Family Affairs PT II; Let the War Begin

Family Affairs PT II; Let the War Begin

Posted on April 10, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

March to Glory lived up to the hype that I knew it would.  Expectations were exceeded and bold claims about what I had predicted would come to pass where my thoughts were concerned at the PPV.  I will say, even though I didn’t emerge as the number one contender for the HOTv Championship, the match went exactly how I knew it would win or lose.  While it may seem like the bombshell news that was dropped on me would cause worry of me not giving my match full attention, it was quite the contrary.  I’ve learned to turn off what I need to turn off when it comes to where my HOW career is concerned.  That took a lot and a whole amount of time to learn how to do that.  However, I did finally learn how to do it.  It was what I had learned in terms of keeping my personal life outside of my wrestling life barrier.  Once that changed, I had started getting better.  If you want proof of that and don’t believe me, I welcome you to see what I did at the end of last year at ICONIC all the way up to today.  I’m more focused, more engaged and also eager and welcoming to know that I can always still get better.  There was also a time to put some thinking into the bombshell news that I found out that my brother and I actually do share the same mother.  The same mother that I thought had died when I was a very young kid.  That’s the type of bombshell that really makes you question what’s real and what isn’t.  Whatever comes out of that, I know that I can channel my emotions into my matches in HOW.  It only adds to the fuel, to the desire to once again be the man I know I can be again and that’s Brian Fucking Hollywood!  When it came to my mother, though, I would find that I would be way off of the expectations I was giving to the whole situation and I truly was about to find out just how messy this family affair was going to get.





March to Glory was something fucking else, wasn’t it?


First off, congratulations to you Noah Hanson!  You and I went out there and did what we said we were going to do.  You and I absolutely left EVERYTHING out in that ring like we had planned to do.  We fought until we couldn’t fight anymore and I could not be any happier that you won our match, brother.  You absolutely deserve it.  I told you that you still had it in you, even if it was buried deep down inside of you.  I know your value and your worth and I knew that the old Noah Hanson was still in there and you proved me right.  You came at me hard just like I wanted you to as I came at you hard as well.  You even caught me off guard by using my own finisher against me and you know I rarely am caught off guard.


Now you have a chance to do what no one else has been able to do for several long months and that is beat John Sektor and win the HOTv Championship.  I know that you will fight him with everything you’ve got just like you fought against me.  That’s going to be a banger of a match and I wish you all the luck in the world in taking down Sektor and winning the HOTv Championship brother.  You and I can dismantle the Final Alliance piece by piece.  I know your end game is Mike Best, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take out the rest of the trash along the way.  We prevented the Final Alliance from potentially getting an easy and fixed match by pitting Final Alliance member against Final Alliance member for a HOW championship belt.  We took out the piece of trash that Teddy Palmer is and kept him from having an easy match against John Sektor, or rather, an easy title defense for Sektor.  Now he’s got his hands full this week on Chaos because he has to fight you and on top of all that, he has a banged up knee.  So go into Chaos this week and take that title from around his waist and put another crack in the Final Alliance! I believe in you, brother!


Speaking of trash, this week I turn my complete attention and focus to you Teddy Palmer.  It’s obvious that Noah and I didn’t completely wash the filth that is the Final Alliance stench off of you.  So this week, I’m going to finish the fucking job!  You see Teddy, you’re in a very precarious situation.  There is a silver lining of deception when it comes to being apart of the Alliance and that is you’re only allowed to fail so many times before it becomes apparent that you no longer belong in it.  I’m speaking from experience because it would be me who would be eliminating incompetent Alliance members from the Alliance.  It was something that I was very good at.  I did it for so long until HOW closed its doors the last time.  I was lucky not to be on the receiving end of a de-initiation.  Now, I’m fighting AGAINST the entire Alliance and Lee Best himself but you want to know the irony of it all?  It’s the fact that I have the same fucking job, but I’m just doing it from the other side now. 


I’ve fought against Alliance members for as long as I can remember and it just happens to be a specialty of mine that I’ve never lost over the years, no matter how bad my luck may have fared over the last couple of years.  It was the one constant I have had and have ample experience in doing and it turned out to be Lee’s worst fucking nightmare.  You see Teddy, you’re just the second one up in my campaign against the rest of them.


Look at what I did to Darin Zion.  Ever since I beat him, what has he done for daddy Best?  Hmm, nothing seems to be coming to mind.  That’s because he hasn’t done a single god damn thing!  Oh that’s right, all he’s been doing is losing!  The guy is literally one loss away from being booted from the ranks of Lee’s Alliance.  I’m actually surprised he hasn’t been kicked out yet.  He’s incompetent and a delusional fool with a group of fucking tools.  I’ve said it time and time again.  You’re all fucking tools.  Speaking of incompetent, you all can thank Darin Zion for your Jace Parker Davidson problem.  It was literally all him.  Incompetent.  I applaud Jace for pulling off what he did.  Hell with how fucking stupid Zion is, I probably could have done the same thing if I wanted to but what would be the fun in that?  I may have been a man who was chasing power and control in the past, but these days, power doesn’t drive me anymore.  I’ve come to a point in my career where I want to do things the right way and I’ve had a lot of sins to make up for.


That’s why I’m making everything right in my point of my career.  I’m not a man wanting power and control anymore.  There is just one thing I want in my career and that’s control of my own destiny.  The second one is ridding HOW from the Final Alliance and giving the power back to the HOW roster.  Jace being General Manager is only one step in the right direction because at least he has a say in which way the wind blows.  We don’t have the Final Alliance running rampant and doing whatever the fuck they want to do anymore without consequence.  No, that fucking shit is over with!


That’s why it’s time for the real war to begin.  My war with the Alliance has never been over…but it’s about time that day comes and that day is becoming visible at the end of the tunnel.  Like I said, Zion was merely the first one.  You’re next, Teddy.  What Hanson and I did to you at March to Glory was only the start and all that ended up being was sending a message.  This week on Chaos, it’s about putting you down and making an example out of you of what I plan to do to the rest of the Alliance.  Only this time, I’m going to send a message in the middle of that ring and do more harm to you in the center of that ring then what I did to you backstage.


It’s only the beginning, Teddy, because now, we’re in the War Games period and I said months ago that it was high time to make an example out of the Final Alliance and hold them accountable for their actions.  Do you know how it feels to be held accountable for your actions, Teddy?  I don’t expect you to.


I was held accountable for my actions and all the pain and misery I cause the HOW roster and to HOW and the machine as a whole over the years.  I spent this last year really reflecting upon it.  But the difference between being held accountable by others and holding yourself accountable is that I isolated myself from everyone else.  There are still a few in HOW currently that I had a hand in hurting with my actions back in 2016.  I no longer wanted to look at myself in the mirror.  I no longer wanted to look at my reflection in the water because I hated what was looking back at me. 


I fucking HATED myself, Teddy!  Do you know what it’s like to hate yourself?!


Do you know what it’s like reliving the pain and suffering I caused people?


It nearly destroyed me, Teddy.  It literally almost made me lose myself completely.  I had been consumed by the darkness and the darkness was beginning to become my best friend.  Do you want to know why, Teddy?  It’s because it didn’t matter what I did, I didn’t feel.  I didn’t feel ANYTHING!  I got to the point where my actions were getting worse in what I was doing and I didn’t care because I knew I wasn’t going to suffer the consequences.  I didn’t care about the consequences because I felt like that was beneath me with all the fucking power I held in this company!


That is pure terror…that is what that was, Teddy, and it STILL haunts me and makes me feel fucking sick!  I didn’t just become a self proclaimed loner.  I was the one who pushed myself away.  I nearly eliminated my conscious and had that happened there’s no telling what state I’d be in today.  Having power, control and being associated with Lee and not only being in the Alliance but leading the Alliance nearly destroyed me because I had destroyed and burned everyone else around me.  I was a toxic piece of shit, Teddy, and that is a stench that is common in its association when you’re in the Alliance.  Where has that gotten you today, Teddy?  Your head in a toilet for starters.  But what else?


What?  A god damn piece of shit trash letter jacket?!  I hope your not missing that by the way.  Jace lighting that fucking filth was just the first.  I think we should burn the rest as we go and you can bet that if Jace doesn’t get around to it, that I will!  You all acting all high and fucking almighty in those jackets doesn’t make you invincible nor does it make you entitled.  The only entitlement it makes you is a fucking CUNT!  Outside of that, it’s not fucking worth a god damn thing, Teddy!


Come time for Chaos, I’m going to finish what I started and I’m going to start what I want to finish!  I’m going to make it my utmost business and I hereby decree it so that I will put an explanation point on your standing in the Final Alliance and make sure I take your damn head off with an Executive Decree.  You can bet that as an Executive fucking Promise!


War Games is rapidly approaching and I’m going to make sure I’m the one leading this war against the Alliance to its final resting place.  One way or another, I will put the final nail in the Alliance’s coffin.  I mean, it would be after all, fitting that I’m the one to end it all.  More and more of the HOW roster will rise up and fight the whole lot of you because I know that I’m not the only one who is tired of all the bullshit and the handouts.  The Alliance are losing their grip on this roster and that’s a fucking fact.


But I will keep fighting long enough until others step up and join me.  I don’t care if I have to do it alone or for how long…I’ll do it for however long I need to do.  The one thing I have on my side, Teddy, is my fucking heart and my fucking drive!  I’ve got a whole lot more left in the tank and I still have lots to do here in HOW before I call it a career. 


Point is, Teddy, I will not give up.  It’s not in my DNA.  So if you or the Alliance want to put me down permanently, you’re going to have to end my god damn career to do it!  What I mean, Teddy, is that all you motherfuckers are going to have to kill me if you want to stop me because I will not stay down.  I will keep getting up..over and over and fucking over again until the god damn motherfucking job is done!


So like I said….let the war truly begin because while all of you won’t think twice and without a seconds of a doubt to hurt people and hold onto the power that the Alliance has over HOW let me be the first one to tell you that you all are officially being hunted!  Only…I’m not just a man hunting down all you pieces of shit…I’m the motherfucking CONSCIOUS of High Octane Wrestling and this conscious is going to be your reckoning! 


So step up to the plate, Teddy Palmer, you’re the next one up to get a beating by HOW’s conscious and that conscious goes by the name of Brian Fucking Hollywood!







Los Angeles, California


It had been a couple weeks since Hollywood had made that phone call to Gerald Reeves as the scene opens up to Hollywood running the ropes in the ring that he had set up in the bunker.  Hollywood was trying to keep himself focused on his training, but there were a few things on his mind.  One problem was that Gerald didn’t pick up when Hollywood called him.  Brian felt like that was odd seeing as how Gerald was looking for both him and Jasper.  The second one being that the night that Hollywood called Gerald, Jasper left the bunker for unknown reasons.  Hollywood was all caught up with thought as he turned around coming off the ropes and walks right into a clothesline from Eamon as Hollywood hits the mat hard.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Hey, get yer fuckin head back in the game boyo!  This isn’t the fuckin six star academy ye know!”


Brian Hollywood: “You didn’t have to deck me as hard as you did!  Jesus H tap dancing Christ!”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Jesus’s tap dancin has nothin ta do wit it!  Keepin ya head in the game is, boyo!”


Eamon wasn’t one to hold his punches, or his insults for that matter.  He was a tell it like it is Irishman.  He was also right.  Hollywood was coming off a really tough match up and loss to his best friend, Noah Hanson at March to Glory and lost an immediate shot at the HOTv Championship.  Hollywood sighs as he pulls himself back up from the mat.  Hollywood walks over to the side of the ring and grabs his water bottle and takes a drink from it as he tries to catch his breath from being knocked into next Sunday by Eamon.  Hollywood pours a little bit of water over his head as he tries to cool down a bit before he gets back to training.


Brian Hollywood: “You can’t tell me you aren’t worried about Jasper.  I haven’t heard from him in a couple weeks.  I don’t suppose you’ve heard from him have you?  I mean, after all, you are practically the next closest thing he has to family.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “If it would help ya sleep better at night, I haven’t heard from the mucker fucker.  But he knows what he’s doin so I trust that he’s alright.  I’ve got a protocol with him.  If that protocol is jeopardized in any way, I’ll know about it.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea but don’t you find it odd that ever since I haven’t gotten a hold of Gerald that he hasn’t been heard of ever since I made that phone call?  I just find it suspicious and when you’ve been in the life that I’ve been in long enough, you tend to trust your instincts.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Like I said boyo, if I find that the protocol that is set up has been compromised or is in jeopardy, I’ll know ye hear?  Now let’s get back to trainin.  You may have beaten the fuckin dirt out of Teddy Palmer, but ye best be ready fer your match in a couple days!  Ya can never be too ready when it comes to a fight!  I’m no rocket scientist but it sounds like ya got the fight of yer life coming yer way if yer really planning on declaring war on the Final Alliance.  They all may be gobshite but when angered and cornered like a wounded animal they can be dangerous.”


Eamon was of course right again.  Hollywood worried about his brother simply because it wasn’t like him not to hear from him.  He had wanted to find a quick way to finding out things about his mother but he had to practice patience.  After all, it was patience that got him to where he is today.  Hollywood had certainly been through a lot but he remained vigilant and he remained poised not giving up on his wrestling career.  Now he was back in the position he wanted to be when it came to wrestling in HOW and that he was focused and he knew he was getting attention back on his name.  He wanted more than that, though.  He wanted to bring honor back to High Octane Wrestling…honor that was rare to find in the hallways of HOW these days.  Hollywood nods his head as he starts locking up with Eamon again.  Hollywood and Eamon were going through the motions and they were running clothesline drills as Hollywood was taking clothesline after clothesline with the goal of getting back up faster after each one.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “There we go!  That’s what I wanna see boyo!  Endurance and taking a hit is only half the battle.  Ya go into a fight against The Final Alliance, ya best be ready to get in their head bud.”


Brian Hollywood: “Did you see what Noah and I did to Teddy at March to Glory?  If you did, then you can bet I’m already in his head!”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Is that a fact eh?  Well ya can bet that he’s gonna be fuckin angry and ya gotta be ready fer that!”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m not taking Palmer lightly.  But I want him angry.  I want him to know that anger is the first thing that eats away at your conscious and your soul.  I want him angry because the angrier he gets, the more apt he is to make a mistake.”


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Be careful makin someone angry, boyo.  Anger has a tendency of bein a proper motivator.”


Hollywood didn’t disagree with Eamon.  However, Hollywood knew what he was doing.  He didn’t just call out the Alliance for any reason.  But Hollywood had been through that anger and that anger, while it was a motivator at times, also clouded his judgement.  If Hollywood wanted to be known as the conscious of High Octane Wrestling, he needed to make sure he knew what he was doing.  He had been through it all and it was also anger that was the first emotion to shut out his conscious when he was hungry for power and control.  Hollywood’s phone all of a sudden begins to ring as he and Eamon end their training for the day.


Eamon “Knuckles” O’Reilly: “Alright, let’s call it a day, boyo.  Proud of ya today.  Just remember to stay focused in that ring.  Yer doing a good job keepin yer personal shit out of your wrestling life.  Remarkable job!  Now go out there and take the fight to Palmer!  I’ll keep me ears open for Jasper brother.”


Hollywood nods his head as he exits the ring and grabs the phone.  He smiles as his attention was to Eamon and not looking at the caller ID before answering his phone.


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, hey what’s going on?”


Gerald Reeves: “Well long time asshole!  I think it’s just about time you and I had a little talk!”


Hollywood’s smile quickly vanished as he hears Gerald’s voice and finally returning his phone call after all this time.  The question now, was, what did Gerald have planned and why did he wait all this time to contact Hollywood as the scene slowly fades to black.