For the Right Reasons

For the Right Reasons

Posted on August 20, 2020 at 8:13 pm by Lee Best

Lee pours more whiskey into his glass and turns falls into his chair behind his desk. But this is not the desk at his home.

Where the GOD of HOW sits now is where he sat for many a year and has finally returned for No Remorse…….the rebuilt Best Arena.

Lee Best: For many years I sat in this very spot and ran the greatest wrestling company in the world. Then literally it crumbled and fell around me and just like the original arena, HOW closed up and it wasnt until the dust settled that a potential return was thought out. You see I was perfectly content NOT having a Best Arena, a wrestling company to run, but when my Son came calling with this grand idea of a return……..well as cautious as I was….the return would not be complete until this happened……The Best Arena.

Lee stands up and motions for the cameraman to follow him as they exit Lee’s office and begin to walk down the halls of the rebuilt arena.

Lee Best: This very company was built on the shoulders of men like Chris Kostoff…..there is no doubt about it. To think that in 2020 that Jatt Starr would return but only to have his daughter wrestling and doing better than he ever did at the end…..well it just speaks to the history in this company.

Lee pauses as motions for the cameraman to capture the images on the wall.  On both sides of the hallway are framed pictures on the walls. Each picture is of a Hall of Famer. Right now Lee is standing between the posters for Jatt and Kostoff.

Lee Best: These two motherfuckers know me better than most. As far away as the golden era of HOW seems to be, its really not. As much as I think this roster is as soft as fucking soft can be……there is TALENT. I just wish these so called big boys and big girls had the same resolve and toughness that Kostoff and Starr had and still have. For every Dan Ryan, who would work in every era of HOW, there is a pussy like Eric Dane. Lets keep walking…

The GOD of HOW continues down the hallway and takes a quick couple turns and suddenly we are in the gorilla position behind the curtain and High Octane Vision screen.

Lee takes a seat behind some monitors.

Lee Best: You know I have NEVER sat here for a show. Never saw the point of being this close to the action and NOT doing something. For 18 years men have stood right behind that curtain and for better or worse they have gone out there and gave me their TIME and EFFORT to PERFORM. Some shit the bed….others never realized their full potential, and some……a very select few…….walked out there for all the right reasons and win or lose they attacked it from the right perspective.

Best now stands and slowly walks thru the curtain and slowly heads down the ramp towards the ring. The cameraman follows him as the sounds of their footsteps on the metal rampway echoes with literally no one inside the arena. Lee takes a lap around the ring an finally stops and leans against the ring, deciding NOT to enter the ring.

Lee Best: Since the return I have made a point not to be the focal point of the company. I have taken everything I enjoy to do within the world of High Octane and tossed it aside, so the fragile egos would have all the room they needed. Saturday…….well Saturday everyone can go fuck themselves. Saturday is about me. Saturday is about Kostoff. Saturday we see the true end of an era in High Octane Wrestling and I am here for it. If the inmates want to run the prison and think they can do it better than I can… fucking be it. But I swear to fucking GOD….If I came out the winner on Saturday……..things are going to change around here. You suck ass? I am going to call you out on it. The go home show for No Remorse was the lowest rated show since the restart!!! You fuckers will have HELL to pay if I am come out the otherside of No Remorse.

Lee pats the apron and then points up to section 214.

Lee Best: Before we leave…

The camera zooms in and we see a single seat colored in full 97 red. It has the name Joe Bergman on it.