Flashback, Forward; Out of the Shadows

Flashback, Forward; Out of the Shadows

Posted on February 10, 2024 at 11:56 pm by Brian Hollywood









“COME ON!  You’ve got nothing you feisty son of a fucking bitch!”


The camera all of a sudden opens to an almost unrecognizable place as the scene fades into Brian Hollywood breaking out in sweat.  He’s exhausting a lot of his energy and focusing in front of him as it becomes clear that he’s using a punching bag.  It appears to be some kind of gym, but it’s not exactly open to the public.  The place where he was fighting, however, there was something familiar about it.  That’s because Hollywood and others are at the Hideout.  The Hideout was always known as a last safe house, the main safe house after the partial destruction of Hollywood Enterprises.  A couple months have passed and Hollywood is in a very different place and his circumstances have also changed.  The facility where Hollywood is at on the outside it simply looks like a normal bar.  However, Hollywood had construction build onto The Hideout only it was built underground.  The area Hollywood is at underneath the Hideout, is known as the HUB…short for The Hollywood Underground Bunker.  This underground building may have been directly underneath the Hideout, however drawn out, long tunnels actually placed The HUB a couple miles from the actual Hideout.


Hollywood continues to hit the bag not taking his focus off of it.  Something was definitely driving him these days.  That’s not to say he wasn’t driven already before, but this was different.  He’s actually built up more muscle and his body looks much more chiseled for the first time since he was in prime physical form back in 2016.  Hollywood’s hair has also been styled differently.  It was still long, but he definitely changed the look up.  His beard was even grown out as well.  It’s almost as if Hollywood had been hiding out from the world and trying not to get tangled up in certain business.  Hollywood was still technically a wanted man from the CIA and thanks to Gerald Reeves, every local police station around the country was alerted to watch out for him.  He wasn’t the only one they were after, though.  There was another man but this man prided himself of keeping himself enshrouded in mystery and for good reason.  However, Hollywood exposed that when he may not have intended for it to go that far.  But as is such when you make decisions…every decision carries its own weight of consequences, this one was one of them.  Hollywood also had a very noticeable scar on the side of his head near his right eye.  Hollywood continues to pound the punching bag as footsteps can be heard approaching.  Two men come from around the corner and those two men are Lukas Montana and Buck Wringley.


Lukas Montana: “Yea man, there he is!”


Buck Wringley: “That’s what I’m talkin bout, Bri!  Definitely a sight fer sore eyes!”


Hollywood doesn’t immediately answer them.  Instead, he continues to pound the bag and actually starts hitting it much harder.  A few moments pass and Hollywood unloads harder onto the bag and picks up speed like he’s detonated like a nuclear bomb.  Unleashed rage as if Hollywood had been a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.


Lukas Montana: “Yo brother, take it easy there!”


Buck Wringley: “Yea Bri, ya need to dial it down just a little, yea?  Hey, are you listening ta us?!”


As it turns out, Hollywood had no idea what they were saying.  He had headphones in and it quickly became apparent to Lukas and Buck that he was indeed listening to music.  The two look at each other and shrug as Buck moves in and puts his hand on Hollywood’s right shoulder.  This may not have been a wise move as Hollywood indistinctly responds by turning around and catches Buck off guard with a strong right hook.  Lukas was surprised by the swing as he didn’t realize Hollywood was that fast.  Well, he was definitely getting faster and Buck found that out the hard way.


Lukas Montana: “Holy shit brother it’s just us!”


Hollywood let’s out a little sigh as he comes back to his senses.  After realizing he bucked Buck, he takes his headphones out of his ear and just looks down at Buck and stares at him with a serious look on his face.


Brian Hollywood: “You got to admit, you had that one coming!”


Hollywood all of a sudden busts out into smiles as he holds out his hand down towards Buck offering to help him back to his feet.  Buck just starts to laugh as he wiggles his jaw and wipes a little blood from his lip.  He grabs Hollywood’s hand as he’s pulled back up to his feet.  The two of them laugh and embrace with a hug as Hollywood pats him on the back.


Buck Wringley: “Ah man, it’s so good ta see ya again, Bri!  I gotta say, yer right hook is A LOT better!  I mean, with me bein a police chief, ya’d think I’d know better than ta sneak up on someone like that.  I guess ya could say I really did have that one a comin!”


Brian Hollywood: “Don’t they teach you anything at the academy?!”


Buck Wringley: “Alright, alright, alright.  I suppose I did deserve that one!”


Brian Hollywood: “Alright easy there McConaughey!


Hollywood looks towards Lukas as Lukas laughs shaking his head before embracing with a hug.


Lukas Montana: “Remind me never to piss you off!  Having said that, I’ll take a rain check on that right hook!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, you sure?  I can always whip one up for you, free of charge!”


Lukas Montana: “I don’t doubt you would!  Ha, it’s good to see you again brother!”


Brian Hollywood: “Likewise, brother!”


Hollywood walks over to a table as he grabs a bottle of water.  He takes a swig of it before grabbing a towel as he wipes the sweat off his head.  He slowly dabs the towel over his now clearly visible scar and minces just a little bit as there was still some pain Hollywood was experiencing.  Finally, Hollywood pulls the towel over his neck and lets out a sigh.  Both Buck and Lukas notice Hollywood was still dealing with that head injury and the two of them were still noticeably concerned about it.


Buck Wringley: “How’s that hard noggin feelin brother?  Ya been feelin any better?”


Lukas Montana: “Yea man, it looks a lot better but understandably you have to adjust to the after effects of such an injury.  I mean, you weren’t immediately fine after you got that a couple months ago!”


Brian Hollywood: “I’ve been coping just fine gentlemen.  It’s the other guy you should be worried about.”


Lukas and Buck look at each other with the same reaction as they knew exactly who the other guy was.  It was still brand new for them having found out that bombshell on who the guy turned out to be.  That was still a hot conversation of topic to this day and the domino effects that fell following what happened on that day back in December after learning the truth.


Buck Wringley: “Yea…about the other guy..I know we’re all pickin ourselves back up after that little whirlwind of a plot twist, but that head injury ya got from him is proof that deep down, it doesn’t matter if ya guys are blood or not.  We have to move forward and find a way to make this work.”


Brian Hollywood: “That’s why I invited him down here today.”


Lukas Montana: “Wait…wait…you did WHAT?!”


Lukas and Buck looked shocked and are understandably very uneasy about what they just heard from Hollywood.  However, Hollywood was oddly the only one who didn’t seem too worried about bringing him into the fold with where they were at.


Buck Wringley: “Bri….ya have any idea wit WHO ya just invited and WHERE ya invited him at?!  This is the last safe house we have!  I’m not sure that was such a wise idea..are ya sure yer head has been fine?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Guys, RELAX!  I know exactly what I’m doing!  Yes, I realize exactly where I’ve invited him at.  I know he’s not going to get here by himself so that’s why I sent our former nemesis and leader of the Men in SUITS to dispatch him.”


Lukas Montana: “I’m with Buck on this one, Hollywood.  I get the circumstances…but what makes you think he won’t sell us and this whole place out?”


Brian Hollywood: “It’s because he’s in the same boat as we are.  I also know that his family on his mothers side has some really powerful ties to the Irish mafia.  Plus, we have business that needs to be hashed out and it’s time to step out of the shadows.  It’s also why I’ve been training down here and getting myself in better shape.  I’m making some career changes and with my wrestling getting ready to pick back up in HOW, it’s time to step out into the light.”


Buck and Lukas look at each other again, still looking worried.  However, they knew there was definite truth Hollywood was speaking.  Hollywood was busy working on a particular project and he had invested a lot into it lately.  He was also concerned with getting himself in better ring shape as HOW was still his focus and priority.  As they wait anxiously, the topic does indeed turn towards Hollywood’s wrestling and HOW business.


Buck Wringley: “I support yer wrestlin career Bri don’t get me wrong, but aren’t ya lookin to wind it down and call it a career?  Ya’ve earned yerself a nice retirement and ya deserve to have a good business to take to the next level.”


Lukas Montana: “I gotta say, while I agree sort of with Buck, it actually has been pretty fun tagging along with you to your HOW shows.  I know ICONIC was tough for you, but I, too, am also curious as to what you plan on doing going forward.  Your business schematics for your plans to expand your business empire are impressive.  However, what does it have to do with HOW?  I saw your interview with Blaire on last weeks Chaos and I got to say, there is definitely something up with you.  It’s like you have this grand plan that Buck and I haven’t been fully let in on.  I’ve also noticed your attitude has changed and you’ve become quite bold in your message to the entire roster of HOW.  I feel like I’m missing something here, though.  You know something we don’t.  Although I’m not going to lie, your recent change has me intrigued.”


Brian Hollywood: “Let’s just say I still have a lot I want to accomplish before I hang the wrestling boots up.  The legacy I want to leave behind will run hand in hand with the business model I’m planning to introduce here in Los Angeles.  But the positive change I want to make extends further than the one I’m trying to build on the outside.  Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough.”


Lukas Montana: “So you declare open war on Lee Best and the Final Alliance?!  I mean, do you WANT to lose everything?”


Brian Hollywood: “That’s the thing though, Lukas, what more do I have to lose?  My message was received loud and clear.  I wanted the Alliance and that’s what I’m getting.  Things are about to come full circle and when you realize that, you’ll realize that I have my chance on getting revenge to right a wrong in my personal life.  You did see who my opponent this week on Chaos is, right?”


Lukas nods his head at first.  However, he thinks about it a bit more before it all of a sudden hits him.  Even Buck, who didn’t have as much knowledge on Hollywood’s wrestling career, figured it out as he points towards Hollywood having known the opportunity for the first payback as it were.  Hollywood nods his head towards them both before pointing towards his head at the shear brilliants of it all.


Buck Wringley: “Ah, full circle!”


Lukas Montana: “Yea, it really will be full circle when you think about it!”


Brian Hollywood: “Full circle, indeed gentlemen.  I plan on sending a clear message starting with Darin Zion….the man who was clearly responsible for the destruction of Hollywood Enterprises.  That and it’s about time he was reminded about what happens when you oppose me, but the consequences of being in the Alliance.  Zion has hurt people and he needs to pay for that…and he will.  I’m going to let him know that the team he plays for could care less about him.  The guy is fucking delusional.  I don’t know if it’s brainwashing or if he’s just a fucking idiot.  He’s going to learn there are consequences to working for Lee Best and I’m not afraid to step out of the shadows and prove my point.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to step out of the shadows and expose the Final Alliance for what they truly are.  This first step not only means me stepping out of the shadows in HOW, but it will also mean me stepping out of the shadows all together to fight for what I believe…even if it costs me everything else.  This is my last chance to really make a difference.  It’s time I start making a difference for good and well being of everyone else.”


Hollywood pauses as he hears footsteps approach.  He knows exactly who it is and it was time Hollywood used his influence for good and helping others.  Stepping out of the shadows was the easy part..it’s what would follow after that would be the biggest test of Hollywood’s life and will that brought all of the risk.  Hollywood had been playing it safe for too long and he knows that without taking risks, even if they are the greatest of risks that threatens everything Hollywood was working for, he wouldn’t be able to make the difference in life that he was so desperately wanting to make.  Hollywood declared war on Lee Best and The Final Alliance, but he was also about to declare war with the rest of his enemies on the outside as well.  Just then, Loc Collins, the leader of the Men in SUITs steps into the gym with the man who Hollywood, Buck and Lukas never imagined would be in the heart of their last true safe house.  A place that holds the greatest strategic value and a place his arch nemesis has fought for so long to find and expose..and here he was standing inside of it.  The man comes into frame as Hollywood, Buck and Lukas all just stare and look at the man.  A look of conflict comes across the face of Hollywood.  He knew he was taking a major risk bringing the man here but he was ready for the fighting to stop literally in house.  The camera slowly pans over as we see the man in question, looking conflicted himself, at Hollywood as he doesn’t take his eyes off of him.  The man himself was also roughed up and he had a couple scars on him as well which definitely indicating that the fight him and Hollywood had a couple months ago was more than met the eye.


Brian Hollywood: “Thank you, Loc.  Now if all of you would be so kind…leave the room.  My brother and I have lots to discuss!”


Buck and Lukas looked shocked as they are taken off guard by Hollywood asking them to leave the room.


Buck Wringley: “Surely ya can’t be serious, Bri!  I still can’t believe The Chair is standing in our most strategic safe house right now!  I think yer both out of yer fuckin minds!”


Lukas Montana: “I sure hope you know what your doing, Hollywood!  I still think it’s crazy you brought The Chair here!”


Brian Hollywood: “Actually, we’ve been planning this for awhile now, Lukas.  It was always the plan to bring him here…I just couldn’t tell you guys at the time.”


Buck and Lukas’s eye widen at the same time as Hollywood just dropped another big major bombshell.  They were still trying to process everything as Hollywood was starting to reveal the plan that him and The Chair have had for some time.  Buck and Lukas shake their heads but don’t take the time to argue with Hollywood as he must certainly have had to have a plan in place and was just waiting for the right time to execute things.  It would certainly be safe to assume that the plans involved the new business empire project that Hollywood was working on.  Buck and Lukas finally sigh as the two of them leave the room with Loc leaving Hollywood and The Chair alone.  The two of them simply stand there for a few moments and just look at each other.  Finally, the silence ends.


Brian Hollywood: “I’m glad that you could make it, brother.  Are you ready to proceed to the next phase of our plan Jasper?”


The Chair smirks as he’s still getting used to hearing his real name being mentioned, let alone by his actual brother which was still a lot to take in for them both.  He nods his head determined before replying confidently.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Let’s do it!  The rest of the world, especially our enemies, is about to find out what happens when two of the three pillars come together in harmony to bring about a better tomorrow!  It’s time to extinguish the shadows and take the war to all of our enemies as everyone is about to witness just what happens when a proper line of defense is established!”


Hollywood nods his head confidently and smiles in agreement.  It still wasn’t known what the exact plan was, or just how well Hollywood and The Chair would actually be able to but one thing was very clear.  There was a plan in place and it was time to change the status quo moving forward as there was still a lot of things not completely clear yet as the mystery and the intrigue wager on as the scene slowly fades to black..





ICONIC was definitely a big disappoint to me.  I really wish things went better.


But alas, here we are.  The machine rolls on as we begin the new year and a lot of things have changed for me in the couple of months of the HOW break.  I’m much more sharper and lean on my feet.  I’ve been working out and increasing my production in the gym.  I’ve given myself a new lease on life.  However, this lease comes with a very dangerous price tag…


Stepping out of the shadows.


Now that might not mean much for everyone in HOW, but I assure you, it means everything to me.  I’ve said this before and now I’m going to say it again, but my time in HOW is not finite.  But the very phrase has slightly different meaning even though it’s said the same.  I know I’m in the final stretch of my career.  That hasn’t been a secret to anyone.  I’d love to keep doing this week in and week out.  I absolutely LOVE this business.  I love HOW and I love the fans.  My love for HOW has never been questioned..


Until NOW


Now let me explain that before you all go overboard with my statement there.  These last couple of months, I had a lot of time to really think and reflect on my last year in HOW and I’m absolutely SICKENED by it!  I won, what, three matches?!  THREE FUCKING MATCHES!!  That’s fucking EMBARRASSING!  I have no one to blame but myself for that.  For too long I kept myself in the shadows, minding my own business.  I’d come to work and then leave not giving it a second thought.  I can handle everyone talking shit on me and telling me I’m a fraud, or I’m not good enough in this business…but hearing what people have said when Brian Hollywood comes up in the question…now that was hard to take in.  Hollywood’s still here?  Hollywood is at the bottom of the pool.  Hollywood should just retire.  Hollywood is a joke to HOW wrestling.


Yea, everyone has their own opinion and that’s fine.  However, when those opinions line up with almost everyone on the HOW roster, it’s become too much to bear.  Yea, it sucks to hear….but you know what?  They’re RIGHT!  Every last one of you motherfuckers are right.  This past year in HOW, I’d like to erase and do over if I could.  I just want to erase it from existence because I know I’m fucking better than that!  But somewhere along the way, I lost myself and I lost sight of what matters the most to me.  I lost sight of it all and I didn’t care much what was going on.  I’m DONE with that thinking, I’m done with all of it!  So I took these last couple of months to right the ship and right the mindset.  I told myself that this wasn’t going to be how I’m remembered when I finally do end up hanging up the boots once and for all.  The way I’m heading, though?  You’re going to have to force me to hang up the boots because there is still much that needs to be done and righting my wrongs has already started.  The journey and the path that I’ve set myself on is a very dangerous one but you know what?  Who gives a damn fuck!  It’s time to change the status quo around here and that takes me to this coming Monday on Chaos when I go one on one with Darin Zion.


Yes, Brian Hollywood vs Darin Zion for the billionth time.  But this time I made SURE that I got put into the LBI in the same group Zion is in.  That’s not by accident.  It was purposeful design and I got exactly what I wanted.


This isn’t just another chapter in the Hollywood and Zion story, this is a chapter of reckless intent and the intent is to send a clear message to not only Darin Zion, but to Lee Best and the rest of The Final Alliance as well.  Like I said last week on Chaos, Darin, you are the bitch toy of the Final Alliance.  You are also the scapegoat and you are also the acceptable collateral damage so that the rest of the Alliance can look golden.  That’s the ONLY fucking reason you’re even in the Alliance to begin with.


You are exactly what I said you are….you’re a fucking FOOL and a TOOL for the Alliance to gladly sacrifice.  Do you really think Lee is going to lose sleep if you don’t make it out of our bracket in the LBI?  No, that motherfucker is going to sleep like a god damn baby and not bat an eye at your failure.  A failure like you doesn’t even belong in the Alliance.  What have you done of worth lately?  Whored yourself out like a fucking desperate child validating to feel important and accepted. 


Wake the fuck up Darin!  You aren’t important to ANYONE in HOW and you haven’t been in a long time!  Everyone either wants to shut you the fuck up or wants you to just go the fuck away.  Even your Alliance doesn’t want you around.  So how about you do everyone and yourself a favor and get the fuck out of here!  But before you do, I want to take the distinct pleasure of beating your ass to a bloody pulp in the middle of that ring and give you the biggest middle finger as I watch your chances in the LBI go up in smoke and snuffed out.  Then you can cry your bitch out and run back to Lee and BEG him to validate your daddy issues.


You yapping all about trying to seek Lee’s approval and him being your daddy makes me fucking sick!  I knew you were a delusional, annoying fucking cunt, but this is a new low even for you!  That’s why I’m going to beat it into you of how you will never have his blood or be accepted into his family.  The fact that you can’t see that he’s using you is mind boggling.  You are nothing, Zion, and you’ve been nothing for quite some time now.  I essentially felt like I was nothing this whole last year and I hated myself for it.  I took a hard look at myself in the mirror and really reviewed my year in perspective.  You want to know what I saw?  Fucking NOTHING just like you!


I didn’t like what I saw.  But really taking the time to observe you and what you’ve done lately really makes me feel better about myself.  See I may have been nothing and didn’t really do anything last year, but at least I didn’t stoop to low levels of shit and begging validation to make myself feel better.  You really don’t get it, do you?


You and I may have had a tumultuous history as of late but never in a million years did I ever think you would stoop lower than I’ve ever stooped and that’s fucking saying SOMETHING Darin!  But don’t worry, when you fail to make it out of our bracket, you can rest comfortably and easy knowing that John Sektor has got it covered for the Final Alliance.  Well, so he thinks but that’s not a discussion to worry about right now.


Right now it’s about you and me.


Right now it’s about settling myself up and get myself back on the right path for the better.  It’s not only something I need, but it’s something that every single one of the HOW fans deserves to get.


You know, there aren’t that many people who have openly called out the Final Alliance and Lee Best that care about the things that the fans deserve to get.  There aren’t a lot of people in that locker room who really don’t give a fuck what the Alliance does or the kind of negative impact they have on some other members of the roster and it’s fucking sickening to me.  That’s why I’ve decided to take a stand and make a stand in the hopes of making a difference.


I want nothing more than to make a difference again, Darin.  I am clearly not proud of my performance last year.  Sure, I had some great moments last year.  But the fact that I have troubles naming them on more than one hand is very disturbing to me.  It’s not how I want to conduct myself.  That’s why I took a hard look at myself and accepted everything everyone had said about me.


That’s the first step, Zion.  Acceptance.  Acceptance can be easy to do, but it’s making it right that’s truly the most difficult thing to do.  That’s what I’m setting out to do for myself.


I have plans to help make HOW great again.  But it starts with ME!  I can openly declare war on Lee Best and the Final Alliance all I want but if I can’t back up those words and take action, how do you think that looks on my ability to take action?  I was my own worst enemy last year and it took me to get to rock bottom and literally being hated by everyone in HOW to really see the error of my ways.


So I take it.


I own it.


Now it’s time to back it up and change it.


That last part is the hardest but I’ll be damned if I sit by and do nothing again.  I’m fucking done with that shit, Darin!


So I’m going to show up…week in and week out and actually put in the work to make myself better because mentally and physically I need that.  More than anything.  The first thing I can start checking off of my to do list is actually put on a great and respectable showing in the LBI and to take this tournament by storm.  I would love nothing more than to win the LBI and go off to March to Glory and challenge for the HOW World Championship.  But it starts with me, first, Darin.


Looking ahead is great and all, but if you don’t have a plan for what’s directly in front of you, you’re not going to have a chance to get ahead.  That’s my philosophy, Darin..what the fuck is yours?  Get validation from fake daddy Best?  Yea, I don’t know about you, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that sounds like dumbest fucking load of shit ever.  It’s fucking embarrassing and your validation is a clear example of how NO ONE in this fucking company will ever take you seriously!


So come time for Chaos this week, this will be the first week where I put my plan into action and trust me….I’ve got a great plan in the works.  It’s time I put my mind back to good use again.  My mind was always one of my most deadliest and biggest strengths and threats to everyone and I plan on making that my greatest asset once again.  The only thing I’ve been refining is my mentality in that ring as well as my physical prowess.


These last couple months I have really been training my body in that ring and setting goals for myself.  I push myself one day and get results.  Guess what I do the day after that?  Push myself HARDER! I keep pushing myself day after day because I know I can do much better.  I want results, Darin.  Being successful and making a difference is what I crave.


Attention and Ego used to be what I craved.  It worked for awhile because I was motivated.  Until it wasn’t.  Then, the free fall from grace after that.


I’m not going to let it define me this time.


This time, I crave success by WORKING for it!  That way, the next time I fight for any championship in HOW, I’ll actually feel like I EARNED it!


The LBI is a great way for me to test my mettle and all the progress I’ve made out of all the improvements I made on MYSELF these last couple of months.  It can’t be done overnight.  It’s something that takes time but if you stick with it and you don’t give up, you can achieve it.  That’s what that means to me.


So once you’re eliminated from the LBI and after I take it upon myself to deliver an Executive Decree across your head, I’m going to look down at you and watch the panic and the crave of validation cross your face like a heroin addict needing a needle in their arm.  I’m going to look down at you and not feel a single bit sorry for your pathetic begging ass.


Come time for Chaos this Monday, I’ll work on moving on and staying better and true to myself in the LBI.  So after I take your head off, you can go cry back to Lee to validate your daddy issues and that you’re not a fucking FOOL working with other TOOLS.


Me?  I’ll take validation knowing that I’m trying to better myself each passing day and crave the validation to keep myself headstrong as I push forward and bust my ass each passing week for all the HOW fans and feeling proud to do it every time!


That’s the fucking difference between us Darin.


That’s my fucking VALIDATION!