EYE See What’s Going On

EYE See What’s Going On

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 9:32 pm by Steve Harrison


Aloft Philadelphia Downtown Hotel

September 18th, 2022



It was a night to remember.

A night I don’t want to forget.

A night of cowards and weak fisted help.


I ended the night at a three-star hotel, sitting in a two-star chair, and I ate some one-star Philly Cheese Steaks.  Most overrated food to ever be created, yea, sorry I don’t want cheese whiz you whores.  I leaned back in the uncomfortable chair, dried blood still on my face and a throbbing from my eye that seemed to get worse every time I thought about America or Jack Marley insisting that the Philly Indo would cure it all.

I stared at the ceiling.  Ok…I looked at the ceiling with my one good eye and held a bag of frozen peas on the swollen left eye.


Weak fisted but still leaves a mark.


The traitorous guards that protected their dictatorship earlier that day did their job.  They kept me from Chris and let him speak his arrogance without any push back from the locker room.  People always wish to control their surroundings when they know that everything they say and stand for is disliked by the majority.  Sane it loud enough and it becomes a fact, but the real facts are that I laid out numerous guards and left with numerous injuries myself.

“Let me see your eye.”

Rebecca Hines had accompanied me to Chaos for the first time since she had returned, and I would be lying if I wasn’t a tad embarrassed about what transpired.  I did not want her to see me beaten down and laid out by a gang of MMA gym dropouts but when you are dealing with The Board a numbers advantage should never be a surprise.

She was mere inches from my face.

I slowly moved my head down to show her the eye.

Oh, for fucks sake.

I was already sweating.

And… there she was.

“It is just a black eye, Rebecca, don’t worry about it,” I said as I looked to the left at the wall, so I did not stare at her.

She grabbed the bag of frozen peas and pulled it away from my eye and stared at it.  “Hmm…”


She laughed, “Oh nothing, I was just thinking that I have no idea what I am doing here.”

I blinked and it hurt.  “Uh…”  is all I could say not knowing what I should have said from her comment.

“Maybe doc should have come because that is really swollen,” she responded with a worried tone to her voice.

Hindsight is 20/20 of course and having The Doc stay in Virginia was looking like the wrong decision at that time.  But it was done because he had asked to not come.  He was worried about what had occurred the week before and figured his part in selling my misdirection might have him targeted by the powers that be.  He wasn’t wrong but this had become my loss…loss of sight.

“That is what the frozen peas are for, Rebecca,” I replied as I placed the peas back on my eye.

She gave me a smile, “I understand, Steve.  I just didn’t think I would be your personal nurse the first night I am back traveling with you guys.”

I groaned.

Yep—this was exactly what I was afraid of.  Ok, well this was just another chapter to a book of fear I was narrating that was all about me and my feelings for this woman and it going as poorly as a Scott Stevens title shot.

“It isn’t always like that,” I mumbled as I took my good eye to watch a Phillies highlight on the local late news that was quietly on the TV in the hotel room.

She laughed and sat down at the foot of bed which was a few feet away from the cheap chair I was sitting in.  “I have been in this business almost as long as you have.  I have been in this business with YOU the entire time.  I think I am used to seeing you bloody and injured but more importantly for my own sanity…you know, what is left is that– I have come to terms with what YOU do to them.”

I nodded slowly as I digested what she said.  I had to go over it in my head because I had never heard her jokingly reference her own sanity.  I suppose being in my universe comes with a bit of buyer’s remorse much like people who continue to end up in Urgent Care after eating liquid stronkumms.  I am not emphasizing that tired joke anymore.  I called it a joke because Jace has as much business sense as making a video about buildings going down while you are in New York.  Stronkumms has some weird commercials, man.

“I am not sure if that is good,” as I took the peas off my eye.

Rebecca shrugged, “it isn’t like I am not grateful for what has happened the past few weeks.  I decided that I would just accept whoever you are right now and help you accomplish your weird obsession with wrestling.”

“It’s still weird though?”

She tilted her head and gave me a look that made me sigh.  “Are you serious?  You literally have a guy who rides a bear now.  You have an Illiterate person creating a religion around your dead-beat owner.  You have a straight up pervert with obvious terrorist ties.  Finally, you have Conor Fuse.”


She laughed.

“Why did you bring that adolescent ringworm up?”

Jack peeked his head out of the Hotel Room kitchen, “we just got a notification, mon.”

I wanted desperately to rub my face in annoyance but doing so would have hurt so I decided to just respond as politely as I could at that time, “get on with it.”  Yep, very polite.

“What Steve is saying, Jack is to let him know without delay what we both just heard from the HOW Website,” Rebecca said calmly like she was my spoken editor.

“You are teaming with Conor Fuse next week to face…”

Oh, it didn’t matter who I was facing as I put my hand up for Jack to stop talking.

I paused for a little bit as I thought about the consequences of teaming up with the Gamer Dork and realized one thing, “I guess I am going to have a pirate eye patch with back armor.”


“Need to defend myself from the knife he will be pointing at it.”

With that I leaned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling.  If it isn’t one thing it is always another when you are running the streets as a wrestler in HOW.  Rebecca understood that I think but I couldn’t help but ponder that maybe she wasn’t being as upfront with me as she used to be.  I already felt like a stammering fool and one that was still trying to overcome the embarrassment of being blocked from entering an arena.  I guess I didn’t get to show off.


How pathetic.



Asshole Boss does Asshole things.

The Board will do anything to keep Chris USA as the HOW Champion and I would be lying if I didn’t respect their hustle.  I can understand trying to keep me away and I can even understand Lee Best’s obsession with having people team up with people they despise.

Shenanigans, everyone.


Just because I can understand something it doesn’t mean I think it is exciting.  This is jerk face 101 as everyone and their gaming console knows that Conor Fuse and I are not exactly buddies.  Lee Best and more importantly the mouth breathing members honestly sit there with their pacifiers in their mouth and point at me and Conor:


Yes, Childish Ramblenos, you have JERBOI not knowing what is going to happen.



Must drink warm milk and read my daily affirmation to calm my nerves.

I don’t trust Conor Fuse, so if that is what you consider a victory— congrats, pop your liquid MONGO blood, and hail Lee Best as a genius.

I will be prepared for him in case his cheat codes are directed at me.  Thankfully Jace Parker…zzzzz…





I apologize, this dude’s name is almost longer than his excruciating promos.

We get it, dude—you have no life, but please don’t make us miss dinner in attempting to get through your incessant dick pulling.

Between GREAT SCOTT and STRONK it would seem like you have a type, Jace.  Look man, I am not judging your fetish because if I would do that, we would be here all day talking about your interests.  If listening to you wasn’t boring enough just imagine talking about you for that long.  I would prefer Darin Zion to explain to me what real love is then have you bouncing around in my brain.

Al-Qaeda called they want their propaganda money back.

You are so edgy I cut myself saying your name.

You are a Champion, Jace and congratulations on that.  I have never sat back like a fool and denied your skills but just like at the saloon you are going to be tossed around by me and the man who just beat you recently.  You can deny it all you want but you are facing two people you have failed against in the past two months.

Not even hitching a ride on Cowboy STRONK could get you the Tag Titles.

This is my domain.

I have absolutely nothing to prove to you in this regard, but I have a lot to prove to myself.  This is about me advancing past you and keeping the pressure on Chris.  The HOW World Title is my target, and I will not allow you to get in my way.  I am always hurt, and I am certain to be in even more pain after dealing with you and low rent Captain Caveman.

I can still see good enough to know what The Board is up to.

I can still see good enough to keep an eye on Conor Fuse.

I can still see good enough to take your neck and ring it like you did to MONGO when STRONK wasn’t looking.

You jump from partner to partner more often than your crush Bobbinette Carey.  This is what your anger for her and Conor comes from.  It all makes sense to me because we have perverts, virgins, and idiots all fighting over a washed-up hag.  Everything must go according to your plan but there will come a time where it will all come crashing down and I hope it takes all of you Drama Club geeks with it.

All I ask is for you all to leave me out of your mind-numbing soap opera.

Monkeypox is a thing, Jace, take care of yourself and…




I don’t need you bleeding whatever you currently have all over me inside the ring.  STDs are up this year but then again, I am not sure you can one by jerking off to your own twitter feed.

I will see you on Sunday…please leave your box cutters at home, douchebag.



“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea

I’ll sail the world to find you

If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see

I’ll be the light to guide you

We’ll find out what we’re made of

When we are called to help our friends in need,” ‘Count of Me,’ By Bruno Mars



 September 22, 2022


“The swelling is down a lot, how is your vision, Steve?”

Miracle Enterprises was looking spotless thanks to Rebecca Hines becoming a maid on top of her work as a publicist to Steve Harrison’s chagrin.  It was not something he wanted but at least he could do his part in keeping it how it looks now.  Jack Marley was only allowed to roll his joints on the porch now for one but more importantly it was imperative for Harrison not to get lost in his thoughts and neglect what was in front of him.

The World Title?

Absolutely, that was definitely part of it.

The Doc was shining a light into Steve Harrisons eye that had been harmed in The Board yellow bellied assault.  Steve blinked a few times, the damaged eye moving a tad slower but at least it was no longer swollen shut.

“I can see the goddamn light you are attempting to blind me with,” The Man from Miracle Island says as his eye continues to dilate.

The Doc turns the light off and nods towards Steve, “Ok, I will clear you for Sunday.”

Harrison chuckles, “what?”

“I am clearing you to wrestle this Sunday, just be careful.”

Harrison chuckled again and shook his head along with it.  “I am asking why I need your OK to wrestle this week.  You help me but I don’t think you have any say in HOW stopping me from performing.  This is a company run by Lee Best. If I physically couldn’t even move, he would make up some excuse to fine me if I didn’t show up.”

The Doc sighed slowly, “I thought you would care about my opinion so you can prepare yourself.  Be careful is all I can ask then.”

“Look, Doc: I have perv’s to the left of me, slope headed idiots to the right, and I am stuck in the middle with a try hard tough guy gamer nerd…how safe do you think I could possibly be?”

The Doc rolls his eyes, “was that your dick head take on the song Stuck in the Middle with You?”

Harrison’s good eye squints angrily at The Doc, his less than good eye tries its best, “I…”





Steve pauses, “saved by the knock.”

The Doc rolls his eyes again, “what is with you and bad reference jokes today?”

Before anything else can be said the door opens and in step Ellis Jackson.  Steve looks from him to The Doc and then back to Ellis.  Harrison points at the door, “who forgot to lock the door?”

Ellis puts his hands up with a smirk on his face, “hey now…don’t shoot.”

The Man Miracles Made a Future Champ grimaces at the sight of Ellis, “what do you want?”

Ellis shuts the door behind him and walks towards Steve and The Doc.  The Doc stands up and gets out of the way as Ellis strangely gives him the side eye, “That’s quite the shiner you got,” he says as he stands above Harrison looking down on him.

“Thanks for your concern, but again what do you want?” Steve leans back in the recliner he is sitting in and crosses his arms defiantly towards his former trainer.

Mr. Jackson taps his foot, his smirk never leaving his punchable face, “just wondering why you had to fight multiple guards.”

Harrison leans forward in the recliner and stares at Ellis, anger beginning to show in the creases of his mouth, “so you are here because you were worried about me?  Heh, oh come on, Ellis what are you getting at?”

“Those Highwaymen sure were there quickly to help you,” he responds sarcastically, the smirk becoming larger when he finishes.

Steve nods, “ah, yes…this again.”

Ellis shrugs his shoulders back at Steve, “if these people were your friends or even if you were just allies in a battle against The Board, you would think at least one of them would have come out and helped you fight off those guards.  Instead, you were bloodied in front of Rebecca, your eye swollen shut for days, and let Christopher America insult you with zero comeuppance.”

The Miracle Man seemingly has had enough of this and stands up from the recliner and looks at Ellis with utter disdain.  “I can take care of myself.  I don’t need The Highwaymen to hold my hand if something happens to me.  They will help me out if I ask for it or if they are in the vicinity to do so.”

“Did Solex ever ask you for your help?”

Steve pauses for a few seconds as he thinks about this, “no.”

Ellis nods, “yet you helped him?”


Ellis takes a step back and shakes his head, “sounds like a one-way partnership to me.  When any of them need help you are always there but they seem to shy away when it comes to helping you.”

Steve angrily jabs Ellis in the chest with his right index finger, “listen here…”

Ellis pushes the finger away and continues as he interrupts Harrison, “how are those tag titles looking?”

Harrison’s hand falls to his side not expecting Ellis to bring up the tag titles, “excuse me?”

The smirk deepens like a knife that continually goes in further like a killer enjoying his torture, “the tag titles that they promised would not be going anywhere against the eGG Bandits.”

Steve shakes his head with a scowl on his face and waves Ellis’s comment away, “that’s beside the point.”

“No—it isn’t.  These people don’t care about you.  Friends are only there to let you down, you of all people should understand what trust can do to a person when it is broken.”

“What is your endgame here, Ellis?  Are you just bored and need to create drama?”

Elis turns his back and walks towards the kitchen, “hell Steve, if you need an ally that Conor Fuse guy seems to be the best bet.”

Steve Harrison watches Ellis grab a drink from the fridge.  Steve begins shaking in anger, his face becoming beat red but is not able to say anything back to E Jack.  He begins taking some deep breaths as he tries to calm down.  Ellis turns back towards Harrison and walks out of the kitchen.  He slowly takes a sip from the Naked Smoothie he had grabbed and then looks at Steve.  He nods and continues, “thinking it over, huh?”

“Fuck off,” Harrison responds and slumps back into the recliner deep in thought.





GREAT SCOTT, I need your opinion on what makes a good friend.

I have let someone get in my head and I am honestly thinking that maybe The Highwaymen don’t have my best interests at heart.

Is Conor Fuse the person to replace them?

Is a trained Cow I ride around on the way to the ring squirting fresh milk at the fans a better choice?


Man, sorry I cannot keep this bullshit going any longer much like you could not be your own man for long.  Just had to dip your muscles into the GOD’s dirty protein powder and do his bidding.  You were a lot more enjoyable before you just became a loud asshole.  I would watch you climb up the ladder in PRIME by annihilating opponents but then you had one loss and decided to just become a less bold but more talkative STRONK.


I think everyone would rather see you two fight then both fight for the affection of Jace.

You are every jock stereotype turned up by 200% and as amusing as it can be it is also sad.  Did you get picked last at dodgeball when you were a kid?  Did your dad ignore you because you got cut by the JV Football team?

It would all make sense since you try so hard to be a big bad strong man but with the emotional level of that stupid bear you pal around with.

Nix that.

GREAT BEAR probably has a ton more range than you do.

As unfortunate as your recent turn has been it doesn’t make you any less a threat.  Your muscles aren’t just for show as we witnessed when you became the HOTV Champion by defeating my bud, Clay Byrd.

I wish you all the luck in the world in finding what will make you happy.  If that is money, then I am sorry…you picked the wrong profession and especially the wrong GOD to pray to.  He will squeeze every drop of blood out of that steroid fueled body until all that is left is the bile that has been building up in that rotten stomach of yours.

I am sure the odds are not in my favor this weekend and I don’t need to take a flight to Vegas to understand that you kayfabe creeper.  Did Tyler Best feed you that line you wink-wink nod-nod oaf.

Just bleach your hair already Big Poppa Trump and continue to protect your new fascist masters.  That is all you are now just another brain addled fool on The Boards payroll protecting the interests of the few so you can all keep your out-of-date train rolling around a degenerating track.  The Highwaymen will win out in the end because the righteous will never give up.  You have hopped into the wrong foxhole SCOTT, and I have no issue attacking without issuing a warning.

On Sunday The Suplex Saint shows you how to toss people around and another person will understand that no amount of money is enough to protect Jace and The Board.

I see you GREAT SCOTT and I see great things but this Sunday it is all about The Miracle Man busting into the arena with or without permission.

Conor is right about one thing though and that is I will do what needs to be done to win this match.  If I must tag him, I will.  If I must save him from a beatdown, I will.  I will do those things and afterwards I will take a very long shower to clean that scum off my body.   He is the least of my worries right now. If he wants to kick the proverbial can down the road for a later date that is fine with me because I am after the HOW World Title not E Sports championships.

Bring forth the distractions.

Bring forth the barriers.

Bring forth your best.

I am focused and nothing is going to stop me from claiming my prize at Rumble at The Rock.