denver, Colorado: Airport

Date: May 14, 2023

The scene opens up to a loud roar as planes disembarking are heading to their travel destinations while others are coming in for a landing bringing people to the Mile High City. As the image fades to inside the airport we see Scott Stevens sitting alone with some black sunglasses covering his blood shit eye obviously and probably to prevent the light from causing him to throw up either from the headaches or the massive hangover from drinking all night the night before. Stevens continues to mind his own business when he gets the feeling that someone is watching him. His eye darts to the side behind his cheap sunglasses and he sees a bunch of kids staring at him. Stevens continues to mind his own business when one of the boys, probably about seventeen years of age, slides out of his seat and makes his way over and takes a seat next to Stevens.

“I know who you are?”

The young man says causing Stevens to turn his head.

“Oh yeah? And who do you think I am?”

Stevens asks the boy.

“You’re Scott Stevens.”

The boy replies and Stevens lowers the glasses and winks before sliding them back up.

“You would be correct.”

Scott informs the kid who motions to the other boy.

“I told you it was him.”

The boy says causing his brother to come over to sit with them.

“Now, you know who I am, who might you two be?”

Stevens asks as the one who conversed with him replies first.

“I’m Robert and this is my younger brother, Jared.”

Robert replies and Scott chuckles a bit.

“What can I do for the both of you?”

The Texan asks the boys and the two look at one another.

“We just wanted to see if we could get a picture with you if you don’t mind?”

Robert asks and Stevens shakes his head.

“I don’t mind at all.”

Scott replies with a smile as he takes his sunglasses off and poses for the boy’s camera.

If you want some stuff signed I’ll be happy to sign it since my flight got delayed a few hours.”

Stevens says to the kids and their faces both light up with joy. They both leave to go back to their bags to get items while Scott reaches into his and pulls out a sharpie. The boys return with a HOW baseball cap, a football, a baseball, and a Denver Dimes jersey.


Stevens asks as Jared hands him the Dimes jersey.

“Well mister, the owner would never sign it for us.”

Jared tells Stevens who sighs.

“Of course he wouldn’t because he’s an asshole.”

Stevens replies as he gives the jersey his John Hancock. Stevens continues to sign the other items for them when Robert asks.

“Where you headed to? Back to Texas?”

Stevens looks up after signing the football and shakes his head no.

“Actually, I’m headed to Mexico for War Games.”

Robert looks confused.

“Isn’t that like a week away?”

The boy asks and Scott nods.

“It is, but you know the life of a wrestler, we got events we have to attend, media we have to talk to, and other things so I thought it would be best to get settled in and get my mind on the match at hand.”

Stevens tells Robert as he places the sharpie back into his bag.

“And who will be winning War Games?”

The boy asks and the Texan smirks.

“Me, of course. Why? Who do you have?”

Stevens asks the boy who grins.

“I have a Texan winning, but it isn’t you.”

Robert informs Stevens who leans in his chair with a disappointed look.

“Let me guess, Dan Ryan?”

The curious tone causes the boy to grin and he shakes his head.

“I got Clay Byrd winning it.”

The boy replies and Stevens groans.

“CLAY BYRD?!?!?!?!?”

Stevens replies in a disappointed tone.

“Clay can’t even clothesline his way out of a wet paper bag much less win a War Games match.”

Stevens turns to Jared.

“You probably got Darin Zion winning don’t you?”

Stevens asks and the boy immediately shakes his head.

“Hell no! I have Conor Fuse winning.”

Jared’s answer draws a smile from the Texan and he points at Jared while looking at Robert.

“Now that is a smart answer because Conor Fuse is going to help me win.”

Stevens tells Robert who shakes his head.

“The Monster of Plainview is going to dominate!”

Robert backs up his choice selection causing Stevens to chuckle.

“The only “monstrous” thing about the Monster is his Texas size bad breath. When he opens his mouth to even breathe it be pinning more people than the fourth wall being broken. Hell, it’s the only thing Chuck Norris fears.”

Robert chuckles a bit.

“Besides your pick can’t beat my pick. iRank!, iRank!, iRank!”

Jared tells his brother and Stevens points to him and looks at Robert.

“Facts! Then you throw Mike Best into the mix and Clay’s chances of winning drastically go down.”

Stevens tells Robert who simply shrugs.

“Well, I’m sticking with my pick no matter what.”

Robert tells the two of them before taking a seat.

“At least you didn’t pick Christopher America.”

Stevens says to the kids and they both scrunch their noses.

“No way.”

Robert replies.

“That man has inappropriate relations with a belt.”

Jared replies causing Scott to laugh.

“That he does.”

Stevens tells the young man.

“Plus, he doesn’t like you very much.”

Stevens nods at Robert’s statement.

“He won’t admit this and he’d call me a liar, but before Jatt Starr started having inappropriate relations with Conor Fuse’s mom….”

Robert laughs at the statement and points to his brother.

“I use to date Christopher America’s mom.”

The boys look at each other with shocked looks.

“You use to date Betsy Ross?”

Jared asks curiously and Stevens nods.

“That’s correct. I use to read bed time stories to little Christopher about great battles like the Alamo and San Jacinto. I taught him about great legends like Davy Crockett who could jump the Mississippi River in a single bound. I taught him the great philosophies like remembering the Alamo and not to mess with Texas. I educated him on the first president, Sam Houston. Hell, I even bought him his first Bowie knife when he was nine, but no matter what I did he still hated me.”

Stevens informs the kids and they both nod.

“Yeah, when our parents got divorced it was hard seeing our mom with another guy.”

Robert tells Scott.

“It’s not like I was trying to take his mother away because in the morning she pledged allegiance to the flag, but at night she was honoring my Texas flag if you catch my drift.”

Stevens takes a moment to think before continuing.

“Looking back on it, maybe he’s mad that I had his mom screaming, “Remember the Alamo” every night whenever I planted my Texas flag in all of her glory holes.”

Stevens mutters before shrugging.

“However, at the end of the day the three most important words to live by is, “Fuck Christopher America.”

Stevens tells the two kids and they both nod in agreement and the image fades as Stevens continues to talk to them.


When is a person supposed to call it quits?

Is it family?

Is it doctors?

Is it the fans?

Is it your co-workers?

Or is it your employer?

My name is Scott Stevens and since 2012 I have been told I have no reason to be in HOW. Various people from Hall of Famers, to legends, to champions, to even self-proclaimed people who deemed themselves “great” have said I have no place in HOW, and yet here I am.

Who the fuck are they to judge me?

While others have taken breaks, left the company, retired, or even died; I have been here actively competing not taking a single day off. Have all those days been perfect and glorious? Absolutely not, but I still push on because this is my life and I love competing in that ring.

Christopher America can say I have no place in HOW, but he doesn’t have the passion and dedication to this company like I do. America surrendered and quit HOW when the going got tough just like his ancestors from France, but I never left.

Dan Ryan and Clay Byrd can say I’m an embarrassment to Texans, but they secretly wish they had a portion of my success in HOW.

The point is no one tells me when it is time to retire except me.

I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul and I know I am risking everything to win War Games and once again become the world champion, but its not selfish pride and ego that fuels me, but my family. I know the naysayers don’t see it, but when you are the one, the only that they rely on for everything you can’t just quit when obstacles arise. You can’t just call it quits because you get hurt.

Wrestling is my life and no one is going to take my life away without a God damn fight!

I’m coming to War Games with the intention to win because my team and I have something the other teams do not and that is heart and passion. This isn’t some secondary thing to us. We hunger to prove we are the best like a junkie needing their next fix. While the other teams will stab each other in the back my team has the same goals:

Win at all costs.

Cripple the Final Alliance.

Maintain control of the LSD title.

Capture the World title.

Can the other teams say that?

People want me gone and the only way I’m leaving Mexico is with 97 Red firmly wrapped around my waist.