Family Roots; The Price of Digging up Secrets

Family Roots; The Price of Digging up Secrets

Posted on November 25, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

I never tried to understand what I couldn’t understand.  Sure, the very thought process was an oxymoron, but there was truth in that process.  Everyone always says that they have all the answers for everyone.  But then, when you find yourself in that same situation, you can’t even take your own advice.  A lot of people find that hypocritical, but me?  I find it illuminating.  I may not have solved the biggest questions to the universe, but I like to think I’ve solved the very ones that were close to home.  I’m not an emotional man, to say the least anyways.  But I’m ALWAYS going to have the back of the man I’m working with.  Every god damn day of the week.  In this case…it was helping out the wrong side…at least that’s what my supposed best friends in Gerald Reeves and Buck Wringley will tell you.  If none of you actually think alarm bells aren’t going off, or you actually will take the word on two men who have botched the meaning of apprehend these last months, then you’re as naive as I thought.  I have prided myself on going with my gut most of my career.  That rings true inside out outside of the ring.  I’m at a stage in my career, my life, have made my question my very purpose in this company.  I never go against what I feel.  It violates everything I fucking represent.  Yet there are those people, inside and outside of that ring I call a career, who will make you think they’ve got your back but in reality, they end up not knowing a single god damn thing about you or what you want or feel.  This week I have the chance to redefine what it means to be a champion.  It’s been a long fucking time since I had that feeling.  You can bet I’m not going to let a chance at bettering myself fall through the cracks.  I thought I had a support system…but it was becoming very painfully clear that my mortal enemy understood that more than a couple guys I couldn’t believe I called friends for several years not recognize the chance to get your career back on track.  Did it immediately bother me?  Sure it did….only a fool would question that logic.  But then again, on the other side of that coin, I had already been proving that knowing full well I didn’t have a single god damn friend in this business.  Believe it or not, there was definitely solace in that line of thinking because at the end of the day…it was all I was relying on these days…




Chicago, Illinois


Chicago, Illinois was always a place I called my “second home.”  I may hail from Los Angeles, California, but even I haven’t forgotten my roots in this city.  In many ways, it helped shaped me into the wrestler I am today.  For me, my wrestling career began in this city.  My god times were very fucking different in those times.  You had to be careful who you associated yourself with back in those days.  I’m not saying I didn’t have a particular trust system back then…but I did and I relied upon those connections.  I would quickly learn that sometimes in the end, you can’t rely on those you not only care for, but that ninety percent of the time….they were going to let you down.


Maybe that’s why I was feeling let down in this current situation. 


Growing up, I never once in a million years felt like I couldn’t trust in my family one hundred percent of the time.  Yet as I reflect on those times…I knew I should have been right in feeling that assessment.  I should have trusted my god damn gut and what I was feeling instead of trying to manufacturer something out of thin air that cost me more losses than wins in the land of High Octane Wrestling.  Me beating Bobbinette Carey last week was testament to that truth.  I really don’t have much less to fight for…but you can fucking bet that I’ll always find a way around the problem in question.


But there is a glaring problem in High Octane Wrestling and it’s a big fucking problem.  In fact, it’s a three and a half course meal big enough problem that would put Bobby Dean in a buffet to shame.  It’s the proverbial elephant in the room, so to speak.  Of course, I’m talking about the alarmingly increase in hypocrisy around here.  That hypocrisy has everything to do with my opponent this week.


Great Scott.


Situations like this have become ever so increasingly problematic in HOW.  It’s the same dialogue that they accuse you of, but won’t admit when the shoe is on the other foot.  Maybe that’s why I’m so fucking angry at the current landscape of HOW and what it has become.  Great Scott just so happens to be the HOTv Champion.  However, this is a title that I’ve clearly won before.  I’m not going to sit here and shoot the shit long enough for me to disagree of what this company has become.


Great Scott has had a very nice run with the HOTv Championship.  It’s almost hard to believe that the man is close enough to beating a record.  But guys like Great Scott are a dime a dozen….or I guess in this case, they just pout and whine like little fucking bitches ready to light the world of High Octane Wrestling on fire if they don’t get what they want.  Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend there are things that I want in this company.  However, the difference between me and Great Scott is that I actually give a fuck.


Now why would I give a fuck, Great Scott?  Oh I don’t know..maybe it’s because I’m dying to get back on top in this company and I have no problem starting from scratch.  That’s what I’m doing Scott, but you’re too blind to see it.  You are simply and undeniably predictable when it comes to a match approach.  You and I are far from done Scott.  In fact, I’m going to do more than beat you in that ring.  I’m going to take away your HOTv Championship and I’m going to channel my hate in order to do it.


I’m hoping you actually paid attentoin last week in watching what I did to Bobbinette and I can’t help but to think you at least understand it.


Hollywood lets out a slight laugh, but it quickly vanishes as he connects the point he’s making.


I’m no stranger in getting things done and that’s what’s happening here right now, Great Scott.  I also couldn’t help but notice that you’re associated with the GOD of HOW’s agenda right now.  Well have no fear, because I’m here to make you realize that this is no longer an accident.


I can’t help but to wonder if a certain GOD of HOW actually took the chance to recognize what I’ve been doing lately.  I don’t need friends, Scott, and I have done nothing to prove that time and time again.


Great Scott, you’re nothing more than a fucking hypocrite who absolutely never takes his matches seriously.  And in case you weren’t paying attention, when tasks arose that targeted your family, Scott, wasn’t around to do, it was ME who made this match possible.  I can’t help but to wonder if there was some kind of meaning behind it all.


Hollywood shakes his head in utmost frustration.


As you can see, Great Scott, my security detail, The TSA, isn’t a fucking force to be ignored.  I have been nearly untouchable since I brought them into the fold and that’s because I’m just fucking tired of all the worthless bullshit in this company!  I’m already a former HOTv Champion, and I’m going to find a way to get myself the win this week.


I have nothing to lose at this point, Great Scott.  But to be honest, you’re just like everyone else.  Always finding the worst things to call out about myself.  I’m not in this to walk away empty handed.  You see, I have nothing but hate fueling me at this stage of the game.  I’m angry all the time and I’ve found that the only thing I have found solace in is using the amount of hatred I have in this company and using it to my advantage.


This week I get an opportunity to put myself back on the map.  But I’m going to tell you a little secret, Scott…I don’t need to win a title to prove a fucking point!  However, here we are and I know I deserve this opportunity to fight for a HOW championship.  I have already taken out several members of “The Board” or the last of the “Best Alliance”…the fact of the matter is I’m very good at what I do and here I get another chance to take out another  person the GOD of HOW cares about, let alone someone who he has way too much trust in.


I warned the GOD of HOW last week that I didn’t care who I had to fight….as long as I had the chance to prove that I can hang with the best of them in this company.


I’m fueled by it.


Motivated by it.


You had a great run with that HOTv Championship, Great Scott, but it’s about time I ascended myself back in the corporate reality that I’m going to have to do things that made me fucking dangerous in the first place!


I’ve been ridiculed long fucking enough and it’s about time someone around here start holding people accountable for their actions.  What better way than to not only continue my legacy in HOW, but a chance to prove that I still got it.  You talk about mediocre complacency…but you clearly don’t take my seriously, Scott, and I’m fucking god damn sick of it!


That’s why Bobbinette Carey was only the beginning.  I can’t believe I have support from the one man I thought was going to be my mortal enemy straight through…but the fact of the matter is….you can’t trust your surroundings around here without at least being cautious about it.  You’re going to have to put me down harder than Bobbinette couldn’t do last week.


Our HOTv Championship is merely the beginning and it means more than just a title match.


No…this has everything to do with my resurgence in this company and I will shock the world once again when I take that HOTv Championship away from you, Great Scott.  I never really knew what the term family met ever since I lost my mother and my sister.  It forever and will always have a lasting impact on me.  It gives me a new found focus and it’s a focus I will use to once again bring another associate linked to the GOD of HOW down and all I need is fucking three seconds….an Executive Decree that all I need is a three count to make a difference again.


The term family really does have a powerful meaning to it and I’ll have my “family” with me at ringside this week because quite frankly, you can’t get any better than that!


I will seize the HOTv Championship once again and because I have won the title before in the past, I will use the motivation I have in the hatred I have to catapult myself back to relevancy.  The only difference this time around is that nothing is off the table or the match itself, that I still have what it takes to be a champion in this company.


So mock me.


Dismiss what I can do in that ring…I fucking dare you to because if you thought my match against Bobbinette Carey was any consolation, it’s that pain doesn’t bother me and there are no lengths I won’t climb or tolerate on my own to get myself back on top…but more importantly…you can’t rely on anyone than yourself to get the fucking job done!






Brian Hollywood: “You and I are not done talking yet, Chair!  I just want to know what your secrets were in keeping your identity a secret.  I can’t help but to wonder if there are things about you that you and I find similarly.”


This conversation met a lot to Hollywood and since they had the file on Roberto, it was only a matter of time before they went and paid the man a visit but Hollywood still wasn’t whole on the idea of at least thinking of what Roberto was capable of or what he took from Hollywood.  Hollywood was feeling only hatred from that thought process.


Brian Hollywood: “I just wish you weren’t so fucking stubborn!  You and I are on the same side here and I need to know if you have my back!”


The Chair pauses before he takes the chance to speak.


The Chair: “Look…you and I have the same agenda…I just don’t know why you would want to put it in jeopardy like that.


Brian Hollywood: “It’s because I want to put an end to all this bullshit!”


The Chair: “You and I have to be smart about this if we want to capture this guy and question him.”


Hollywood simply shakes his head as all he’s been doing is questioning The Chair at every step of the way.  However, Hollywood never wen against his gut and he couldn’t help but to wonder about the Chair’s strategy in all of this.


Brian Hollywood: “I need to take a few days to think about this.  There is something I just can’t shake about this case.  So you would do well in order to think about some things.  Then and only then can we proceed!”


This shocking development causes Hollywood to head out the front door and The Chair didn’t even stop him as Hollywood couldn’t help but to shake there was more than a personal connection between the two and that this connection Hollywood was thinking would change the landscape moving forward as Hollywood heads out with plans to head back to Los Angeles, California to get more answers as the scene slowly fades to black.