Posted on April 22, 2021 at 11:46 pm by Xander Azula

Yeah, I get it Harrison.

I get that you’re tired, fatigued even, from trying to go through the same list of insults and quips hoping that “maybe this will be the one that connects.”

I get that you’re bored of finding a million ways to call me dumb and delusional.

And I get that you have no idea what you’ve got coming your way this Saturday, when that cage door closes and there’s no escape.

Seriously, Steve, you even took Mike’s “this last promo is technically necessary” schtick and threw a half-cocked coat of paint on it.

“Let’s finish the funeral, hurr hurr.”

Shut the fuck up, Harrison.

You keep trying to call me worthless, and yet here I am, about to beat some sense into you.

The best part is, I do in fact get a decent wage from the honor…and who signs off on the checks?

It’s not Sutler Kael, and whatever scam he’s claiming is the HR department.

It’s the same man that convinced you joining his Alliance was the most important thing you could do.

There’s a hint of irony there, and it’s not lost on me.

Still, the most important thing here is taking what’s rightfully mine. The money’s nice, I’ll give you that…but the glory lasts forever.

That’s what I’m really after, that’s what I’ve been trying to drive home this entire time.

In a world focused on money and all the things you can spend it on…I choose to focus on the glory, because it brings eyes on the cause.

My goddess may not be clearly visible to a non-believer like you, but that’s why she’s chosen me as her head disciple. Her light shines upon me, and it is reflected out onto the world.

That’s why I’ve been so hung up on your ranking, your record, and everything attached to how well you’ve done in this company…because I’m going to take that glory away from you.

I needed you to hype yourself up as much as you have been, because goodness knows you won’t hear it from me…I’m too busy looking for the weak spot.

The low hanging fruit here is that it’s your already-broken nose, but really? It’s your pride.

Every ounce of energy you’ve put into stroking your ego, I’m going to siphon for my own personal gain.

Every second you waste your breath on bragging about your talents, I’m going to spend plotting your demise.

Yeah, I guess that makes me a leech…but that’s the point.

You stepped into quicksand trying to crack your little jokes, exerting so much energy on belittling me that you didn’t notice you’re up to your neck in it.

Look at you now, Harrison. You’ve fallen for the most classic of blunders.

I’m going to take all that effort you put into trying to tear me down, and I’m going right for the jugular.

That bell rings, and the most important question that arises is whether I’ll put you down quietly or take my sweet time tearing you apart.

I think, given everything we’ve been through this week, that the latter will suffice.

I will dismantle you piece by piece, for the whole world to bear witness to.

And perhaps the best part? Knowing that someone will have to describe in excruciating detail to your boss and mine what I did to you.

He won’t know whether to offer me a spot in the Alliance or give me a pink slip after precisely one week.

But frankly, after what you tried to do, I won’t care either way.

As long as I get my hand raised, that will do.

And if I get what I deserve, my second shot at the Son of GOD himself, that will be a sweet bonus.

Because that’s why I came to this company, Harrison. I came here for the glory, because my goddess deemed it necessary.

She is the reason I keep fighting. She is the motivation that drives me, win or lose.

Money comes and goes, but Eris is forever.

Just you wait, Steve. There’s a part of that cage wall just waiting for your face to come crashing against it.

There’s a spot on the canvas just waiting to feel the impact of your bones breaking.

It’ll be the most action you’ve had this month.

See? I can still crack a joke or two myself…halfway original ones, at that.

I want you to remember that you did this to yourself.

Pride comes before the fall, Steve.