Fantastic Passion

Fantastic Passion

Posted on January 16, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Jason Cashe

Maybe it’s just me?


Could you possibly be as excited as I am? HOW offers up plenty on the plate but for my first outing to be you? My insides, my large and small intestines are dancing around but maybe that could be called butterflies. Is it you entirely? Ehhh probably not, I mean, let’s face it. I have heard your name but I am not familiar with why your name has been heard. Let’s face it.. You are not Mike Best, you are not Scottywood. Hell, you are not even Brian Hollywood! What you are is a veteran who, like me.. Tsk.. Just wants to fight!


That is exciting!


See it shouldn’t be a big secret by now that me being here, at least initially, is to seek out the attention of Brian Hollywood. We go back you see. Old friends him and I. But that’s for later! I am not going to look down the road when before me is a veeeery intriguing match up! I do know that you like to throw down. I know that you can hold your own and could very well put me down. That again is VERY exciting!


Be it a ring, the streets, a bowling alley or the bed of an F1-50 cruising down the freeway, I too enjoy a good scrap. It’s truly my calling! Scrap Action. So let’s trade lumps Solex.. Let us trade shot for shot and see who wobbles, who stumbles and who in the end falls. I’m a touch uncertain about octagons..


Never really fought in one. That’s okay though! I have never been signed to HOW before now either. I have never had the opportunity to potentially find myself in the ring against many names that find themselves in this tournament. I imagine people will want fireworks. They will want blood because in the very basic concept of this business.. We are gladiators entertaining the crowd who want to see someone get hurt. Will it be you? Will it be me?


I don’t know! I don’t know but we shall find out won’t we?


Every fight we face, we climb a ladder. A new rung, a new height is reached in victory but in defeat.. Ehhh we fall down a notch. I have just started to climb here in HOW and in my first few appearances I masked who I was. I wanted to build anticipation! I wanted to watch the whispers of who it could be. Needless to say? Some might have been disappointed. I’m aware of that and I accept it because I am not here for anyone’s approval. I could have had a red carpet rolled out. Made contact with old friends and had big money spent on my arrival but why bother? I am not an attraction to place praise on. I don’t need all of that.. I didn’t ask for a first round bye nor was I happy with it!


No, no, no.. But the wait? Mmm.. It does seem worth it now.


Afterall. I get Solex. I get a man who knows success in HOW! Someone who has been a part of turning points and various eras within this organization that have stood the test of time! When the Boardwalks and Fight Ones and Four Corners made up a Big Four.. It is but a remaining One that still stands. I am not trained in MMA. I know how to strike first and pick at windows of opportunity and I aim to do just that and I will do them to you..


I will take on a known name within the ranks. A name who will be a rung on a ladder but maybe in defeating you Solex.. I don’t just climb up one, but two spaces. A shortcut to where I want to be in HOW. If this was a video game, you would be that first Boss encounter. A challenge to someone who hasn’t played the game but for experienced players? You just become a walkthrough.


Like I said.. I’m excited! I am thrilled to step into whatever environment they put around us. Ropes, Cage, four sides of 8, you and I will fight! We will swing, slam, and execute until one or the other simply cannot continue! That is the name of the game, is it not?! I won’t shake your hand, we won’t pay any respects. We will fight. This is our Fantastic Passion.. Wouldn’t you agree? By the way. Are you by chance ticklish?