Form is Temporary

Form is Temporary

Posted on February 17, 2024 at 6:22 pm by John Sektor

Sektor bounded out of the cab, his polished loafers clicking against the pavement as he made a beeline for the main entrance of the hospital. His phone call with Solex had given him all the information he needed to confidently navigate the maze of corridors in the trauma centre. Adorned in an impeccably tailored all-white suit and a sleek black shirt, Sektor exuded sophistication and swagger. It was supposed to be a night of celebration, as he and Jatt planned to hit all the top nightspots in Columbus and paint the town red in honour of StarrSek Industries’ induction into the High Octane Wrestling Hall of Fame, solidifying their status as two-time Hall of Famers. But their plans were cut short when Solex, another member of their alliance known as Final Alliance, called with urgent news: Lee Best had been brutally assaulted and hospitalised after the latest edition of Chaos.

As he strode through the hospital’s dimly lit and eerie corridors, Sektor couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding. Suddenly, he spotted Solex leaning over a coffee machine, his figure illuminated by the dull glow of its light. The former war veteran turned to investigate the approaching footsteps and seemed surprised to see his stablemate heading towards him with purpose.

Sek-,” he gasped, lifting the styrofoam cup to his lips and blowing across it. “You didn’t have to come down here.”

“Fuck that!” Sektor grunted, clearly agitated and looking as though he was ready to fight the nearest person who looked at him the wrong way. “Where’s Lee? How’s he doing?”

Solex remained typically calm as he raised his eyebrows, shaking his head slowly.

“Not good, man. He’s in bad shape. The doctors are doing everything they can but it doesn’t look good.”

Sektors jaw bulged at both sides as he clenched his teeth together tightly.

“He’s waiting for an MRI to assess the damage to his spine. Right now he has no feeling below his waist. The doctors are hoping it’s just spinal shock..”

“I’ve had that,” Sektor interjected. “Swelling and trauma to the spinal cord. Damn near killed me, my heart almost cut out-“

“Yeah, well like I said, that’s the best case scenario,” Solex sighed. “His only real shot at being able to walk again by the sounds of it. I dunno, it’s too early to speculate.”

Sektor’s chest heaved up and down as the pent up anger inside of him was overwhelming. He hadn’t stopped to question why he had gotten so angry at the news of his boss’s condition, he had just reacted.

“You spoke to him?” Sektor asked, leaning against the coffee machine and turning his head slightly to look at Solex.

Solex merely gave him an affirmative nod.

“So you know who did this?” Sektor growled, having already convinced himself that he knew who the culprit was from the second he received the call.

Solex continued to give a slow but telling nod.

The look in Solex’s eyes confirmed it, the mutual hatred that the both shared towards the man who had caused all of this trauma. The same man who would be laughing his ass off if he knew that he ruined the entire Best Alliances’ night and sent them all on a trip to the local emergency centre.

Sektor’s voice was a low growl, his words emerging slowly from the depths of his throat.

“Jace,” he snarled.

With that he sent a clenched fist into the centre of the coffee machine, causing it to dent unapologetically as he turned to march off.

“I’m gonna end that mother-fucker,” he spat, beginning to head off in pursuit of Lee’s attacker.

Solex grabbed him firmly by the shoulder and spun him around, pointing a stern finger into his face.

“Be smart, brother!” he warned, eyes wide and glaring at Sektors’.

The Gold Standard had seen red and all he wanted to do was hunt down Jace and punch him repeatedly until his face was no longer recognisable.

“This is a big city and he’s long gone by now. He’s a fucking coward and he’ll know we’ll be after him. You’ll be wasting your time and energy,” Solex explained, trying to get through to Sektor.

Sektor squinted his eyes together as the thought of not reacting instantly hurt his head.

Solex knew the danger of letting his emotions rule him and he pleaded with Sektor to hear him out.

“You know what they say, Sektor, revenge is a dish best served cold.” He pointed out, trying to calm his friend down.

“I know what they say, Solex, but this is Lee we’re talking about! He’s family,” Sektor retorted.

Solex squeezed his shoulder, “Listen to me. We can’t go in there hot-headed and reckless. We need a plan, we need to gather intel, and then we strike. I know you want to kill him, but we can’t jeopardise our Alliance and our livelihoods over this.”

Sektor hesitated for a moment, then sighed.

“Alright, we’ll do it your way, but I’m warning you- if Lee doesn’t pull through, or if Jace ever gets within arms reach of me, I’m going to end him.”

Solex tightened his grip on his comrades shoulder and leaned in close.

“Not if I get there first,” he whispered, his voice barely above a whisper. “But for now, we do this the smart way. The way Lee would do it.”

Sektor nodded reluctantly.

“You and I have important matches to prepare for next week. Especially you,” he continued, pointing a finger in Sektors’ face. “You got a real shot of going the whole way and winning this bitch. It could be you and Mike headlining March to Glory and ensuring the World title stays in the Alliance.”

Just like that, it dawned on him. Where was Mike Best? Where was the boss’s son in his time of need?

“Where is Michael,” Sektor asked.

Solex seemed to hesitate for a moment before speaking. “Michael is unavailable at the moment. He’s dealing with his own business and responsibilities, but I assure you, he is aware of the situation and he’s not happy about it.”

Sektor’s jaw clenched. “Michael is always unavailable when it matters, but never unavailable when it benefits him. He’s a self obsessed little cunt who literally would be a fucking nobody without that man who is lying in there half crippled right now!”

Solex placed a hand on Sektor’s shoulder, trying to calm him down. “Listen to me, Sektor. Right now, we need to focus on getting through this and waiting for our time in the spotlight. We have leverage, we have power, and we have each other. Let’s use that to our advantage.”

Sektor nodded, his eyes never leaving the ground. “You’re right. I’ll protect our interests and avenge Lee’s injury. But when the time comes, I won’t hesitate to end Jace if he dares step foot in this ring again.” Solex gave Sektor a firm nod, understanding the frustration simmering below the surface.

“Let’s focus on the task at hand and prepare for our upcoming matches. After all, it’s in our power to keep the World title in the Best Alliance and bring glory to Lee Best.”

Sektor’s blood was boiling. Angry with Jace, angry with Mike and angry with the whole fucked up situation.

“Oh I will. Mark my fucking words I will take that title from that ungrateful little piss ants hands at March to Glory and lead this company how it ought to be led. And I will avenge his father.”

“So help me God!”


Sektor had been more distracted than usual whilst preparing for his next LBI tournament match against Brian Hollywood. He was sparring with his protege Eve in the ring and Eve had been instructed to emulate Hollywood as best as she could to provide Sektor with a suitable simulation. It was as much of a learning exercise as it was for Sektor to sharpen his skills and prepare for his opponent.

Sektor’s mind kept wandering back to the recent injury of Lee Best and the promise he made to Solex to handle the situation with patience and intelligence. He silently vowed to prove his loyalty to the Best Alliance and find a way to bring justice to his fallen friend, all while ensuring that the World title remained within their grasp.

As the sparring session continued, Sektor found himself getting more and more lost in thought, his focus on the task at hand faltering. He took a deep breath and refocused on the task in front of him, pushing aside his feelings of anger and resentment towards Jace and Michael Best.

Then his thoughts switched to Chloe, his troubled daughter who had recently come back into his life. She had only that day returned back to school after serving a suspension, and near expulsion, for stabbing another pupil in the hand with a fork.

He sometimes wished for simpler times. Times when he was self-indulgent and didn’t care about anybody but himself. He reminded himself that they were lonely and loathing times and that there was a reason why he was on a path to becoming a better version of himself.

Eve spotted the change in Sektor’s demeanour and decided to take matters into her own hands. She picked up the pace of her sparring, mimicking Hollywood’s aggressive style and hoping to finally get Sektor’s attention.

Just as Sektor returned from hitting the ropes, and still lost in his own thoughts, he found himself eating one of Eve’s boots as she fired it down his throat after executing a near perfect Claymore kick.

With a sickening crack, Sektor’s head snapped back violently as his feet were lifted from the canvas. He hung suspended for a moment before crashing down unceremoniously onto the mat, the sound of bone meeting canvas echoing through the arena. The audience gasped in shock and horror, some covering their eyes or looking away from the gruesome sight. The impact seemed to reverberate through the entire ring, leaving a tense silence in its wake. Sektor lay motionless, his body contorted in an unnatural position, as if broken beyond repair. Blood trickled from his mouth, mixing with the sweat on his face and staining the canvas beneath him. It was a brutal and disturbing scene that Eve wished she could look away from.

“John!” Eve screamed. “Are you okay? I’m so-so sorry!”

Sektor spat out his gum shield, having made the wise decision whilst sparring and practicing how to avoid Hollywood’s ‘Executive Promise’ – the name he gave to the destructive kick to the teeth he had just taken from Eve.

“Nice shot kid,” Sektor groaned, his eyes a little glassy as he stared up at the lights.

Eve cocked her head like a confused dog as she stared down at her master. Sektor felt the full force of the kick alright, but it was no comparison to the real thing that Hollywood delivered, with the added 225lbs of weight behind it as opposed to barely half that of Eve’s.

“You okay?” she asked, her voice wavering slightly.

“Yeah,” he replied, a little laugh escaping his lips before it turned into a cough. “Just making sure we’re ready for Hollywood. That’s what this is all about, right?”

“Right,” she said, her voice still unsteady. “You know, I was worried for a second there, John. You’re not invincible.”

He managed a grin. “Oh, I’m pretty damned close, kiddo.”

He rolled over onto his side, and she helped him up.

“But seriously, that was a nice shot. Let’s keep practicing.”

They continued their sparring session, Sektor pushing himself harder each time to ensure he was in top-notch condition for his upcoming match, knowing that he had to make a statement to the rest of the roster.

He knew that he had to prove that he was still the top dog in the HOTv division, and that no one would ever be able to take that title away from him.

Eve extended a hang and Sektor smirked, almost laughing as he grabbed Eves and allowed her to help him up to his feet. He took a second to get his balance before wiping the remaining residue of blood from his mouth whilst assessing what just happened.

He shook his head, painfully disappointed with himself.

“What is it?” she asked, trying to read him and always curious to gain insights into how his mind worked so that she could satisfy her thirst to learn.

“I gotta sort my fucking head out,” he admitted, letting out a deflated sigh as he walked to the corner of the training ring and leaned against it. “As good as you are, that shouldn’t have happened. If Hollywood pulls that off against me then everything is fucked.”

“You don’t know that,” she tried to reassure him.

“Oh I do!” he said firmly, eyes wide and convinced. “I’ve been there before against that mother fucker. I don’t care how shitty his record was last year, I’ve felt that kick and not been able to answer the three count!”

Eve seemed surprised to hear her mentor being so candid and honest about his past failures. She held him on such a high pedestal that he seemed almost invincible, in spite of her telling him otherwise only moments earlier.

“This match-” he continued, looking into empty space as he began to mull over the magnitude of this upcoming match up. “This is the big one. This one is fucking must win otherwise it’s all over for me.”

Eve had spent enough time with Sektor by then to notice his cue’s and she knew when to stay silent. His eyes were telling her that he had gone to a place in his mind where he was processing everything about the match and what was at stake. Any words of reassurance or encouragement would be futile and likely lead to her getting chewed out.

“He’s started the new year with a win and three points in the bag. I too have three points. So if I beat him this week what does that mean?”

Eve thought carefully, not wanting to make any mistakes.

“It means you’ll have six points and he will only have two. The odds of you progressing out of the group and to the final of the tournament increase significantly as it will be in your full control, whilst the best he can hope for is that he wins his final match and that you lose, which would put you both on even points. Even then, if there is a tie-breaker it will likely be a head to head rule, and as you beat him that would mean that you would progress to the finals anyway-” she finished, looking to Sektor to see how well she had done.

“Very good,” he smiled. “Although, it’s best not to speculate as to what the tie-breaker would be in that situation, but the point remains that I would be in the strongest position to advance.”

“What about the other two in the group? MItchell and Zion?”

Sektor waved his hand dismissively.

“We are talking about a scenario of Hollywood having to then beat MItchell in his final match. My final point will always be that I have to win all three matches no matter what to guarantee my place in the finals. I wouldn’t have it any other way. One, I don’t want to lose my HOTv championship and two? What kind of World champion would I be if I had a loss on my record in this calendar year?”

This seemed to resonate with Eve as she held almost identical ideologies of what a World champion should be.

“My point is,” he continued. “-Is that If I lose this week, then I’m completely and royally fucked. Not only would I lose the HOTv championship – which would fucking hurt me worse than I could possibly even BEGIN to explain – but In all likelihood my ambitions of winning the tournament and winning the World championship would effectively be over.”

He allowed that to sink in with Eve before lowering his eyes towards her.

“And what do you think my motivation will be like heading into the final group match in that scenario?”

Eve stared at Sektor, understanding the gravity of the situation. She knew that losing this week could not only mean the end of his championship title, but also the end of his journey to become the World champion. She had seen him win countless matches, but this one seemed to have a different intensity to it. It wasn’t just about winning or losing; it was about everything he had fought for and the path he had taken to reach this moment.

In that silent moment, Sektor broke the silence with a heavy sigh.

“So, what’s the plan, kid? How do we make sure that never happens? How do we make sure that I don’t just win, but dominate this fucking match?”

Eve thought for a moment, scraping the surface of her memory, trying to remember the perfect strategy that would give Sektor the upper hand over Hollywood. She had seen some of his matches, but was struggling to think of any form of game plan.

“You have been studying him, haven’t you?” he asked, like a teacher testing her to see if she had actually done her homework.

“I have,” she timidly replied. “It’s just-“

“What?” he snapped, growing impatient.

“Well, he just doesn’t seem to have any obvious weaknesses,” she admitted, her voice a little shaky as she worried that her assessment may have been incorrect.

Sektor smirked.

“Nor should he,” he exclaimed. “He’s a veteran and has been doing this for as long as I have. And he’s a future Hall of Famer. I should know, I fucking voted for him this year -“

“You did?” she gasped, surprising even herself by how shocked she was by that revelation.

“I did! Shitty year or not, the man has achieved a lot in this business and he’s a fucking warrior. I respect him a lot or else why the fuck would I be so worried about this match?”

Eve nodded. She was starting to get it. Up until that point she had wondered why he was so audibly concerned about facing Hollywood who had such a poor win/loss record in HOW in recent times, compared to how relaxed he seemed when he took on the majority of the HOW roster in a gauntlet at Iconic.

“It doesn’t matter what he’s done or what I’ve done. It’s what we do in the ring and on the night. That’s all that matters. But If I don’t get this straight?” he said, poking a forceful finger into his own head and causing it to dimple in his temple as he applied pressure. “Then I ain’t going to survive.”

He took in a deep breath puffed out his cheeks as he strolled forward from the corner of the ring, beginning to pace around.

“All I should be thinking about right now is Brian Hollywood and nothing else. But instead all I can think about is grabbing hold of Mike Best and shaking him like a British nanny – asking him why the fuck am I the one worrying about his father and not him? And all I want to do is hunt down Jace Parker Davidson and snap his fucking neck so that he spends the rest of his miserable life breathing through a straw and relying on some butch lesbian to wipe his bed-sore ridden ass for him!”

His words yelled and echoed off the walls of the near empty training area of the Gold Standard Wrestling Academy.

“So now I have to do the most difficult thing that any great champion has to do. I have to compartmentalise all of that shit. All of my worries about Lee, Mike, Jace and even my fucking daughter. I have to lock all of that away in a box and force myself to focus on one man long enough to survive a fucking match and move on to the next one.”

“How do you do it?” she dared to ask.

Sektor turned sharply towards her and moved swiftly so that his face was merely inches from hers.

“It’s fucking HARD – EVE!” he yelled, breathing heavily as he felt his blood beginning to poison from the stress of it all.

They shared a moment of silence as Sektor raked his fingers through his hair. Eventually he calmed himself down and turned back towards her.

“But I’ll do it. Like I do almost every week. Because that’s what it takes to be a winner and to be a champion. I will certainly not underestimate Brian Hollywood, but he will be licking his lips and looking to exploit any weaknesses of mine that he can sniff out.”

Eve nodded, having absorbed ever syllable of information that Sektor had thrown at her since she had kicked him in the mouth.

“I guess it’s important not to dwell on an opponent’s form,” she suggested.

Sektor smiled proudly, realising that the penny had dropped with her.

“Indeed. Form is temporary, Eve. But class? –

-Class is permanent!”