Posted on November 25, 2023 at 11:52 pm by Xander Azula

From the blog of the Eternal Circle.

Xander Azula has gone deathly quiet since making his remarks at Chaos 49, and we at The Eternal Circle are launching an investigation as to why that is. Perhaps worse, our great leader has flat-out disappeared following the filming of that promo, in which he stated he wanted to “play a game” with one Malakai DeLirio at ICONIC…and we don’t know where he’s run off to.

That said…we will track Xander down by any means necessary, and we will make sure he is prepared to face Rhys Townsend at Chaos 51. We are well aware of Mr. Townsend’s accomplishments and accolades in HOW, and even more aware of the fact he stands as yet another Hall of Famer for the REAL World’s Champion to conquer.

After all, Mr. Townsend, you have faced many a competitor in your long and storied tenure in High Octane Wrestling…but you have not faced Xander Azula. Not when he really sets his mind to something…and believe you me, once we find him, he will have his mind set on beating the living hell out of a living legend.

Xander Azula will not be a footnote to your legacy, Mr. Townsend, that we promise you. Especially if what he’s going through right now means a renewed sense of purpose…then may GOD have mercy on your soul in Denver, because Xander won’t.


The machine may roll on, but so too does the Eternal Circle. Forever and ever, until the good word of discord and chaos is fulfilled. And we look forward to rolling right over the great Rhys Townsend, before moving on to ICONIC where Xander will fulfill his great promise at the expense of the Clown Prince.

We appreciate all fans’ concerns for the health and well-being of our beloved Head Disciple, and ask for privacy during this time. We will give everyone an update as soon as we have one.

~ Mysti