First Night….Wait….WHAT?!

First Night….Wait….WHAT?!

Posted on September 13, 2020 at 12:18 am by Brian Hollywood

Ladies and Gentlemen…let us pray.


What did you think I was actually fucking kidding?!  Yes, heart attack 2020.  Officially we can put this as a 2020 hashtag.  Or is it hashbrown?  I don’t know, I’m still trying to get the hang of this early posting thing.


Yes, you beat me to the punch Mike.  Although I’m quite surprised you actually called my bluff.  Motherfucker.  This was supposed to be MY moment!  But you just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?  Please, don’t get all IQ low friendly with me.  You may be the “king” of this shindig but if there’s ever been one man to step up to you every time, it’s been ME!  Fucking Brian Hollywood!  Who the fuck else can really say that around here?


Sure, I’ll give you credit where credit is really are one of the best HOFC kings around.  But maybe, just fucking maybe a guy like me has been around long enough, that he can step up to the motherfucking plate!  I’m hungry, asshole, and I’ve been hungry for a long fucking time!


Give everyone else their due, but you’ve got to get that whole load don’t you?  I don’t know if its cum swapping you do with Cecilworth Farthington that you miss because he hasn’t been around, but I can tell your pretty antsy.  Just first things first jackass, it’s ME you’re facing, NOT Matthews!  You can leave his name, and his dick out of your mouth.  I know how excited you get when you face him but your not.  You’re facing ME! 


You might have a World Championship match coming up and you know what?  I think you’re pretty fucking terrified.  You know like a little fucking girl who hadn’t hit her god damn period yet and still fucking pisses the bed and screams MOMMY when things seem too moist.  Moist is a word that scares Mike Best.  Or is it Minister?  I really don’t know these days.


It’s ok to be scared to shit your pants.  Because that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.  You’re not worried about facing the new HOW Tag Team Champion.  You’re afraid what’s going to happen when there’s not a next morning after Rumble at the Rock for good ole Mike Best.  You’re scared and I can fucking feel it like a blitzed out tweaker at a run down gas station.  Kind of like your academy.  Couldn’t keep the place running.  At least when I was there I WANTED to be there!  Sure it may be six time now but it wasn’t when I started. 


Problem with you Mike is your fear mongering only goes as far as the size of your dick and according to Cecilworth, there’s not much there buddy.  Maybe the size of my IQ is the size of little wanky of yours, Mike.  You were always a great trash talker, but you left other places to be desired.  You had to drop first because you actually KNEW that I wasn’t fucking bluffing and that I would drop first.  I’m sure the fear of my balls dropping first could have been on your mind.  You can call me gay for that but I just know a stereotype when I fucking see one and YOU, Mike, fit that stereotype.


I really don’t give a fuck that this match isn’t for the World Title.  It’s just a Champion vs Champion match up.  You and me, Mike, this was always the match up we deserved.  Champion vs Champion.  HOFC.  Brian Hollywood vs Mike Best.  Main Event.  Does it even get any better than that?  Everyone knows how great of a match we really can put on.  But I sense the fear in you, Mike, and I’m fucking coming for blood!


This isn’t just a normal match against us.  It’s going to be a fucking rumble.  But I’m going to exploit that fear in you Mike, because I can.  Maybe I’ll be the last motherfucker you see when I get that upset win against you before The Minister potentially kills your ass at Rumble at the Rock.  Man wouldn’t that be poetic?


This is just the beginning, Mike.  I’m not Matthews.  You and I have a history and you know I’ll fucking bring the war against you.  That’s what makes you and I so special.  I’ve been patient.  Here we fucking are now.


This isn’t deadline.  This is war.  And it’s just the beginning.  I came to fight motherfucker!