For America? For The Throne? For……Television? (LL2)

For America? For The Throne? For……Television? (LL2)

Posted on February 9, 2023 at 10:29 pm by Scott Stevens

Lethal Lottery.

I sound like a broken record every time I mention this time of year, but it doesn’t make it any less factual when I remind everyone that this is every wrestler’s favorite time of the year. Sure we have tournaments at the beginning of the year to determine who Marches to Glory as we head into the spring season. We have other big seasonal events with War Games, Rumble at the Rock and ICONIC. Plus, we have our ever changing themed pay-per-view to round out the year, but Lethal Lottery is different because it’s a pay-per-view level event on free television.

What other event does High Octane Wrestling offer that has everyone vying for a championship opportunity?

The answer is none.

Lethal Lottery is the ultimate luck of the draw because it doesn’t discriminate or have any bias with the selections that it makes. You have could have friends fighting each other. You might have alliances, teams, stables, family, and comrades in arms destroyed in a single night. You could even have unexpected individuals making history when normally they wouldn’t be given the opportunity. Lethal Lottery is all about unpredictability and the true underdog opportunity. The last Lethal Lottery I competed in I didn’t challenge for a title, but I became the number one contender for the World championship when I won a battle royal last eliminating Jace Parker Davidson.

However, that only happens if you are one of the few lucky ones that are chosen.

Nothing in Lethal Lottery is guaranteed because there is only a handful of opportunities you have that night and this upcoming Saturday you have an opportunity at the HOTv, LSD, and World titles. The Tag titles will not be defended this year and just because there was a battle royal the previous year to give opportunity to the people who weren’t selected doesn’t mean that is guaranteed as well because the only matches announced on the marquee that night in Cleveland is the three titles mentioned above. You can come in expecting to compete and leave with nothing after patiently waiting for three hours.

Lethal Lottery can give anyone the greatest opportunity if selected because it doesn’t matter if you are a Hall of Famer, a Legend, or even an Alumnus because all are on equal footing that night. Oh, you were you spotlighted because you happened to be the Wrestler of the Week, Month or Year? Lethal Lottery doesn’t care because on this night chaos reigns and you have no control over anything. You could be a snot-nosed rookie or a veteran journeyman like Marvolo that just signed with the company and in one night can get the biggest opportunity of their life in by luck of the draw. Everyone signed under the PWA and HOW brands are equal in the eyes of GOD because you are all names that are being randomly selected. Lethal Lottery is the time of the year when everyone from Hall of Famers to nobodies are humbled because for one night everyone is equal.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio: Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Date: February 10, 2023

As the scene opens up to inside the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, we see the workers of High Octane Wrestling from the ring and production crew trying to get everything organized and ready for Saturday night. We see the ominous steel cage hanging from the rafters as it will play a part tomorrow night in one match if not every single one of them. However, in the very distance between fireworks going off, theme music turning on and off, and making sure the High Octane Visual graphics work we see someone casually sitting in the two hundred section, but not just any two hundred section, but that section of two hundred that has become synonymous with one person. As we zoom in to that side of the arena we notice that it isn’t the man that normally is associated with that section, but someone else. Not just someone, but a Demi-God.

Scott Stevens sits in the sacred section of 214.

The Demi-God of HOW is sitting comfortably wearing a 97 Red hoodie and matching sweatpants. He opens up a bowl of food in front of him and stabs some pieces of chicken with his fork and brings the food to his mouth and before he can take a bite he stops when he hears a familiar voice ask him a question.

“What are you doing?”

Stevens hears the question being asked before turning to his left and seeing Jack Dawson standing in the aisle.

“Trying to eat my lunch.”

Stevens responds as he takes a bite of his chicken salad and Jack shakes his head.

“No, I meant, why are you in this section?”

Jack rephrases his question and Stevens shrugs.

“It’s just a section.”

Stevens replies nonchalantly.

“It’s his section and you sitting here sends a clear message.”

Jack informs the Texan and Scott shoots him a look.

“So you’re telling me that Joe Bergman owns every 214 section in every arena and stadium around the world?”

Stevens asks Jack who begins to stutter.


Stevens cuts him off.

“Then section 214 has no special investment. Joe Bergman can claim it, he can use it as his own personal fan section, but it’s just like any other part of a building. There is nothing special about section 214. Like himself, it’s rather ordinary.”

Stevens replies taking another bite of his salad.

“Why are you up here?”

Jack asks as he takes a seat behind the Hall of Famer and the Texan sighs.

“I’m sitting up here because I’m trying to eat my fucking lunch. I’m trying to get a little peace and quiet because I’ve been doing interviews and media scrums all day long and I want thirty minutes to myself. Plus, I like the view. It’s peaceful and I can see everything down there.”

Stevens informs Jack as he takes a sip of his water.

“Well since I already interrupted your lunch, can I ask you a couple of questions about you going into Lethal Lottery tomorrow?”

Jack asks and Scott looks extremely annoyed as he looks at Jack with a annoyed look before sighing in frustration as he puts the top back onto his bowl and places it on the seat next to him.

“I’m all ears.”

Stevens welcomes Jack with extreme sarcasm.

“With Lethal Lottery less than twenty-four hours away are you a little nervous about the possibility you might not even compete on the show?”

Jacks asks the Texan who simply nods.

“If I was a champion then I would say yes because I would have an entire roster trying to come after me and I wouldn’t have a proper training regimen since every opponent is different. However, at this point in my career and as a challenger I don’t really get nervous. I might be nervous with anticipation about whether I get a match or not, but since I’ve been in this situation before I know the selection is out of my hands. If I wasn’t selected I would be more disappointment because I have been training and promoting this event for the last two weeks and I would consider it a major travesty if I wasn’t on the show. However, anyone that has ever been in this situation has to accept the fact that not everyone is chosen for a match on that night. So I’ve come to look at it as you either go big or go home because if you aren’t picked you’re fresh and ready for the following week.”

Stevens says with a simple shrug because he knows that tomorrow night weeks of training and mentally preparing for three different opponents could have been all for nothing.

“Well said, and if you happen to be chosen is there any particular champion you would want to face?”

Jack asks and a sly smirk forms over the Demi-God’s face.

“Oh yeah.”

Stevens replies with a slight chuckle.

“Let me guess, Jace Parker Davidson?”

Jack asking the obvious.

“What do you think?”

Stevens replies with a slight nod.

“If I could guarantee it then I would love to face my little buddy tomorrow night because I owe him a fucking ass whooping. However, I can’t so I have to wait and see just like everyone else because what I want doesn’t matter. Hell, I could be owed a shot at the world title like Conor Fuse is, but that doesn’t mean he will still be facing Christopher America at March to Glory after tomorrow night.”

Stevens informs as he leans back in his seat.

“I prepared for not only every champion, but everyone on the roster just in case HE wants to throw a wrench into the proceeding and add a fourth match to the card. You want to know what all that training and preparation for GREAT SCOTT did for me Jack?”

Stevens asks and Jack shrugs.


Jack asks puzzled.


Jack shoots Scott a look.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean exactly that because two weeks ago GREAT SCOTT was billed as defending the HOTv championship and as of last week he had been replaced by Joe Bergman. That is what Lethal Lottery is, unpredictability. One small change like that changes the whole landscape of prepping for the HOTv championship now. With GREAT SCOTT, you are expecting a very athletic and very powerful young man to come out like a bat out of hell. SCOTT has all the physical tools in the world to beat you, but having an IQ above a fourth grade reading level is not one of them. With GREAT SCOTT, you know he is going to try and beat you through physicality not mental superiority. Now with Joe Bergman as the defending champion, everything changed from a one dimensional opponent to one that has many different layers to beat you.”

Scott takes a moment to drink some water before continuing.

“Joe Bergman brings a vast amount of experience to the table as a traveled veteran of the sport. Even though he may not be as athletic or strong as GREAT SCOTT he still has more heart and desire than anyone in HOW combined. Ordinary Joe is a Jack of all Trades because he does a little bit of everything. You want to wrestle? He’ll lock up with you. You want to trade submissions? He has a dragon sleeper with your name on it. You want to get a little froggy or a little hardcore? Bergman has no problem going doing flippy shit or getting extremely dangerous by putting his body on the line to beat you. When you face Joe Bergman you have to anticipate a little bit of everything to come your way.”

Stevens informs Jack who nods in agreement.

“All three champions provide different dangers to whomever as the pleasure of challenging them.”

Stevens tells Jack as he points to the Lethal Lottery champion’s graphic on the HOV.

“What makes Jace Parker Davidson so dangerous?”

As soon as Jack finishes his statement there is an immediate response from the Demi-God.

“Easy. His adaptability.”

Stevens informs before holding up his finger.

“Just because I may have personal bias against Jace doesn’t mean I don’t respect the man because without a doubt Jace Parker Davidson is the complete package when you are looking to create the perfect wrestler. He’s fast, athletic, not overtly strong to be a powerhouse, but strong enough to hold his own. His technical skills are grossly underrated when he’s actually on a level of that of John Sektor or Rhys Townsend if he wanted to show them off. He can fly with the best with them and will put his body in harm’s way to get the job done. Most importantly, Jace’s ring vision and intelligence are extraordinary and TEN-X is loving him being one of their top trainers because of the vast knowledge he has and can share, but he didn’t just naturally have this.

He acquired this through his years of clawing and scraping through the independents and through the hierarchy of HOW. When Jace first came into HOW he was more of a high flyer and when injuries and other things plagued him he had to sharpen up his skill set so he start to adapt to what made him the man we see today. Jace is one of the most accomplished wrestlers not just in HOW history, but whenever he competes in other companies he is either a singles or tag champion within the first month because that is how good he has become. Jace may be an arrogant son of a bitch, but he backs it up. Jace doesn’t have many weaknesses except for his overconfidence and arrogance, and he showed that with how he handled everything leading up to and after PWA 1 when he cost us the HOTv Tag titles.”

Stevens tells Jack before taking another sip of his water.

“As dangerous as Bergman and Jace may be they fail in comparison to Christopher America.”

Jack leans in curiously from the Texan’s statement.

“Why is America more dangerous than the other two? Is it because he is the world champion?”

Jack asks and Scott shakes his head.

“No. it’s because he failed.”

Scott replies and Jack looks confused.

“Yeah he lost, but……”

Jack begins to reply and Scott cuts him off.

“No. When America thinks he failed he thinks he failed everyone: Lee, HOW, himself, but most importantly, 97 Red.”

Jack shoots Scott a look.

“The belt?!?!?!?”

Jack emphatically asks and Scott slowly nods.

“Yep. It wasn’t that he lost because America has been defeated many times, but the fact that it was to a PRIME wrestler that also happen to be Russian was the straw that broke the camel’s back as it were. You see, America and that championship share a symbiotic bond and when he lost at PWA 1 it cheapened his value as a world champion because in America’s eyes no one is better than he is. He is marching towards history as he wants to become the greatest world champion in history. Not the greatest HOW world champion, but the greatest world champion the entire wrestling industry has ever seen. America is a perfectionist and when things don’t go his way that is when he becomes more dangerous. America will do what he has to do to prove the loss he suffered was a minor setback and that it’ll never happen again.

I have seen through the years that when America stumbles and falls he makes it a point to come back better than ever the next time you see him that is why he is the only three times War Games winner in the history of HOW. America is always three moves ahead of everyone else, but when you beat him that’s when he is fives moves ahead. That is why he has been so difficult to pin down because it’s like he knows what you’re going to do or say before you even do it. It is becoming too easy for him and that is why he is making proclamations about becoming the greatest world champion that the wrestling industry has ever known.”

Stevens tells Jack as he reaches over and grabs his chicken salad and reopens the top and begins to eat.

“Do you think anyone has a chance to dethrone any of the champions?”

Jack asks and The Texan immediately answers.

“Absolutely. Even though it is luck of the draw, but momentum does go a long way as well and if Conor Fuse’s name is happened to be selected tomorrow night I would put a 97 percent guarantee that we will have a new champion. The man just became the number one contender for the world title once again and no one else is riding higher than him. Wildcards would definitely be Dan Ryan and Aceldama. Both individuals have been hungry for success since they have made their returns to HOW and I threw everything I had at them and they were victorious. Motivation can also be a factor as to individuals like Darin Zion, Xander Azula, and Brian Hollywood sneaking away with a victory.”

Stevens says to Jack as he eat some of his salad.

“What about you?”

Jack asks and Scott points to himself.

“What about me?”

The Demi-God asks and Jack repeats the question.

“Well if you must know I feel pretty confident that I could walk out of Lethal Lottery as the HOTv, LSD, or World champion. I have shown this when I fought every single champion HOW had to offer leading up to ICONIC and not only did I take every single one of them to the limit they had to cheat to defeat me. Hell, I won tag gold in the process and then I retained said championship before I was left high and dry and lost it. Going into ICONIC I could’ve been simply called, “THE CHAMP” because I would’ve been dripped in all the gold, but as you can tell that didn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean it can’t start tomorrow night.”

Stevens informs with a sly grin.

“Thank you for your time Scott and good luck tomorrow.”

Jack says to Stevens as he starts to leave and the image slowly fades.