Flipping The Script

Flipping The Script

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

It was becoming easier and easier…normally, I would at this point in time I would feel something.  I would feel anything that made me feel great about myself.  But this time, I wasn’t feeling anything like that…at least not in the way any normal person would feel if they felt great about themselves. No…this was very much different.  I didn’t feel proud of myself.  I didn’t feel like it was another accomplishment..it was just another win, right?  I had been here before…but this time, it was different.  There was no proving anything this time.  That was the first time.  This time, it was just about going out there and fucking doing it.  Only thing about going out and doing it, though, was I didn’t think about it.  All I could sense was fear…hesitation..and that was enough for me to use.  It brought a smile to my face.  I was ready to pounce on that fear and hesitation and was ready to dine upon the bloody result of it all.  I can cook a damn good meal, if I do say so myself.  Anyways…that wasn’t the point.  The point is that ever since I clinged onto this hated in my heart, I didn’t have to worry about anything else.  It was like I knew everything was going to work out.  I don’t know…I may still be new to this hate mantra, but it felt to me like I sure understood it perfectly.  On any other day that wouldn’t have ever been okay with me…but today and the days that followed, it sure as hell was a fine and dandy thing to me and it wasn’t going to bother me at all if I didn’t lose any sleep at night over it moving forward.  Little did I know this final step of “crossing over” would change my whole life forever.




Brian Hollywood: “Just stay up in the air for awhile, Dansver.  I need to make a phone call.”


The scene opens up with Hollywood still flying away from Los Angeles in his private jet.  He had totally defied his best friend, Gerald Reeves, and he of all people knew Gerald wasn’t going to take that laying down.


Trevor Dansver: “Just give me a destination, sir, and we’ll be on our way.”


Hollywood nods at his Pilot’s words as he takes out his cell phone.  He doesn’t have a specific contact he looks for in his phone.  Instead, he begins dialing a particular number as if he knows better but to keep it in his phone for security purposes..because lord knows Hollywood never liked to take chances he didn’t have a solution out of.  It was the Hollywood way no matter how much he was changing.  There was just certain amounts of the DNA you couldn’t change.  Certain elements that remained with someone over the years.  This part made Hollywood who he was no matter how ruthless and coldhearted he was becoming.  A few moments pass by as Hollywood is waiting for the other line to answer.  It doesn’t take long, though, as this person knew Hollywood was important enough to talk to.


Brian Hollywood: “Hey, it’s me.  Change of plans.”


Of course, it didn’t take long before it was obvious who Hollywood was talking to on the other end of the line.


The Chair: “Change of plans?  You know I hate those three fucking words!  What the fuck happened?!  I thought we had a plan in place and that you were going to get those files on Roberto!”


Typical Chair fashion.  He didn’t like when plans changed..at least not when he wasn’t making them.  He looked at a plan and made it as ironclad as possible.  He didn’t like surprises..but as much as he hated them, he knew Hollywood gave him too many surprises of his own and sometimes he had to give credit where credit was due.


The Chair: “Alright.  Tell me what happened.”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh you know, I thought I knew my best friend but I guess I should have known better.  He had a squadron of cars ready for my arrival.  I could see the motherfucker gloating from the skies not thinking I was actually going to land and accept to be taken in by several agents.”


The Chair: “I mean…wasn’t that the plan?  Sure, you were probably going to get apprehended, but we anticipated that!”


Brian Hollywood: “But by federal agents?!  No!  That would have made the plan much more fucking complicated!  Being in local custody is one thing…but federal?!  Come on man, and I thought you were the fucking smart one!”


The Chair: “You watch your fucking tone with me!  You know I have the power to take everything away as much as I have with giving it!”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh give me a motherfucking break!  You don’t have to pretend with me one on one!  You and I both know the cameras aren’t on you and I know for a fact you’re not in a room with your cronies!  I know you better than you think I do!  We’re in this together and if this is going to work, then you’re going to have to learn to fucking trust me and let the cards fall where they will.  Let me do what I do best.  You’ve said it yourself, I’ve been the only man to ever give you as much opposition.  But we’re on the same fucking side now.  I’ve let you do what you do best so let me fucking do what I know how to do best for fucks sake!”


There was a fire burning inside Hollywood’s heart and he was now the one who was calling his own shots.  Sure the two were working together, but no one talked to The Chair like Hollywood was doing.  No one dared do it, let alone expected to get away with it..but the amount of silence that followed seemed to suggest something different.  Was Hollywood expected to get away with his defiance against the man who possessed so much power to bring him to his knees?  Something was driving Hollywood..and perhaps it was that drive that a certain smart man on the other end of this line was finally realizing was slowly coming to fruition.  The question was, though, who was getting what out of this situation.  Was there a master plan involved with two men who supposedly had the same agendas?  Or was there finally a tilt occurring that would tip the scales and was it all apart of another elaborate plan?  Whether anyone liked it or not…these two were more similar than you could ever realize and oddly enough, The Chair seemed to back off and accept it.  Why would he, though?


The Chair: “You’ve got some balls, Hollywood.  I won’t even lie to you there.  I’ve killed people who have defied me and talked to me like that…but you?  Heh.  I guess it kind of gets the blood pumping in new ways!”


The Chair didn’t seem to take offense to the way Hollywood was talking to him.  In fact, had this been even a half year ago, Hollywood would be paying for talking to The Chair the way he was.  But why was The Chair being so gracious to him?  It didn’t seem to add up.  Then again, there was always an agenda.  Were Hollywood and The Chair really so much more alike than people realized?  It seemed to look that way and yet, there was an understanding between two men who were constantly scheming over the other and yet, were complimenting each other.  Still…it was curious to see what was transpiring here.


Brian Hollywood: “There is still one more avenue here.  I figure the less headaches the better, right?  So I’m going to try one more play on my end.  This one, in my opinion, doesn’t think like Gerald does.  It’s a good thing I know how to play into people’s emotions!”


You could hear a slight laugh on The Chair’s end as Hollywood takes a moment to pause before continuing.


Brian Hollywood: “We’re going to get those documents on Roberto.  I promise you.  Mark my words…because my sister deserved better and in my name, justice will be down upon her.”


Before long, Hollywood and The Chair end their conversation before Hollywood pulls up another contact in his phone.  Hollywood smiles methodically before dialing the number.  Before long, there is an answer on the other end of the phone.


Brian Hollywood: “I figured you might pick up if it was me.  We need to talk…just you and me.”


Buck Wringley: “Do ya realize how much trouble you’re in, Bri?!  Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t hang up this phone and report you to Gerald?”


Brian Hollywood: “Because you and I both know that you’re going to want to hear what I have to say!  I want you to take me in…but it’s going to go down on my stipulations, understand?!”


And with that Hollywood had seemingly set his dangerous plan in motion.  There was no way of knowing if this was going to work, but Hollywood was desperate to get his hands on the files of the man who murdered his sister by any needs necessary as the scene slowly fades to black…





There’s a lot of people who have been wondering what it’s all worth to me.  I’ve had people ask me on the streets, hey Brian, what gives?  Why are you the way you are?  Why do you have to be so grudging?


You want to know why?!  I have a fucking grudge with this world!  There isn’t anything in this fucking world that I got for free!  I know a lot of people will say I got my wealth for free like it was nothing…like it was handed to me.  It wasn’t just handed to me…I made an Enterprise out of it!  I took it to the next level!  I did it all by my fucking self!  Sure I got a company handed to me…but I built it up my own way and made it the force it is today.  But you know what?  It’s not what matters here.


In fact, it hasn’t mattered in some time.


Money may have always talked with me, but sometimes it takes another kind of motivation to get you going at the beginning of the day.  It’s been that motivation lately that has driven me.  I don’t care about money right now.  It’s about settling scores and about making statements.  I made one against Xander last week.  There was no doubt who was coming out of the match on top.  I warned Xander and he decided to play games against me.  So I taught him a valuable lesson what happens when people play fucking games with me!  I put him down and exacted my revenge.  I didn’t forget that he beat me in the octagon.  So I got the better of him in our match last week.  It was never in fucking question.  Now, this week, I take on Frank Dylan James.


What do you do with a guy like Frank?  To be frank, I’m starting to get used to going up against guys like Frank.


Frank, do you really think I’m worried about going up against a guy like you?  A guy who obviously owns the power advantage over me?  Whether it was against guys like Dan Ryan, Jeffrey James Roberts and even STRONK, I’m just getting accustomed to facing big guys like you.  But you all big guys have the same MO and the same attitude….ya’ll think that you own the world and that guys your size can’t be outbeaten.  Well I promise you, Frank, I’m damn used to the formula by now.


Congrats on your win against Darin Zion last week.  But let’s be honest…Zion is a shell of his former self and he isn’t exactly the opponent everyone really fears, now is he?  The true question you have to ask yourself, Frank, is can you go up against someone like me?


I’m not the same Brian Hollywood you’ve heard about.  That Hollywood is fucking dead.  I don’t feel the way that Hollywood feels.  That Hollywood was fucking weak.  Fucking pathetic.  I thrive on pain, now.  I may take some hard hits, but I know how to dish them out, too.  All you big fucking men have the same god damn thing in common…and I’m going to expose it this week on Chaos.


One win over Darin Zion isn’t enough to set your sights on a continued winning streak.  Sure, you may be sympathetic to the GOD of HOW, but me?  Sympathy never got me a fucking thing!  I’m done fighting with sympathy.  I’m done feeling sorry for others.  You should have picked up on this weeks ago if you ever wanted to know a god damn thing about me.


You see, I will fight at Rumble at the Rock, but guys like you always promise violence and making statements, but you ignore statements your opponent can make, too.  I don’t fear taking on a big guy like you.  In fact..I hope you make me bleed!  Make me suffer!  I CRAVE it, Frank!


I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet Frank, but I’m not just going to go down quietly into that good night.  You want your shot, you’re going to have to really fucking put me down!  But I don’t feel as different as I used to!  MAKE ME BLEED!  MAKE ME SUFFER!  You might just find out that I actually have come to enjoy such pain but more importantly, I have come to enjoy dishing it out so much more and I promise you that I can and will find a way to cut you down to size this week on Chaos!


Please, Frank, give me a reason to bleed as much as I want to make you bleed!  I know our reasons are very much different!