Zombie Wizard?

Zombie Wizard?

Posted on July 22, 2020 at 7:36 pm by Chris Kostoff

Valrico Florida::

(The sun is setting on another hot day. The setting sun is covering up by clouds as the summer rains begin to set up shop. He is sitting in a chair looking out on his property. His dog lays at his feet as he takes a drink from a bottle of water.)

Kostoff: So, last week was a fun time eh? Another loss, that was about a bummer. But, this kid Lovejoy? Lovelace? Does it even fucking matter?

(He shakes his head and sighs.)

Kostoff: Well, I’m gonna call you fuck face. That makes it easier for me.

Kostoff: So this kid shows up, whacks me with a chair and thought he was gonna not get the shit beat out of him? He thought he was gonna make a name for himself by attacking me? Who the fuck does this water head think he is?

(Annoyed now, he gets up from his chair. His dog looks up and sighs. Kostoff makes his makes his way across his yard and walks slowly to his fence. Leaning against it, he closes his eyes.)

Kostoff: I took a moment and watched your little promo boy. You are truly a idiot. I cannot stress that enough, you are a fucking idiot.

Kostoff: So, you wanted to know how to stop a zombie wizard? What the fuck is a zombie wizard? Where the actual fuck did you pull that shit from? What the fuck kind of jackass are you?

(He shakes his head as he opens his eyes and stares into the camera.)

Kostoff: Look fuck face, I want you to fully grasp the danger you put yourself in this week.

Kostoff: See, you are trying to recruit your lady to help you out. You do understand that I will throw her through a fucking wall right? You are willing to put your chick in the line of fire due to your own ignorance right? Do you fully understand what you are about to have happen to you and to her? Are you?

(He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a can of Longhorn straight.)

Kostoff: I do this only when I get really fucking pissed off.

(Opening the can he takes out a pinch of chew and puts it into his cheek. He waits a minute then spits out a wad of tobacco.)

Kostoff: You see Fuck Face, this week will be your indoctrination into a whole new world of pain and suffering.

Kostoff: I am not really sure you understand me. See me, I don’t care about wins or losses. I’m HOW I have done it all. A win doesn’t get me more of a paycheck. My money is set boy. I am here this week for a fight. I love a good fight.

Kostoff: So what that means for you Fuck Face, is you are going to experience pain and suffering like never before. You thought the No Remorse I drove your ass to the mat was ruff? Just wait til I start to land punches to your dumbass body. I am going to take tremendous joy in hurting you. It will be a orgasmic pleasure you watch you squirm in pain. I will giggle with glee like a school girl watching you suffer.

(He spits into his yard again.)

Kostoff: I plan to make you bleed. I plan to hurt you. I plan on making you limp away in pain. Trust me when I tell you this….

(He leans into the camera. His eyes wide in anger.)

Kostoff: I will fuck you up. Hell I may lose. I would gather that I don’t care, and you would be right with that deduction. What I want? What I want is to fucking hurt you, bad.

Kostoff: I’m going to hurt you. I am going to make sure that you bleed. Why you might ask?

Kostoff: Because I can. You aren’t going to stop me. The chick with stretch marks around her lips won’t.

(He leans away from the camera)

Kostoff: Fuck face, I am going to hurt you. I am gonna whoop your ass boy.

Kostoff: Be ready…I sure as fuck will be.

Kostoff: See ya in the ring mother fucker.

(He turns around and makes his way across his yard as the scene fades to darkness.)