Fantasy Love Making

Fantasy Love Making

Posted on October 21, 2020 at 7:25 pm by Hughie Freeman

There you are, Scooter. I was worried about you. Your man got worried that Uncle Sam swallowed you up and shat you out in the corner somewhere. But credit to you, mate.. you’re still clinging on to those foam walls. Regardless if the Pikey Fuck himself has to scrape you off come October 24h.

You’re an emotional wreck. You wonna talk about the LOVE of your life and get a hard-on about past memories. I can picture it now: you’re skipping through a cornfield running to that LSD title from the depths of your own mind. Mate, that’s worrying. You’re emotionally fucked already and I’ve not layed one bastard finger on you yet. You’re too caught up in the romance of you being the sixth time LSD champion; it’s beautiful, really.. but fucking dangerous.

Come on, fill your man Hughie Freeman in. You talk about a potential glorious future but spew up the past in the same sentence; Kostoff, Diamond, Static.. you’re not reforming. You’re manipulating. You say you’ve changed but by the same token you’re gloating about what you have done to your victims. This simply won’t wash at your parole meeting. The meeting on October 24th where your man Hughie Freeman gets to decide your fate.. not HATE.

But in case you weren’t listening, which clearly you weren’t. My mind has already taken me out of this hell-hole to unimagined depths. If you can imagine Perfect Island with famous Irish whiskey as the ocean.. I’ve already been there lad. But the thing is, regardless of where the travelling man has been. There’s not a place on this fine Earth that I’d rather be than The Mistress of Saddam; Alactraz. Your man Hughie Freeman is not full of shit.. I’m just contently biding my time until I can hear those keys wrangle. Until your Resident Pikey can hear that lock mechanism and when that light blinds me one last time. That is my awakening, bonny lad. That is your man’s calling to take the justice out on your historic HOW face.

There was me thinking you had given up. Your man Hughie hadn’t heard a squeak from you and I genuinely thought it was time. But it was only adjourned. Credit to you my man.. you bought yourself some time and it won’t be totally one-sided like your man Hughie Freeman had first fantasized. You’re willing to put up a fight against the world famous fighting man.. and I LOVE that.

The LOVE of your life, with the gleaming gold complexion.. she left you five other times. And you want to know why? You wonna know the cold hard truth, Scott..? Because she can’t face being with you. The one thing you LOVE so much (the all-mine LSD championship) HATES you. And the only reason you think you can win her back each time is cos she lets you think that way. Whereby you think you’re the ultimate winner, bonny lad.. but know you’re the complete soft-touch. She’ll go back to you to milk you dry and move onto the next gleefully eyed scrub, without compassion. But you need her more than she needs you and you will have to live with that for the rest of your caged existence.

Cos what my baby-girl LSD championship wants is quite simple. She wants excitement, unpredictability and a real man to keep her warm in the cold of night. Something your man Hughie Freeman can provide and if you can’t see that then you deserve to be locked away you blind bastard. Wake up.. she don’t want you, she wants me. But whereas you text her one hundred times a day to come back home; your man treats her mean. So much so she’s dripping wet to come back to The Famous Gypsy Warrior and I’m in control of the famous hardcore way.

The LSD division is the cruellest and most mean-spirited division ever culminated. It does not care for your LOVE and how many times you’ve been begging for her to come back. It’s laughable. What that girl needs (as the champion) is someone just as HATEFUL. Aye, your man will enjoy her company all over again after our solitary confinement match.. but I’m gunna carry this bitch into a life of exhilaration. Not one that performs as a lap dog and bends over at her every request. What the hell is wrong with you you wheel barrow full of slop? You’re making a mockery out of this famed LSD division, and if I let a part-timer (Scotty) best The Bare-knuckle Champion in Alcatraz then I deserve to never walk free. And your man Hughie Freeman will happily give you my blessing to wed Miss. LSD in a Elvis ceremony at Jailhouse Rock. RICK can even do catering with mountains of brownies and Lucien can simply die.. with the rest of the LSD future.

Your man Hughie Freeman ain’t pining over her like a baby. What will be will be. You first have to accept your sentence to be on your way of being set free. When you come to terms with that Scotty Bum Bum.. then you can dream of fantasy love-making. But you won’t stray you walkover. You will be at her becking call all of your fucking life. But not me, I’ll be free. The LSD championship will always be apart of me. I’ve told you it will enter me. You can bet your sweet arse it will. But know this.. Hughie Freeman’s legacy will not evolve around it. It starts on October 24th but it won’t fucking end there.

Listen, if you wonna fantasize about something then fantasize about some fucking personal safety. Aye, you wonna break out of here.. swim those Cali waters, hitch a ride with a non-serial killer (if you’re lucky) and get on the next flight to the Bermuda Triangle. You wonna hope, you wonna pray.. you get lost without a fucking trace so your man Hughie Freeman cannot find you. That being the only escapism you can wish for my friend. Your only chance for freedom.

Reality is, though.. you’re fucked. Cos what is in your head is not what is going to go down on October 24th. Harsh reality is.. you ain’t getting out. Both in body and mind you will be left imprisoned in Uncle Sam’s rotten arsehole and then you can fantasize about millions of LSD title runs. You can imagine an actual LSD around your little pecker and enjoy yourself wildly for all I care.

You’re lovestruck with the feeling that life is going to get better but in no way are you prepared for a life sentence of HATE. But don’t worry you scabby-prick.. you will have your whole life to dream of your perfect life. But it won’t belong to you as a free-man.. it’ll belong in the echoes of Alcatraz.

Hold on to all of those special memories you have of LSD glory. Your man really wants you to cherish them. Hold them dear to your heart my friend. Let the LOVE guide you through those tough times. Please mate.. I don’t want you to HATE. You’ve already expressed that so god damn pathetically. You’re a limp dick who wont take accountability for his actions. If you can live with yourself here and not admit to your wrongs.. then all power to you. You’re distancing from the truth that you simply arent worthy enough of Miss. LSD. You’ll want to remember your times with her and cloud my hot special times I get with her behind your back. But son.. on October 24th I’ll do it on top of your back, no problem. I’ll break your will.. then your face…… then your back. It’s as simple as that.

What I simply hear from you are ramblings of a madman. It’s okay, that’s normal here my friend. But you wonna make me believe you’re at home.. no tough guy. You’re not at home. What you are doing is portraying fighting-talk trying to fool everyone that it’s all rosy and you’re ready to unleash Scottywood 9.0. Well even if you do fool 99.9% of the people.. you’ll never fool a pikey. You’re kidding? If it’s anyone’s home.. then it’s mine. But for all I care (as much I’ve spoke about it), this being my home-from-home.. you can have it. You can have all of Alcatraz’s history; Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Christopher Fucking America.. have it. Have it and mix it up with your own HOW history. You can have one big fat historic orgy in your mind of all the things that make a cool-man cool. But at the end of the day, when your man Hughie Freeman’s free.. I’ll not give a fuck, not will anyone. Only you.

If I was apart of your master-plan then fuck me with a barge-pole.. what a fucking mess. So you got me to join HATE to get your arse over again? Fuck off, get yourself over. Cos HATE only damaged your man Hughie Freeman’s reputation.. I didn’t gain a single thing. I had to fight my way up the ladder and that’s no thanks to HATE or you. But if you think you’re over now, and the big bad Scottywood is back like you say he is.. then that wasn’t because of our disliked stable. Naw, not a chance. You’re only relevant again cos of what Hughie Freeman has done since. I’m your meal ticket, mate.. and you know it. I’ve had to swim through the shitty waters to get to this point and if you think you can spend a getaway holiday here to challenge me then you’re warped.

I’ve been in the main one bastard time here in HOW and took your gal in the process. But the point your Pikey Fuck is making is simply.. I don’t need to be. Your man Hughie Freeman doesn’t need to be last on the card to steal the show. And you know why you brain frazzled fuck..?! It’s cos I always get everybody talking. Win, lose or draw.. everyone wants a piece of the travelling man. They can LOVE what I do or HATE what I do.. I’m not fussed. All your man is fussed about is that you’re still talking. I bring the fans no matter where I am on the card or where I am on this Earth; in HOW or in fucking Alcatraz. So enjoy riding on my chains.. know why you’ve got your own and why you’re here with me in solitary confinement. Lee didn’t put you here, you never put yourself here.. Hughie Fucking Freeman put you here.

Pop back on the blue dragon and let him take you back to that fateful night I smoked that freak’s face. The PC wrestling brigade came out in force and kicked off royally that it was a disgrace. Or in their own words: its not for them. Well tough titty-fuck.. Hughie Freeman doesn’t do things to fit in. I don’t want to fit in and the moment I ever do.. I’ll burn it all down to the fucking ground. But the fact is… they talked, and talked, and talked a whole lot more. The message went viral that Hughie Freeman was a mastercunt and he deserved to be punished. But more fool them fucks cos four months down the line here I am and even they want me out. They’re missing my innocent sexy face and they want me to run havoc with the LSD championship. And for that folks.. cheers.

It may have been a long six years for you, Scott. But it screams desperation my friend. You’re bollocks are like beanbags and you’re desperate for her to hop on them. Thing is though, mate.. she can smell it, and it fucking stinks. You’re the one driving her away with your obsessive unwashed body. Then you wonder why.. well wouldn’t you run as far away as humanly possible if someone stalked your trophy cabinet? It’s too much, it’s desperate and weak. You’re sharing far too much and she’s not willing to share… and nor is your man Hughie Freeman. This is our future that doesn’t concern any of the HOW old guard that think they have a chance again. Too much time has passed and like I told you in the beginning.. it’s painful; especially in the rear.

But whatever you’re going through, Scott.. LOVE, HATE or LSD tripping off your fucking napper. When you’ve come back from Planet Delusion.. know only I’ll be here waiting for you. Not with any roses or fucking chocolates.. but with free-flowing hands on your sappy soul. And she’ll witness every last moment.. of a real man taking care of business. Who sorts out all of his problems head on without no second guessing. And that’s what she likes.. fuck this, I might even get on top of her come the eve of October 24th.

That’s not cos of LOVE..

Cos of HATE.

The Pikey Fuck will record it so you won’t have to fantasize about it.