Father vs Son: Make Scott Great Again

Father vs Son: Make Scott Great Again

Posted on November 4, 2022 at 6:53 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: San Francisco, California: Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Date: November 2, 2022

As the scene opens up it is a brisk night in the Bay Area as we are still in San Francisco as the Demi-God of HOW is still healing from his Crucifixion match with Scottywood at Rumble at the Rock. However, we aren’t at the hospital, but we are outside of massive Catholic Church that is lit up like it is Christmas. The church is in the gothic style with its large spires, pointed arches, and never ending stained glass windows. The sign outside the church illuminates with the message, “We Care meets tonight at 7 PM.” As we approach the massive wooden door of the church we see an EPU guard open it and hold it open. Once inside we get a peak of the beautiful interior before we hear a voice ask us….

“How may I help you gentlemen?”

The EPU turn towards the voice and see one of the pastors walking up to them when we see Earl come to the front.

“We are here for the We Care meeting.”

Earl informs the pastor and the pastor seems a little puzzled.

“Aren’t you kind of late? The meeting started at seven and it’s a quarter to eight.”

The pastor informs Earl who simply nods.

“We know, but it doesn’t end until nine so we have plenty of time. So, which way?”

Earl asks as the pastor points.

“Down the hall and it’s the second to last door on the right.”

The pastor tells Earl and he motions for the EPU to head that way as the camera fades to inside the room and we see about ten to fifteen people of various backgrounds all in a circle.

“My name is Jason and I was two years sober until I relapsed.”

The man in the suit introduces himself and tells his story as remorse feels his voice.

“I had worked for my job for over ten years and we just merged with this new company and I was told that I would be kept on during the merger, but my boss was fired and everyone he told was staying was let go.”

Jason’s tone grows in anger.

“My job and my promotion were gone in an instant and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I went to my friend’s house to watch the games with our buddies and I saw everyone drinking and having a good time so I decided to have a beer when they asked if I wanted one.”

Jason informs the group before taking a moment to collect himself.

“But it wasn’t the only one I drank. After the first, I had another, and another, and another and it moved onto shots and various forms of liquor. After everything started to wind down I drove home drunk as a skunk. I knew better than to drive, but I didn’t care because I was feeling good and I needed that distraction from the misery of losing my job. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel of my car, but I didn’t care.”

Jason starts to tear up.

“As I was heading home I blew through the intersection and collided with a SUV carrying a family of five……..”

Jason pauses momentarily and before he can finish the door to the room flies open and the EPU barrel into the room. They head towards the group and stop outside of it before the open up their formation and Earl pushes a wheelchair with a familiar face into the circle.

“Don’t let me interrupt.”

The Demi-God of HOW replies as Stevens’ wheelchair is put into place. The circle look at their new guest knowing exactly who he is and knowing he is in a lot of pain whether it’s the stitches and bandages in his face or his heavily wrapped torso that he’s trying so bad to not rip the stitches under his button up shirt, but the blood is starting to show through it. Every breath causes the Texan to wince in pain, but the Texan does his best to tune out the pain.

“Mr. Stevens….”

A red headed woman who appears to be in her thirties gets the Texan attention as Scott slowly turns his head in her direction as his 97 Red glasses glisten in the ligjt.


Stevens replies as just moving his mouth causes him great pain.

“What brings you here tonight?”

The woman asks and the group listens with curiosity.

“I’m here for guidance and advice just like everyone else.”

Scott informs the woman as there are some whispers amongst the group.

“What kind of guidance are you looking for?”

The woman asks cautiously looking at the EPU as they have the group surrounded.

“I’m here to seek guidance for my son.”

Stevens replies and the chatter amongst the group picks up.

“You’re here to take back Scott Stevens Jr.?”

A man with the name tag that reads Craig asks and the 97 Red Pope chuckles and holds his side cause of the pain.

“No. He chose to lay down with dogs so until he gets rid of his fleas he is not welcome in the House of Best.”

Stevens bluntly states as his tone his stern and the man doesn’t like the response.

“Then which son are you talking about?”

Craig asks and Scott slowly sits upright in his wheelchair.

“The only son of mine that matters, Scott Gratesburgh.”

Stevens informs Craig as he has a confused look on his face.

“Wait…..isn’t that Great Scott?”

Stevens nods.

“Great Scott is your son?”

Craig asks again and Stevens nods once more.

“I just don’t see the resemblance.”

Craig rudely replies and Scott doesn’t seem to like the response as he turns to one of the EPU guards.


Stevens shouts and the EPU guard walks over to the Demi-God.

“Take my sunglasses for just one moment.”

The guard does as he’s told and the emerald left eye of the Texan emerges clearly and the darkened, broken blood vessels of the right eye is seen as well with his cross shaped scar across his eye and face.

“We both have the same angry glare.”

Stevens replies as he does his angry glare but the pain inflicted from the crucifixion match is showing as the Great Scott glare looks more like DJ Qualls with the “Crazy Eyes” from the movie The New Guy.

“I still don’t see.”

Craig replies and Stevens shakes his head.

“And this is why you’re still a virgin and living in your mom’s basement.”

Scott replies childishly before snapping his fingers and an EPU guard drills Craig in the chest with a baton causing him to fall to the floor gasping for air.

“No one disrespects the House of Best Craig.”

Stevens says as he motions for the EPU guard to bring him closer to him as the other EPU guard places the sunglasses back on the Texan’s face.

“You will respect the House of Best Craig, but more importantly you will respect me!”

Stevens punctuates as he leaps from his wheelchair and drills a held Craig by two EPU guards in the face with a Superman punch. Craig is knocked out cold and Stevens is on the floor holding his body as blood begins to seep through his clothes.


Scott says to himself knowing he ripped his stitches and is helping back into his wheelchair by the EPU.

“Now where was I?”

Scott asks aloud before it hits him.

“Oh yes, before I was rudely interrupted by that disrespectful heathen on the floor I need some help on what to do with my son…….”

Stevens states and waits for the group moderator to introduce herself.


“Angela, what can I do to help my son?”

The Texan asks with great concern in his tone.


Angela nervously begins.

“What issues are you having with him?”

She asks curiously as Stevens leans gingerly forward before replying.

“Well, for one he has been hanging around the wrong crowd.”

Stevens informs Angela.

“What do you mean by wrong crowd?”

She asks looking for more details.

“Since Scott has been hanging with this hooligans he has changed his attitude, his personality……basically he has changed his entire view of life.”

Stevens sighs in frustration as he looks to the heavens for guidance.

“He cut his hair, grew out a goatee and dyed it blonde. He only wanted to be referred by ridiculous nicknames as Large Daddy Scott, Scottzilla, or just the PWA Megastar. Hell, he even got himself a bear….a GREAT BEAR!”

Scott informs the group and someone pipes in.

“Don’t you go by various nicknames as well?”

A man with glasses asks and Stevens motions towards the EPU guard and the man hits the ground gasping for air just like Craig.

“We aren’t talking about me, we are talking about my son here. Don’t disrespect me again.”

Stevens tells the man before turning his attention back to Angela.

“He is being used by his so-called friends for money. These friends have prostituted my son out for their own personal gain and have gotten my son addicted to this liquid drug called LIQUID STRONKUMMS to the point that when he doesn’t have any or he’s low on his supply he says he will kill you to get some more. What kind of message does that send?”

The concerned father asks and Angela looks confused.

“Didn’t you blow someone up when you fought at Alcatraz this past weekend?”

Angela asks and Stevens smirks.

“Yes, but he deserved it.”

Scott tells her and the EPU guard flicks open the baton, but the Demi-God waves him off.

“Before getting conned and used by STRONK and Jace Parker Davidson, my son was full of confidence in his natural abilities and now he is full of confidence from drug induced hallucinations. You see, his natural born abilities made him a champion, a HOW HOTv champion, but since getting hooked on the STRONKUMMS his ability in the ring and his confidence has wavered. I want to reach out to him and provide a GREAT ESCAPE for him back into the light, the 97 Red light of greatness. What do I need to do to make Scott great again?”

“Have you tried reaching out to him personally?”

Angela asks as Stevens nods.

“Of course I have, but he has denied me on more than three occasions stating he isn’t my son and doesn’t want nothing to do with me. Our relationship has been severely strained since the Battle of Scotts in 2019 when we argued and fought tooth and nail to settle who is the greatest Scott of them all.”

“And how did that make you feel?”

“Proud and terrible.”

Stevens replies and Angela’s face is filled with curiosity.

“How so?”

She asks and Scott takes a moment to think.

“It makes me proud that my son was able to take that next step in his career in professional wrestling by stepping out of his father’s shadow, but it also made me feel terrible because my self-delusion and stubbornness got us so far past the breaking point that us slugging it out in the ring was the only way to settle things, but we couldn’t repair are relationship afterwards.”

Stevens replies somberly as he slowly lowers his head.

“I have failed my son as a father.”

Angela gets out of her chair and makes her way over to the Demi-God of HOW. She kneels in front of him and raises his head.

“No you haven’t because if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be here seeking guidance to bring your son back into the light…..”

Angela tells Scott, but he interrupts her.

“The 97 Red light.”

He states as she rolls her eyes.

“Yes, the 97 Red light. The point is you care about your son and you need to reach out to him and once you make that connection everything else will fall into place.”

Angela tells Stevens as the Texan nods in agreement.

“Thank you. You have given me much to think about.”

Stevens tells Angela as he motions for the EPU to take him from the room.

“Before I go…..”

Stevens says as he stops by Craig.

“Pick his ass up!”

Stevens shouts as the EPU pick up the barely conscious man and hold him. The Texan leaps from his wheelchair once again and connects with another Superman punch.

“Was that necessary?!?!?!?!?”

Angela shouts and Scott flashes her a look as he slowly rises in pain to his feet.

“Yes it was because you see the only way to reach my son is through power and success and the only way to accomplish that and bring him back in the 97 Red light of greatness is to defeat him and take what he holds dear and that is the HOW HOTv championship. Only then will my son recognize the greatness within himself and shed his heathen skin and become GREAT SCOTT once more!”

Stevens shouts with great satisfaction in his tone as he rips off his button up to reveal bloody bandages underneath and blood slowly rolling down his chest and dripping onto the floor.

“In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the HOly FC. Praise be to the House of Best and praise be to Lee mother fucking Best!”

Stevens says almost euphorically as he looks towards the heavens with arms outstretched as wide as he can make them and blood begins to drip faster down his body. Stevens delivers a stomp to the chest of Craig as the EPU lead the way towards the exit.


My son.

Has it really come down to this?

It’s been over three years and you still don’t want anything to do with me.

I came to you as the penitent man and you still denied me.

The Bible states in Proverbs 23:24: “The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.


The Book of Best states in Bitches 1:2: “A hole is a hole and a vagina is a cum guzzler as it is only good for depositing and collecting baby juice.

I know I haven’t been there for you as you grew up from ABOVE AVERAGE SCOTT into the man you have become in GREAT SCOTT, but I didn’t know you existed until three years ago. You can be mad and upset all you want and think I’m delusional for trying to connect and reach out, but if I wasn’t a loving father I wouldn’t have even tried. GOD and the Son themselves reached out to their sons when they discovered they had one and I am just following in the footsteps of my fellow Gods.

During the Battle of the Scotts you made me proud when you transitioned from lovable participation trophy winner to greatness personified when you defeated me in the center of the ring and you took that step as a bonafide megastar. However, as of late you have brought great shame to our household with the negative influences you have been hanging around. Jace Parker Davidson and STRONK Godson have greatly soured you. You were a killer because you took care of business inside the ring, but now you’ve become neutered because you need STRONKUMMS do get the job done.

So disappointing.

With STRONKUMMS and JPD LLC on the verge of bankruptcy you have no choice, but to quit since you won’t be supplied anymore and you have to rely on what made you great in the first place and that is power and athleticism.

I love you son, but I will do what I have to, to make Scott great again and everyone will recognize that greatness in a new HOTv champion. HE wants a sacrifice and I will do what my GOD tells me to do because the Golden Circle is sacred and pretend megastars cannot be tolerated in the House of Best. Maybe that’s how they handle things in Fisher Price Prime Land, but not in HOW.

The Penitent Man becomes HOTv champion while Great Scott goes from being just Scott to Angry Glare Man.

Recognize me my son or perish.

The path of 97 Red is never wrong