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“I’m getting too old for this shit”

Sunday 29th January 2023

Basement of the Best Arena

*It is post-match of Aceldama’s return to the squared circle after thirteen years away from High Octane Wrestling. Even though it was a victorious one, it was one that did not come easy. The toll it has taken on his body is evident to see as he has to be guided back to his small living chambers under the Best Arena by two guards who hold him upright and place him onto the bed. Aceldama has a busted lip and what looks to be the beginning of a black eye from his intense battle with Scott Stevens. As he sits gingerly onto the bed he immediately grabs at his right side, grimacing in pain.*

Aceldama– I think that mad fucking Texan broke my ribs!

Guard– We will have someone from medical come down and look at that Mr Bruggemann.

*Aceldama looks around the small room and notices that there seems to be a few changes, in one corner is a small table and chair. On the table looks to be a plate with a large steak and hassle back potatoes and a glass of water. Also it would seem since he last left the room a hole has been made in one of the walls. It would look like they are going to extend his room. He tries to stand up and walk towards the hole in the wall, all the while clutching to his right side. He looks inside and he notices a large number of guards, moving furniture and making some final touches. One of the guards notices Aceldama staring through, then proceeds with help of another to pick up a large board and cover the hole over*

Aceldama– One win and I am getting another room, wouldn’t like to know what I would get if I won the world title.

Guard– Your not quite ready for the extension just yet, but you can eat and drink for now.

*Aceldama turns as the guard pulls the chair out from under the table and he and the second guard proceed to leave the room via the lift. Aceldama takes his time walking over to the chair and proceeds to sit down. He takes the fork, which is plastic and picks up a potato and begins to eat. He then takes the knife, which is also plastic, and tries to cut the steak, but with no luck. He looks up at the security camera and raises the plastic knife in the air*

Aceldama– What do you expect me to do with this thing?

*A voice comes over the PR system*

Voice– That is for safety Mr Bruggemann?

Aceldama– Safety? I know how to use a knife!

Voice– No Mr Bruggemann, for their safety.

*After several attempts to cut the steak Aceldama gives up and picks it up as a whole and begins to tear at it with his teeth. Whilst chewing on his steak he notices an envelope sitting beside the plate. He picks it up and tears it open. Inside is a piece of paper, he reads it*

Good start, Operation Chaos is truly under way

Remain loyal and the rewards will come

Part 2 Will Commence Shortly, rest up for now

Further details will come


*Aceldama puts down the paper on the table and smirks. He takes the envelope and pushes it out of the way so he can proceed with his meal. The envelope drops to the floor, but when it does it makes a clanging noise, as if something heavy is inside. Aceldama tries to lean over to inspect but then realises the severity of his injuries as he pulls back up immediately. He instead takes off his boots, using one foot to pull of the other then with his feet picks up the envelope. He gets it into his hand then tips the open end of the envelope upside down. Something falls out, and drops to the table with a clang. It is small, but it is heavy, definitely metal. He picks it up and looks at it closer. It is a ring, gleaming in 24 carot gold. It has letters embossed and it reads HOF2023. Inside the ring there is an engraving, Aceldama. This is Aceldama’s hall of fame class of 2023 ring. There is another smaller note which too feel out of the envelope, Aceldama unravels it. It has one sentence*

Show them all why you are there

*Aceldama takes the ring and puts it on his finger, looking at it for a while, he smiles. He looks down at his bare chest, beaten and bruised. He runs his finger across his breast plate, where there is a large scar as the scene fades to black*

December 2010

Vladivostok, Russian Federation

*The scene opens inside what seems to be a large barn. Sawdust covers the floor and the room is lit very poorly. In the middle of the barn men dressed in large leather aprons begin to sweep around what looks like a surgical bed. Another man runs a long cable from an electrical source which he connects to a large floodlight. A trolley is then proceeded to be wheeled out and placed beside the surgical bed. Suddenly the barns door slides open and a vehicle pulls into the barn. From out of the back of the vehicle Aceldama emerges, looking around him in confusion.*

Aceldama– Wait a minute, you told me I was going to a hospital.

*Another man gets out of the front passenger’s seat. A heavily built man wearing a long bearskin coat and distinctive ghost grey hair. He looks at Aceldama and then looks around the barn and begins to laugh*

Man– Oh this? This Mr Bruggemann is the site of the old KGB Medical Facility, closed in 1991. It still has all the tools and equipment we need to complete your procedure.

Aceldama– This cannot be right, you promised me the best doctor in the world, where is the heart?

Man– Vladimir, bring out Dr Borochevski.

*From the distance a man is brought towards the middle of the barn, with a hood over his head and his hands cable tied. Vladimir, a tall muscular man with bald head and covered with pro Russian tattoos proceeds to remove the hood from Dr Borochevski. He has been badly beaten it would seem and has a ball-gag in his mouth. He is kicked behind the knees by Vladimir and falls to the floor. Aceldama is angered by this.*

Aceldama– You kidnapped a doctor and are going to force him to perform surgery in these conditions? Look at him! His eyes look so swollen I would be surprised if he could see!

Vladimir– Mr Bruggemann, we have brought you the best heart surgeon in Mother Russia, it took some…..persuasion to get him here, but he is here and he WILL perform the surgery. Isn’t that right Doctor?

*Vladimir removes the ball-gag from the doctors mouth, who begins to spit up blood. He refuses to speak. Vladimir goes into his pocket and takes out his phone and dials a number. He then proceeds to speak in Russian and then turns the phone to Doctor Borochevski. It is a video, which seems to be live.*

Doctor Borochevski– No, no, no no no!! Please, I will do it, please don’t hurt them!

Vladimir– Your wife and children will be fine, as long as everything goes to plan here this evening.

Doctor Borochevski– Ok, ok, where is the patient?

Vladimir– Mr Wolfgang Bruggemann, history of heart problems, required a heart transplant, but the place he called home, the land of the free, declined to help. We have the heart ready and we are prepping your station now.

Doctor Borochevski– Can I see the heart?

Vladimir– Most certainly, bring it out.

*Another man comes out of a small room carrying what seems to be a cooler, he sets it down in front of Doctor Borochevski and he opens it up. A heart, floating in cold water is seen. The doctor looks at them in disbelief*

Doctor Borochevski– How long has it been like this? If this heart is to be used we need to begin immediately. Get the patient prepped for anaesthesia

*Aceldama walks over and looks down inside the cooler box and sees the heart floating in the water. He looks at the doctor, who by his gestures would seem to be telling Aceldama this is not a good idea. Aceldama shakes his head and begins to put his hands behind his head. Suddenly he decides against it and proceeds to run away, however he is stopped in his tracks as a large metal pole is struck across the back of his head as he falls onto the sawdust. Vladimir, holding the pole, turns to the doctor and smirks*

Vladimir– Anaesthesia given, let’s proceed.

*Aceldama is groggy, but not knocked out yet*

Doctor Borochevski– How long has this heart been in here? When was it extracted from the donor?

Vladimir– Hey Anton? When did we kill and gut that pig? Three, four hours ago?

Doctor Borochevski– A pigs heart? I cannot put a pigs heart in a human!

Vladimir– Doctor’s in the west done it all but two months ago, are you telling us your not as good as those Western dogs?

*Aceldama tries to raise his hand but soon loses consciousness as he is picked up and dragged towards the surgical table*


Saturday 4th February 2023

Basement of the Best Arena

*The scene opens with Aceldama, sporting a black eye and his ribs covered in white surgical tape, standing watching as guards finalise bringing down a wall. The final pieces of concrete begin to crumble to the floor and the room is opened up finally. What was only a small hole a week prior has now fully opened up to reveal another room, three times the size of the one which has housed Aceldama for the past weeks. He walks through the debris and into the second room, inside is a full sized wrestling ring, punching bags and exercise equipment. Two guards push past Aceldama with what looks like a king size mattress as he turns around to notice his small single, uncomfortable bed, is being replaced. On the wall is a television screen, around seventy inches in length. The room is vast in size, but something get his attention more than anything. In the distance he notices a window. He walks past all the commotion of guards finalising the room and walks towards the window. He looks through it. He can see to the outside world. As it is in the basement he can only see the world above him. He notices a set of wheels come to a stop and a pair of feet directly above him as they move away*

Guard– Looks like your guest has arrived.

Aceldama– Guest? And who do I have the pleasure of welcoming to my ‘home’?

Guard– Beats me. Mr Best did say after your performance last week that you may need some help getting back to the pace of the game.

Aceldama– I don’t need no help, just give me my next victim and let me do my thing.

*Suddenly the large television screen comes to life and on it is Lee Best, sitting behind a large desk. Aceldama notices and stands to observe*

Lee Best– Ah Aceldama, always the lone wolf. This isn’t 2010 anymore. Times have changed, the game you used to play has adapted and with it so should you. If your match last week taught me anything, your no powerhouse any more. I have asked an old alumni to come in to teach you the ways of being a brawler, learn from him. That is…..if you can fucking understand him. Next up I have you competing in the Lethal Lottery, not ideal for our Operation Chaos, but you let me sort out the logistics of that. In the meantime, let’s get you up to speed. You got lucky with Stevens, that’s a fucking fact, I cannot afford any fuck up’s now. Guards, bring him in!

*The screen goes black as a figure emerges from the rubble of the torn down wall. He stands amongst the debris, wearing brown chorded trousers, a white vest top with brown leather jacket. His brown hair looks dirty and his crow-bar moustache very distinctive.*

Aceldama– I assume your this former wrestler who is going to help me change my wrestling style? Do you have a name?

??– That I do fella, that I do. The name is Sean……Sean Maguire. I am going to show you how to fight like your life depended on it.

*Aceldama takes one look at Sean, then turns to the ring and rolls under the bottom ropes. He gets up and sits on the middle rope smirking towards him*

Aceldama– Well then, Sean Maguire, what are we waiting for?

*Sean begins to take off his leather jacket and places it on the ground as he proceeds towards the ring. He walks around the ring, ignoring Aceldama’s invitation to get into the ring through the ropes he has pressed down and walks to the other side and climbs into the ring. He stands opposite Aceldama, his hands down by his side*

Aceldama– So Sean Maguire, cannot say I have ever heard of you. For someone who Lee holds in high regards I was expecting someone…..bigger.

Sean Maguire– Whilst you were off getting ass fucked by some Siberian bear in prison, I was tearing up shit here at High Octane Wrestling. And don’t let the size fool ya, every inch of me is dangerous. These fists have been banned in twenty-three states.

*Aceldama begins to laugh profusely, so much so he begin to hurt his broken ribs. He looks around at all the guards and proceeds to shout loudly*

Aceldama– This is a joke right? Look at him! He looks like he’s just came from a god damn trailer park!

Sean Maguire– That’s EXACTLY were I have came from! Well, if you think I am not worthy of standing in the ring with the all mighty Aceldama, how about you send me packing straight back to that trailer park of mine. I am waiting, pack my bags, send me on my way.

Aceldama– With pleasure.

*Aceldama begins at pace to storm towards Sean and attempts to take him out with a strong clothesline, but Sean reacts immediately and ducks his advances and with one singular punch sends Aceldama reeling. Dizzy Aceldama falls to his knees as Sean stands over him. Aceldama finally notices something, something on the right hand of Sean. Brass knuckles*

Sean Maguire– Lesson one Sauerkraut, know your enemy. This enemy……he’s one of the dirtiest players in the game.

*Aceldama is seething but still groggy, he grabs at Sean’s trouser legs to pull himself up and Sean takes the right hand, still sporting the brass knuckles and delivers a devastating blow to Aceldama’s already damaged ribs.*

Sean Maguire– Lee under-exaggerated when he said you needed help! Get some rest now little Friulian, we begin tomorrow, night night now.

*Sean gives a final blow across Aceldama’s cheek with the brass knuckles which sends him to the canvas and out cold, his eyes begin to shut and he loses consciousness*


Hello, is there anybody in there?

Is there anyone at home?”

*Scene emerges with Aceldama laying on a surgical table, his hands draped over the bed, his eyes shut as Doctor Borochevski does work on him*

Doctor Borochevski– His stats are de-stabilising; we are starting to lose him!

“There is no pain, you are receding

A distant ship, smoke on the horizon”

Doctor Borochevski– His pulse is low, the host is rejecting the new heart!

Vladimir– Do something about it! This is our investment here!

“You are only coming through in waves,

Your lips move but I can’t hear what you are saying”

Doctor Borochevski– I don’t know what else I can do!

“I, have become, Comfortably Numb”


*As Aceldama lays on the surgical bed, people around him panicking he begins to have an out of body experience as he stands in a field looking towards a lake. There is a man sitting by the lake fishing, throwing his reel into the water. There is a plume of cigarette smoke as the man begins to cough, then gathers his thoughts and without looking behind him begins to speak*

Man– Wolfgang, long time no see son.

Aceldama– Father? Is that you?

Man– Been so long you don’t even know when your father is speaking to you?

Aceldama– Am I…..dead?

Man– For now, but you will return. Did I teach you nothing boy? Not to trust those Communist bastards! But there you are, playing Russian Roulette with your life.

Aceldama– I had no choice!

Man– There’s always a choice Wolfgang! The right one, and the wrong one. One day you will learn that harsh lesson. You would rather gamble on your life, play the lethal lottery. This time it will pay off Wolfgang, but how many times are you going to spin that wheel? How many times are you going to go into the unknown, unprepared?

Aceldama– I don’t understand what you are saying!

Man– And that is why you lie dying in a barn in the middle of Russia! One day you will learn to adapt, to change, to embrace all around you. Until then……you are destined to fail.

Aceldama– How can I succeed when my own body is failing me? How can I embrace all those around me when the world I only knew rejects me?

Man– I guess that is the question, do you roll the dice and gamble…..or do you just give up?

Aceldama– I want to roll, I don’t want to give up……..


Doctor Borochevski– He is stable, we have a heartbeat, the host is accepting the new heart.

Sunday 5th February 2023

Medical Facility inside the Best Arena

*Lying on a hospital bed, Aceldama begins to wake up. Beside his bed, sitting at a table eating what looks like stew is Sean Maguire, his moustache covered in meat and potato. He wipes his mouth as Aceldama turns to look at him*

Sean Maguire– Hope you don’t mind; I ate your stew. It’s not like me mother’s, bless her soul, but good all the same.

Aceldama– Why are you still here?

Sean Maguire– I told you to get some rest, didn’t think it would be…..seventeen hours! Look, I know your gimmick, seen them all before in me life. Lone wolf, doesn’t like people, doesn’t like change. I saw your match with Stevens, I haven’t seen that much rust in all me life, and I live next to a scrapyard! You cannot do what you done before, your no powerhouse.

Aceldama– And you think you can help me?

Sean Maguire– Sure can fella but I am only going to help you if you want me help.

Aceldama– At this stage, is there any point resisting?

Sean Maguire– Probably not, after all you are Lee’s little guard dog. You don’t do what he asks of ya, you might as well be back in Russia, using vodka on that arsehole of yours after your fucked in the shower by Vladimir Putin!

Aceldama– So be it then.

Sean Maguire– I will make a brawler out of you yet son. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship