Fruit Cake Mold

Fruit Cake Mold

Posted on January 11, 2021 at 3:56 am by Devin DeSean

The scene opens to Devin sitting on a stool watching Stevens’s shoot ending, he starts speaking as he stands to face the camera.

” How to boringly address your opponent:101 by Sean “Triple X” Stevens….You are truly amazing…like so amazing, you are supposedly a seasoned……..” Devin feigns like he is impressed before continuing.

“Amazing. Truly amazing. I can tell you are a good dance partner, hopefully I don’t move to fast and leave you TRIPPING over your second left foot. “ A smug look on his face as he shadow dances a waltz.

“Where are my manors, Hello there! It’s the FRESH MEAT, PRETTY BOY Devin DeSean! ” sarcastically said, turning back to the camera.

” I asked around about you at a few places that have contacted me to be in their shows. None of them could offer up anything about you other then… “ pausing.

” HE IS HUNGRY, He IS ANGRY, YOU WILL LEARN, and WHO? “ Switching back to normal tone.

“Sweet old thing! You used my own line like it means something…I AM NEW, I AM SELF ABSORBED, I AM NOT NEW,¬† but what it appears that I’m better then you already, and you proved it by following my lead in this initial round of the dance card. You see, while PRETTY BOY may be a shinny NEW Nickle and into making sure every surface is polished and clean. “ Devin stops moving around for a moment and poses using his hands to showcase his highly conditioned body.

“This is indeed something that gives me the edge in being called to work before those other wrestlers you alluded to in your diatribe, trying to make me feel unsure if I can measure up to you. Honestly I don’t know and don’t care about you, what you have done, or anything else. Because when we get in the ring, I will show you all the hard work and attention to detail that created this Adonis PRETTY BOY Facade….is backed by just as tightly managed ability! “ He clasps his hands together.

“So you see TRIPPY Stevens, your old timey mentality is great and all, but honestly you are not good at this waltz anymore, if you ever! even! were! So to be honest….I will go ahead and focus away from you for a quick moment… “ A smug smile of insincerity finds its place on Devin’s face.

“HOW Jesus Congrats on your victory, I am glad you survived. Hopefully we get to meet in the ring. With that said let me get back to you Stevens. Don’t want to make a rookie mistake and look past the task at hand! “ He stands there and has a look of disappointment almost.

” Now, lets visit your claim that if I asked people that know you they would say you are one of the Best Wrestlers in the world…. “ Devin lets out a sigh as he shakes his head.

“You are not even trying to keep up with me in these steps I fear, so back to the basics. You are the issue with this business, you have been around for long enough and put in the blood, sweat, and tears. Probably spent some time laid up from an injury and because¬† came back, you think this makes you one of the best in the world. You may be good at the business, maybe even great….There is simply the fact that after asking around and I got the previously stated cookie cutter responses. “ Devin pauses and lets those watching digest what has been said.

” Sean Stevens, if this is what you have to offer as competition for me then I feel sorry for your past opponents and even more the fans watching. I mentioned how much the competitors have been cookie cutter and you swallowed every bit of that bait! You pointed out very obvious character flaws of me, PRETTY BOY Devin DeSean! It makes it very clear that you are not one of the cookie cutters, you are a mold…and not just any mold Stevens! NO, Oh lord bless your sweet pathetic heart! “ Devin claps his hands together again while letting out a small chuckle.

“At least people will eat the cookies made from the cutters, you are something that hardly anyone cares to take in! “ Devin pauses centered in the camera frame and move a bit closer.

“You, Sean TRIPLE X Stevens! Are nothing more then an old crusty FRUIT CAKE! “ With the emphasis at the end, Devin walks out of the cameras view.