Forward, Flashback; Walking the Line

Forward, Flashback; Walking the Line

Posted on February 17, 2024 at 6:32 pm by Brian Hollywood

There’s two types of pathways in life and both those types of pathways have absolute meaning to them.  They are both very popularly known as fate and destiny.  However, there is a third pathway that some perceive outside of the realm of fate and destiny.  It’s called luck and luck is for those that don’t believe in fate nor destiny.  It was different for me, however, as any normal terminology you can think of doesn’t hold the same weight for me like most people.  That’s because there is absolutely no such things as lucky, fate or destiny.  I just simply never bought into that mythology or, mind you, the natural idea of it.  I have never, nor will ever treat it as so.  I was a walking mystery..hell, I pretty much invented mystery and built a legacy on it.  Even now, despite what’s at the very core of my DNA, I consider myself the Master of Mystery.  I’ve more than built a career out of it to give myself that title.  However, life has a way of dictating a particular outcome which is often called a reflection point in time..or a fixed moment in time where no matter what decision you make, you will always arrive on the same path.  I may not have no longer believed in fate or destiny, but my life itself had different plans and perhaps where I was heading there was just no way around it.  Something tells me I’m about to find that out.  I already did recently once and that day just so happened to be the last day of the year.  Typical that it ended so shitty that it practically complimented my wrestling career in 2023 which was yes, you guessed it, shitty.  Isn’t life just so full of irony and big fucking jokes?!  Well, I was definitely about to find that out first hand and it would certainly go on to change my life whether I was ready for it to or not….so let me tell you all a story…a story about this mark on my forehead and what it means to me.  A story about just why I may have gotten destiny and fate all wrong in the first place…





December 31, 2023


Los Angeles, California


The Chair’s Lounge


Loc Collins: “Are you sure you want to storm these gates, Hollywood?!”


Brian Hollywood: “You worry about what you need to worry about!  This is something that MUST be done!  It’s why you’re the only one who was close to The Chair that you had access to his biggest safe house and personal haven in which he also keeps all of his information on catalog.  Anything and everything in there obviously has strategic value.  I’m done being partially on the outside.  This fucking ENDS today!”


Hollywood had had enough of being in the shadows.  He was hell bound and determined, as well as in a position, where he could finally bring everything to an end when it came to all the mystery that surrounded The Chair and his secret identity.  Hollywood was a master of mystery and it was high time that he continued to not only prove that, but establish that status once and for all.


Loc Collins: “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.  I’m absolutely terrified of the man.  How can you be so calm?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Easy.  It’s because I know exactly who he is and I have nothing more to fear from him.  I’m going to bring his world crashing down on him for a change!”


Hollywood and Loc arrived at a set of elevator banks.  Obviously The Chair’s secret lair, The Lounge, was big enough it was practically a maze.  It was a labyrinth and that wasn’t an accident just in case The Lounge was ever under siege from the outside.  The Chair knew his entire complex very well.  He had the absolute tactical advantage over anyone who would ever step inside the near impenetrable fortress.  He was always well prepared and well equipped to handle it.  However, today that was going to be put to the ultimate test.  Hollywood was on a mission and what he knew was going to let it come to light no matter what.  There is a seriousness to Hollywood as he doesn’t hesitate to enter the elevators.  There is no fear detected in his eyes or his demeanor tonight.  In the past, The Chair’s fear reached far and wide, but today wasn’t that day as Hollywood proceeds deeper into the complex without any care in the world.  What he knew was what was giving Hollywood the sort of emotion but non emotion that drove him unwavering into the belly of the beast.


Brian Hollywood: “Hit the button, Loc.  I know you know it!”


Loc Collins: “Sigh…don’t you think we should rethink this?!”


Hollywood stares coldly at Loc like he’s getting ready to punch him in the face.  Loc didn’t even need any dialogue from Hollywood to know what Hollywood was thinking.  Hollywood impatiently responds anyway.


Brian Hollywood: “I said hit. The. Fucking. BUTTON!!!”


Loc’s eyes widen clearly as Hollywood was on the verge of bursting out in a violent fit of rage.  These are emotions that we haven’t seen from Hollywood in a long time and it was just building up inside of him.  It was figured that Hollywood and The Chair were heading towards a breaking point, especially after everything Hollywood has had to sacrifice since he started working with his arch nemesis.  Loc finally hits the button as the elevator all of a sudden goes down.  What was interesting about that, though, was the fact that they were already on the main level on the floor.  But there was most certainly a secret button that no one knew about unless you knew the layout of The Chair’s Lounge lair.  Hollywood certainly knew this which is why he had Loc leading him through the elaborate mystery that was The Chair’s sacred grounds.


Loc Collins: “I hope you’re prepared to accept the consequences of this decision and how it’s going to effect those around you….particularly ME!  I thought you had a heart, Hollywood, and that you genuinely cared for people!”


Loc certainly had a point there.  However, Hollywood wasn’t phased by Loc’s fear.  Hollywood may have cared for people, but he was at his breaking point here and at this junction, he really didn’t care about the collateral damage…but he sure as hell calculated the end result.


Brian Hollywood: “I’m getting answers from that way or another, Loc!”


Loc sighs as finally the elevator arrives on the undetected area that was secret in The Lounge by those closest to The Chair.  Luckily Loc was that detection for Hollywood.  He still legitimately cared for Loc’s safety and concerns, but with getting no closer to Hollywood’s sister Serenity’s killer, he wasn’t going to get dictated by The Chair’s terms and agreements any longer….especially since Hollywood knew the truth of The Chair’s secret identity.  The elevator doors open as Hollywood doesn’t waste another second to step off the elevator.  To no one’s surprise, The Chair was sitting in the center of the room and he was sitting on a big chair that he considered his throne.  The Chair stood up fast, though, as he wasn’t expecting Hollywood whatsoever.  For the first time in probably the longest time, Hollywood was one step ahead of The Chair for once.  This of course caught The Chair off guard as he was always five moves ahead of everyone..but for some reason, didn’t see this one coming.  Hollywood doesn’t hesitate to pace himself towards The Chair as The Chair puts his hand up in defense as if trying to get answers.  He truly was surprised and at a loss for words to see Hollywood in the flesh in his domain.


The Chair: “What the FUCK is going on here?!  Also, I don’t ever remember inviting you here, Hollywood!  How the hell did you even get in here?!  This alliance of ours is very fragile…yet you have the fucking BALLS to come onto my court where you know nothing here!”


Brian Hollywood: “You can thank your top deputy for the tour you son of a bitch!”


The Chair: “LOC?!  You have the NERVE to bring him into my own palace?!  I’m going to watch you suffer!”


Hollywood shoves Loc behind him as he’s not concerned for their little squabble.


Brian Hollywood: “He should be the least of your concerns right now…brother!”


The Chair: “Yes you’re right I’ll just have to deal with him lat–“


The Chair pauses as he just finally caught what Hollywood just said.


The Chair: “Wait….WHAT the fuck did you just call me?!”


Brian Hollywood: “You heard what I said loud and clear!   I called you brother because you actually ARE my fucking brother!  What?  You can’t pretend you didn’t know!  I know for a fact you’ve been trying to pull the strings and keep yourself out ahead in all of this!  With hunting down Serenity’s killer and performing my duties in HOW, you actually failed to mention that you and I are actually blood related!”


The Chair looks at Hollywood with confusion.  Surely he had to have known this whole time, right?


The Chair: “What the fuck are you even talking about?!  You and I BROTHERS?!  That’s got to be the most delusional bullshit I’ve ever heard!  That’s preposterously low, even for you!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, well, it’s true motherfucker!  Drink it in, man!”


Hollywood is obviously pissed but definitely smart ass talking The Chair and The Chair can’t believe what he’s hearing.


The Chair: “The actual set of balls you have never seizes to amaze me you ignorant son of a bitch!  Perhaps it’s time I showed you how to properly RESPECT ME!!”


The heat is off the charts between the two arch nemesis.  All the buildup has seemingly led to this as the two walk towards each other, ready to take this to physical contact.


Brian Hollywood: “This last year and a half of my life has been lost because of you!  You not only wasted my time leading me on this empty trail of our sisters killer, but you’ve effectively cost me a year and a half AND my god damn reputation in my wrestling career and all for what?!  WHAT are you really after here?!”


The Chair: “I won’t stand for this blatant disrespect!  I’m about to show you just what happens when you cross me and you can’t show me the respect I DESERVE!”


Brian Hollywood: “SAVE IT YOU FUCKING PRICK!  I no longer have ANYTHING left!  My company, Hollywood Enterprises is half way blown to shit!  My mansion is in ruins and Audrey wants NOTHING to do with me after you put her in a fucking coma!  And I’ve become the laughing stock in High Octane Wrestling…a company I once DOMINATED with authority…and now all I am is a fucking JOKE!  YOU are responsible for ALL OF IT!!!  We’re ending this here and NOW!”


The Chair may be pissed off beyond all logic, but he was having a hard time believing the words that were coming out of Hollywood’s mouth.  It didn’t seem to matter right now, though, as the two were well on their way to a physical altercation for the first time that had been building for literal years now.  These two were ready to go to war with each other and for the first time, both men were about to get what they’ve always wanted….physical combat!


The Chair: “Then what are you waiting for….LET’S FINISH THIS!!!”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh I’m going to fucking ENJOY this!  I’ve been waiting years for this…I’m not waiting any longer!”


And with that, Hollywood and The Chair finally CLASH!  The two of them start throwing down fists on the other.  Hatred, several years of pent up negative energy was about to be released like a nuclear fucking bomb!  The two continue to fight before The Chair grabs a broken off piece of metal pipe and it was burning hot.  Hollywood is able to find a link of chain as he wraps it around his fist.  Both men take a swing at the other and both men are able to get very decisive hits on each other.  The adrenaline is pumping between them both as they don’t realize the physical pain they’ve already bestowed on the other.  Hollywood charges at The Chair again but The Chair kicks him in the abdomen and to the absolute surprise of Hollywood, The Chair grabs him and hits an actual suplex on Hollywood.  Hollywood clenches his back as he was still in awe The Chair was able to do that.


The Chair: “Yea, didn’t think I knew how to do that, did you?!  You’d be surprised the amount of actual wrestling I know how to do…why do you think we were able to connect on the subject?!”


Hollywood wasn’t interested or even remotely thinking about how much knowledge The Chair claimed he had, he was just interested in letting himself FEEL for the first time in so long.


Brian Hollywood: “Just shut the fuck up and let’s get on with this!  The only thing I’m interested in is shutting you the fuck up!  I want you to FEEL what I’ve had to feel all these years!  So stop being a god damn coward and come face this like a fucking man for once in your miserable god damn life!”


The Chair: “Don’t you speak to me like that you ingrate fuck!  You don’t even know how much I’ve actually sacrificed for you!”


The Chair shouts out loudly as he picks back up the hot metal pipe.  He looks to strike Hollywood with it, but Hollywood rolls out of the way.  Hollywood kicks the leg from out underneath The Chair as he falls closer to the ground with Hollywood.  This allows Hollywood and opportunity to strike.  He throws his chain covered fist straight into the face of The Chair as blood comes sputtering out.  Hollywood struggles to get back to his feet as he’s got gashes all over his body and another deep gash on his head.  The blood starts to roll down his eyes as he sees The Chair get back to his feet.  Both men are getting exhausted.  Hate does that to a man.  The sudden burst of energy it provides can be powerful, but if equally matched just right, it will just stall out within whoever controls it.  Hate was a powerful emotion to tap into…but it has its consequences once it runs its course.  The two enemies and blood brothers look each other dead in the eyes as they aren’t done tearing each other apart.  You can also see the pain that hides behind both sets of their eyes.  There’s a story for each of them as they share more in common than they realize.  Finally, the two of them charge one another looking to finish it.  Both swing at the same time and both of them are able to get their best hit on the other.  The Chair connects with a filthy shot to the top of Hollywood’s head right above his right eye with the hot metal pipe.  Hollywood was also able to get a filthy shot of his chain covered fist and amazingly, hit The Chair in the exact same place.  Both men fall to the ground dizzy and discombobulated.  However, The Chair leans over and begins to press the hot metal pipe to Hollywood’s very open and nasty gash on his forehead as Hollywood screams out in pain.


The Chair: “I never wanted this…ANY of this!!  But you just had to keep on pushing like you ALWAYS do!  Why can’t you just admit you’re just as broken as I am?!”


As The Chair continues to apply pressure to Hollywood’s gashed head, Hollywood feels his resolve weakening.  However, something inside of him just won’t quit. He just couldn’t.  Hollywood clenches his chain wrapped fist hard before he all of a sudden lies it on the hot metal pipe and places his hand on top pressing it down making the chain just as hot but in the process his hand is now burning.  The Chair doesn’t know what in the world he’s trying to do and why he’s seemingly giving himself MORE pain but as The Chair slowly figures it out, Hollywood lets go of the pipe with his hand, freeing his now red hot clenched chain wrapped fist.  He takes the chain and applies the same pressure to The Chair’s gashed head as now The Chair screams out in pain.  The two of them look each other dead in the eyes before The Chair releases his hold on Hollywood.  However, Hollywood doesn’t let up as he continues to look at The Chair almost as if he’s enjoying the pain.  Hollywood could see what he was doing at his own hands, going just as low as The Chair and the worst feeling is that he ENJOYED it..or was that the adrenaline talking?  It didn’t matter as just what The Chair told him moments ago starts to sink into him.  It was the first time he ever cried out like that admitting he was a broken man.  For whatever reason, it was the surrender that allowed Hollywood to let up as he looks down at The Chair about to pass out from all the pain and his injuries but is able to say one thing back to him.


Brian Hollywood: “…..Maybe I am just as broken as you….you can’t run from who you are as much as I can run away from who I am…maybe you and I are much more alike than we like to admit.  Is that what actual blood brothers are?!  My whole life I lived thinking I was all alone after Serenity was killed.  Is this who we REALLY are?!  Are we just destined to be broken men living in everyone else’s perfect world?  No one understands me like you do.  And no one understands you like I do.  Perhaps that’s…why…you and I can take it….perhaps that’s why……I…are the way we are.  Destined to be….broken….broken forever…..but….broken….to…to….together……….”


As Hollywood struggles to finish getting his last words, he falls to the ground and passes out right next to The Chair.  The Chair struggles to keep himself conscious as he hears the words from Hollywood.  It pained him just as much hearing them as Hollywood was saying them as the camera zooms in closing as a small tear falls from the eye of The Chair before he finally passes out as well.  The scene starts to pan out but catches Hollywood and The Chair’s hands laying on top of the other as the scene slowly fades to black.







Pretty graphic, huh?


Emotions are that way, I suppose.  Emotions are a means to an end.  They all have an end.


A happy ending.


A tragic ending.


A lonely ending.


You get the point.  Our feelings can be some of the best things ever…but they all have endings and it’s all about the balance of them.  I wanted to reveal to the world that I had a brother because it was just as an origin story a happy, tragic and lonely one.  Point is I hid and locked away a lot of pain that I didn’t want the world to see.  It consumed me for a long time.  I didn’t know how to use it, how to express it, and it was reckless and toxic.  It’s why I slipped away from feeling anything at all.  I stopped caring about my life.  All around it was destruction and toxic mistake after mistake.  When it finally caught up with my wrestling career that I have here in High Octane Wrestling, I spiraled further out of control.  I was at the end of my rope.  Promising to make things better but never owning up to them.  Never coming face to face with them.  Until, finally, I hit rock bottom and wanted to do something about it.


What happened at ICONIC for me was just the beginning.  Sure, my night ended in disappointment…but I gained clarity that night.  I told myself I didn’t want to be a disappointment anymore…not where my wrestling career was concerned.  So the next night, I finally came to terms with my own demons and my personal fight that I had put so much time into.  I had to confront it…but what I gained that night as it concluded all bloodied, battered and defeated was that sometimes in life it takes something…takes everything in your life to push yourself forward….even if it feels like you failed by the end of it.  But that’s where redemption can begin.  Life is always going to be about lessons and some you fail and some you succeed but you can’t find the success until you study your failures.


So I started training more and more.  I was no longer satisfied with just subpar bullshit.  That’s what got me into trouble the first time around.  I may have been putting on decent matches, but the way they ended could have been better prepared for.  If I was in better shape, mentally and physically, I could have given myself better opportunities.  So I pushed myself harder and harder.  Improved my physical mettle and my ambiguity.  The LBI started a brand new year and it started with a brand new slate.  The first task was facing my former best friend and Final Alliance member, Darin Zion.  Sure the match had personal written all over it…but it was about MORE than that to me!  Darin’s mistake was taking me for granted.  His mistake was overlooking me and treating me like I was this person he had put into his mind.  I mean, he was right, I had become a shell of my former self but I knew beating him I had to be the better man.  That’s why I didn’t just make our match personal, but I made this whole quest personal!  However, I didn’t do it for the shear reason that I have an axe to grind…I wanted this quest to mean that each and every week I would have to learn to become a BETTER man…a better WRESTLER. I still have a lot I have to prove…but I’m still atoning for my sins of the man I used to be…but I’m also wanting to do all of this the RIGHT way.  I wanted to EARN my victories and earn the respect of my peers because my name is still tainted in High Octane Wrestling…and I’m looking to make myself a better overall wrestler and a man and be impressed and proud of myself along the way.


That brings me to you, John Sektor.  You’re a man who has just continuously been a dominant force in High Octane Wrestling.  You really ARE the Gold Standard and your work shows that.  Your work also shows how much you’ve taken the HOTv Championship and turned it into THE most sought after title in HOW!  Sure, I would love to be HOW World Champion again, without question that is always the goal for me.  However, you have shown that you can hold any championship in High Octane Wrestling and have it mean the most to others.


You elevate it.


You promote it.


But most importantly you’ve FOUGHT for it and made it fucking matter!


I may talk all kinds of shit on the Final Alliance and talk about bringing you all down.  However, people have always respected the man that you are Sektor and you’re praised for it.  As you should be…but there are things that separate the two of us.  You are STILL a member of the Final Alliance and a man who blindly marches to the beat of the drum from your so called immaculate GOD of HOW, Lee Best, not caring or worrying about the consequences of your actions and who you hurt around you.


It’s THAT right there that I just simply can’t stand for or entertain.  I know you still desire to fight for your chance to win back the HOW World Championship.  But to me, right now, it’s that HOTv Championship you hold that feels like it’s the HOW World Championship and that’s an absolute testament of how much work you put into that HOTv Championship, Sektor, and I will always praise you for that.


But I WANT it back!  It’s time that someone else who wants to bring honor and respect to that championship wins it!  But I no longer want to see it in the hands of a man who could care less what kind of harm you bring to those around the HOW locker room or to the rest of these great fans that come and watch what we do week in and week out.


I’m still looking to be a better man, Sektor, and I’m not even close to being finished telling that story, John.  You and I are fixing to go to war for not only a chance to score more points in the LBI, but to add more prestige to that HOTv Championship!  I still plan on EARNING that championship from you and if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it the RIGHT way…and not a way where I have to take a cheap shot in doing so.  I want everything I do in that ring to you to matter Sektor…and I don’t want to do it in a way that’s just going to make people continuously feel like I don’t have any validation.


I’m absolutely sick and fucking tired of people looking at Brian Hollywood and seeing a god damn lost cause!  I’m tired of people looking at Brian Hollywood and just wishing he would just go away and that he’s no longer important or he isn’t a man who can do better for himself.  I want people to look at me and actually get people to change their opinion of me.  Everyone can have an opinion…that’s not what I mean by it.  I used to not care what people said or thought about me.  It’s why it’s called an opinion, because that’s just their viewpoint.


But there in lies the problem.  The problem is that opinion has become a VIEWPOINT and it’s that viewpoint that is staining the image I have of myself in HOW.  It’s also why I’m so desperate to change the narrative.  I don’t only want to change the history around here because of all the violence and poor treating that Lee Best and the rest of you Final Alliance boast about in High Octane Wrestling.  It’s that I can be proud of myself and give something BACK to not only everyone in that locker room but to all the fans that attends our shows.  They deserve everyone’s best on any given night.  That’s the appreciation I want to give back to the people and it’s about the message that I carry with me that I want to make sure gets pointed out and mentioned.


So if you’re looking to go below the belt and pile up on me like everyone else does…..GOOD!  I want you to berate me…I want you to belittle me because in the end, it’s just going to push me to be better even more!


I took what Zion said to me last week and I applied that in our match.  I pushed myself to be better and I used that against Zion because in the end, he’s still a fucking FOOL working with a bunch of TOOLS!


But I know you better than that, John.  I know you see your opponents much differently than everyone else does before that bell rings.  It’s why you’ve been so dominant in the first place!  You’re strength has always been about never underestimating your opponent and in a way, you still find a way to bring out the best in your opponents.  That’s what I’ve always liked about you, John, and it’s what makes you unique.


You and I have each traded our last couple wins.  I know you remember what happened to you when we fought in the HOW World Championship tournament a few years ago.  However, you did what Zion did and you didn’t see what I was fully capable of doing.  I just wanted it more than night and I proved that.  In our next fight, you took a different approach and it got you the victory.


Now here we are in another tournament in which when you and I clash in the center of the ring, it’s going to mean more than just another win for either of us.  Not only will the winner continue to earn points for themselves for a shot to move on at March to Glory to fight for the HOW World Championship, but we are fighting for the HOTv Championship.  You have already shown how great you have been and are when it comes to that HOTv Championship.  I know I have to bring my best self against you come time on Monday Night at Chaos.  It’s going to be one hell of a fucking fight but in the end it’s going to be about who wants it the most.


I would love nothing more than to beat you in that ring, John.  But it goes further for that for me.  I’m not only fighting to move on in this tournament and for the HOTv Championship….but I’m fighting to become the best version of myself that I KNOW that I can be!  I’ve climbed the mountain to the top before…I know what that’s like…but I want to be able to actually FEEL IT mean something to me.  The only way I can be sure of that, and to actually feel that is by showing that I have the willpower and the wrestling ability to know that I can beat you one on one straight up.


No cheating.


No shortcuts.


No excuses.


I’m fighting for my right to actually earn the respect of my peers and for people to actually look at me and say wow…I was absolutely wrong about Brian Hollywood.  He really is one of the greatest people we have on this roster and he really is a fighter!


THAT’S what I fucking want Sektor!  I love what we do and I will continue to do that until I can physically no longer lace up my boots.  It’s why I will no longer be distracted with my own personal bullshit and allow it to poison my performance in HOW.  It’s why I will always own up to my mistakes and fix them and get better for myself….not because it’s demanded or asked for…


But because it’s an EXPECTATION!  It goes without saying here in High Octane Wrestling and I just want the chance to show that I can actually belong and that I can do the same thing you can do.


Win or lose this week, you and I are going to have one hell of a fight…there’s no doubt about it.  But for you, this is just another match and for your chance to get yourself much closer to getting a shot at the HOW World Championship.  At least if you lose, no one is going to talk bad about you and tell you that you don’t have what it takes to cut it around here.


For me…it means much more because I know what I have inside me and what I have inside of me is the ability to do this just as good as you can!  To FEEL like you belong!  To EARN my place and know my worth here in High Octane Wrestling.


That’s what I have come to realize and it’s a realization that I should have been focused on much sooner.  It’s also the reason why I will no longer stand on the sidelines and in the shadows and take it.


I don’t deserve that and I know I don’t deserve that.


I know what I deserve and it’s the same thing that you’ve EARNED around here and all I want to do is earn it just as much as you did.


And come time for Monday night, that’s exactly what I plan on doing…


And maybe…..just maybe….I’ll be able to surprise you and everyone else in doing something that I know deep down and in my heart that I can do…