Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction?

Posted on February 6, 2020 at 7:18 pm by Austin Reeves

The scene opens inside a dark, run down bar in New Jersey, where Austin is sitting having a beer. Things didn’t go his way last week during the Lee Best Invitational but losing to Brenton Cross is the least of his problems right now. It’s bad enough that he has an uphill battle facing a HOW Hall Of Famer, Max Kael in round two of the Lee Best Invitational, word is that mob boss, Rudy Capri from the Capri family has now put a contract on Austin’s head. 


Two men walked in the bar wearing suits and beeline straight for Austin. They pull up chairs next to him and sit down. Austin turns to look at the guys that just sat down next to him then looks forward again and sips on his beer.


“Detectives Burton and Tutt, I didn’t think you guys would show.” Said Austin.


“What do you have for us Reeves?” Replied Detective Burton.


“I’m doing well thanks Detective. A little banged up from Refueled but I’ll be ok. I appreciate your concern.” Austin said sarcastically.


“Cut the crap Reeves. What have you got for us?” Detective Burton asked firmly.


Austin smirks before taking another sip of his beer before saying, “Want the trigger man for Gino and Rudy’s murder?”


Detective Burton puts his drink down and turns to look at Austin and says, “This will be good. Who was it Reeves?”


Austin sips on his beer again and says, “You’re sitting next to him.”


Detective Burton’s jaw drops and asks suspiciously, “What game are you playing here Reeves?”


“Do you want to hear my story or what?” Austin asked with a frustrated tone.


Detective Burton turns to Detective Tutt before turning back to Austin and saying cautiously, “Go on.”


Austin nods before he starts explaining what happened a few months back……


The scene starts……


Gino takes them beer and drinks from the cold bottle. He puts the bottle down on the bar and with a straight face, he asks, “Do you have a gun?”


Surprised from the random question Gino just asked him, Tripper asks, “What kind of question is that?”

“It’s a simple question.” Gino replied with a serious tone. “Do you have a gun?”


Tripper looks at Gino with a serious stare before responding with, “No, I don’t”


“Want to buy one?” Gino asks.


Tripper pauses before answering as he tries to work out what Gino is up to. He responds with, “Sure, I’ll buy one. What kind of gun do you have?”


Gino tips his head to the side before saying, “Follow me.” 


Gino begins to walk outside through a back door while Tripper suspiciously watches him walk out while following. The two walk outside and down a dark and empty street  street to a parking lot that is behind some tall office buildings. Gino stands by the trunk of his 65 Chevy Impala. 


Tripper keeps his distance as Gino opens the trunk. He reaches in and pulls out a handgun. Gino walks towards Tripper while holding the barrel part towards himself while exposing the holding the butt end towards Tripper. 


Tripper braces himself as Gino gets closer to him. He reaches out to take the gun and just as he is about to wrap his hand around the grip handle, Gino quickly turns the gun around so he has fingers wrap around the handle and is pointing the barrell straight at Trippers head. Tripper quickly puts his hands up in the air.


“You’re not so tough now, are you Trip?” Gino asked with a smile on his face.


“Come on Gino, I said I was sorry.” Tripper replied. 


“You’re a piece of shit,Tripper! You only beat people up to make a name for yourself.” Gino yelled while pointing the gun at Tripper. 


“You wont pull the trigger, Gino! You’re too much of a chicken shit to pull the trigger!” Tripper yelled while challenging. 


Gino’s face changed from a sadistic smile to a serious one as he pulls the trigger and the gun only clicks. He tries again and the gun clicks  again. He continues trying to pull the trigger while Tripper reaches behind himself and pulls a gun that was tucked in behind his back. He quickly draws it and fires one shot that hits Gino right in between the eyes. Gino falls backwards and lands on the ground facing up with blood pouring out from a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. Gino’s eyes are wide open which tells Tripper that Gino is obviously dead. 


“Do you have an encore or are you just going to lay there and bleed?” Tripper asked sarcastically. “I hope you’re in hell you piece of shit!” 


The scene switches back to Detective Burton and Detective Tutt looking stunned. Detective Burton responds with “Do you expect us to believe this bullshit?”


Austin is stunned that his story is not believable. “What do you mean ‘this bullshit’? Why would I lie?”


“Maybe because the Capri family have put a contract on your head? Maybe your HOW return has been a flop? Maybe because Max Kael is going to hurt you this week and you’re looking for a way out of everything?


Austin smiles before saying, “You know, getting slapped around by Kael would be kind of fun. You don’t get slapped around by a Hall of Famer every day.”


Stunned by his comments, Burton asks, “What kind of sick fuck are you?”


Austin smiles and says, “I’m kind of special”


“What happened with Rudy Capri?” Burton asked.


“You really wanna know?” Austin asked with a serious tone.


Burton just nods before saying, “enlighten me.”


Austin looks at both Burton and Tutt then pauses…..


The scene fades…..


To be continued……